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The Tabernacle of Adam System Specifically the Nativity

Wanted Skilled Model and wood workers. The Model’s pictured are impressions of the truth, not realistic depictions.

The Tabernacle of Adam System

The Tabernacle of Adam System specifically the Nativity


The Tabernacle of Adam System.

Define Nazareth; the House where the Lord Dwells. Pharaoh and Nazareth mean the same thing; INRI (Latin: Iēsus Nazarēnus, Rēx Iūdaeōrum) the Nazareth in Latin is Pharaoh. To put a finer point to King of the Long Tall House of god Rex immediately after Nazareth. Rex is Latin for King. That would Be E. E is King Solomon’s Temple. Since E is the location of the "This is my House" with whip in hand "Money changers" Walk of Jesus 2015 7 29 0710

King Solomon's Temple E, was an exact copy of the Temple of Tyre. Tyre was an exact copy of the Temple of Ptah Memphis old name Luz renamed later to Genesis 29 to honor pharaoh Mem. Mem in Hieroglyphic means "All father". In Hebrew all father is Abraham.

Shortly after leaving the Garden, Adam Started to by various accounts written first in Indo-European language, translated into Sumerian circa 3200 b.c.e., translated into Akkadian circa 2000 b.c.e., translated into Phoenician circa 1500 b.c.e., translated into Aramaic circa 1400 b.c.e., translated into proto-Hebrew circa 1200 b.c.e. Hebrew is a language invented by the Esau/Hyksos/Avaris descended Moses in his war against pre-exodus Judaism. He reinvented all of Judaism to fit his ideas of good and bad, which were based on the philosophy of Esau not Jacob. Jacob was chosen to be King of Kings of the Tabernacle of Adam System not Esau. Adam set upon building a grouping of structures to mirror that of what he had in the Garden. But what he had in the garden was more than one building. It had a collection of buildings but each building was tied together. The Canopy of the Trees tied the trees of creation and the buildings together. He mirrored said structures on earth; each structure collection was independent of each other, but still worked together. Like a Kingdom is a collection of City’s, each city would have its own Tabernacle of Adam System. Also think of one System as a computer, think of several computers linked together in an internet of tabernacle Systems. Since they both operate based on Electricity, the comparison is not entirely off topic. The Editing process previous to Moses was strong, but during the time of Moses and first Books, the editing process took on a whole new level. Since questioning the holiness of what Moses wrote was an executable offense. The first five books talk about Adam descending through Nine Gates, Nine Gates between The Garden and Earth . Those Nine gates could be individual Tabernacle Systems. The Top of said systems could be where the concept of the gateway to Heaven  came from , the bottom could be where the concept of the gateways to hell came from.

In Archaeology, there are several buildings which match the basic configuration of the Tabernacle System. Starting with Heirakonopolis.

Some of the first evidence regarding the Tabernacle System comes from the city of Heirakonopolis. A city in Upper Egypt.

The invasion of Egypt by forces from Mecca circa 3800 b.c.e. headed all but straight for the city of Heirakonopolis That city at its core contained a working Tabernacle of Adam System Image result for HierakonpolisTabernacle 2015 2 11 2303Tabernacle b 2015 2 11 2306. Image result for Hierakonpolis Each ship represent a different Tabernacle System. Drawn on a mural on a Wall in Heirakonopolis. Said mural is a map of the world, the entire globe including Antarctica. Said Ships being Symbols for Noah inspired Caligula circa 18 March 37 – 24 January 41 (3 years, 10 months) to build the Nemi Ships as a copy of Noah’s Ark. Which angered the Senate of Rome result for roman senate the point of Lunacy. The Fact that Caligula could turn on the Tool and work with it, while the Senate had worked tirelessly since the days of Cleopatra circa 70-32 b.c.e. to repeat the work she achieved in the Tabernacle of Rome (former name the city of Genesis aka The Seven Hills/Days of CreationIsrael_Egypt_Genesis_2013_12_17_1001 (2) aten.jpgaten.jpg) which was turned into the Senate chamber. That Temple turned into the seat of government for the entire Roman  Empire. Previous to 753 b.c.e. when the Esau/Hyksos/Dorian descended Romulus conquered first Alba Longa and the army of the City of Seven Hills; taking the city and renaming it in his Honor, Rome. The primary building was turned from a Tabernacle System into the seat of Governmental Power. The buildings remained a turned off Tabernacle System from Romulus to Cleopatra, who turned it back on The Senators attempted to repeat what she had done, but failed. They wanted to make the tool into a weapon to destroy their enemies. They succeeded in Electric Shock Therapy Lobotomizing themselves. Best to destroy the tool, than think for a second they the Senators of Rome might be wrong (The Building itself was literally both huge and more than three stories Cleopatra 2015 2 24 1229, reflected in the definition of Cleopatra’s suicide ). The tool is bad not the person using it.

The Invasion of upper Egypt by forces from Mecca forced the inhabitance to move their tents from Heirakonopolis north to IWNW. The Evidence presented is a war between those that understand the Tabernacle System on a soul level and recreate it, versus being chased and destroyed by forces who they use the tool wrong and first destroy themselves then they destroy the tool itself. They are good so the tool must be bad. Virtually the entire story of the Tower of Babel is the Tabernacle System of Eridu being conquered, the tool used by Terah wrong, he Lobotomizes himself and his closes to the Ziggurat of Eridu. But instead of perceiving the Lobotomizing as the humans are bad, they understood it to be the Technology of the Tabernacle System was bad. Because Tyrants who want to use the tools of god as Weapons of Mass Destruction are never bad, they are doing god’s will by killing anyone who disagrees with then/including god. But that killing anyone who disagrees includes god. The repeat pattern from the invasion of upper Egypt, through Rome, to present has been presented with the same scenario enumerable times. The Wannsee Conference was about the Tabernacle of Adam System. Evidence the high command had been messing with said systems the Third Reich had captured in the 1920s, but most of the high command had Lobotomized themselves. Those systems, at least one came from Whatcom County Washington State. Another System came from the Nemi Ships, from Lake Nemi Italy. El duche aka Mussolini knew about the Tabernacle System in the Lake, but did not want to risk his mental health of the citizens of Rome. He was more than happy to have the NAZI destroy themselves experimenting. By the time they figured out how to use it, he would invade and seize control over it. The Wannsee Conference was a last effort to figure out how to make the Jews make the Systems The Third Reich had captured work. Make them work or they would kill every last Jew and those associated with said knowledge. But disposing of said bodies would be difficult, so setting up a way to dispose of the bodies killed by the weapon being used wrong by the thousands was needed and the entire populations needed to be killed in order to force the Rabbi’s to make the tool work. All out genocide, make the tool into a weapon or you will all face erasure. No one will ever know you existed, we have the most powerful army in the world once we destroy the world we will write your entire culture from existence. We will dispose of your bodies and you as a culture will no longer exist. We will erase your entire existence from the history books. Make the tool into a weapon.

The city of IWNW by legend was built by Adam. IWNW means “The Capital City of Pillars” the Pillars which hold up the Tent. Evidence a copy of said tabernacle is the Kaaba Crusifixion Israel 2014 6 15 1142at the center of Mecca Mecca (Notice the circular structure around the Kaaba. This could be a reflection of the vessel of Noah.). From 3800 to 3500 the forces from Mecca kept invading slowly north till they reached IWNW.

At 3500 b.c.e. a horrific battle occurred and the city fell. But not before the Tabernacle System was removed from IWNW and a fake was built in its place. For the Forces from Heirakonopolis to seize and feel the conquerors rush over the situation. Domination over the enemy, destroying any resistance.

The city was renamed Heliopolis(Jerusalem Jeru - AnsuzRune - LaguzRune - EhwazRune - Mannaz).

From 3800 b.c.e. to the medieval ages the records and buildings associated with the Tabernacle System seized to exist because they were destroyed. The remnance of the destruction still exist. In this case Dead Men do tell tails. The fact a person is prematurely dead tells a forensic examiner all manner of details.


When introducing new knowledge, the first thing which must be done is to allow those opposed to said whirl themselves into a fit of frenzy. They insult, degrade, humiliate, bully, etc. till they are spent. Other wise known as the Grieving/Mourning process. The trick, is to present the information but not get stuck in their grieving process. A waste of time. Keep working and refining the ideas while the other people are working their junk out. Based on the smallest amount of evidence presented, a large amount of "this is junk" "you are crazy" is the time to simply let those that need to throw a temper tantrum to do so, when they are done then logical and rational thought is possible. Till the tantrum is over, negotiating with a two year old is not a good idea.

Pre-Exodus Judaism and post are two entirely separate organizations. The people trapped under the violent thumb of the Avaris which included Moses were forced into slavery, but for the rest they simply evacuated out of Egypt. Where did they go, according to the very name of Scotland itself, the UK. Seven Waves of said from  3800 b.c.e. to 1300 were recorded having evacuated out of Egypt to the UK. The evidence clearly shows in the waves of construction at Stonehenge. After, the descendants of the Jews in Egypt simply followed the lead of their ancestors and headed to the UK when their enemy the Esau descended cultures came with their army. Only the very poor and uncooperative stayed in Egypt at the end of the 18th Dynasty. Same for the end of the Ptolemaic. The rest would have evacuated out, but where too. 30 bce Octavian ordered every available Roman Unit to transfer to the UK. Where the units stayed for the next 400 years. What could any of this have to do with the UK, simple answer pre-exodus Judaism was entirely different than post. consequently, pre- was the definition of scary to the Esua/Hyksos/Avaris who worked very hard twice (2100-1550 and again 1330-345 b.c.e. with Alexander the Great) to erase all evidence of what pre-exodus Judaism was like. We know based on the evidence left that the Pre-Exodus Jews worked with more than one temple, which each temple was dedicated to a different form of deity. The families who managed to evacuate and maintained their religion of pre-exodus Judaism were on the top of the list for the conqueror to go, seek out, and kill the refugees. Add insults here, for the simple minded and hate filled. If a group of temples appear to be dedicated to different aspects of god but are insulted and degraded to be separated into a pantheon. What does that give you, that gives you Paganism, but not really. Remove the insults and humiliating control over the press and you have something entirely different than the tyrannical voice will allow. Evidence of how tyrannical those that want to hate and humiliate themselves to bully truth back into silence, the Tabernacle of Adam System and what it could do was erased from history. The Esau descended powers that be chose to destroy that which told them they were wrong versus changing to find out why they were wrong. Arrogance, egotism, etc. force the destruction of the message, even if that message is from the divine rather than face the facts of being wrong and against the will of god. The benefits of being an adult, if someone around wants to act the fool, Let them.

Evidence of a tabernacle structure as a Symbol being a Ship and for the Ancient Jews, the Ships of the Narmer Monolith said story. Narmer replaced Noah with himself in order to rule over the Jews. Another Symbol of power, the Cup of Noah. His drinking cup is not a cup for him to become intoxicated with. The drunkenness of Noah is a fictional parody designed to present citric acid and a battery but  not actually show the evidence of said electro-magnetic technology. Tis better to show a drunk under the tyrannical thumb of those who wish to delete the truth, than show the electro-magnetic evidence. It is stated by legend that King Solomon harnessed demons “unseen electro-magnetic forces” to move the unmovable rocks into position to build his great Temple in Jerusalem Levant/Israel. The Amber Room generates electricity, the Amber Room which was the inner sanctum sanctorum where the Ark of the Covenant was stored. Electricity is a major theme running through Judaism from the time of Adam to King Solomon’s Temple. Electricity continued to be a major theme, but changed to reflect other aspects as the waves of truth are suppressed by Tyrants. Each wave of truth is presented differently because each new generation of suppressant tyrants have different words they react badly and violent too. Customizing the electro-magnetic tool descriptions based on what words the tyrants of that generation will not react to.

ATEN Akenaten iv and Aten 2014 10 23 1809 (2).jpgworship was revised by Amenhotep iv aka Akhenaten  father of King Tut circa 1350 bce. ATEN was one of the original Egyptian Deities previous to 3800 bce. The Exodus is the Esau/Hyksos/Avaris Moses worked to destroy pre-Exodus Judaism and replace it with the philosophy of Esau. Esau's philosophy was rejected from being able to know about or understand the Tabernacle System of Adam. Which had angered and humiliated Esau and his descendants from that day to present. Esau wants to turn the tool into a weapon to obliterate his enemies. While Jacob wants to work with the tool to help and steward the world.

According to the KirkWall Scroll, the Temple of Solomon was a copy of the Temple of Tyre, the Temple of Tyre was a copy of the Temple of Ptah Luz/Memphis Egypt, the Temple of Ptah was a copy of the Temple of IWNW/Heliopolis (Jerusalem), and the Temple of IWNW was a copy of The Tabernacle Structure at Heirakonopolis IWNW and Heirakonopolis were by legend built by Adam or copies of said built by Adam.


Noah’s ark

The story of Noah’s Ark is extreme. No matter what you have been told about Noah’s Ark previous, the story is more complex than you know.

First Noah was a Pharaoh, which means he had more than one name. Second he was a devotee of Adam. Adam spent his life outside the garden building replica’s of the Tabernacle in the Garden he did his job in. The building he built them in order to have a place for the ATEN to touch his limbs on.

It is possible Adam built a large Ark, a structure like the Nemi boat in order to create a large separation between the buildings used for living the buildings used as gloves/shoes for the Divine to descended from Heaven to. The Gloves of Freemasonry could be a reflection of this ATEN separation between the earth and the divine.

It is possible Noah found or built a ship which was either built by Adam or was or the plans Noah used to built a copy of the systems Adam built. Based on a copy of the System he used in the garden.

If a ship, Noah could have floated it to the future location of Luz/Memphis and had the ship anchored.

After anchoring, the ship became the center of the city of Luz. Several thousand years later, the Ptolemaic line reconstructed the ship. Re-Floating the ship/Ark and sailed out of Egypt.

The ship could have been sailed to First Rome, then sailed to Constantinople by Constantine, and then sailed from Constantinople to Northumberland. Then sailed from Northumberland across the ocean to first Boston, then Manhattan,  then using the river systems and the other ways to make things float to Ohio, west to Colorado, then to San Francisco, then to Whatcom County, then sailed to Germany. Where the third Reich seized control over it, the ship would have been seized by the Monuments Men, or it is in a mine somewhere deep in former third Reich controlled lands.


This sequence might not seem like a big deal to anyone but archaeologists and ancient history buffs. But the facts that this sequence of events have cascaded directly into everyday architecture. In the picture below the E is not King Solomon’s TempleWalk of Jesus 2015 7 29 0710, E is Zerubbabel’s Temple. Zerubbabel took the basic overall design of King Solomon’s Temple and rotated it 90’ horizontal. So the Jews would have two additional clues as to the applications of their ancient pre-exodus heritage. The building was orientated according to the Causeway of the Bent PyramidBent Pyramid square and compass 2015 2 7 0135. The building was pointed to the Bent so later generations could find said architecture and know there was a clue about the ancient Egyptian connection to the oldest printing of Genesis. The Pyramids tell the story of Genesis, in architecture. The Three story building was rotated 90’ horizontal but kept the 100 feet tall as a second reminder of the vertical aspects of both the Ogle family and the ATEN. Gaelic Yr Hen Ogle dd or Ogle map of Central England circa 640a map of Central England circa 640for short in English North Umber Land. Vertical 100 feet in the air, Umber the Ark of the Covenant (Amber/Umber), land defined area. North used to mean vertical as in the North Star previous to compasses.


The Books are fourth coming

The Tabernacle of Adam System

The Tabernacle of Adam System specifically the Nativity