The Rise of Fascism in American




Every few days for the last year Trump says something bigoted, others then apologize for him. Always with the same "He is not a bigot". This only works the first dozen times, after the first 50 times of saying bigoted and racists things and not once apologizing for them. If it looks like a duck, has feathers, a bill, lays eggs, fly's, webbed feet, guess what it is; it no longer qualifies as a Whale. So with more than 50 examples of Hate Speech with is against the law, and incising serial violence which is a felony. Hillary has been investigated for wrong doing for 24 years non-stop. Trump and most of the high ranking GOP have not. Those that have had to have face jail time. Jr committed open treason on three occasions and zero was done about it. Trump is smarter and more of a Dictator than Jr. This is an extreme problem.


Fascism does not go anywhere, once defeated it just sits back till it can raise its evil head again.


Trump is not the first, nor the last Fascist leader in American. A strong argument can be made that Andrew Jackson was a fascist. He was a slave owner, hated Jews, hated the Federal Reserve, etc.

His perfect American is that everyone should own a plantation and a few slaves to work it.


That way the amount of money generated by the taxes of the sold goods would be sufficient to pay for all of Americans needs. It would also allow for his Islamic Friends who lived in the deep south to expand their empires west.


Andy Jackson was more Islamic in philosophy than American. But in 1820, with the civil war only a few decades away, his ideas and permission for white culture to hate their enemies was a very popular message. A message which is being repeated by Trump.

Till Adolf seized total and complete power, there were Gays and Jews working in with and forth the Third Reich.

IT was not illegal to be a Jew till 1936 in Adolf’s country.






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