The Slave Trade


I can teach you things about the Slave Trade and the Nativity (which are directly connected) you have never heard of before. 


The Slave Trade as we understand it started not in 1150 with the children of the Ottoman Empire in Europe sending their children to Africa since there was no land for huge "Garden of Eden" type plantations. Plus the U of Timbuktu. Mohammed ordered his forces to invade Egypt in order to erase/destroy the Jews/Christians/Coptic’s etc. who had traveled to (the True Israel) Egypt under orders from Jesus and Simon Peter. Which is an extremely interesting concept, Israel in Egypt but Jerusalem/IWNW was moved out of said to Rome Proper. To become the Coliseum, the Vatican, and the rebuilt Senate admin buildings of circa 50bce. 

After the Punic War’s the Roman Empire dismantled the fake city the residence left behind when they evacuated (thank you Hannibal for the distraction) and shipped Carthage to Rome. Where the city would be reassembled into the new updated Government Buildings the Senate needed to conduct business in. The older buildings were still present, but not enough office space. Or commercial areas to generate sufficient income. This is not the first time cities were dismantled, shipped to Rome, and reassembled. Troy, Athens(Poseidon), Sparta, Tyre, etc. Nor would it be the last, Memphis, IWNW/Heliopolis/Jerusalem(Egypt), and Jerusalem (Levant Lands).

The Catholic Church and Mohammed wanted to erase all traces of the truth of the Crucifixion taking place in Rome Proper and the true locations of Jerusalem and Israel. There were two pockets of cultures who knew about the truth. Those in Egypt and those in Europe. So the Witch Hunts in Europe and the Invasion of Egypt by Mohammed. 

But 100% of the time when an army invades, those that can evacuate DO SO. But the Egyptians could not evacuate west to Carthage since there was a strong pocket of Anti-Semitic Cultures in that area, very loyal to Rome. So the only place to go was south using the River system to head south, then west. Again using the River system to travel from Cairo to Niger. 99% of the slaves were from the cultures descendants from those evacuating out of Egypt. They evacuated out circa 630 but were found when the four centuries later descendants of Mohammed's army found them as they continued to conquered west and around the Barbary Coast. That army found the descendants of the "Egyptians" and needed to find a way to erase them from existence. The Start of the Slave Trade. Use the native Africans as slaves to pay for finding those that might know the secrets and kill them.


The answer can be found in the events of the pure hard propaganda the Senate sold as truth about Emperor Caligula. He was present at the Crucifixion. He was present at the founding of Simon Peters ministry in Rome Proper, he was executed shortly after the founding of what would be called Christianity. Well his body double was executed; he evacuated and lived in Britain for the rest of his life. Caligula after the Senate Confiscated the city of IWNW/Heliopolis/Jerusalem he built himself another one under the direction of Simon Peter. But his time as Noah’s Ark Ships on Lake Nemi. Those ships were in part still in existence when Rudolf Hess ordered the lake Drained and a Museum built to showcase them. That museum and Hulls of both ships were destroyed by intentional fire, when the Third Reich lost control over Italy. All propaganda regarding those ships is pure fiction. Two tall towers on the Bow and Stern of Each Ship. Match the architecture of the configuration of the city of Hierakonpolis Upper Egypt. That culture when invaded traveled from Thebes to IWNW; which Caligula had that city moved from Egypt to Rome to form the Vatican. That as well as Knowledge of the Tabernacle System of Adam is the cause of the Slave Trade, besides the money they could make off the free labor and ability to serial kill anyone they chose. Erasing the Tabernacle System, the weave of time (the job of Steward), and the facts the Crucifixion took place in Rome Proper. The Vatican had built its entire philosophy on the concept that Jesus was the one and only person to be resurrected from the dead. When in fact said ritual has been part of Pre-Exodus Judaism since Adam fought to resurrect his murdered son. The Jews were removed from their birth rite of the Pyramids are Synagogues, were not graves but Tabernacles. Same patterns which removed the truth about the Pyramids removed the truth and origins of the Slave Trade.