Thule Society


The Thule Society was a third to last in a long line of think tanks founded by both extreme right wing Germans and the sons of the Confederacy.

The next times were the Four Year Plan, and the Wannsee Conference. To avoid being executed the Members of the Thule Society put on the façade of their Evil counterparts in the Third Reich who were literally working on the final solution but in fact were only using said as a cover story. The cover was to make sure they would not be executed from the minute the conference started to the say the allies took Berlin.

Only the most fanatical and crazy after 1940 December 31 assumed American and the Allies were not going to win. It was obvious the efforts would eventually lead to the American’s entry into the war and the second that happened the end of the Axis powers would begin.

But the Thule Society core members had been working as double agents for the Allies isnce 19


You see the Confederacy was not just one organization with one goal, one purpose, one philosophy, etc.

It was a collection of violently independent plantation owners who demanded to have their own way. some were only interested in killing Jews. Others only cared about being able to keep slaves. While others had only one purpose to find the extremely advanced technology the ancients possessed and to exploit it for their own purposes.


The name Thule comes from a concept revolving around the Garden of Eden Tabernacle of Adam System.

Which to most modern definitions is literally a Weapon of Mass Destruction.


The Confederacy possessed at least two copies of this weapon. But the more they experimented the more they were lobotomized. Jefferson Davis himself was taken from an incredibly intelligent and strategic man to an all but babbling idiot from the start of the war to the end.


“The Lone Ranger” had direct interactions with one of those weapons. he was so virtuous that he lived and was in most ways not harmed. But his entire 20 man group were all killed or made into babbling idiots. This concept is the bible story of the Tower of Babel. If bad people approach the tower with evil in their hearts they will be rendered an idiot. If good and virtuous people approach the tower, the virtue and god ness comes out and their lives are changed into a soldier of the good from then on.


The Thule Society members were entirely convinced their mission to genocide the descendants of Jacob so that the philosophy of Esau could rule as god intended. maybe even resurrect their lord Esau could be achieved.

But first they had to identify what the WMD was.

Second they had to figure out how to make it work.

Third they had to safe guard themselves to not render themselves into babbling idiots.


Rudolf Hess was a very bad evil man but he had a good heart. He was not rendered an idiot with his interactions with the Towers the NAZI government stole, he his darkness was removed and his good ness shown through.

Because of this he spent from 1927 for the rest of his life working to undermine the evil he helped to create which was the NAZI Party.

Hess evacuated out of the Third Reich 33 days after the first flight of the ME 262, which was an entire game changer of the entire War effort. But in 1943, the number of pilots available were so far there was no one around to fly the planes. They were huge gas guzzlers, some planes could fly for hours on what the 262 could use an a 30 minute flight. Few pilots and little gas, now if the 262 had been available just 2 years earlier, that changes the entire equation of the war.


Hess and the rest of the old Thule Society had chosen to spent their 1930s working to undermine the Third Reich, by the early 1940s the undermining process was successful but at the same time those that wanted Genocide of all who opposed them was becoming difficult to look the other way.


The Thule Society at its base was not concerned with the holocaust, they were violently anti-Semitic but not homicidal. There is a different between assault in the first degree and premediated mass murder of an entire group of people. Plus the assault in the first degree is a very bad thing, and extremely intimidating but it is just a way to act out and be very bad to a group who will take the punishment and not fight back much. Makes the cowards and insecure cultures who perform said actions feel better. The cycle of abuse, cycled down to the Jews. But you can only kill that person once, beating them up routinely is a different category of crime. It is also a different category of mental illness.

The Thule Society were trying to understand the details from the Persian Garden System which was directly copied from the Garden of Eden by Legend.

The Garden of Eden also by Legend was just north of the current city of Tabriz Iran.

Thank you David Rahl for your amazing Archaeological skills in uncovering that evidence.


The Thule Society had a Signiant Problem. Their problem was they were born out of a need to understand the Tabernacle of Adam System but at the same time they were born out of a desperate need to find and kill all Jews, by seeking inside native populations and African populations to find and kill Jews, paying for it by placing the natives in a state of slavery to do the hard work needed to pay for all the work.

The Thule Society in a very strong way grew out of a very odd combination of factors in Europe were Martin Luther hated Catholicism to the base of his being. He loved the idea of Jesus but hated the Evil Priests Paul’s Packaging. He on the other hand loved the message of Jesus and thought that the packaging of Islam altered a bit would be a great package for the true message of Jesus Christ.

What he was entirely ignorant of was that Paul was a Hyksos, and that Mohammed was also a Hyksos. Most of the information Luther assembled to create Protestantism from was from the St Augustine of Hippo (very close to where Carthage used to be) and the worlds of Fatimah.

Jesus had a great message but thanks to the work of Martin Luther and John Calvin, they confused the subject of the message of Jesus almost beyond the point of understandable. By the time Protestantism had a foothold in Europe almost no aspect of the message of Jesus was actually present in the teachings. 97% of the message of Protestantism is about resurrecting Mohammed from his catacomb grave in Rome Proper.


Then you have to add the “Great Awakening Movement” philosophy which took Protestantism into the realm of 99.9% Islamic and the message is almost entirely violent with no “Peace, Love, help your neighbor”. Help your neighbor as long as they believe the way you do, look the way you do, and worship the same way. Of course not all of the massage get the additional caviots of “only under these special circumstances” but the group as a whole refuses to lift a finger for strangers unless those strangers will guaranteed be their ready to help when I am in trouble next year. In the teachings of Jesus is clearly states that learning and questioning are the responsibility of his followers. But those that follow key Charismatic leaders are more loyal to the leader than they are to the messages of Jesus himself


THE Thule society as its 20 predecessor think tanks before which were founded by ex-Confederates from the Civil War and their children wrestling with these issues. The Ex-confederates wrestled with them during the 20 years of the Civil War 1840-1865. A huge part of the reason the violence was delivered upon Joseph Smith was he was making waves regarding the issues of the Hyksos/Protestantism throughout the northern States and Territories. He was making too much noise. He and his followers were hated and were going to be killed if they did not shup up and keep up with the pro-slavery position of the Great Awakening Church.

So B.Y. made a deal, help him remove Smith and he would take over the church in any way needed then he and his followers would instantly be on the side of the forming Confederacy.


In the Third Reich the LDS survivors were pro B.Y. members. Those loyal to the message of Smith were the ones hunted down and killed.


When the Democratic Party formed it was formed with close to the soul intention of keeping the idea of Slavery as much of the law of the land as free speech. But from 1820 to 1840, the political winds starts to change, not unlike the definition of Hyperborean and the Democratic Party was forced to soft its pro-Slavery edge. The hard liners almost identical to the actions of the Confederacy, hard line Third Reich, and the Tea Party would have no softening. They had a position which was more radical then they let the public believe.

The softer public message was as soft as the radical conservative democrats were willing to go. The softening simply angered them to no end.

The reaction of two decades of softening their hard line pro-slavery position was to separate from the Democratic Party and reform under the Confederate Party. Which would become the Confederates States of America. One party, one political System, one philosophy, only one allowable platform. In other words a hard line dictatorship; which operated almost exactly the same way the Third Reich would in the next century.

The largest problem was, that the rules Jefferson Davis laid out were so strict that the extreme hard liners wanted things Davis refused outright to do. Extreme Hard Line people refuse outright to be told no when they feel they are entitled to perform any action they want to.

So those hard liners started to separate away from the confederacy and make life very difficult for the Davis Presidency.

Setting up a back up of the Confederacy in two places, a place called Manitou Springs which was the original Capital of Texas. But from 1845-1855 it was a temporary (backup-confederacy) although semi-still part of Texas.

A second in the upper Pacific North West in a place called Lynden Washington State. which was extremely difficult since Lynden Washington State was re-founded by and under the general philosophy of a Jew and his wife.

Setting up a secret confederacy in areas which had already been mapped out by Pickett before was a nice thing, but the American Army stationed at Fort Bellingham just a few miles awa was a serious problem.

An army base which was confiscated from the British (not English but British) in the 1840s is still owned by the British but is under “Military Seizure” orders. The people who currently occupy the still commissioned but semi-abandoned military base do so under very difficult and special agreements with the American Government. Up to the present several military extremists groups still operate in and around the area of Lynden Washington.

At any point the US Government could restock the Military base of Fort Bellingham to fend off any threat form the Canadian Boarder just a few miles to the north. Or a threat from the Military Extremists group in the country around Lynden. But officially the land is still under confiscation from the British. But since the British Government is in exile and no official organization exists to negotiate with, the British are entirely different form the English.

The area of Fort Bellingham remains in extreme limbo.

What does any of this have to do with the Thule Society, the answer is very simple. The Thule Society had all these oddities as their base when they reformed from their previous Think Tank in 1917. The previous Think Tanks helped to start World War I by encouraging both sides to take a more violent stance against each other.

To clear the way of the Keiser to make way for the Rise of the Thule Society and its Political Party.

That uprising occurred in 1922 aka “The Beer Hall Rebellion” headed by Adolf and Rudolf Hess.

The rage regarding losing in the south, the pressure from the Muslims in their Jewish problems, the added pressures from the Muslims with their  native issues, the great Awaking Movement which many of them moved back to Europe for a bit after the Civil War to push their radical anti-Semitic message. But the only receptive audience were the Austrians and the southern part of Germany.

Where from 1860-1890 major to varying degrees extreme anti-Jewish laws were passed.

Those laws were against the Jews, not against the descendants of Esau. Since the Islamic cultures in the area were Esau descendants and not Jacob line. the need to get rid of the Jews but separate them from the Esau was the game plan.

The trauma of said laws set into emotion the damage which Alois suffered for the last decades of his life. Alois the father of Adolf was half German Schicklgruber on his mother’s side and half Esau line sounded Jewish on this fathers side. The laws were specific Esau line descendants could stay, Jews had to leave.

But since the government had less than zero interest in telling their people they were more than closely axis with the Muslims in the area as well as the Muslim empire still in existence some distance away, they were left with partial truths and lots of lies regarding the issues of the stepping stones which would create the third Reich.

The think tanks regarding the construction of the eventual Thule Society lead to their inevitable hoisting on their own Petard. Those think tanks were outlawed one by one by the government on the areas they existed within. From 1860 to 1919, one by one was outlawed. The group simply reformed under a new name. Every few months to years, they would reform.

Immediately after World War I was over the Thule Society chose to form not only a new think tank but also a political party. The first party did not last long after their Beer Hall Rebellion.

THE second lasted till 1945 when it and what remained of the Thule Society (ironically the Political party it formed to protect itself also outlawed it) were outlawed. But the Thule Society was not about anti-Semitism. it was about an exploration of the Garden of Eden.


The first Think Tanks formed after the Civil War in Austria. Courtesy of the Franco-Prussian War which the French asked any and all soldiers to come and join their army against the Prussians. The person Col. James A. Patterson who hired Phoebe Judson took up the call and left for Mexico immediately. After arriving in Mexico he left to travel straight to France to fight in that war, leaving American behind for good. As well as the Pacific North West and a city he helped partially recreate from the French city which existed before he arrived. Patterson; was involved with the founding of Lynden by giving his lands and his daughters over to the Judson’s to raise as their own.

He was such a diehard Confederate Supporter he helped in various ways encountered the founding of the first Think Tanks in Europe to project the ideals of the confederacy.

But something of profound importance, if the Hypothesis holds. When Patterson arrived he took a bride from the native girls of the Lummi tribe. But what if part of the French Royal family had been hiding inside the Lummi Tribe for the last while. what if that specific Branch of the Lummi Tribe had instead of being native were in fact absorbed into the Lummi’s from the French Royal family in exile. The descendants of those girls would be direct descendants of the Court of Louis XVI. Since the son of XVI did live and grow up they would be connected to the Court of Louis XVII, but since this would have been 1865 his son Louis XVII.

The Thule Society would have taken a beyond key interest in anything that Picket and or Patterson was able to learn from his time next to a working Tabernacle of Adam System.















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