o   Vikings

The age of the Viking has an amazing beyond belief story. The Vikings were among other fallacies, not mindless nomadic raiders. They were not only interested in killing, plundering, and causing havoc.

Almost every story about the Vikings is not only incorrect, but almost completely fallacy created by enemies e.g. the Pictish and the Vatican.

The Vatican depictions were written in Rome centuries later.


The truth about the Vikings is a story many folds more interesting than can be easily explained.


First the Vikings were a hired army; an extremely well trained, well disciplined, well-armed, and under a strict command structure from the Ogle family. The Vikings almost exclusively attacked cities which had been founded by the Ogles and conquered by the Pictish. They were simply taking their cities back.

More than a few of the Pictish had ceremonies and cultural traditions which are beyond unacceptable. Those most closely associated with said were the ones slaughtered.

But most of what those that were slaughtered were into and performed; most in the modern world would help perform the slaughter. Think of the grossed illegal activity, some pockets of the Pictish did as a matter of standard culture.

But the Vatican had an enemy of the Pictish but the Ogles aka Northumberland family were a hard target threat. The Ogles till a few centuries ago, did not give up their navy. Nor ability to sail across the north sea.  Which the wanting to control all aspect of technology and education, the Vatican hated with a measurable force against. Namely making the Ogle’s an ok to genocide threat.