The British Ogle family




The British Ogle Family were part of the original group of families which formed the core of the British People and culture shortly after the end of the Trojan War.

English Northumberland means exactly the same thing as Gaelic Yr Hen Ogle dd. Previous to the Pictish revolt and resulting Ogle family evacuating out of Britain, Northumbria was called the Kingdom of Ogle.

Although they do not come into the history books till just before the Battle of Hastings 1066. Where De Ogle traveled from Germany to Normandy with the German Soldiers with their Long Bow’s. the German’s with their Long Bow’s were the deciding factor in the defeat of the Pictish culture to regain the British Throne.

After the Battles and the Norman Conquest was over, William the Conqueror himself write “Giving the Ogle Lands Back to the family” the word Back is documented fact that the Lands from Sherwood Forest North to Ogilvy Castle in Angus CountyAngus within Scotland. NorthUmberLand is central to south eastern portion of the current Scottish Boarder. Today only the smallest fraction of the Original Kingdom still holds the name Northumberland/Northumbria. But the British Ogle family have played key roles in several of the most important events in the history of Western Civilization.

For one thing Ogle Castle is where the Roman Army went to die, 8 miles south of Ogle Castle is Hadrian’s Wall. Which was erected to help keep Roman Casualties to a minimum. The Romans lost so many men and officers at Hadrian’s that at 290 ce the Roman Emperor himself in the battle was forced to sign a peace agreement with the Ogle family and marry the daughter of the commanding General. That Emperor was Constantius and the daughter was St Helen for a few years Empress of Rome. Their son Constantine the Great, formed a new Kingdom in the Aegean. That new Kingdom he named for his mother’s ancestors the descendants of Prince of Troy and Alba Longa, and the City of Seven Hills King of the Brits Bruta. The son of Aeneas Prince of Troy and cousin of King Priam. The area Constantine chose to build his great empire was literally a rally point for the evacuating Trojans from the War.

Although the difficult part is the Trojans were Jews, and they did not call their city or empire Troy. Troy translates to “City of the Jews” well specifically “Sacred city of the Descendants of the Foot Holder” but since Foot Holder in Sumerian translates as Jacob. “Sacred City of the Descendants of Jacob” the 12th son of Jacob was Joseph. Joseph the 12th son and the Futhark work Jera are connected in still not entirely clear ways.

The Futhark word Jera itself is the first part of the name used since at least 3500 b.c.e Jerusalem. Jera is the 12th character in the Futhark sequence, and means the same thing “Time” as the definition of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem; The Sacred City of Time Lords. Dr Who is a long forgotten fictionalized story based on the ancient British People and their direct connection to the Tabernacle of Adam system. which the city of NewCastle is directly connected.

New Castle, New is a direct reference to the new Sun. The ancient Futhark measures the passage of time not by a lunar calendar but by a solar calendar. The Futhark calendar used eight fixed points the earth passes through on its yearly orbit around the sun. The new day, or the new sun is the new in NewCastle. Castle means exactly the same in English and Salem does in Hebrew. Sacred City.

NewCastle Northumberland has Hadrian’s wall running east west through the middle of the city. NewCastle is only about 12 miles from Ogle Castle.

What really makes the entire situation even more interesting about the Ogle family and their Pre-Pictish Revolt exile out of Britain were the facts surrounding Cleopatra was not only not killed or committed suicide. Augustus could not either kill her or allow her to commit suicide for one because the whole of the Aegean and Egypt would have violently revolted against the Roman empire. For two at the battle of Actium the battle plan was for Anthony to charge forward into the enemy ships including Augutsti’s to clear a path for Cleopatra to sail out into open waters. The Egyptian’s possessed sailing ability not to require navigation by site of land. The Romans required using land navigation to travel around. When Cleopatra sailed out into open waters not a single one of the roman generals whom wanted to capture her and use her as a political tool could. She sailed out of their grasp. Anthony did not want to continue to fight, he wanted to retired to his estates in Athens and raise his children with the sister of Augustus. The Grand Niece of his former boss Julius Caesar.

But Augustine and his sister Octavia Minor, were both not interested in the least with Antony staying alive.

Antony was married to Octavia and fathered children with her, but he left her and hooked up with Cleopatra. Fathering children with her as well. This act of defiance and outright in appropriately tacky behavior led directly to Octavia asking her bother the new Emperor to have Antony commit suicide to win back his and their honor. Antony was forced to comply and commit suicide. The entire story of Cleopatra in Roman history after the Battle of Actium is pure fiction.

Cleopatra sailed out of the Mediterranean and to Northumberland. For evidence of said, the code buried deep inside the framework of the story of Cleopatra's suicide. In her Bed chamber (land), Cleopatra snuck an Asp (Sacred/Amber) snake in, where she left that Amber/umber sacred snake biter her on the Breast (Vertical. Not only on the Bed, but high on the chest, not only high or vertical on the chest but the most sacred/umber area on the Chest the life giving breast). North/vertical, Umber/Sacred, Land/bed chamber on her well defined bed. Northumberland. She could not have been killed or most of the Aegean and Egypt would have openly revolted against Augustus.

Only a few decades previous the rather vicious Spartacus Slave revolt had occurred which drove a huge wedge into the power structure of the Roman Empire. The fictionalized account that Spartacus had either been killed in battle or was crucified in the end with the other slaves who survived. All reports of said were entirely false in all aspects. Spartacus his time as a gladiator had made him extremely famous. Most of the population of central Rome knew what he looked like. The last couple battles between Romans and the Spartacus army no reports state he took part. All the previous reports form survivors state he not only took part but was a prominent commander.

It is very likely that Spartacus was a great x grandson of the great Hannibal of Carthage. The same area Hannibal evacuated to after his people were securely behind defensive walls of Northumberland after evacuating from Carthage. The whole Hannibal thing was a monstrous distraction to ensure the Carthage culture and military would be secure in Northumberland before Hannibal would withdraw his forces from the gates of Rome. So Hannibal traveled to Thrace, to retire. And Kill the romans coming back to Rome from Carthage on foot. Some traveled by boat, but some traveled by foot. He managed to find and pick off the soldiers who traveled by foot.

With both Spartacus, his army, his sons, and supporters in Rome. The entire Cleopatra thing would simply set that army into attack mode again which the Roman culture was ill prepared to deal with. Rome might have collapsed under that type of pressure. So Cleopatra was allowed to go into exile to be killed privately so far away from the trying eyes of the Romans that no negative consequences would come from said.

But the Romans did not count on the facts that the defenses which has been being constructed since the fall of Troy were up fully function able and with a large enough army to make child’s play out of most if the entire Roman army. Which the Romans did attack Britain with everything they possessed, and from 50 b.c.e to 400 ce the Romans Lost and lost so badly they destroyed their entire culture.

The descendants of the Trojans, Amarna 18th Egyptian Dynasty, Carthage, Alba Longa, the City of Seven Hills, Ptolemais family, Cleopatra and her entourage, etc. were sitting in Northumberland waiting  for the Romans to get itchy for battle and conquest again. Which not only did they get itchy for combat again they in basic never stopped being itchy for combat. Turning from Egypt to Britain the second the battle of Actium was over.

From the fall of the Romans empire to the Pictish revolt, Northumberland and the ogle family never lost power and the strong in their army. But the Pictish revolt change the entire dynamic of the situation. Shortly after 630 ce the Pictish culture took on a new commander with a new philosophy. That new philosophy allowed for a combining of six or more different army cultures to band together to take on the ogle family army as one unit. For the previous centuries they had been half a dozen armies each fighting each other as hard as they fought against the Ogles.

A united front prevented the Ogles from defending themselves. The odds were no longer in their favor so they were as a culture forced to evacuate. 680 ce the Ogles started to evacuate out of Britain. Well ahead of the lands they owned being occupied. Best to leave while it is still safe to leave, rather than wait till the last second when the enemy is inside the city. But the Ogles would come back with William of Orange a few hundred years later. But the family and army had to immediately mobilized and go to the Holy Lands in order to stop a wave of Islamic militant armies from invading through Anatolia to erase European culture. The history books call this “the Crusades” but in truth it was not conquering the Holy lands, but preventing a large and battle hardened army from invading any deeper into Europe than they had already pushed. To refortify Constantinople, as well as continue to pull the books and research material out of harm’s way. The Islamic army wanted to capture Constantinople and turn it into one of their major cities.

Which they not only eventually did achieve, but changed its name from Constantinople to Istanbul.

So what and who cares, the impornat part of this entire expertise has been to not only track the progress of the Ogle Family but also to discover why the Ogle family have been so violently hated and chased from the Middle east and Egypt to the 1800’s in the Pacific North West. Each of the places the Ogles had a large city, when a conqueror came along to take that city, the conqueror after taking the city erased the decades and sometimes centuries of history that city possessed. Athens was a city which was founded some 2500 years previous to 1500 b.c.e. Socrates noted that the city of Athens had been called Poseidon and had a 2500 year existence previous to the Dorian Invasion. The Dorians had invaded seized the city, name changed it, and forced the previous history to be forgotten.

The Army lead by both Theseus and his mother Aethra.

By legend Aethra or Athena coupled with two separate powerful men to conceive Theseus.

This battle is of the most critical of importance regarding Theseus and the city of Poseidon and Athens because this was the War that the Dorian/Hyksos commanding general Agamemnon lost which led to the peace agreement between Theseus/Aetra and the Dorians. That that peace negotiation Agamemnon’s brother Menelaus caught wind of the staggering beauty of Theseus’s daughter Helen. Whom was betrothed to Paris.

Since the story was written almost entirely from a Dorian/Hyksos/Avaris point of view all their actions are good and all the actions of the enemy Trojans are bad.

The dorians claimed that Helen was already married to Menelaus, Paris stole her. Which nothing could be farther from the truth. .Helen and Menelaus would have never laid eyes upon each other. Helen would have never been within an arrow show of Menelaus, any feats to celebrate the peace accord would have not included the wife’s of the Jews/Trojans. Any peace deal would have  been the Trojans and Theseus’s men and some other women very low ranked and prostitutes so that if the Dorians/Hyksos/Avaris got nasty about taking the women as war prizes, they would be taking whores.

This is of the most critical since the