The Samhain War


The Samhain War started the second the Army of Agamemnon started to follow in small sections the Trojan Survivors out of Troy and to Italy.

THE point of the Trojan War as for the descendants of the Hyksos/Esau’s descendants to kill as many of the Jews as they could.

But this was entirely an obvious battle plan. Since this has been the Esau and Hyksos battle plan from day one. Kill Jacob and erase his descendants from the planet.


The Samhain War was from 1335 to 753 b.c.e.

The War ended when the majority if the survivors of the conquest of Alba Longa and Samhain evacuated when the main army’s of Alba Longa and Samhain were destroyed. The citizens has two choices they could either stay and fight vastly superior numbers with years and in some cases decades of battle experience, or they could leave and make their way to Northumberland.


This war was removed from history because the descendants of Agamemnon and his main commanders had been dead for more than half a millennia by the time the backup city’s of Alba Longa and Samhain were breached. Same battle plan as before on both sides. Attack till the city falls then kill everyone inside, the survivors sell into slavery. But if the battle plan is well known on all sides, they the survivors have a lot longer to figure out “it is time to evacuate.” Usually the next war comes on too fast to evacuate. There is only enough time to seek shelter in the Main Castle. But with weeks and months of warning. Plenty of time for the majority of the population of the descendants of the Trojans to evacuate in relative safety. The army of Samhain had enough time to divine itself into portions. A couple portions worked performing the same task they did in Troy. The same task they would perform 2000 years later known as Knights Templars. Safeguarding passage from the home country to Levant lands and the party ready to go back home escort them back. Same task at Troy, at Samhain, the entire Hannibal Barka Punic War (Hannibal got in the face of the Roman Culture and fought them; totally distracting their attention. While the other half of the army escorted the entire population of Carthage out of Africa to Northumberland. But the Punic War would not start till the city of Samhain name changed after conquest by Romulus to Rome.

Being an allies the Carthage culture immediately attacked the bran new Rome and the Roman Empire suffered for it. But the Carthage empire did not sack Rome, despite having more than sufficient army and strategy to achieve that goal.

It is possible the city of Rome and Empire were needed to be kept in check to achieve a goal 753 years into the future. They were allowed to do what they did, not because in the short term is was good but because the Jews had a long term plan. The plan involved the Messiah being crowned Israel in Rome (formerly Samhain) and ruling heaven and earth from Rome Proper. e

Enter the Lake Nemi Ships which are as close to a copy of Noah’s Ark as Caligula could make and gave them to Jesus/Simon Peter.

Since the other Tabernacle of Adam Systems had been compromised and unfit to use as holy objects.




Once safely of the harms way, Hannibal was given his stand down orders and he retreated to the Aegean.

Where he battled Roman's coming home the long way from Carthage.







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