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Khufu and Hajj



Giza Theory

FreeMasonic Information

Welling Navigation System





A causeway is a hallway carved out of or made of rock from which leads from a specific sacred site. In this case the monuments on the west side of the Nile in the North Central portion of Egypt; semi-close to lower Egypt but miles from upper Egypt..

causeway so far measured point to a specific geographic location or an ancient sacred site. Not just pointing in the general direction of said; but bisecting the center or a corner of said. There are two sites which bisect the north and south walls of a city square/ziggurat hundreds of miles away.

Similar to how the statue of liberty has a much smaller twin in Paris. They are facing each other.

Indicating the People of Kaern designed the megaliths as a network of sites; interconnected by pointing hallways at each other.

Kensington Stone, Minnesota

Stonehenge causeway points to some old building in Cambridge.


The Egyptian Causeways


Each of the start and end points of these causeways points to a specific point on an ancient and most likely by now destroyed megalith (Stonehenge). The Egyptian start points (all Roads/causeways lead to Luz {after conquest Rome}Egypt) are remodeled between 3500-1800 megalithic structures.

A Djedefre points to Kyiv

B points to the north Pole (not magnetic north but true north)

C Khufu points to Everest

D Mankaure points to Mouth of the Indus River delta

E Obelisk pointing the middle of a major square in Babylon an ancient Jerusalem

F Khafre to North portion of the Sri Lanka setu

G points to Damascus

H Bethelham the nave of the church of the nativity. Found and built by St Helena.

I this causeway points directly to the Rock of Gibraltar .

J Jerusalem the temple mound

K point to the middle of a major square in Babylon an ancient Jerusalem

L point to the middle of a major square in Babylon an ancient Jerusalem

M Abusir's northern complex to Qushm island north strait of hormuz


O points to the center of Bangalore India. Indicating this is an ancient Vinča city and or megalithic complex


Q Red Pyramid and Eridu Causeway Bisect

R points to an area just south of Bangalore India

S points to the south eastern most point of the gulf of aquiba

T points to the island just south of the mouth of the gulf of aquiba


Memphis to Khufu; bisects Djosier, the pyramids causeway bisects the church of the nativity.


Kirkland bisect Connection line


nyuserre ini sun templeFile:Nyuserre's Sun Temple Plan ru.svg


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Mankaure's causeway

It is pointing dead at the Suez canal. The mythical place where both Abraham crossed into Egypt and Moses crossed out of Egypt.


16 Abu Rowash (Abu Rawash, Abu Roash) G.P.S.

Ground Plan of the Pyramid of Djedefre at Abu Rawash in Egypt

Mt Elbrus

Mt. Elbrus's peak is the highest in the Caucasus, in Russia. Scientific and academic opinion various as to whether the Caucasus are distributed between Europe or Asia. Elbrus is the highest mountain in Europe. Elbrus is the second highest Mountain in western Asia after another volcano, Mt. Damavand in the Alborz range in Iran. Mt. Elbrus (west summit) stands at 5642 m; the east summit is slightly lower at 5621 m.



Luxor/Thebes to Memphis and Heliopolis



El Beth El and Bethlehem


Pyramid ? located a mile south of the step pyramid the causeway outside the temple complex points directly at Bethlehem.



Sakkara El Beth el city, temples, and graves to the west




The causeway of ? aka genesis 12; 7-9 alter to god and Hebron current Israel two location.

Specifically through the town of Bethlehem




Bethlehem Israel

Technically speaking depending on continental drift and conquests. The second temple to god in genesis 13; 18 according to the rules of megalithic structures would have either causeways pointing at each other or some other blatantly obvious architectural design pointing at each other. Reference FreeMason Eiffel pointing his lady at the new York lady.

pointing at the church of the nativity


Closer view of the church of the nativity. The building which Constantine built, which has a natural cave under. The cave is accessed through a grotto.

Many Jews built their homes above caves; the cave acted as a natural underground barn. Living under massive persecution; protecting livestock becomes of paramount concern. Keeping the livestock in a cave, and building your home around creates the perfect safety situation.



From the church looking directly at ?s pyramid; Sakkara Egypt. I theorize it is the location of El Beth el; the first mason built alter to god. The causeway points directly through the building Constantine declared was the actual birthplace of Jesus Christ.


The specific angle of the church of the nativity




A close up of image341






The alter Jehovah asked Abraham to build between upper and lower Egypt, which is between the Giza plateau and Sakkara. It teaches where the very first complex to Jehovah was built.



Khufu to Everest


The causeway leading away from Khufu to the NE leads with laser light dead on effectiveness to the very top of mount Everest.




View of the very top of Everest directly at the Khufu Pyramid more than 3349.46 miles away. From on top of Everest looking directly at Khufu; you would be looking directly at the very center of the causeway into the porch of the entrance temple. Standing on the tallest mountain looking directly at the world longest tallest building 2600bce-1600 c. e.; was the tallest building in the world for 4000 years.




From the top summit of Everest the red and yellow lines track to Khufu.


Direct line connecting Khufu to Everest.










A different red line extends from the causeway (illustrated below) through the town of Bethlehem (close to the church of the nativity. The exact location of the church has been lost to razzing at least 3 times from 30-300 when Constantinople attempted to locate it. The manger is probably under an existing building or the manger itself is in a slightly different configuration different building entirely.).

The compass points extending NE from the ? (first pyramid designed by Imhotep) and the Khufu pyramid (I theorize dedicated to Noah) causeway intersect at this point




The Khufu causeway red line extension




Since most of the causeway has been destroyed, I used the line of where the surrounding buildings which bumped up against the causeway as a guide.

This strongly points to a megalithic structure was on this plateau before the construction of the pyramids started(which is backed up by the biblical account of Jacobs ladder; he might have actually build a real ladder to heaven.). Since Everest and all the Himalayan were in the People of Krn territory. We know this because megalithic structures can be found throughout the entire area; east west from Greenland to Japan, north south from the arctic circle to the Sahara.






The different causeway through Bethlehem