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Uncle Joseph of Arimathea and Pontius Pilate


The interaction between Pontius Pilate the Roman Governor of the area and the Uncle of Emmanuelle was an interesting one. Because for a jew to be allowed into the Roman Government section of the city would be the equivalent of an undocumented Muslim being allowed into the green zone in Bagdad before the  US handed over military control over the city to the newly installed Iraqi government. Not going to happen would be a mild understatement.

So we know from the bible Uncle James was allowed to do the following things.

One be in the section of town

Be allowed into the governmental buildings.

Be allowed into the governance office; Pontius’s own area. For a Jew this is just as serious a situation as it can be. Being able to leave the room and not be sent directly to jail is a major accomplishment.

Being able to have a meeting with Pontius himself; only adds to the degree of how serious this situation is.

Being able to talk with Pontius in the room; for a Jew is a serious privilege to say the absolute least

Being able to be in the room with Pontius present, talk, and negotiate for the release of the remains of a close blood family member. In Roman governance standards this is almost a minor miracle.

Negotiate for the release of the remains of a political prisoner executed for treason. Unheard of; in all but the most rare occurrences in the entire history of Rome.

Carry orders from Pilate to the soldiers at the execution site(Longinus), assume the order would be carried out, follow through and take the body to have proper funerary rights. This sequence is not possible unless the man being executed was one of say 5 Jewish men in the entire Mediterranean or was a Roman senator the sequence is not possible at all. He was not executed by crucifixion but by spear; a privilege reserved only for roman citizens or extremely highly placed rich/royals/etc. By spear is the second highest honor for execution possible in the roman world. Remember Romans viewed life different; there was honor in the manner of execution. Honor in the disposition of the remains; almost all roman crucifixions most of the reason is to serve as a nasty warning to everyone for the months it takes the body to decompose in place on the cross.

But those facts together and the story of his life has some built in problems to it.

This almost by default requires the prisoner and his uncle were extremely highly ranked if not seated Royals of an extremely important Royal family line.

One of the major reasons Emmanuelle was executed was the people wanted him to take his rightful place as the next King of Israel since he was a many families direct descendant of Jacob; on both his mothers and fathers side.

But the powers that be in both Rome and the monotheists in the middle east were only interested in keeping power. Of course the monotheists in the middle east in charge were mostly by this time Esau line descendants. Of course from David to then Jacobs line and Esau’s line had been fighting back and forth over control of the Jewish power in the area.


For some kind of proof for this, I can think of about three major examples, before arrest event. “Moneychangers”, “Baptism”, “Temple privileges”, etc.

Before western cultures rules of acceptable order became strong; the hierarchal structure was the norm. the hierarchal structure forced society to live within the framework of “know your place”. Which meant in the most extreme of cases; people were divided into sections. Each section was only allowed to go to specifically selected areas, perform specifically selected jobs, and interact with specifically selected individuals.

For Jesus Christ to be allowed into the Money Changers area where he started the fight meant he had to be a very high ranking royal Jew. It also meant he had to be of extremely high ranked to perform said fight and not be executed by the Esau(Jewish) authority on the spot. Defiling a temple; was and in some cases, is an executable offense.

The money changers fight was in regards to how much money those without hierarchal rank had to pay in order to purchase tokens.. the better token (more money you spent) the farther into the temple you were allowed to go. From the most basic; you can stand just inside the gate next to the outside wall. All the way up to into an outer layer inside the temple itself. The concepts the time (Esau's behavior pattern) was the more money you had the more deserving of inner sanctum privileges you were.

Jesus’s cousin John the Baptist baptized him, with the tradition continuing to this day in most Christian faiths. The rank and privilege of being able to baptize someone back then was an extremely big deal. Only certain priests were allowed to perform said privilege.

Upon entering the temple of Solomon; Jesus had inner Temple privileges. The same rules applied for back when the arc of the covenant was still in Jewish hands. The closer to the inner sanctum the more hierarchal royal and priestly class trained you had to be. Jesus was obviously on the upper end of privileged because of where he was allowed to go, who he could talk to, and allowed to walk out of the temple without harm.


Crucifixion takes three days, and the body is left for the crows untouchable till all but totally rotted away. Ref “the excrement demon” from Dogma is a direct example. Why was he stabbed in the heart, taken down after only a few hours and allowed a proper burial? Only Pontius could have ordered that. Only a royal negotiation would have made Pontius do that. That way all the powerful received what they wanted.

Of course from Emanuel’s time in Egypt sometime between the ages of 6-30; he would have only been able to spent time in Memphis, spending time in the Temple of Ptah. Where he could have learned the secrets of resurrection. This was not included in the bible because those trained by Esau and from and Esau cultural schema wrote most of the OT. Paul was an Esau descended Roman citizen; meaning he had rights and privileges.

The biblical story of Emmanuelle staying at the temple; his parents left on a camel trip, they discovering his presence missing a day or so later, having to travel back to the temple. No child without extreme privelage would have been allowed into the building itself and allowed access to communicate with some of the most trained rabbi’s present.

The messenger from Pilate to Golgotha would have been at high enough ranked Roman Soldier capable of having privileges sufficient to be in the presence of the local Roman Caesar/Governor.

That Roman ranked Soldier by legend was called Longinus. Longinus would have taken the message Pilate and Uncle Joseph to the crucifixion site, handed the order to the soldiers standing guard, then Longinus would have taken his spear and executed the prisoner.

Then ordered the body taken down, and then allow the mother Mary of Nazareth and Mary Magdalene to have access to the body.

After the blood line females would have taken possession of the body; no male would have been allowed to witness any of the funerary rites. Consequently the face would have been instantly covered, then the body itself covered; in some type of simple large sheet covering both top and bottom, overlapping at the sides. The body would then be taken to the grave. Where proper burial rights performed on the body. I cannot stress this enough; according to said rules of family order Mary Magdalene could only be present (within eye site and allowed to look in the general direction of said) if she was of blood relation. She could have only been present three days later to finish the funerary rights if she was blood. Two points of biblical evidence Mary Magdalene and Jesus were married; her presence at the crucifixion/execution, helping his mother take the body away, and three days later to finish the funeral.

Why these two very simple Jewish rules of etiquette were not presented before; the answer can only be theorized.