Tiffin Ohio


The Name of Tiffin Ohio previous to being renamed to honor George Tiffin is an unknown, very likely either Jerusalem or Castle Ogle. Where is the location of The Temple Mound Tiffin Ohio, that would very likely be Heidelberg University.  What is known is the Ogles had been in Tiffin or whatever Tiffin was called previous to its name changed to honor being accepted into the Union of States loyal to America first England second; is the Ogles had been in the area no later than the middle of the 1700s.

The Ogles had built a large House called “The Maples” on their property a couple decades before 1800. The House and five acres of land was sold back to the Ogles from the family they sold it too in the middle to late 1700s so the family present could have neighbors. The land was sold to the family and they all built a large Manner House together.

The Maples was very likely a replacement for a house which had been destroyed in the Seven Years War between the British aka Indians and the English.

The result of that war was the revolution of 1776.

Another reason the property was sold was to hide the facts from the English government. Sell off land, but keep those lands in order to maintain cohesion. Sell the lands to friends and family in order to keep the land but on paper the land belongs to someone else. That way the rules of the English and American governments are maintained. Losing two separate houses on the same lands are unacceptable to say the absolute least.


Tiffin Predates the founding of America by at least a few years if not decades.


Tiffin Ohio


The City I should have been born in, but my father was too cheap to allow me to be born in the local hospital.


The Ogle family owned property in the corner of market and 224 in Tiffin for decades when the area was still called New Louisianahttp://www.mhschool.com/ss/ca/esp/images/img_g5u4_quiz_colony_popu.jpghttp://coursesite.uhcl.edu/HSH/Whitec/ximages/mapsglobes/northam/colonialnortham.jpg.


The Ogles being a British Royal family, my branch of the family possessed the deed under British and Royalist French land ownership laws. When the revolution occurred, the city changed legalities from being British (not English but British) and French soil to being American soil. Most of the legal records regarding this were destroyed in both America and France when the change of governments occurred. If no documentation exists the previous owners have to seek new ownership from the new government. And of course pay the new government for the right to have the land.

A very efficient way to generate huge amounts of money for the new government. Force the previous inhabitance to repurchase their lands.


Tiffin’s history post renaming dates from the Post American presence in the Ohio river valley circa 1790. But the facts that the Ohio River system to the Mississippi had been used as a British North West Passage for centuries were erased from common knowledge. The English and American governments were not interested in allowing said types of knowledge to be widely known.


The Ogles of Tiffin had been present in Tiffin since no later than the 1700s. Moving to the area to escape both the English/Dutch Slave Trade operations as well as to fight in the Seven Years War. Which took place at least in part in Ohio. But since the entire war, most of the key details regarding its events and battle locations were against the British and French, the winners were not interested in talking about it. Just who won and how great it was to win.

The English and Dutch cultures had switched allegiances from Christen and European to Militant Islamic. Part of the Seven years’ war aka the French and Indian War was the British and French had continued their War against the Militant Islamic cultures in America. The British had been fighting pitch battles against Esau since practically his first breath. The English and Dutch had agreed to fight on the side of Islam as long as all aspects of their partnership were kept entirely secret. The Dutch and English wanted the money but not the knowledge whom they had allied with.


The Ogles did not fare well in the Seven Years war, nor did they fair well decades later in 1776 ce. When the English pitted and manipulated the Colonists to attack the British. When the British were not the real enemy to the Colonies but the English. Benefits of winning the wars, you can write your own history. You can claim anything you want and no one will question your authority. Claiming to be British, the English did a lot of actions which were beyond a reasonable measure of bad. But the English got away with it because they were claiming to be British. By then the British were too week to say anything about it.


The Ogles owned 500 acres of land on both sides of 224 circa 1810 ce. Well before 224 was an actual road. The road was cut through our property; decades later the road was expanded into a full hiway bypass. Further reducing the land holdings, and control over those lands. Most likely 1000s of acres before 1810 ce. Very likely some type of laws were passed or understood that the previous powerful families could only have 500 acres. Enough to maintain family food supplies, have a garden, have a vegetable garden, have sufficient crops to sell to pay taxes to keep the land. But not enough to grow a large fortune.

We sold 15 acres to friends in the late 1700s; with the agreement they would sell the land back when the purchaser and or the children of the purchaser passed. The records indicate the sell back in around 1820 ce.

We sold it for a couple reasons.

Firsts we wanted neighbors.

Second we needed assistance in building a large manor house. The Maples.

Third we needed further assistance on the farm.

1000s of acres without the use of slavery is an expensive and labor intensive task.


The Maples stood from the late 1700s to 1980 when it was torn down.

One of my goals is to repurchase the sold off lands, and rebuild the Maples. As well as a history museum of my family in the area.


The amount of history lost to the ravages of Politics is amazing to say the absolute least.


Although finding the dimensions of the original Castle were the Maples sat,  which was many times the size of the Maples would be great. That House or Mansion would have been at least the size of Kensington Palace possibly Bamburgh Castle https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/07/Bamburgh_2006_closeup.jpg.





The History of Tiffin is vastly more complex than has been previously understood. To write an actual book on the subject of what is left out would take a minimum of 100,000 words. To cover just the basics.

Topics include

War with Islam


Temple Mound

Ogle Castle

Tabernacle of Adam System

Ogle Family Trade Route

Ogle family

British Royal Family

Helen Ogle




Constantinople Library



Each one of those topics had a direct impact onto the formulation of Tiffin Ohio.