The Tabernacle System of Lake Nemi



This was built by Caligula the Senates reasons and exercised are pure hatred of the emperor through propaganda. The truth is Caligula was a convert to Christianity, well before it was called Christianity. He was converting to very likely his cousins faith. Since his cousin was now the highest ranking Jew in the entire Semitic culture. The plan was always for Caligula to step aside and allow Emanuel to step into the role of Emperor of Rome.

But the largest problem was, he did not command his own army. But the Evil Priest Paul did.


This is the site of the first Preaching after the Resurrection, and the site of the end of the Age of Camelot. Fatimah was finally killed in one of those Tabernacles in one last desperate attempt to resurrect her father. Her fatherís body was placed in the Catacombs (the Beast <sheep> will rise from the Sea) just in case of her attempts to resurrect him worked.


They not only failed but her efforts were men with her own destruction, mostly at her own hands. Since he has less than zero idea how to work the system, which when powered up could generate 1000s of millions of amps. More than enough to killa heard of elephants on contact, one small person would be instant death.








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