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Erdology is based on the Futhark language; which is itself based on Indo-European. The Language Adam spoke/write in. 

Do not attempt to change the system; change yourself and let the system change to you.

Futhark is the origin of Hebrew and several older Cuneiform languages


Mathematics is based on measuring to and from some type of fixed points. A fixed point is a predictable and dependable standard; for example A through B to C, are three dependable fixed points. The single number line has only the most basic concept revolving around fixed points. The single number line is based on measuring basic and small detailed things; for instance the distance between fingers. In essence all of current mathematics is based on the same basic psychological framework as counting with fingers. Ancient cultures found a way to use different psychological parameters in which to identify and understand what a fixed measurement point could be.

Can be found in the Bible, Genesis 1; 1-5


Calendar and C is the key aspect regarding how time is measured. The problem with the measurement of time; the current  C in physics is measured based on the Gregorian Calendar and the spring equinox (since it is actually a fixed point); unfortunately for all of science, mathematics, and physics the base measurement devise and base framework for measuring are both absolutely inappropriate in all ways for said work. Western Mathematics is based on the Vatican (Esau Line) allowed into existence single number line; a+b=c. which has fixed parameters so strict it cannot even identify most things outside said fixed parameters. Fortunately the T Calendar not only can identify but measures things outside the strict parameters of the single number line with sub-atomic precision.


Ancient long forgotten and erased cultures determined that the sun and earth were in some type of continuum of moving to and from fixed points.

The most dramatic of said are mid-summer and mid-winter

Knowing the earth moved based on an observation of a simple sundial; the shadows created by plants, rocks, etc. a careful observation will reveal the arc of the motion of the sun/shadow points to the curve of the earth, our ecliptic, and orbit around the sun. Motion east west the shadows do not move much, north south the shadow arc moves in both directions a great deal.

Astronomical fixed points. They found by force of needing to live finding how to locate and start to create a basic mathematics and science based on observations of shadows. Since shadows are a fixed constant in an ever changing world. Shadows are absolutely dependable in all within fixed parameters ways; consequently watching how the shadows moved helped create a mathematical structure.

Knowing where the sun and earth are on their orbit tells you all types of different life saving details.

Since secondary fixed points which depend on the first fixed points to operate are animal migration patterns and planet growth cycles.

Scientifically three things which operate based on a set of fixed points is scientific independent validity. Crops grow based on the motions of the earth around the sun. Animals move according to the same movement of the earth around the sun. Just because the two motions are interdependent does not mean they do not move based on independent variables.

Crops move their live cycle based on the heat and cold effects created by the motion.

Animals moved based on both the heat and cold effects as well as moving toward abundant food sources.

All fixed points to measure too and from.

Which this most basic of idea solves the Achilles heal of the single number line. HUP; Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, measuring to and from moving fixed points allows one to know both speed and location of any one given thing or a group of given things each moving independently.

The mathematics the ancients figured out based on the above removes the Uncertainty build into the single number line on the very first step.

You can know the exact location and how fast that object is moving based on this most basic of psychological observations.

Now how to create an equation format which will allow to accurately measure the above.

The ancients needed to come up with some type of fixed points adding system which would allow for many things move within it but still maintain a consistency of fixed points.

Regarding the fixed points required in an equation.

Everything which moves is its own thing. Not all plants, animals, things move the same, etc. they move similar with similar behavior patterns but not the same.

Consequently similar means moving fixed points like earth and the sun.

So how to create a framework to calculate said fixed points. Start with the self; anything is its own self. Self is the place to start; so self = 0. Where I am facing would be forward, my back is  behind me or my past. Fixed points so far; center, up, down (newton’s third law), back, forward (again newton’s third law; cannot have one direction without having   another direction 90’ horizontal and another 90’ vertical. Since the sun and gravity came first we know we start with 0, up and down as the first three fixed points . Second two fixed points are North and South as being 90’ from up and down from the 0 center {in this case the earth being 0 from the sol} leaving east west the rotation which is 90’ from North and South.). Making 7 fixed points.

numbering meanings



















































(earth)Hydrogen 2 plus one oxygen plus fire = water

This code can be found in both the Celtic Cross Spread and the first two sentences of the bible. “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.”

The rotation seperates out the differences between counting on fingers and fixing HUP. To have an accurate dependable measurment device capable of real scientific discovery; things have to be able to move and be tracked through their motion patterns, knowing where they are at any and every given point in their motion pattern.

The eighth fixed point; for anything that first step is all important. What causes a seed to germinate, biochemical reaction of fertility, the motivation to start the motion process. The eighth fixed point is destination .

Just taking a step forward does not seem like that big a deal; but it actually is one of the most difficult things to calculate imaginable.

As you will  notice on the graphic there three circles creating a sphere where the seven polarity lines pass through. Indicating a separation between the 11 and the outside where 18 stops in the graphic.

Each thing operates within its own set of parameters. Those parameters separate between each given things rules of operation/motion. The spheres are called Ætts or a tarus.

To show evidence of said Ætt is our atmosphere; which has cloud layers, and more importantly the Aurora borealis. Which shows a connection high in the atmosphere between the night sky where most things are in shadow (minus the full moon) to the day when only things in motion cast a shadow.

From the smallest creature to the orbit of the earth each have predictable behavior patterns. Each is moving. No matter how small or large the thing measured; it is all moving according to its own specific set of rules of acceptable motion order.

Nov 2003 Scientific American article by Stephen Hawking talked about the following. Electro-magnetics exist, they operate in patterns, and those patterns have sequences. What those patterns and sequences are at the present is an unknown.

I can say as a matter of substantial evidence based fact that ancient cultures not only knew this but were able to create a way to identify and measure said electro-magnetics movement patterns.

They did it by carefully creating a calendar to track the intricate motions between mid-summer and mid-winter. Finding first there are not two fixed points in our orbit around the sun there are eight. Four major four minor.

The calendar they created trickled down into modern history known as the Runic Elder Futhark half month calendar. Since it trickled into history via the romans circa 230 ce. The Elder Futhark Calendar is divided into 24 15 days; with five and six floating holy days. The ancients might have chosen 24 separations based on the 12 swings of a pendulum; adding the 12 for the opposite side of the planet.

Why it is reasonably good assumption an ancient culture in Eurasia knew and developed technology based on the above information? There are more than 100,000 megaliths from Greenland to japan. Each is laid out in a measured pattern. A grid pattern if you like. Although the grid is not a standard single number line checkerboard. This grid pattern is designed to measure both the earth’s rotation and the motions of the continents.










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