·         The history of dark ages

o   I propose the following scenario.

o   The missing evidence at key points in history can suggest the existence of more than one Dark Age.

o   Starting from present and working backwards the account of what dark ages occurred at what time. With some cause and effect.

o   Dark age three “witch burning times”

§  We are all familiar with the dark ages surrounding the burning times; 200-1700ce. Which was only a dark ages for western cultures specifically those under the control of the governmental structure of the Vatican.

§  Rome and the Vatican wanted to achieve a number of very strong and motivating goals.

·         First they wanted to destroy any and all trace of civilization in European previous to the roman invasions. So that it would look like Rome brought civilization to a group of citizens who were living just one step above animals

·         Second they wanted to remove any and all trace of any education format different than what both the romans wanted taught and what the Semitic based Vatican wanted taught.

o   This direct pathology can be traced with an almost unbroken line from the tower of babble war to the last church the Vatican retasked for its own purposes then banned the mention of anything to do with the previous culture. For reference every single church, mission, abby, and convent in Europe was either retasked from the previous religion of the city or the previous building was torn completely down to the foundation and sometimes even the foundations were removed and an entire new catholic structure put in place. Or the original foundation can be found under the floor of the current cathedral. This accounts for why some of the missions are so radically huge; the new building had to be placed completely around the (2011 7 25 0240; had an idea. This over and around pathology for more than 2000 years is the exact same pathology I am suggesting about the cover stone over the possible arc of the covenant housed in the great pyramid vault. The building, the room, and the cover stone are in almost the exact same pathology the Semitics continued downing after they left the tower of babble and every major engagement the Vatican has had from day one. Put what you do not like in something, then put that in something in something else, then in something else, then in a very large container which looks like a completely different thing than what is at the core of the construction. This is also the exact same pathology the forces against the Vatican used to hide thins from the Vatican. All western advanced ct8ulrues have used the “that is not a vault, that is something you will not find threatening or you will find entertaining.” A kind of do not bother with looking behind the curtain there is nothing behind the curtain. The only thing you need to concern yourself with is what you can see on the big screen. Follow what the image on the big screen tells you to do; you must ignore the person behind the curtain. )

·         Third the new scholars from the Semitic and logical thinking philosophy wanted to take over the academic industry of European and the Mediterranean. Unfortunately the medial, academic, scholastic, engineering, research, etc. fields were so entrenched there was almost no way to remove their influence without killing each and every one of them. Burning some of their books, but mostly carry their books back to Rome for safe keeping. The really interesting part is the Vatican vault is the same pathology as what I hypothesis as the motivation for the Vatican wanting to have the world’s largest library which is keeps completely under warps (just because portions of the Vatican library system has been released to the public does not mean by any stretch of the imagination that every portion of that library vault has been revealed. There is a book “the secret Vatican library/vault” which only talks about a very small portion of the contents. The books on electro-magnetics research for instance the at least 7 ancient cultures constructed and used machines from are most likely in those vaults.)


o   Dark age two “the Dorian age”

§  There was a Greek dark ages as well. that lasted from roughly 1100-750 b.c.e.. That Dark Age was caused by the Dorian invasions. Who the Dorian's were and why they chose to not only seize control over the Aegean and as much of the Turkish peninsula as they could; then all but ban and outlaw linear A has yet to have a satisfactory answer.

o   Dark age possibly one 5000-2500 b.c.e,

§  This Dark Age can be best summed up by the story “the tower of Babel.”

§  The following facts lead me to the conclusion a dark ages occurred in ancient antiquity.

§  Humans hit modern cognition around 40,000 b.c.e.; it is impossible to assume no advancement in technology occurred from 40,000 to as late as 4000 b.c.e. While a glacier age was occurring. Two factors make the development of technology an hour to hour life and death struggle and all the material not destroyed immediately upon the Semitic tribes conquering the middle east.

§  The characteristics of a dark ages is a loss or drop in one or more of the following areas. The information is lost because in the times of accepted academic dark ages; someone or a group wanted something lost from public knowledge. Usually a conqueror is threatened by something, someone, or some piece of technology, etc. so they do their best to destroy that piece of technology.

·         Languages are lost, or specific languages are intentionally outlawed.

·         Specific forms of sociological technology infrastructure. Sewage, water, roads, etc.

·         Locations maps of far off places. The knowledge of which is removed or erased in a variety of fashions.


§  The list of missing data from between the years and previous


·         The missing Indo-European language,

·         missing technology records of how man survived and thrived during the last ice age which was still effecting mankind in the middle east as late as 3000 b.c.e in the mountains and around the lakes to the north.

·         Missing cities; several very large around for thousands of years cities location vanished from all records. For example the following

o   Babel; which might be a different city than just a slight spelling error from babble to Babylon. The two have different enough spellings to suggest the translation through 6 different languages 4 of which were dead post 500 b.c.e. can account for the error in translation. Errors in translation are one way in which conquerors force things to be erased. Repeat a lie or a fallacy a few thousand times. Under pain of punishment force everyone who knows better to not say anything; the lie becomes truth.

o   Atlantis; a city in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. Which floating on an iceberg pushed up volcanic debris wall made the city disappear through liquefaction as the glacier started to melt. This city is in our psyche because along with this legend is a legend of a bridge between Europe and America. I say this; 13,000 feet is taller than the average deep bottom depth of the Atlantic from mid to the north Atlantic. Except of course were the debris from the continent sits.

o   Knowledge of the area across the pond (although many still knew about that till the third dark ages; too many were killed an too many books were burned to keep that kind of knowledge circulating through the population.),

o   garden of Eden; the city of which the first blessed by god man and woman lived. This city is so old it has to be either a tent city or a tent city which was lowered into a high mountain meadow when the glacier retreated enough.

o   Shangri la (obviously a pristine location but most of the aspects of the story fall neatly into the category of what a tent city can do; especially if Shangri la was a center of electro-magnetic research. Electro-magnetic research will account for each and every one of the mythical aspects to the story.

o   Mu; yanaguni accounts for most aspects of this legend nicely.

The city of no name; major moving tent cities on the large cold water will account for almost every aspect of the mythical legend. The legend states “under the large cold water”, simple transition mistake courtesy of someone who did not know cuneiform.

·         Key dates

o   Glacier age ended at 6000 b.c.e

§  in-between. Starting around 60,000-55,000 years ago a break in the weather occurred. This break

§  back down into the cold 30,000 years ago,

§  end and melting period

§  9,000 and 5,000 years ago = 7000 b.c.e – 3000 b.c.e.

·         they took about two thousand more years to disappear completely

·         http://www.esd.ornl.gov/projects/qen/nerc130k.html

o   City of Eridu descends from heaven aka top of the glacier 5400 BC

o   Glaciers in almost full retreat 5000 - 3000 bce. Producing massive floods almost constantly. Walls of water more than a mile high, occasionally more than 2 miles high.

o   Abraham 2,948

o   Sacking the tower of Babel 2900 b.c.e.

o   Imhotep 2655-2600 BC

o   Khufu pharaoh 2560 b.c.e

o   Running into Egypt 2560 BC

o   Jewish Hyksos rule Egypt 2100-1400

o   Thera volcano 1628

Slaves from 1400-1200

·         Cultural memory

o   There are some aspects to life the universe and everything which are so ingrained they are not possible to pull from the psyche.

o   All cultures in some way, shape, or form want/need to discovery their roots.

o   Discovering their roots is a fine and dandy thing to do; provided the information is available and some war lord or politician have not purposely erased or destroyed the available evidence to tell their story instead of the original one.

o   The cultural memory of the Garden of Eden has carries forward with all descended from tent city cultures because in the tent city was one of the largest tents was a portable garden.

o   This portable garden was design the same or at least similar to all the tents described above with this difference. All the above were designed for function. Life and death was so present in all things at all times the only real way to go about achieving anything is to make it functionable instead of pretty.

§  Each cities garden would have had to be a marked difference in design. The design difference would have had to be with there is literally no reason at all to have plants planted in just function format. Plants need to be artistically arranged or they will not grow effectively. So the priority in the grow tents would be form above function.

§  Plants have to be able to do their life cycles.

o   Some of the original memories from this culture are of the concept of a traveling circus, carnival, etc. those memories may have been reconstituted from the past. But those concepts track back to the institutional memory of the tent cities as they moved round for a wide variety of reasons.

§  Some cultures still remember and have stories about city and populations so large they moved in tents. The entire thing seems to be absolutely beyond belief. That a city of 50,000 several hundred thousand, or even more that a million could possible move around.

§  But the tent cities would have had to move with the flow of the ice.

§  An ingenious method of tracking their position on the glacier, the time of a generation, the time of year, season, month, day, hour, and minute would have to be created in order to effectively travel on a glacier.

§  The cultural memory of this time keeping device became so ingrained it has seeped into most aspects of life since.

§  We know them today as megaliths aka stonehenge.

o   Caravan

§  The idea and actions started way back in the last ice age but have continued forward each culture designing a slightly different version. This falls in the inventing the abbots; every culture has specific requirements. fi those requirements are not provided they will be invented.

§  Traveling arboretums.