The Hyksos



When the person from pre-documented history Esau grew to being a man he took on the philosophy of his ancestor Terah. by most accounts Terah was a beast of a man to the ultimate degree.


Esau’s brother on the other hand took after the philosophy of Abraham and was a proper steward to the lands and the Tabernacle of Adam System.


The Hyksos culture based on the archaeological evidence is directly from the culture Esau set up in Mecca. since there is little evidence of a conquest from 2500 b.c.e forward for several centuries.

But the word Hyksos is not the word the culture called itself. The word Hyksos means; Lord of the Sheep.  But not a shepherd. A shepherd itself is person who looks after the sheep and tends their needs.

A Lord of the Sheep is more of a bestiality term similar to that of “Gorgon” which Medusa was labeled as.

Although the use of the word Gorgon is a very strong indicator regarding the makeup of the Hyksos/Dorian Priesthood which took over Poseidon after they conquered the Jews which were kings over the Aegean from 2200 b.c.e to 2000 b.c.e when the Hykso arrived in the Aegean to conquer and destroy.


Those priests later go be renamed “Philosophies” were so aggressive that comparing them to beasts and the insult intimacies with animals is not outside the realm of possibilities.

Could bestiality have been part of Hyksos rituals till the Exodus.


The Hyksos would later name change to Muslims but continue their reign of terror around the world.







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