The war between Esau and Jacob



Part of the reason all this stuff is more difficult to understand is from Abraham through his son Isaac and his twin sons Esau and Jacob. Each of these men have character traits their descendants copied and mirror effect emulated to some degree.

When it comes to Esau and Jacob. Esau uses strength and brute force to get his way. Jacob uses intelligence and strategies to get his way. Esau by legend is the ruler of Mecca and Jacob is the King of all Israel and all Jews. Since the word Jew itself derives from Jacobs fourth son.

The previous to Hebrew stories become difficult to decrypt because Akkadian and Sumerian languages of which were the predominant languages (among Jews) from 3200-1200 b.c.e have only been 25% translated. Moses (an Esau descendant) and his descendants were interested in portraying Esau’s lines as good and erasing as much of Jacobs and his descendants accomplishments as possible.

Which is why my current research regarding the Giza plateau; when the Dorian/Hyksos used their libraries to help found academics in ancient Greece they renamed most of the Jacob monuments to reflect their true origins. But left the standard post Ramses ii foolishness regarding the purpose being graves rather than the real evidence based purpose being monuments to Adam, Noah, and Abraham.

For some reason Esau’s descended cultures are not interested in much other than strength and  power right here and now; yesterday is mostly ignorable.

The behavior patterns regarding how individuals chose to use the information their culture provides is a key.

The esau character trait is to use physical attributes and intimidation in order to achieve goals. Mostly the goals are military and or supremacy. An Heir of “first born, stronger, larger, more intimidating” are  character traits of this specific person or groups schema.

Jacob second born highly intelligent, strategic, an ability to find other routs to achieve goals. If the front door will not work; there is another way to achieve the goal.

Throughout western culture history most of the societies have followed the rules of the Esau character trait. Peace through superior fire power and political imposing use of strength.

However certain individuals find using Jacobs character traits (for the vast majority; 99% subconscious) of employing strategies in order  to achieve goals is the only way to actually achieve goals. Esau's schema rules of acceptable order apply to both outsider threats and internal suppression. These types of cultures suppress their own citizens as they do other cultures. However it is possible to force the hand of the culture if the correct political and or military leverage is used at the correct time.

The Brad Meltzer show regarding the spear of Longinus at the end was talking about a body guard who was chatting with his boss and a friend of the boss. The chat revolved around the god of the bible is actually a villain and the supposed villain is actually the hero. If you look at the situation; the surface this seems to be entirely ridiculous, but then you have to remember who wrote the majority of the book were Esau’s descendants. Esau perspective uses strength, power, and an Heir of supremacy in order to force others to his will. So the stories from Esau’s perspective allow for said behavior patterns to be acceptable. Jacob’s perspective (the appointed King of the Jews; and his descendant namesake Jesus) and behavior patterns are different; nicer, peace through strategies, not employing brute force/strength/intimidation, etc. to get their way. “The meek shall inherit the earth”; the second born who uses intelligence and stratagem to accomplish goals, who is more physically meek(The Meek in the languages the bible was written in is a directly reference to physically meek. The strength of will and intelligence has my most patriarchal cultures been seen as week/meek/and unacceptable.). But spliced into both the culture and the bible are pieces of information from the behavior patterns of Jacob. Jacob as the story goes is the king of Israel; he is the chosen one. Esau is supposed to help his little brother rule by being the strength in the hand of the mighty; blind strength is always used wrong. Strategic strength has a better track record of implementation.

Which is similar to how the story of Caine and Able dynamic works; Caine tried to do his best but was unfavored by god even though he was firstborn. Able the second born was favored. When Caine asked god why he was informed the was needed to use his strengths to help his little brother achieve the goals god wanted him to achieve. Able was a shepherd; Caine was supposed to turn his attention toward building the materials shepherds were going to be needing in the future. Jealous Caine killed his brother to try and usurp the power. Consequently Caine did what he was needed to do; but with disgrace instead of honor.

History of Jacob’s behavior patterns can be found in history



Walt Disney; mickey mouse was to be Mortimer rabbit, the boss Disney was working for chose to sell the idea instead of making more. Firing Walt and removing him from any and all future dealings with Mortimer rabbit. Eventually the Disney corp purchased the company which owned the rights to Mortimer.

The Pixar story


The PC

The steam engine

All the renaissance artists

King Henry VIII; was totally focused on a son and successor. His second daughter was so strong she kept the country and schema of the UK together sometimes with the strength of her own hands.

David versus goliath

There is no reason to assume the “sea peoples” goliath is from or not at least partially mixed with the Cretan/Cycladic/Minoan peoples from the Aegean. The Hyksos did invade the Aegean as quickly as they could centuries’ before the Thera volcanic eruption. By 900 b.c.e most tribes were simply attempting to survive; absorbing those they conquered was standard procedure.

The fight between the philistines and David’s tribe for control over Israel. Goliath used the standard Esau techniques while David used the character traits of his line of descent that being Jacob. Which the name Emmanuelle means  “son in the line of David, son in the line of Jacob”




·         Birth

·         Taking birth rite first time

·         Taking birth rite second time

·         Being crowned king of monotheistic kings

·         Hyksos invation 2100  b.c.e

·         Cuneiform

o   Where every the Hyksos invaded a major culture; they did two things.

§  First they name changed to that culture. References; Sumerian, Hittite, Phoenician, Dorian, Gaelic, Linear B, Linear C aka classic Greek, etc.

§  Second they would merger their cuneiform language into the existing cultures language.


·         Exodus

o   One reason Moses was punished was for not allowing Jacobs line to take leadership and control of the group. He was Pharoah he refused to give up control.


·         Lost 13th tribe

o   They had no intention of coming back under the oppressive thumb of Esau's/Moses’s line

·         Greek Culture

o   Barbarian invasions

o   The Hyksos/dorian influences on Greek culture

o   The Hyksos/Jacob influences on Greek culture

o   The Ionian influences on Greek culture


·         Jesus was a Jacob line descendent the political powers that be in the middle east were Esau line descendants. The Philistines were Esau’s line

·         Paul was most likely based on behavior patterns and evidence/references in the dead sea scrolls an Esau line descendant.

·         The bishop of Lyon; continued the Esau line descendant behavior patterns.

o   Most of what Constantine did 150 years later in assembling the canalized bible was based on this bishops work.

·         Vatican established by Paul mostly operates from Esau’s beaver patterns.

·         Dark ages; was partially created by the Vatican to destroy the remaining knowlge from the

·         Third Reich; although lead by  man who was strongly influenced by (presumably) syphilis {a condition which eventually rots the neuropathways preventing cognitive thought}the bad Jews were at the beginning specifically those associated with Esau’s line. But thanks to mob mentality; a small group grew into an umbrella term. Dirty Jews is a direct Greek insult reference to those living on the west side of the Nile between Sakkara and Giza. Which by chance the Hyksos did not like and treated badly as well.