Van Dyk Family

English versus the British

The most important thing to remember about the British people is, they are entirely different in almost all ways from the English. The English have mostly a darker and shorter genetic structure, the British have a lighter Complexion (Blue Eyes, Blond/Red Hair, Pale skin) and taller.

Esau the brother of Jacob

Jacob was chosen to be the King of Kings aka Israel. His brother Esau became so overwhelmingly jealous he taught his descendants and followers to seek out the Jews and eliminate them. Find the Tabernacle of Adam System’s the Jews built and either seize control over them or destroy them. Esau’s descendant culture name change close to every generation. Esau’s line invaded Egypt circa 2100 b.c.e. became known as the Hyksos. The Hyksos became known in the Aegean as the Dorians. In Egypt the Hyksos became known as the Avaris. Moses was an Avaris. At Troy the Esau/Hyksos/Dorians attacked the city and the resulting cascade effect sent the Van Dyk Family to Whatcom County. The Van Dyk family arrived in Whatcom County because the British were not only present but attempting to built another Israel with a working Tabernacle System of Adam in the area. The Van Dyk’s were attracted to their ancient skill sets, despite the fact that as a family and their culture betrayed the British on more than a dozen occasions over the course of the previous millennia. The Van Dyk’s were attracted to the British for both a sub-conscious need to be part of the System being assembled by the British and to seize control over it and either make it work or destroy it for their own purposes.

The Trojan War

When Aeneas was sent out of Troy/Jerusalem by his cousin King Priam, he did so with the Treasures of Troy in tow. His son or grandson Brutu became the first King of the Britts in Britain circa 1320 b.c.e. The origin of the name British comes from what Brutu was named after.

Trojan the name itself means: descendants of the Holder of the Foot. The Holder of the Foot translated from Sumerian into Hebrew as Jacob. The Trojans were descendants of Jacob, or in other words Trojans are Jews.


Hyksos in hieroglyphics translates as “King/Prince/leader/ of the sheep/beasts”. If you want to look for some type of beast master e.g. fallen/Lucifer look no further than the word Hyksos. Their name itself means in effect fallen controller of the beasts.

Libertine versus Royalist

As both Islam then Protestantism spread through Europe in different waves, the cultures divided. Those still remaining loyal to the Trojan/Jacob e.g. Pre-Exodus Jewish Philosophy kept the name Royalist. The Islamic and eventually Protestantism took on the name Libertine. The Libertine deemphasized the need and understanding of the Tabernacle System and took on the internal System. The house was not needed, the individual became the house/tabernacle.

The person being the house/tabernacle is an Esau construct. A person can do a great deal, but a group can do so much more.

France eventually fell to the forces of Libertine philosophy. Centuries previous the Holland/Netherlands had fallen in a similar fashion. The pockets of Royalist Dutch fled from their country under threat of execution and arrived in the future location of New Orleans. Using the Abraham/Pharaoh Mem e.g. Noah’s Ark technology they took an extremely defendable piece of land a good distance up the Mississippi river from the mouth and started to construct a new city with the help of the British and Royalist French on a group of rocks the River flowed around. The core of the city was constructed on the rocks, the Dyk system was started with consecutive rings of Dyk’s built around. In many ways the county of Holland/Netherlands and the city of New Orleans were intended to be a Jerusalem. Centuries later they were conquered and all evidence of the previous was erased by the conqueror. The connections of Noah, the technology of the Dyk’s, the Tabernacle System of Adam were all well outside the acceptable parameters of the conquering culture. Anything not acceptable to libertine philosophy is destroyed and made to not exist.

Tabernacle of Adam System

Shortly after in some way Adam or at least the construct of Adam which several descendant cultures have emulated both the behaviors of an type biblical person Adam and Eve like figure, descended from the Garden of Eden. Adam or someone or a group later generations labeled Adam, came up with an architectural plan which can be traced from 6000 b.c.e. to present with little change to its architectural and engineering specifications.

A main building,

And several surrounding buildings. Each building located in a specific direction from the main.

The main building itself is the main Tabernacle, the outbuildings are arranged to correspond with a specific energy, vibration, signature, wave, etc. according to the definition of the Futhark and the compass.

Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark based on the evidence of the Tabernacle of Adam System, was a takeoff or an off shoot of the same technology of the Tabernacle System. Fortunately from the Bible, the dimensions of a Tabernacle are recorded.

The direct evidence can be found in both the configuration of King Solomon’s Temple, the Cave of the Nativity (identified by Empress Helen, Mother of Constantine the Great. Her father was by British Legend the Old King Ceol, King of the Britts from the family Ogle. Ogle Castle is literally only 8 miles north of Hadrian’s Wall. The place the Roman Empire destroyed itself.), the Pepi I Pyramid which its causeway bisects the very center of the Nativity, and the Bent Pyramid its causeway bisects the very center of the Temple Mound were King Solomon’s Temple used to be. Northumberland is the Pictish renaming of the Kingdom of Yr Hen Ogle dd, or Kingdom Ogle in Gaelic. NewCastle is 12 miles south east of Ogle Castle,  NewCastle is English for the Hebrew word Jerusalem. King Solomon’s Temple was built in David’s rebuilt Jerusalem. Northumberland and Levant Lands each have a Jerusalem. Egypt also have a Jerusalem, in Greek Heliopolis translates to Jerusalem.

King  Solomon’s Temple was built to be a perfect reflection of Noah’s Ark as well. Evidence the Kirkwall Scroll. The Kirkwall scroll details the specifics regarding the history of the Great Temple of El Beth El; and its numerous constructions.

The Nativity is part of a four part Tabernacle of Adam System.

Each building in said Nativity System is based on previous buildings. Each previous building date back to the time of Adam. The Temple of Solomon is based on the Temple of Tyre, the Temple of Tyre is based on the Temple of Ptah which was in Luz/Memphis Egypt (Genesis 28; And he called the name of that place Bethel: but the name of that city was called Luz at the first.), the Temple of Ptah in Luz/Memphis is based on the Temple Structure System of IWNW. IWNW was a Temple System built at the center of the city which was conquered circa 3500 b.c.e. by forces from the south which 300 years previous conquered a different Tabernacle of Adam System  at Heirakonopolis circa 3800 b.c.e. the culture and its descendants conquered first upper Egypt Heirakonopolis slowly over 300 years moving north till they conquered lower Egypt with it the city of IWNW. Changing the name of IWNW to  Heliopolis.

Heliopolis in Greek translates to Jerusalem in Hebrew. Both languages would not exist for more than 2000 years after the city of Heirakonopolis and IWNW fell to conquest.

A line can be drawn using the Jewish inches length of the great shaft in the Pyramid from 4000 b.c.e. to circa 1900s ce. indicating the Khufu Pyramid and the events of Noah’s life are directly connected, at least the Khufu Pyramid and the three Kings of the Jewish faith. The Khufu Pyramid might not be in the Nativity System, it is a collection of Pyramids both large and small and a representation of the Three Kings, the three sons of Noah, and the three degrees of FreeMasonry. The three kings of monotheism are Adam = Khafre, Noah = Khufu, and Abraham = Memcaure. The three crowns of the Popes crown that are representations of these three men. Adam, Noah, and Abraham in hierarchal descending order from top to bottom. Which is also a representation of both the ATEN and the definition of Northumberland in English the Gaelic spelling is Yr Hen Ogle dd. North previous to the Holy Roman Empire’s radicalization of information was Vertical not horizontal. North meant the North Star, which pre-Roman Empire was the constellation Draco. Draco in Latin is Dragon. The Snake of the Garden of Eden, Snake and Dragon are interchangeable based on which ancient language is being translated. The Snakes of Medusa’s Hair could be a reference to the same reference as the Virgin Mary’s job of untangling the knots humans do to themselves. The story of said is what the legend of Medusa is, to tell the story of your life using the Megaliths and writing it down. Written down you can change your fait. To unknot your life’s difficulties written into the stone of your internal house. The Virgin Mary translates especially with the actual word used Alma which is close to Italic spelling of Alba Longa the city on the west coast from Rome, which Romulus’s forces attacked that city to draw out the City of Genesis/Seven Hills (Seven Days of Creation intended, also ancient reference to the 7 areas of Pyramids in Egypt. Which directly correspond to the area defined by both the Narmer  Plate and Passport of what is Israel, Medium to Giza on the West side of the Nile) army to defeat both armies. So the city of Genesis/Seven Hills/Eternal City Romulus could simply walk into since its defending army was obliterated at Alba Longa. Alba and Alma are only one similar sounding sound apart. Both names have similar meanings. The crown had three defined vertical areas, Vertical = North, Area = Land, Sacred = Amber. Which is also the definition of ATEN, the ATEN is the deity of Amenhotep iv aka Akhenaton the one and only documented monotheistic Egyptian Pharaoh. He chose not to hide this family religion from the world, he worshiped the ATEN. He named each of this children ATEN. One of his oldest daughters son’s commanded the army which took the old city of Poseidon and renamed it after grandfathers religious name add and H after the T, and make it possessive to the person ‘s. but in Linear B there is no ‘ so it would simply be an S. Add an H after the T and a S after the N; spells Athens. Where the Dorians, Avaris, Athenians, Trojans’ met before the Trojan War. The Dorians and Avaris lost at Athens but were determined not to lose at Troy. Each of the Pyramids had a wall structure around, the walls around the Three Great Pyramids on Giza still exist. Those walls separating the world from the Pyramids are a Van Dyk, in the graphic the Van Dyk’s are to the top of the picture and to either side of the Causeway. The Wall separating the pathway from the plateau is a Van Dyk.

The ceremony of Horus which became the time of taxes in the spring is a direct reflection of both Noah’s animals 2x2 and how much of an affect early monotheism had upon the foundation of Egyptology. The two breeding animals or equivalent from each family in the spring became evolved into the modern tax system. Of course over time, the amount of animals changed, from just one each, expanded based on the needs of the culture.


The British before they were called British after the son/grandson of Aeneas Prince of Troy. Cousin of King Priam, sent Aeneas out of Troy with as many of the treasures of Troy as he could pack up in five years before Agamemnon could arrive and start killing every Jew his army could get their hands on. Agamemnon was a Dorian commander. The previous time the Agamemnon’s Dorians faced the Trojans was when the Dorians attempted to take the city of Athens back from Meritaten and her son Theseus. The city of Athens is named after her. Although in Linear B Meritaten is called Aeturia, Aethra and Aphidna. Which would be four of her Pharaoh names. Meritaten was the first daughter of the 18th Amarna Dynasty Pharaoh Amenhotep iv aka Ahkenaten. The ATEN is the key portion which connects the names with Amarna and the city of Athens.

Take the H and ‘s off Athens and you have ATEN.

After Troy fell, the Trojans evacuated out of Troy as soon as word started to filter around the Aegean that Agamemnon was raising and army. It took years, but nothing was going to stop Agamemnon. The civilians in troy under orders from the family started to evacuate out of Troy and to the city Aeneas was sent out to create, a refugee city. Capable of withstanding a full Hyksos culture assault. Larger and stronger than Troy was. Although when Aeneas started construction the city was still strong, but was going to fall.

Aeneas married Queen Dido of Carthage along his journey from Troy down to Tyre, over to Egypt, over to Carthage, then up to the Italian Peninsula.

The Dutch and the British allies

The British were descendants of Aeneas, possibly Queen Dido. Since the timelines match close enough Ankhesenamun was the widow of King Tut but her Pharonic name or more appropriately one of her Pharonic names could have been Queen Dido, since in Carthage Dido had several names. Dido would also have a need to separate herself from her Amarna Dynasty married to Tut name. dropping or simply no longer using said name would be a common practice among those living in exile.  After Tut was killed in Combat with the Avaris, his being a cripple did not allow him to be in combat. He fell off his chariot very quickly in battle against Moses. Moses wrote the history, so he could write anything he wanted to and kill anyone who disagreed with him. The first five books of the bible were written by Moses. Four of the books are about Moses himself, one is about the 5000 years previous to Moses. Moses’s 80 ish years are detailed over four books. Tut was born a cripple, according to both his remains and the stories the Avaris attempted strongly to censor and destroy. The Avaris wanted to make their own fiction regarding Tut and his widow. His widow would have been taken out of Egypt immediately upon the death of her husband and brother. What could any of this have anything at all to do with the Van Dyk’s, Luz/Memphis was for a time a primary city used by Amenhotep iv aka Ahkenaten. Before he began construction on Amarna. The Dyk’s of Luz/Memphis had been  maintained for the previous millennia by carefully selected and trained families. The City of Luz/Memphis was built on land in the middle of the Nile River. Layers of very tall ship like walls were built around the city in order to both be a barrier/Fortification Wall around the core of the city in the dry season and a protetive moat when the Nile rose and flooded in the Rainy season. Eventually dozens of layers of Dyk’s were built around Luz/Memphis, the Van Dyk family could trace their ancestroy back to those Dyk’s which date back to 2600 b.c.e. One of the things Moses and his Esau/Hyksos/Avaris family anted to hide was the facts that From 4000 b.c.e. to the time of Moses 1330 b.c.e. the Jews had lived for the most part happy and thriving lives in Egypt. Jacob lived in Egypt on the West side of the Nile between Medium and Giza, and Ruled said area as its King/Pharaoh. Moses wanted to erase those facts, hence the 51 chapters of Genesis are so heavily edited. But family and cultural institutional training over the course of millennia does not simply go away because Tyrants demand said training to go away. Moses and his descendants might have worked very hard to Stockholm Syndrome torture and kill the first 5000 years of Jewish history out of the Jews, but some parts remained. The Van Dyk system of engineering was one of those jobs and skill sets not erasable from the culture. Similar training and skills are present 1500 years later in north west Europe as a similar technology is used but this time only half of Noah’s Ark is created, the Half facing the Sea. The half becomes the Dyk System of Holland aka the Netherlands.

The Van Dyk’s are tasked with maintaining the walls of the City of Luz/Memphis aka Luz

The British Royal Family previous to being called British and Later Byzantium provided the Dutch culture with the secrets of how to build and maintain Dyk’s. The Secrets came from the construction of the city of Luz later renamed to Luz/Memphis Egypt. Luz (Genesis 28) the Hebrew Abraham (a language  which would not exist for another close to 1500 years) in Hieroglyphic Mem as in Pharaoh Mem. The same Pharaoh of the most southern great pyramid on the Giza Plateau Memcaura. Mem which directly translates to “All father, or Father of all” which is the same meaning as Abraham in Hebrew. Hieroglyphics existed at the time, Hebrew did not.

Mem/Abraham (Mem in hieroglyphic means “Father of All” same as what Abraham in Hebrew means) ordered protective Dyk’s placed around the city of Luz in order to both have a city safe from flooding. But also a fortified city in the winter when the Nile was at its lowest 100 foot tall walls impenetrable, in the summer the invading army would have to cross a raging river to reach the Jews living in the city. A city would remain for the most part entirely defendable for the next 2500 years circa 2600 - 40 b.c.e.. Only being seized by the Roman Empire under the command of Julius Caesar circ 40 ce. That city was taken brick by brick out of Egypt and shipped to Rome under order of Caesar. To capture the essence of the city of Luz/Eternal itself. The nickname “The Eternal City” came directly from these actions. Well at least half of these actions.

Although in truth, the Romans after capturing portions of Holland, could have forced the yet to be called Dutch to turn the city with its Dyk’s of Luz into a Ship and simply floated it out of Egypt and to Rome.

Since the Bible is so extraordinarily edited, it is possible the core or the original Dyk's around the city were not actually Dyk’s around Luz/Memphis. The Dyk’s might have actually been some form of a Ship, possibly one of the original and or a copy of a ship from Adam. Abrham could have ordered a Noah’s Ark copy to be grounded on a sand barge or said in the middle of the Nile. Then ordered protective Dyk’s built around it, similar to a Dry Drock. Noah copied this same design or he found an original of the many the family which claimed to be descendants of Adam built. The Dyk’s might be a modified version of the sides of a Ship. Mem/Abraham somehow managed to find and refurbish Noah’s Ark or original and or a copy of his original, and said Ship was transported from wherever Noah docked the ship to Egypt. Having the Noah’s are permanently docked on a sand barge in the middle of the Nile. Over the centuries during the winter the walls or in this case the sides of the ship were replaced by new walls increasing the size of the original by an eventually considerable amount. Starting with a ship about 450 feet long by 75 feet wide by 45 feet high to thousands of feet long hundreds of feet high. The width still had to be protected from the pressures of the Nile. A reference for said technology exists within the legends of the city of Atlantis. Socrates who talked about Atlantis was literally talking about several things all at the same time    . The past the shoulders of Hercules reference could point to the Temples on either side of the ship, * the bow or forecastle and stern or aftercastle/ aftcastle. For Evidence of said, what was left of the Nemi Ships in lake Nemi built by Caligula, two large towers on each end of both ships. Could the Nemi Ships be some type of Noah’s Ark recreation. Noah designing his Ark to reflect the construction of the Tabernacle of Adam System. He stated flat out the story was a combination of several stories rolled into one; the political powers that be in both the Aegean and Athens prevented a great deal of honesty. Eventually Socrates was executed for his speaking truth. Could the story of Atlantis tell about one of the Ships of Adam other than the Noah’s Ark, being transported from unknown location to Egypt. Where it was permanently grounded, and an entire city built around it e.g. Luz/Memphis. Refloated and sailed to Italy by Caesar.

The nickname of Rome “The Eternal City” and proto-Dutch language Netherlands could be a reference to Nether, as in the Nether world. The nether world of heaven, or eternity. The Eternal City of Rome took on said nickname both previous to the Roman conquest of the city of Seven Hills as well as after Caesar brought Luz/Memphis back with him. After the collapse of the Roman Empire the Netherlands or in another way of saying it “Heaven” was intended to be a new Israel. But the violent to the maximum just shy of the third Reich gas chambers anti-Semitism which spread through Europe immediately following the collapse of the Roman Empire cascaded into anything good about Jews was replaced by their things and concepts had to be hidden and name changed to avoid direct association. The Netherlands being a new Israel, the inhabitance including the British could not simply announce to the known world a new Israel was being built in Holland. Said drawing the most anti-Semitic army in the world to The Netherlands/Holland did eventually occur in 1932, when the Third Reich invaded. Anne Frank of the Frank family, said last name was directly from the Frank Family conquest of Ga’al by the German Frank Family circa 700 ce. Charles Martell aka “The Hammer” personally fought back the Invasion Militatn Islamic army at Tours  732 ce. Martell’s grandson Charles the Great became the first King of a unified France, named after their Royal Family Line the Frank Family. The Franks of Holland were directly connected to the conquest of Ga’al, taking the area from Roman Rule. When Julius Caesar conquered Ga’al, he did not change the name of the area. He did on the other hand remove the sitting govenrmetn and install the roman System. In Pockets the Merovingian Kings ruled portions of Ga’al, but did not own the entire area. The Franks conquered the Merovingian’s and the remaining Romans to unify the area under htier name France. The Merovingian’s long claimed to be directly ppart of the family Jesus came from, some legends claim Mary Megdelaine was an ancestors to the Merivingian Dynasty. When the Frank’s conquered Ga’al, severel of the former Ga’al citizens changed their previous last name to Frank. Ann’s family were among them. Every anti-Semitic army in the world would have converged towards Holland/Netherlands and wanted to kill anyone associated. Which would specifically single out the Van Dyk Family. But hiding the facts behind façade’s did not stop a million plus militant Islamic army from pushing north of Gibraltar into the Iberian Peninsula, conquering all of Iberia and continuing to push/invade north straight to Paris, north of Paris is Normandy, Holland, and the Netherlands. It took decades to answer the invasion, but 650-732 ce the Frank Army finally drove the militant Islamic army out of Ga’al, renamed to France. The question becomes from 650-720, was Paris The history books do not go into said details, but if the militant Islamic cultures knew a New Israel was being constructed, said information would be top of the list the Vatican would want erased from existence. The Van Dyk’s would have been high on the list of the enemies of the Vatican during the inquisition; one very powerful reason for the family to forget as a whole the secrets of the Tabernacle of Adam System and its more important Noah’s Ark construction techniques. Killed on site is a powerful motivator to make most of the family forget they knew anything about said information. But pockets, like those who evacuated out of Europe to the future location of New Orleans to build a New Jerusalem. It would be very interesting to find out when the First Van Dyk’s were in New Orleans. They were the power, the Vatican from 350-1700 ce through the office of Inquisition sought out any threat to its power and destroyed it. This would include allowing the Islamic armies from Africa to invade into Europe and destroy the New Israel aka The Netherlands. The Franks and British stopped the Islamic army cold at the Battle of Tours, but Tours is only 100 miles from the coast of France. A short few miles across the channel is the cliffs of Dover Britain. More than a few militant Islamic pockets managed to slip past the Frank and British army’s working together in France to enter and start working their way into British culture from Hastings north and west. Thus strengthen the Pictish revolt and installing both a new religion in Britain but replacing the British Kings with Pictish ones (most would have converted to Islam; making Britain predominantly Islamic) from 680 – 1066. With associated Esau line behavior patterns, destroying as much of Gaelic and the history of the place as possible.

The technology of the Tabernacle System and Ships of Adam was in place and used wherever the Jews attempted to set up a new Israel. The evidence of the buildings and city layouts is clear, the conquering bragging they burned all records and the founding date of said areas are the date of the conquest not the founding of the city. The City of Rome is more than 1500 years if not more than 2500 years older than the currently accepted founding date of 753 b.c.e.. The earliest civilizations in the Nile River valley predate 3800 b.c.e. Having a copy or the original Noah’s Ark permanently Docked renamed to Luz. Then ever pushing the Nile out by every few decades by constructing a new ring/ship side/Dyk’s a few hundred feet out from the currently used walls. Each time the effort proved to be multiplied by a considerable factor since the materials and manpower needed increased by the amount of additional feet added to the distance.

Which would also add to the general protection of the core of the city itself. The core of the city would have every few dozen to hundreds of feet a new 100 or more foot tall wall every few decades. Making the city increasingly more difficult to attack. The number of walls between the river and the inner core by 500 b.c.e. after 2000 years of construction would be about a dozen, perhaps even a couple dozen. Caesar would have torn down all but the inner portion, refloating the original boat. Or at least ordering the original ship to be make sea worthy and refloated. Using the Dyk’s as a dry dock.

All the work and knowledge. The Dutch took with them. When the Roman Empire collapsed, they chose to remain allies with the British, specifically the Ogle family. But after Hastings, the Dutch pulled away from both the British and the Ogles and allied with Islam. The Dutch had performed similar when the Romans invaded the areas the Dutch lived before being force marched to the area eventually to be called Holland/the Netherlands. The Dutch under basically slavery conditions allied with the Roman Army and did give the Romans some aspects of the ancient Adam/Tabernacle/Noah technology, but not all of it.

The Dutch took their expertise with Noah’s ark and the city of Luz and applied it to their new Jerusalem of Amsterdam.


Somewhere in these centuries the Dutch chose to betray their allies of millennia dating all the way back to the time of Noah 4000 b.c.e. according to the measurement of the Khufu Pyramid and once again allow the influence of the philosophy of Esau to overtake their better nature. The power and money associated with the philosophy of Esau is a very tempting target, but the road less traveled is a difficult discipline to undertake. Much easier to take the easy road.


To begin with, Mohammed himself was a very interesting person. He spent most of his entire life trying to achieve unrealistic goals.

Martin Luther developed Protestantism e.g. Christianity as a repackaging of Islam into a form European Cultures could accept  Half of Christianity is Islamic. Born Again is about 99.9% Islamic. The difference between Shia and Sunni is an argument between Mohammed and Abu Bakr. They both lied to a point of pure hard core evil. The books of Islam are from a captured shipment of books from Constantinople back to Northumberland by the British. The Captured books came with a captive, a woman Tall, Red Hair, Blue Eyes, Pale Skin, Tall, and formidable. Hence Fatimah and her granddaughter from one of her son’s the red hair, blue eye, pale skin. Said DNA has to come from somewhere, to have said genetic influences just show up in the offspring of Mohammed, where most of his entire family were typical Arab in genetic influence is not possible. The Blue, Red, tall, pale, etc had to come from northern Europe e.g. Viking Britain Scandinavian blood, possibly German. The books were translated from x language into Arabic, author Esau. He wrote them after he captured Mecca, and did very bad things. Two separate schools of thought regarding the translations, one from Mohammed the other from Abu. Abu  wanted to acknowledge Esau and Mohammed wanted all the credit. Some of the works which recreated Islam were from the Evil Priest Paul and some were from Esau, a few from St Augustus of Hippo.


The only surviving to adulthood child of Mohammed was a girl, Fatimah. She was more like her mother than her father, but she did work tirelessly to spread the word of her father’s philosophy not just in Mecca but around the entire area.

The arguments between Mohammed and Abu Bakr resulted in more than a few verbal and physical altercations between the two men. Being a good daughter Fatimah injected herself into those fights, which only enraged and deepened Abu Bakr’s hatred of her to the point of he would happily do anything it took to find and silence her. But she was more clever and strategic than he was. She was always able to see his attacks coming and avoid damage. He attempted to kill her on several occasions, failed and humiliated himself  dozens of times in the process. A strong willed and powerful woman dozens of times degrading, humiliating, insulting, and winning every fight the two engaged in. the only thing Abu Bakr would have hated more than her would be the devil himself, but not by much. The stronger politically and militarily Fatimah grew the stronger his hatred towards her grew.

The night in question. The last time Fatimah by documented evidence was alive and well was the night her poisoned and dying father sent for her, shortly before he either died or was ferried out of Mecca by Fatimah and his most loyal supporters and army. They chatted for a bit, then she disappeared into the night. So did her father. They both disappeared. Neither both has been recovered in 1400 years of millions of people searching every inch of Saudi Arabia. If the bodies would not be found by this point, the bodies were simply not in the area. They were removed. But by who and where.

The answer is simple; Abu Bakr the second Mohammed started to become sick from the Poison to prove he was a true and godly prophet seized control over as much of the workings of the of Islam, the operations and organizational structure as humanly possible. From the second Mohammed was not present forward nothing about the writings of Mohammed were allowed which were not first edited by Abu Bakr. But Bakr was not in the Middle East for long. At some point not documented from the point Mohammed died or was written out of the Islamic history books, Bakr had left Mecca. Years later he was reported to have died, but no documentation exists regarding any details. Just he had died and someone he appointed took over his specific philosophical form of Islam. Who that was is an unknown, like all tyrannical dictators who had no problem killing their opposition their was an immediate power struggle where more than a few of the leading candidates were killed. Both Mohammed and Bakr were given state funerals, but both Caskets were empty. Evidence, centuries later when exhumed, both Caskets were found to be not only empty but several graves were created at the time of reported death and all the casckets were found to be empty.

Fatimah would have taken her father out of Mecca and as quickly as her guards and army could, she would have evacuated west to Egypt. Worked with her dying father in Egypt trying to find a way to resurrect him as the pharaohs of old. Failing this. Following the course of where the philosophy of Fatimah and Mohammed spread  like wildfire from 630 to present the records of were Fatimah went but was not documented are clear. From upper Egypt to lower. To Alexandria. West to Carthage. North to Rome. The body of her father Mohammed was left in the Catacombs of Rome, either as close to the original Forum building as possible, or as close to St Simon Peters Basilica as possible. The body found directly under the pinnacle of the Basilica might not be Simon Peter but might be literally Mohammed. The body which did lay where the supposed body of Simon Peter was placed would have been either removed to another alcove or disposed of and destroyed. Simon Peter lived at least several years if not a decade longer than his crucifixion date. Simon Pter was two things, one he was a Roman Citizen, and two he was a Jewish Royal King of Kings of the Tabernacle of Adam Systems. The chances any of his royal guards would have allowed him to be arrested are zero, the chances his guards would have allowed him to be tried for treason against he Empeor are less than zero, anything else is pure mythical fiction. The second any sign he was going to be in political trouble, his guards would have if nothing else picked him up, knocked him out if necessary and ferried him to safely. The safest place in the entire Roman Empire was literally on the north side of the Yet to be constructed Hadrian’s Wall. The Roman Empire had been losing, and badly (huge body counts; few British lost their lives, most of the Romans present did.) in and around Ogle Castle and New Castle since 45 b.c.e.. Now after his natural death, his followers might have brought is body back to Rome for burial under the Tabernacle System built by Caesar under the supervision of Cleopatra, but that would have been years if not decades later. If six 300 lbs guards want to perform an action against a 150 lbs person, that person had little if any say in the matter. The person might scream, struggle a bit, but mostly the small person will have to go along with what the six guards have in mind. Evacuating the principle is their first task when safety is compromised. Preserving the body of Simon Peter in close to the Pharonic tradition of mummification. Back to Carthage, were she established a large following. One of her followers was a man who brought her the teachings of St Augustus of Hippo. The namesake of St Augustine Florida. The Fatimah followers in Carthage with head their faith despite Abu Bakr’s army seeking for them to kill every last one. They maintained a community. Fatimah traveled west to Gibraltar then north into Spain. The Fatimah philosophy spread farther and faster in Spain than in Egypt and Carthage. Some followers of Fatimah can still be found in the present.

Fatimah traveled north into France then west to the coast. Then in brief disappears from history. Her philosophy reappears a bit later in Holland/Netherlands being embraced by the Dutch. Spreading east toward Germany. Settling in and around Vienna although making diplomatic inquiries south through Transylvania to Greece. In Vienna and south through Transylvania, her descended cultures were in part the enemy of the Wallachia family and their cousin the Báthory.

Fatimah traveled through the area of Normandy, the Netherlands, Northern France twice. Once on her way to Britain once on her way out. Although both times she did have an army immediately behind her wanting to do anything and everything to kill and destroy her. Although going into Britain the army was Abu Bakr and the Vatican, coming out the British and the Vatican. The British and Vatican had made quick work of the invading Islamic army while she was causing problems in Britain. Her focus was so strongly into the Tabernacle System, all of her questions and worse gathered evidence. If the Dutch although not actually called that yet, but the cultures to be called Dutch were not only in the area they had been in the area for centuries previous to Mohammed’s birth. If the Dutch had forgotten anything about the Tabernacle System previous to Fatimah’s journeys through, they had a keen and hard reminder on both occasions. Not to mention the fact that on both occasions their allies the British had not forgotten the secrets of the Tabernacle System from its origin till the 1900s.

In the middle of Dyk construction and the founding of the Netherlands the philosophy of Islam and Fatimah took hold. Slowly over the next half a millennia it takes over and the majority of the population accepted said philosophy circa 1400. The Dutch Reform church was in existence but not a solid organizational structure before the teachings of Martin Luther. If it was up and operating previous to 1400s, it operated under a different name. Forming the Dutch Reform church. Which is the primary religion of Lynden from circa 1880-present, in some cases militantly enforced. Lynden did have a large and violent Klan (KKK) activity for the overwhelming majority of those decades, when the KKK was declared a domestic terroristic organization, the Klan all but vanished overnight. But the former members and supporters simply took their hatred outside the public eye. Suppressing racism did not make it go away, only make it less obvious.

The Dyk’s of the Netherlands are part of the Tabernacle System, the engineering is almost exactly similar to building half a ship. A very large and long ship, hundreds of yards to miles long and tall enough to hold back even the most violent of north sea storms. The Van Dyk family were charged with knowing everything about the specifications for the Tabernacle System, not to run the system but to maintain the buildings. The British and other cultures are to run the inside e.g. to be the King of Kings one of which was Jacob who was renamed once he ascended to the throne of Adam and named Israel in his kingdom of Egypt. In a college or university, the academics operating within the buildings, the physical plant the buildings themselves are maintained by the equivalent of the Van Dyk Family. Van Dyk Road is the part of the side of the infinity loop created by one point in Nooksack, one point in Everet, one point in Lynden, and one point in Ferndale. Van Dyk Road is like a circle around the infinity loop. The family might not have known why, but were simply repeating the same patterns they had done for centuries and millennia. To protect and guard the physical plant by building a road and houses along that road like they built houses using the Dyk as a Backwall, what better way to convince the population the Dyk is save than to literally live and make your house in the shadow of said Dyk

Dutch Slave Trade

Circa 1066, there was so much money involved with the slave trade, the Dutch simply felt they had to betray their British allies and embrace both the Slave Trade and Protestantism. Protestantism is literally designed by Martin Luther to be a façade form of Islam. Martin Luther hated Catholicism with every fiber of his being. He hated Catholicism so much that he literally rejected it out of hand as a child to embrace Islam. Islam he not only loved but chose to spend his life working hard to repackage Islam into a form European cultures could accept.

When the Dutch embraced said protestant philosophy, they as a culture rejected their past and embraced a future with a new religion and new powerful axis the English and militant Islamic cultures. Part of that future was to instead of fighting against slavery and genociding Jews, to embrace slavery and seek to destroy all Jews. The Third Reich had nothing on the Barbary coast militant Islamic cultures and their Dutch, English, and Spanish allies. The third Reich were only able to humiliate and kill Jews from 1923-1946; the Slave trade humiliated and killed Jews and anyone who stood against them from 1200-1889 ce. Adding a new and entirely fascinating coincidence. The same year the very last pockets of the Confederacy in Whatcom County  were obliterated by both military and political forces. Several things are happening in the same six month period of time, Adolf Hitler is born20 April 1889, the end of the Politically Correct version of Slavery  ends in America, the last gasp of the Confederacy ends in Whatcom County, the British Empire in Whatcom County is obliterated from existence, which allows for Washington State to enter the Union as a State November 11, 1889 (42nd). The Oregon Territory became law in 1848, less than 4 years later in 1853 Washington and the northern portion of Idaho break away from Oregon to align thsemvles with the Confederacy. 11 years later in 1959 Idaho and Washington Territory siding with the Confederacy voted to separate themselves from Oregon. The next four decades Idaho and Washington State work to allow the South to rise again, all their efforts amount to very little. In addition all their efforts result in small pockets of radical conservative and hate filled groups. Many of whom join the newly founded KKK (December 24, 1865). One of the worse parts of FreeMasonry is how many FreeMasons were also Clan Members; Albert Pike among them. Taking a good and holy organization which was founded based on the principles of learning to understand how to Temple of Solomon itself was built, like a cancer a few malignant members turned something holy into something of close to pure evil. Which is close to the same chance of events when the battle of Hastings removed the last gasp of power from the Pictish cultures and their new axis with militant Islamic was broken in Britain the start of the crusades began within months. The Crusaders faced Islamic armies on the move in Anatolia Peninsula. The reports of the invasion by the crusaders is only partially correct, instead of simply stopping the current wave of invasion into Europe. The European armies were going to push the Islamic invading armies all the way back to Mecca. When progress is prevented on the left flank by Esau’s descendants they start to push the right flank.

North America

The British specifically the Ogle family had a hard military and cultural lock on North America. The natives lived under a protective bubble of military force provided by the British. The same “Dyk” technology pockets of the *


The Dutch aligned so hard with the confederacy it was like the Dutch were fighting the American Civil War alongside the Confederates in the South. The Dutch  had to both protect their financial interests in the slave trade, but also to hide their close secret allies militant Islamic cultures. Mostly the Islamic cultures operate independently of each other fighting to obtain supremacy over the other families. But on some subjects, the cultures operate as a unit. Each family have a hierarchal ranking based on the designation of the specific grand high Sunni/Shia leader alive at that time. On occasion, the grand high Sunni and Shia leaders will work together. Almost always for a military objective, with the primary goal of destroy the enemy. Then once the enemy is destroyed they will fight it out between themselves. A kind of Armageddon.

 Both the Sunni and Shia are absolutely convinced they are the one true and only voice of the divine. All others are non-believers. In times of great hardship they form together and destroy  all unbelievers. Clearing the playing field of war by destroying all enemies, after which they will fight amongst themselves to find out which is the true army of god and which are the allies of Satan.

Because to Muslim they are good and everyone else is evil.

The alliances between the Dutch and Militant Islam came about because Fatimah used northern Europe to spread her and her father’s philosophy from Britain east to the Rhine. She turned south around the Rhine towards Vienna, heading to Constantinople. The armies of Abu Bakr behind her, killing anyone who did not reject her philosophy and embrace his version of it. The Catholic church followed forcing everyone back to Catholicism.

The Slave trade which for western culture ended with the American Civil War ended in the south when Lee surrendered to Grant at Appomattox. But this is not the truth.

Great Lakes

The American Civil War continued first west of the Great Lakes from 1865-1880 and concluded in Whatcom County from 1870-1889. When Union forces finally were able to defeat the last pockets of the confederacy in Whatcom County.

Holland Michigan is where the Van Dyk’s were before they had to evacuate out of the Reich of the American military.

which is about 200 miles from Tiffin Ohio. Tiffin is where several of the founding families of Bellingham traveled through including Roeder, Peabody, Judson, Roberts, Harris, etc. The Ogles founded the city which was conquered and renamed Tiffin Ohio circa 1830 had been  founded by the Ogle’s in the middle 1700s. Likely more than a century previous. Tiffin was a major city on the Trade Route the Ogles used from the east coast using the river system to the Columbia. The British and specifically the Ogles could travel from the east coast to Astoria Oregon in a month or two while the trip from England around  the southern tip of Peru took a year and a half one way. 18 months the British and the Ogle family could make about six round trips to the orient and back to Britain in the time it took to go from England to Japan. The money and the resources were wanted so badly, they European cultures chose to stop at nothing to seize control over said trade routes and the families which controlled that much money. The British Ogles were one of the founding members of said trade route. Most of the treasures which were inherited by Constantine came from the Ogle family libraries. Those treasures were shipped to Constantinople to keep them out of the hands of the enemies of the Ogles from 300 ce to 600 when they started to be shipped back to Northumberland to avoid being destroyed by the newest version of the Esau religion and philosophy Islam. Mohamed did not invent the religion, he found it buried in documents from the Constantinople library and translated the ancient writings into Arabic to start spreading the Philosophy. As if it was his, Abu Bakr wanted to acknowledge Esau. Which Mohammed did not want to acknowledge Esau, he wanted all the credit. When Tiffin was seized by American military force, the same thing happened as did most of the holdings the ogles once owned. Their history was erased and the conqueror either re-named or kept the old name but erased the facts the British and the Ogles had anything to do with it at all. The Dutch seized control over whatever New York was called previous to 1630, renaming the city NewAmsteradam. Then the battle of NewAmsterdam with John Ogle onboard. Renamed the city New York after his uncle the Duke of York, with permission from the Duke of York’s brother the King of England circa 1680. A few years later the British were again stripped of New York and the English took over, but they were already starting to call themselves British. The Ogles were from 1680 in America were constantly forced to seek life farther and farther west.

The British named the city of Philadelphia to honor one of their own great Generals who had a direct and long standing collection with the Nativity. Philadelphus is one of the major names from the reign of Ptolemy; which Cleopatra was the last Pharaoh. Although she was the last Pharaoh of the Ptolemy line, she was the first when she moved the Pharisees from Egypt to Northumberland. Her culture merged with the Northumberland culture and began to seriously destroy the Roman Empire in that Kingdom. Her new Pharonic Dynasty would be one of her unpublished names but an honoring of ancient ancestors; to Honor both the Amarna Dynasty and her own Aegean ancestor she chose the name Aethra or Aithra which are the female equivalent to the ATEN using the spelling rules of Gaelic instead of Hieroglyphic.

General George Armstrong Custer

General Custer was ordered to clean up resistance north and west of the Mississippi by any means necessary. The American government knew large pockets of confederates had simply taken advantage the fog of War and relocated to the North Western portion of the Mississippi. They were welcomed with open arms by large pockets of radical Islamic families which had been  living in the area for the previous several centuries.

The Islamic business plan was simple. In 1200 as the Islamic armies pushed form more and more space in Europe. The armies of Europe specifically the templar’s pushed them back. The Templers are a descended family from the British. The three brothers from Normandy, a British established country after the British were forced to evacuate out of Britain during the Pictish revolt 650-1066. The British conquered Normandy and prepared to reconquer Britain. It took several hundred years, but the goal was achieved. Immediately following the fall of the Picts in Britain circa 1066 at Hastings, the Islamic armies were on the move in Anatolia peninsula. The younger members of the army formed to defeat the Picts at Hastings were again rounded up by new commanders and marched to stop the Islamic invasion of the Aegean. But the politics was called “the crusades” because the European powers that be did not want to call it an invasion. By wanted to be the invaders not the defenders. The defenders were able to push the Islamic armies all the way back to Jerusalem, then they retook Jerusalem Levant lands from the Islamic invaders.

The Islamic armies were forced back from the lands they had occupied for centuries. The supply lines were shortened and the businessmen who maintaining a solid and consistent supply line had to send their kids out of Europe, West Africa, and Britain in order to obtain a solid education from the University of Timbuktu established in 982 ce and to start their own plantations. Said tracks of lands were impossible in Europe. First even if militant Islam managed to conquer all of Europe, there is simply not enough land to create huge plantations. Second the lands of Europe already have people living on them. The European armies were pushing the Islamic armies back to quickly. Lands owned by Islamic families for a few hundred years 640-1066 were seized back by European cultures. 10 children having 10 children a piece, having 10 children a piece from just one couple. There is not enough land in Europe period to accommodate all those people, requiring large tracks of lands for plantations. 1000s of acres for each if not 10,000 acres a piece, Europe is not large enough. Africa has more than sufficient lands to accommodate said numbers, Europe does not.

In west Africa normal hierarchal struggles cause each major family to fight each other for dominance and control. A few dozen of these small Islamic culture versus a different Islamic culture battles and most of the plantations in west Africa would be destroyed. A few hundred years of this circa 650-1200 and massive amounts of profits would be lost every year due to different militant Islamic war lords saber rattling for more power. The only solution was for militant Islamic cultures in west Africa to threaten the Vatican itself. Either allow us to reinvade Europe and take what we want or allow us the ability to sail west to the new world to create plantations across the ocean. But do not fight out trade ships when we sail west or sail back. Leave us alone.

Enter Christopher Columbus, being given permission to discover the new world. Which allowed the Vatican to allow the Ismail ships free passage west without difficulty of detection of the secret new world over across the ocean. It also allows the native African Jewish slaves not any chance at being able to run back home. The only way back home was by ships the militant Islamic cultures controlled. So much money the militant Islamic cultures needed allies in Europe for both the money and logistics of the goods and services made possible by the products of the new world. Including gold mines. The Dutch were all too eager to take a hand in the yet to be called slave or triangle trade.


Large plantations with densely populated mansions. The houses and cities might have been few and far between the din said isolated pockets the populations were large.

General George Armstrong Custer actually killed very few natives, the populations of the area were largely ex confederates attempting to reform the confederacy outside the reach of the states and territory laws.  As well as the military the militant Islamic cultures had with them. Custer’s battle plan was to find any pockets of resistance and destroy it. The native Americans were in effect causalities of war. They needed to be removed as well, but the aim was not the natives the aim was the Islamic and confederates.

One pocket of said families figured out the battle strategy was to kill every last person who stood against the United States of America, the only real option was to evacuate out of the north western portion of the Mississippi and head to a safe zone. The safe zone they found was an already occupied semi-box canyon of their former allies and the culture they betrayed in order to capitalize on the slave trade. The Dutch specifically to the Van Dyk Family could not care less they were participating in a program to find Jews in Niger, transport them to America, work them to death, profit in every way possible, then dispose of the bodies as easy as the Third Reich disposed of their Jews and other undesirables.

Lynden Washington

Phoebe Judson was born on the north side of  Lake Erie , as a young girl she and her family were forced by religious intolerance to evacuate in the middle of the night to Ohio. Specifically Vermillion Ohio. Which is only 50 miles north of Tiffin. After leaving Vermillion some years later, she and her husband Holden settled in the Pacific North West, first south of Whatcom County and then with some type of a deal with Coronel Patterson for his plantation on both sides of the Nooksack River between Everson/Nooksack and Ferndale Washington Territory. The area would not be a full state till 1889 (ironically about the same time Adolf Hitler was conceived). The Judson’s intended to take over the Patterson Plantation and turn it back into the New Jerusalem they and the Jews who were in the area before but were conquered and displaced by armies which were about as anti-Semitic as the third Reich was. Lake Wiser has the E taken out, which is absolutely a Jewish name. So is Judson, son of Judah. Judah was the son of Jacob. After the fall of the British Empire in Whatcom County circa 1858, Judson under direction from the Ogles in Tiffin might have arrived in the area several years after the Civil War in hopes of creating a new Sacred City homeland and rebuilding the tabernacle system which was in the area previous to 1855. It was removed and taken to Germany, decades later used by the Third Reich to gain and advance their weapon of war. But it has a fatal flaw, if the weapon is used wrong, it will EST Lobotomize the user. Electric Shock Therapy, sending volts and amps into the brain will over repeated use not only short circuit the brain but it will also eventually kill the patient.

Unfortunately for the Judson’s, they were followed very quickly by several Dutch families evacuating out of the reach of Custer and other generals sent to destroy pockets of the confederacy. The American Military still possesses a military reservation in Whatcom County, where Fort Bellingham used to sit, is an abandoned military reservation. But the American government can reactive that land at any given second they want to. The families have been squatting on the lands and paying taxes on it for almost 150 years. But the land is still just an abandoned military reservation.

Of course the legalities of who actually owns the lands are in great debate. The lands are actually seized from the British, not the English mind you. The British, so technically speaking the lands the Robert’s farm was on, and Pickett seized to create Fort Bellingham. Used to be Castle Bellingham; a British military instillation. Same with the lands under Western Washington University, those lands are also seized by the American government from the British. The British still technically own both lands. It is possible the lands under and around the Picket House are still techniqually owned by the British too, since the Pickett Tower used to be Castle Ogle. WWU was NewCastle. The Peace Arch same thing, all British Castles Captured by American military forces.

There is a chance the city of Lynden itself and Van Dyk Road also belong to the British, seized 170 years ago. But since the British culture seized to exist after those battles, only ranking members of the family can claim ownership of those lands. Similar to Northern Ireland, the English do not own Northern Ireland. The English it is legally impossible to give the northern portion of the island or Ireland back, they do not own it. The British own northern Ireland. When the English defeated and incorporated the British culture, the British did not accept the defeat. The British made strategic moves to prevent all their lands including in Whatcom County from falling into the hands of their enemies.

Dutch Invade Lynden

The Van Dyk family traveling from the Deep South to the western portion of the great lakes and ending just south of Lynden Washington State as evidence of said. The Van Dyk’s were among the first to enter Lynden and start to stake out their lands.


Van Dyk Road

Van Dyk Road used to be a road the  Van Dyk family not only made, but the area they carved out of the woods. If Everson would have grown differently, Van Dyk Road would have become one of the key residential roads connecting Everson and Nooksack with the Amber Road aka Aurora Avenue aka Hiway 99. But the area south of Lynden and West of Everson for the last 150 years has been little more than a rural road with houses spaced on large lots.

Everson Nooksack

Knowing the British and their previous name Trojans built the secrets of Genesis into their city architecture. Several millennia of training and tradition no matter if everyone in the Dutch culture itself and the family Van Dyk has forgotten does not matter. They stick with tradition, said tradition would point to the need to construct a second Tabernacle System on each end of the Van Dyk Road. The East (Rising Sun) end of the Van Dyk Road is Everson Nooksack, the West End Wiser Lake and the Nooksack. Although the cities of Nooksack and Everson are not aligned perfectly north and south of the eastern end of the Van Dyk Road, the polarity is close enough for comparison. Sometimes geography moves the basic engineering and architecture to miss align according to the rules of physics but the rule of electro-magnetics the areas line up just fine.

Nemi Ship

The Nemi Ships   were a couple of ships Caligula ordered constructed. Said ship and other similar ships were construct for entirely unknown reasons, more than just the most basic configurations of said ship are pure speculation. But based on the evidence of the Tabernacle System, there is sufficient evidence to create the idea the front and stern or each ship had a Tabernacle on it. For a missing better description a Temple of Solomon on each end. The two ships each had their own pair of Temple of Solomon.

They were copies made from what step Great Great uncle Julius Caesar brought over from Egypt and his ancestors had brought from both Troy and Carthage.

Each power of the Caligula Nemi ship was a copy of each great temple of each great city. Assumption based on the delusional mind of the EST Lobotomized Caligula. Troy, Carthage, Heliopolis, and Memphis. The Van Dyk family at one time were charged by their Dutch Culture and their allies the British with being the chief bosom maintaining the copy of the Tabernacle of Adam System which one was Noah’s ark. In Lynden they attempted to perform the same action, but with the majority of the information entirely lost to history and centuries previous the family were entirely uneducated regarding their ancient tasks. A few generation of the elders not telling the younger generation what their ancient tasks were. The information can go from being a family legacy too, not a single person alive remembers anymore.

The ships were sunk to the bottom of lake Nemi by the end of the Roman Empire, of course before they were sunk they were stripped of their most valuable components. The marble and gold were not as important as the Tabernacle Systems, the ships were designed to hold up. Some of the gold and marble was stripped but taking the tabernacles off was top priorities. The Third Reich drained the lake and recovered the ships, in 1929. The building was set aflame by the retreating third Reich to hide the research they had conducted on the ship to revise and tabernacle structure, in 1944 all evidence of the structures which used to be on top and any reference on the ships themselves were purposely destroyed. The third Reich had grown accustomed to destroying evidence of their crimes, and erasing anything which might be used against them later.

 The duel Temple/Tabernacle Design at Luxor matches closely to other Jewish construction as well as the Ptolemy Dynasty construction. Which also match the duel Tabernacle design on the bow and stern of both Nemi Ships.

Holland and World War 1932-1945

Best symbolized by Anne Frank, pockets of the Dutch in Holland/Netherlands were allowed to stay close to pockets of the Royalist Dutch still in the area. Those pockets were the Third Reich invasion primary targets. The pockets which stayed in Holland/Netherlands invited Jews who were literally killed on the streets in other places, could live and thrive in the provided pockets. Protected by both the Dutch army and the Pockets army.

This was one of the major topics discussed at the Wennsee Conferences. Immediately after those pockets were specifically targeted for capture and removal. Shipping the Jews and their supporters out of Holland and straight into the darkest heart of the Third Reich. The Third Reich were convinced the Jews in those pockets might know how to make their captured Tabernacle of Adam Systems work as a Weapon of Mass destruction.

One reason Custer traveled up to the west side of the Great Lakes is to capture at least one if not several of the Tabernacle of Adam Systems the south obtained through the course of their invasions. Including but not limited to the system Pickett seized and renamed the Pickett Tower close to the corner of F and DuPont Bellingham Washington State. Bellingham is only a few miles south of Lynden Washington. Van Dyk Road a few miles south of Lynden between Lynden and Bellingham. Since the Dutch and the Third Reich knew about the working system in Whatcom County was moved to Germany for safe keeping, hard evidence the Russians were also present in Whatcom County and took the notes and said from the same working system Pickett found and upgraded their fake Prussian Amber Room to come close to making that system  work. The Wannsee Conferences were about in part a last ditch effort to find the few remaining individuals (which included the Van Dyk’s) and families who might know about how to make a copy of Noah’s Ark work. Turning the tool into a working Weapon of Mass Destruction. But by the 1800s the Van Dyk’s in the Pacific North West had forgotten most of what they knew about the Tabernacle System, how to build/maintain a Dyk System, and forgot almost everything about the entire thing. Devolving from past glory to just being farmers and businesspeople. Once great family with divine purpose reduced to mediocrity from their own actions of betrayal and connections with  slavery and genocide. Forgetting the ancient knowledge might have saved some members of the Van Dyk family from facing a concentration camp execution. Of course if they had not betrayed the rules of the tool, they would not have been in that position in the first place.

Ans van Dyk a Gestapo spy. The Gestapo had more than a few spy’s in their ranks. Overt threats of power are great, but when the agitator run like rats into holes. The Gestapo wanted some members of those groups to be their members to find out what was going on behind closed doors, and in secret meetings. Ans Van Dyk was one of those spy group members. The tasks could have something to do with finding pockets of scholars and or rabbi’s who might by chance know or remember something about the tabernacle of Adam system. The Third Reich not only wanted to possess at least one, but they also wanted to make absolute sure the ones they possessed they could make them work.

A elder care facility

Van Dyk Manor of Ridgewood, South Van Dien Avenue, Ridgewood, NJ

Van Dyk Manor - Montclair, North Mountain Avenue, Montclair, NJ