Tabernacle of Adam System and the Salem Witch Trials

March 2, 1692 to May 1693

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Salem Massachusetts was founded circa 1500 or earlier by the British. Just because the Mediterranean cultures purposely forgot about how to sail the Ocean does not mean the Northern European Cultures did, the British are who either taught or reminded the Scandinavians how to sail the Ocean Blue again. The 1000 cities along the eastern Sea board could have been founded in 1000 c.e.. No serious archaeology has been done under the major cities along the north east coast. It appears science and archaeology are just fine with the word of politicians who have claimed that no ocean voyages occurred previous to 1492. Every scrap of evidence proves this propaganda incorrect, but the history books still talk about the propaganda and not the truth. Leif Erikson (b 970ce – 1020 )proves this beyond any measure of a Doubt. He purchased his ships and this maps from someone who had worked that trade route for decades previous. He was both an explorer but he was also a merchant supplying the Nordic Colonies goods and services across the colonies along the North Atlantic. What does this matter to Salem, Salem is only a few weeks at the most journey from Newfoundland to Salem Massachusetts. Only 650 miles away from each other. Marking less than zero chance the British would have not sailed the week or two south of Newfoundland to Maine. Maine is a straight shot to Massachusetts . Unlike the scared of their own shadow Paul devoted Vatican; the British had less than zero problem exploring. Thanks to the Hierakonpolis Mural the British knew full well the American Continent was there and how far away it was.  The first two legs of the trade route from Norway to Iceland, and Iceland to Greenland are longer than that. There is zero reason to assume that Salem was not part of the same Trade Route System which Leif Erikson was part of. The East Coast of America was established for the purposes of building a Tabernacle of Adam System (the machine) in the Colonies. As far away from the Vatican and their “Inquisition” as the British could get. First rule of motion “An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.” Newton’s first law. The inertia of motion which cascaded into the Trials was to just create out of thin air in the weeks and months before the trials. It has been building for a considerable amount of time. To take more than two years to dissipate is a huge amount of pre-buildup. More was going on in Salem than just demonic and evil possession as the court decided. Add to the Puritan extreme need to suppress any and all things the leaders did not like and you add to the mix teenage girls thinking about and experimenting with inappropriate behavior, in the machine. The machines will react/interact with the girls and the volts of static electricity each one is giving off. Multiply that by 12 or more and you get amps of electricity. Previous to 1623 the city was called JeruSalem - AnsuzRune - LaguzRune - EhwazRune - Mannaz., but somehow the Puritans were told about the Jera being a Futhark Symbol and they went nuts.  When the Puritans arrived in 1620, to say they were a little on the enraged side regarding would be an understatement. A huge metropolis pushing 10k people, all of them British with the wrong religion, were present and inviting provided the Puritans did not continue to be militant about their faith. The British for the most part had been evicted from their own island and Kingdom of Britain and Ogle The Puritans within five years started a war with the British circa 1625 which was still going on through the Salem Witch Trials and beyond. The Witch Trials were only one portion of the Battles between the Puritans and the British, and not the only cities the Battles were taking place in over those centuries of time. The Puritans refused to give up their largest power source. They would bend everyone to their religious will or they would kill everyone who defied them. The British made a few Attempts to take their city back, each one ended with more bloodshed than the last. The Puritan’s had no problem whatsoever in killing every single person who defied their will. The Trials were just one portion of a sequence of battles between the Puritans and the British. Strong evidence regarding these events. Both New York and Salem are conquered by the Dutch/Puritans at the same time 1625, there were skirmishes in Salem circa 1666 but the British lost that push. At the same time in New York the British had reclaimed that city and renamed it to New York.  In 1680 another wave of violence broke out in both cities. The violence wave lasted more than 15 years. In New York the British were evicted by the English, and Salem the British evacuated before they were executed for WitchCraft.  Those trials were both no were near an isolated incident, or only about finding witches in the city and killing everyone who defied the authority of the city itself.  The primary targets were the British, secondary targets were the British Spy’s, very low on the list were the prominent people with money the Puritans did not think were “devoted enough” to the cause. The Tabernacle System when charged up with electricity but handled extremely badly could and would give off electrical shocks. But if handled correctly could be an extremely powerful tool. The girls experienced both, excellent control over the machines, and brain damaging Electric Shock Therapy (EST). About the same length of time from the Physician’s Desk Reference or PDR it takes to recover from an extremely high dose of electricity to the brain is approximately the same amount of time the girls took to recover from their “Demonic and Spectral attacks”. All their symptoms can be found directly in the PDR under EST, high dosage.

The Tabernacle of Adam System is a collection of four Kaaba (which predate Esau’s birth by a millennia)  each has a different type of electrical generator inside on the third floor above the Tree of that Kaaba. Each Tree is one of the four trees of Genesis 2;9. Sumerian Sentence structure is not one tree but four. The System is designed to assist mankind with the development of civilization. Several Systems linked together create a larger machine capacity to assist mankind toward goals.

The first and most important thing to know about the Witch Trials in Salem is the Puritans wanted to kill Jews first and foremost. The Jews were labeled “Indians” but the Puritans could not admit to the community or themselves they were actually committing Genocide. They were purifying the world of those ungodly creatures. A phrase from 1620 up to and through NAZI Germany 1945. Although the phrase undocumented started or could have started with Terah at the Eridu Ziggurat. Carried forward by Esau to Jacob. Esau had a soul hatred of his brother which knew no boundaries. He would have rather spent an eternity in Hell than to bow to his brother. That rivalry has stretched nonstop and unbroken from 2500 b.c.e to present. Every few generations the rage builds up and the descendants of Esau have to go on another blood hunt. Hence the Witch Trials and an undetermined number of other situations were killing Jews and all associated became a need for Esau’s people to express. Nothing other than seeing rivers of blood and the associated bodies will suffice. Torturing them to death is an added bonus. Taking all their money, lands, and leaving their families destitute is sprinkles on top. Sick and disgusting is just part of the descendants of Esau’s mental condition. No amount of pain or body count is enough.

The British Culture by several different legends and documented sources are a direct lineage from the people of Troy. The prince of Troy Aeneas. The Largest problem is, Aeneas had married Queen Dido from Carthage. But Queen Dido based on the Hierarchal line of who can marry who, was almost guaranteed to be the widow of King Tut. Making both the British and the Julii Family (as in Julius Caesar) descendants of both the Trojans and the 18th Egyptian Dynasty, Tut’s father was Amenhotep iv aka AhenATEN. The one and only Pharaoh of Egypt to be entirely recognized as being a Monotheist aka Jewish. The Roman conquest of Northumberland the royal seat of the British was just a continuation of the Trojan War . One of the many reasons the history of Troy was erased and the Roman's spent vast amounts of time and resources to destroy them e.g. Hadrian’s(which cuts through the Ancient Seat of British Royal Power, New Castle. New Castle Translates to Jerusalem. it is a very fair argument to make that Salem was intended to be the New British Royal seat of power, going by just the name. Boston or its old name Castle Ogle; name changed Beacon Hill <beacon Amber sacred light> A vertical <North> sacred<amber> Hill <defined area> land. Since there is a Bellingham Mass about 20 miles from Boston <approximately the same distance from Castle Bellingham Britain and Castle Ogle to Bellingham and Boston Mass.> and 50 from Salem. Castle Bellingham Britain is a Castle 18 miles west of Ogle Castle, Which is 12 miles from NewCastle.  Ogle Castle is 8 miles north of Hadrian’s Wall. Makes New Amsterdam/New York old name Bamburgh Castle. Wall Street sits were the Castle used to be. Destroyed by the Dutch.) Wall is to erase the facts of the 600 years between the Trojan War 1320 b.c.e and Romulus entering a close to a million person city circa 753 b.c.e renamed the city and erased its previous more than two millennia of history.

Which makes the Salem Witch Trials also a continuation of the Trojan War, the Roman's renamed to Puritans seeking out to kill the British/Trojans/18th Egyptian Dynasty. Then proceeded after they won to erase any and all traces of the British/Trojan/18th Egyptian Dynasty existed.


The most difficult aspect of the Salem Witch Trials is that sure the Puritan’s executed around two dozen people, are the British and other European Cultures the Puritans were killing at the same time but not acknowledging. The military was in charge of killing hundreds of people, claiming they were Indians and massacring them for fun. The Largest issue is, those murders were not only unreported but were part of the Trials as well. The testimony gave the military license to hunt them down and kill them. Some citizens were recorded and they were officially arrested, others were simply “disappeared” in the middle of the night. Most of them evacuated to either the country side and then fast horses to ports away from Salem. Or boarded family Ships in the middle of the night and sailed out of the reach of the army. Not any part of that is recorded but it is just as strongly part of the Witch Trials as the official record. it was all about asserting radical domination over the population, so the Puritan government would never be questioned ever. Most of that political power the Puritans in America gathered from 1650- 1776 did in fact cause 1776 and also caused its eventual self-destruction. Some of the Colonist were shocked in the years and decades after 1776 when Puritan values and societal structure were not the center of the Declaration of Independence. A strong part of the Declaration of Independence was to prevent another Salem Witch Trials. John Adams was not trusted in the beinging of the Conference because the south assumed he wanted to write in Puritan Values and of course allow another Trial to occur. Years later, he was still not convincing some of the delegates he found the Salem Witch Trials just as badly as they did. The Puritans are still angry their theocratic government structure is not the core of the American government. Every time a hard line Conservative movement starts again or or has a convention, this is their primary complaint. “We need to get things back to what they used to be”, almost not a single person who states that has even the smallest idea what it actually means. It means they want to return to the Salem Witch Trials days and remove all from the community who refuse to live under their conservative rules of acceptable order. Three centuries later, the understanding has been whittled down to just “get things back on track.” All associated details have been erased from common knowledge. Which is backed up by the assumption from more than a few major conservative talking heads that still think the Democratic Party is the Pro-Slavery party with strong connections to its military wing the KKK. When in all hard fact reality the two disassociated themselves for the most part not in the south in 1880. In the south the disassociation from each other took another 80 years. Right now every KKK member are also active and hard line Conservative Republicans. After the Civil War the political party’s switched philosophies, “I have seen the enemy and have become him” the party of Lincoln has become the Democratic Party and the Party of Andrew Jackson has become the GOP. A considerable portion of the pro-Slavery movement which is in part based on Puritan Values is where the Democratic Party came from in 1820. The Rage and bitterness regarding the Colonial Convention not choosing Puritan values created the Pro-Slavery movement. From 1776 – 1820 all that rage and bitterness from the Puritans in the north and the plantations farther south were so angry they joined into a new political party. Determined to not only be a dominate factor in the political process moving forward, but to control social policy as well. Thus the start of the Civil War; the Trail of Tears started immediately after the Dem party grew strong enough. Although the actual Trail of Tears did not start till a few months after Andy Jackson left the White house, killing Natives was a huge part of the philosophy. Making sure to keep slaves or if pushed to give wages, keep those wages as low as possible for as long as possible. After the Civil War they figured out said platform was a crime against humanity. The GOP has yet to figure that out.  The Puritans name changed over the centuries, but their core need to violently push their values onto the rest of the Country has never gone away. They are always no matter what they are called, beyond sure that their morals and values are the best and everyone else needs to just get with their program. Or face violent opposition till others start to obey Puritan or whatever they are calling themselves this year rules of acceptable order. In many ways the Witch Trials have not ended. Although you will never get a Conservative to admit their actions are a continuation of the Salem Witch Trials, like you will never get them to admit keeping wages as low as possible is akin to slavery.

The British were attempting to get away from the English government constantly fighting to destroy them and their technology. So the English could then claim to be British and commit all manner of really bad actions. In the history books is it easy to find the old British; just look for either Natives, or French. Always in a derogatory manner.


A situation which was occurring in Salem, Boston, and New York as late as 1680, but this hard evidence has a significant problem.

The Prussian Empire pushed hard and heavy into Germany. Conquering as much territory as they could. Seizing the Castle which contained the Amber room circa 1698. It is impossible to prove if the German Amber Room was within 100 miles or more of Salem in the 1680. But with is provable beyond doubt is the German Royal Family, the British Royal family, who had direct connections with the German Amber Room took direct and first hand influence on the Salem Witch Trials. Before they began of course, they evacuated out of the area as fast as their transportation would allow. They were the primary targets for the Executions, their contacts in Salem were next on the list, and grudges between the Puritans and others were last on the list. But the last received the most attention. Embarrassed and ashamed, the Prussians came up with an idea. Instead of complaining the Germans took their Amber Room out previous to 1701, the Prussians would turn it into the Prussian Amber Room. By building a new one, and erasing the fact there was a previous. Adolf bought this propaganda hook, line, and sinker. Which utterly destroyed any and all chances he had of winning the War. Most of the entire Third Reich were killed trying to capture the Russian Amber Room. Which was a fake. A gift from the Prussians decades after it was finished.

Adolf had no idea if was a fake. Neither did the Puritans in Salem know what they were truly angry with and wanted to erase from existence had left the area months before. Many innocent lives were traumatized and executed to allow the Puritans to release their rage on the population. When that did not work, they spread their hate out to the rest of the colonies, trying to hunt more British to kill them. Looking for any trace of the Tabernacles of Adam in the Colonies and destroy them. The trials drove the people in charge mad. Which is interesting since one copy of the Tabernacle System of Adam was King Solomon’s Temple, which has been copied entirely unconsciously with ever Masonic Lodge around the world .

So knowing the Prussians wanted very badly to seize control over their Amber Room, the Germans began to dismantle their System and ship it out circa 1680. 

Things are about to become extremely interesting in Salem Mass circa 1685.

Just six little years before the Trials were to start; the Germans began to make military maneuvers in the Colonies entirely backed by and planned by the British and the German Royal Families.

The last two and a half years of those military maneuvers were called Leisler's Rebellion. Proving absolutely that the British and Germans were again working together regarding the Tabernacle of Adam System. Again as in two of the several Crusades were a partnership between Germany and Britain with blessings from the Pope. Although the lands which Jesus walked and the Crucifixion were not in Levant Lands, the Pope, the Germans, the British, etc. knew this as a matter of fact. but the Population was still being fed a diet of the original Paul Story of it taking place in Levant. Why does this have a strong effect on Salem. Because the Puritan’s were the most afraid of their Paul philosophy being questioned and put under examination. The British, Germans, and Dutch knew the truth but the Paul/Puritans would never listen for a second to the truth, they liked their illusions/lies/deceptions and would rather die than give them up. In an affect Salem (minus the first syllable; Jerusalem. Which is most likely the name of the city the British founded) is a refighting on a very small scale another Crusade. This time as the past Crusades the followers of Islam won again. The Amber Room is from the Third Floor of the Tabernacle. The main or working building of the four. The room which would later hold the ark of the covenant and earlier Adam performed his job of Steward inside.

The Amber Room or at least one of them has been handed back and forth between the in the know allies for the last several thousand years. For a while Germany took care of it, Britain took care of it, Ireland took care of it, etc. the Amber Room or at least one of them has been the subject of more than a few invasions. So it is dismantled and shipped out when it becomes obvious that the Enemy forces are moving close and want that Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD). The British sent it to Germany shortly before the War of the Roses. The Germans sent the Room to the Colonies in the New world in the decades previous to the Ottoman Empire being able to reach that far north. The System is more dangerous than the entire concept of Thermal Nuclear War. Said technology a Thermal Nuclear Device only impacts time for a billionth of a second. The System is designed to alter time itself.

From 1660-1689 the British and Germans attempted to reestablish command and control over their colonies stripped from them in the early 1600s. But the English and the Dutch were not happy about there gold mines being stolen. The amount of money pouring into Holland and England were more than sufficient to use any and all means nessessary to maintain control. Plus they were pressganging their Jews out of Europe into the Americas. The English and Dutch had been working to round up the slums which were mostly full of Jews and placing them into indentured servitude, which is a very nice way of saying Slavery. The Slaves were making the English and the Dutch hand over fist cash, and at the same time they were getting rid of their Jewish problem through “forced deportation”.  Two profitable ventures with one simple action. The only real problem besides committing crimes against humanity was the British and Germans were entirely unpleased with the situation and worked hard to prevent more genocide. Building an active “Underground Railroad” to rescue the slaves and indentured servants from the beastly colonies and take them to safety in the West. First to Ohio, then to Colorado, then to the pacific North West. After 1880, evacuating with all hands with equipment to Northern Ireland. In 1670 is when the very start of the Slave trade began in earnest. Not enough Jews were left after 50 years of clearing out the areas they were restricted from leaving. Plus in the colonies most of the Jews and very poor were rescued from there bondage. So an alternative workforce was required to keep the money rolling in. Al-Qaida of the Barbary Coast was more than willing to sell every single Nigerian they could get their hands on to the colonies. The Nigerians were at least 20% Jews, Coptic's, and Christians who escaped the Islamic invasion of Egypt 620 c.e. using the river system to settle in Niger. The awesome thing about that is, the British and German’s forced the English and Dutch to pay for the ocean voyage. The bad thing was the millions killed over the next two centuries on the way across the ocean. The point to the slave trade was to find pre-exodus Jews and kill them. Find Jews period and kill them, and find anyone who might have been connected to the Jews and Simon Peter Christians and kill them. The Natives with little if any connection with the Jews/Christians were then worked to death for the next decades to pay for the entire situation. But the British and German’s had an “underground Railroad” circa 1660 c.e. already built and waiting for the arrival of the survivors. Some efforts were made to rescue from Niger but many of those efforts produced mostly casualties. Capturing a British or German ship, kill all hands and use the ship as their own. This happened dozens of times. The Amber Room was a requirement of the conquest cultures, but killing all Jews was a very close second. The Amber Room was moved dozens of times to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

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