Theory People of the Light early name for Jews



Since light is a theme which runs through the entire time from genesis 1 sentence three, through all the different monotheistic spellings for god, through the Osiris mythology, through the Hyksos, through the Dorian's, down into the temple of Solomon, and the rebuild temple of Zerubbabel (with Ba’al inside his name, B’Bal. As well as Babel; to confound the enemies of the lord.


·         Light used as a description of pre-Jewish named monotheistics


o   1;3 “Let there be light, and there was light”

o   Osiris; was brought back to life after mummification through the use of light.

o   Monotheistic temple of god Heliopolis. Helio means the sun in Greek. Greek God of the Sun


o   Ptah creator god; carries a representation of the tree of life pillar from which Osiris was resurrected from

o   RA; the sun god

o   Bent pyramid has the same dimensions as both side of a rainbow; ROYGBIV and VIBGYOR. A direct reference to light

o   Amenhotep iv Aten is a Sun god image020.


o   Apollo; god light and knowledge. Name has stacked stones (pella = ollo), stacked stones is a reference to a megalith. A Megalith is a device use to measure light and mathematics.

o   Jesus Christ; teacher of the Light


o   Born Again Christians; Let Christ/Light into their soul

§  I am the resurrection and the like say it the lord. John 11;25

·         The problem with this phrase; it is a direct reflection regarding the mummy concept.

·         Which also adds to the concept regarding Lazarus

·         From the start monotheists have used light in some way as a reflection of who they were. Before teh name change to Jew; I theorize the name the monotheistics used was Light/Sun/Sol.