The first capital of Texas was Manitou Springs. It possessed a huge 10k plus population. There are thousands of reasons the first decades of Texas history was EDITED, partially because the name Austin originated as a Jewish Slave name the English labeled their Jews. Steve Austin’s father and the man how hired the “Old 300”’s name was Moses. How in the late 1700s early 1800s would name their son Moses unless it was a significant sign of a Jewish background. Mostly Africans named their males Moses.


But that has been entirely written out of history.

Why because the residence of the area were mostly British and French Royals; with a few hundred to thousand Mormons after 1839.

The founding of Texas can be best illustrated by exploring an academic exercise regarding the French Royal family.

King Louis XVI was a wimp and a coward of the first order. He did not understand battle, strategy, or any of the other absolutely needed skills to rule a small community let alone a country the size of France.

As his wife Marie Antoinette grew from being a giggly, unhardened teenager, into being a mother, wife, and the Queen of France. She had the back bone, she was the one in charge of France in the last 15 years they lived in France. the More power she took from her incompetent husband the more her enemies hated her. She was actually more hated than both Obama and Hillary combined. Her enemies literally wanted to not only torture her to death but they wanted to destroy all aspects of her.

With a strong amount of assistance from her father Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor; her brother Joseph II, Holy Roman Emperor. Her Brother died in 1790; her bothers death was the cause of what put the plan into motion. She could no longer count on an immediate response if the Libertine military moved against her, in fact the next Emperor made her husband look competent, so less than zero assistance was going to come from him. He was too afraid of his own shadow to send an army if the Libertine got itchy about hurting her. Within 16 years of her brother’s death, the Holy Roman Empire would collapse in 1806. And her mother Maria Theresa; a more formidable women in history is difficult to find. Marie was slowly taught how to be a great ruler in the fashion of Catherine the Great of Russia, a cousin. The French had a strong and violent “Libertine” movement which had started when the citizens began to take on the religion of Martin Luther. Who repackaged Islam into an acceptable format.

But Marie knew all too well a revolution was coming. The Americans had the extreme audacity to not only come to France, but to ask for help circa 1785. Which her idiot husband provided in the form of troops and ships. He was still trying to win over the Libertine with favors and being nice. You cannot give anything to someone who wants to put your head on a pike. They take with politeness and wait to be violent.

But in the next decade 1779-1789, the writing was on the wall. The Libertines were not going to stop rioting till they had her and her husband’s heads on pikes.

In 1778, a plan was engineered and put into place.

First more than a decade of libraries, treasures, gold, jewels, technology, scholars, etc. were shipped out of France to Manitou the future Springs Colorado. Thing’s the Libertine would have either killed or destroyed anyway. Anyone with sufficient standing and or sufficient academic skills was given a one way ticket to Louisiana. 10 years to build up whatever the British had not built up in the previous centuries. With the Steam engine and abundant amounts of rocks, carving rocks for solid fortifications buildings was relatively easy. Two years of quarrying rocks in the area, provided sufficient building materials to build more than one cathedral sized building. Then to wait till the time was correct to either get the Libertine to calm down and listen to reason or evacuate. But the writing was on the wall, no matter what was said or services provided the libertine were only more angry. What were they angry with, they were not in charge of the government. They hated the Monarchal structure, they wanted an American Type democracy. They wanted to be in charge. Nothing less would suffice.

Evacuation became the only option.

Have horses and riders at the ready at measured intervals west to the coast. Where a waiting ship would be ready to set sail immediately.

Several months before the riots arrived at Versii, the plan was put into motion. Body doubles and royal stand ins were put into place. While the Royals and the entire court got onto the fastest horses and rode out at dusk to the west.

Changing horses every 10 miles to ensure the fastest path to the coast. Hours before a rider was sent out to secure the passage out and to make sure all the horses and the ship was ready to go.

By dawn, the royal family arrived at the docks and boarded the ship.

Sailing instantly out of the reach of the Libertines, who had yet to figure out what was happening.

The Libertines would not figure it out for several months. To interested in screaming and rioting to pay attention that the Royals had evacuated out.

But the Royals did not go to the East Coast, that would be suicide. Nor did they go to Florida.

They bypassed the Mississippi for the Rio Grande.

Safety is the concern when you are a Royal in Exile. Far away and in a place the enemy will have a huge amount of difficulty finding you. Why the Rio Grande, because a few miles west of the Mississippi, the French and British still owned all the lands from there to the front range to the pacific North West http://cdn.history.com/sites/2/2014/01/3070818-AB.jpeg. They would continue to own it for another 10 plus years, till an illegal and against most international laws sale and purchase was conducted. Between Napoleon and America. Difficult to fight out something in court when you are in exile. But the French attempted to fight it out. But their efforts were all but entirely ignored, but it did bring huge amounts of attention to them and where they were.

The British and French knew a huge collection of armies were on their way. It was only a matter of time.

Although it would be fascinating if the French ignored Napoleon and the Louisiana purchase in favor of continue to build up the fortifications. Force the Americans to deal with them. From 1803-1850 the west around the area of Colorado minus the Mormons and some settlers had been all but entirely empty of people. The Oregon Trail had bypassed Pikes Peak by more than 200 miles to the north.

So the third step of the plan was put into place.

Work with the American government and create a territory e.g. Texas. Pay for it. Most of all hire an army “The Old 300 led by Moses Austin.” Moses has strong ties with the French Royal Government, which is one reason his sons rights in Missouri and Arkansas were invalid. He was ruled against because the Austin family were allied with the French Royal family.  What they did not count on was Sam Huston and his successor decades later betraying them and switching sides to the enemy; it was accounted for but not liked. It forced an emergency exit and a cover to leave the area instead of a nice easy trip to the Pacific North West. The Closer to the Civil War the closer to pulling away from neutral and siding with either good or evil people and countries became. Texas was supposed to be on the side of Good, it was from 1805-1836. Then the Strong leaning Confederates started to move into Texas and the politics went from good and excellent to siding with evil. The Old 300 were hired by the French Royal family as protection. Although the first Old 300 were replacements for the original men hired in the early 1800s. The Austin Family were Jews living in slavery in England when they were set to the colonies. Digging themselves out of poverty, the Austin family eventually obtained their freedom from the English and set to creating a life for themselves. But how to continuously free from Violent Anti-Semitism. Texas was founded by Jews, funded by Parissi (also Jews descendants of the Trojans) e.g. the French Royal Family. In partnership with Columbus and the converso present in Spain. The Austin 300 were not the first Jewish colony in Texas by any stretch of the imagination. Columbus gave the Santa Maria to his conversos just before heading back to Spain. the Santa Marie was fixed and used to ferry Jews out of Europe and Spain to America for the next while till it needed to be replaced. 

During this time, 1795-1836 the King/Ruler/President of Louisiana was Marie Ant, she was a year younger than her husband and made of more grit. Marie in Colorado might be reflected in the Character of Mattie Ross, the heroin of Marguerite Roberts’s inspirational the movie “True Grit”. Obviously changing the structure to hide the facts. Old Marie for a young Mattie. Hiding the hiring of an army for Marshal Cockburn and the Texas Ranger. Hiding other details by a simply switch in old for young format, but keeping some of the key details so that future historians could follow the fiction back to the facts.

But the formulation of Texas for the first three decades the Americans and the Spanish agreed to work together to hide the British and French presence. There was more money to be made and more honor if the British and French Royal family’s simply disappeared from history. The late 30s in 1790 Marie by 1810 would have been 55. Although still relatively young, living 18 years on the run in hostile conditions does wear on the body a great deal. Her children would have started to take over leadership positions, some of her family would have needed to evacuate out to their cousin culture the British in the Pacific North West. Her mother only lived to be 63. One of her children or grandchildren taking over while she retired to Whatcom County Washington State; would be close to the most realistic option. Keep directing the war, but from a far distance, War and politics are a young person’s game when the stakes are literally across the gun or a blade. From 1790-1810 is plenty of time to build a nice place of wood for Marie to live in. Rock would be nice, but not enough time. The enemy was on their way. That Palace based on the evidence in Lynden Washington was located just north of the Corner of Market and Guide Meridian Lynden.

Sending out invitations to people like David Crocket, Bowie, etc. to come and act as a front line defense force against their enemies. The hired army like the Vikings would be given lands close to the coast, as long as they defended the Capital City.

Oregon was British Territory. THE French had Louisiana the British settled and build in the Pacific North West.

Unfortunately the American government wanted it all and wanted to erase any and all traces of anyone other than they settling those areas. Lewis and Clarke charged the unknown, frontier. Not Lewis and Clarke set out to chart out and erase all traces of the British trade route which has been in the areas for the previous centuries.

The army was created, the territory established, and the money flowed out of Manitou into the hands of the early Texans. Although a huge a problem came up, the barbary coast militant Islamic cultures had more money and promise of much more to come. All the Texans needed to do was to accept slavery and make trade deals with the Texans. Eventually the greed wore the character down and the Texans wanted to break the deal with the French and British to take all the money and technology.

The English and Americans could not stand the French and British; not because of the Revolutionary War, but because the British refused to call the English British, the English/Americans/Spanish/etc. started to call the original British Indians, the British and French refused to stop fighting to stop the Slave Trade. Partially because the English, Libertine French, Spanish, Mexicans, etc. made unimaginable amounts of money both killing the Jews hiding in the Native American/African communities but also from the decades of free labor the slaves provided. The outright Jews were killed; the natives with some Jewish blood were worked for decades to death.

Hundreds of Expeditions including Coronado’s came close to were pushed away within 200 miles http://kolbefoundation.org/gbookswebsite/studentlibrary/maps/usa/historical/coronadoexpeditionweb.jpgor less of Manitou. Most of the several hundred Spanish expeditions which followed charted a similar course.

Although it is interesting, that just before turning is expedition east and heading to the Mississippi, Coronado and a very small band of his friends headed out of the camp away from everyone else. They were gone for weeks. Before going on that expedition, he had a very hard and solid mindset. After he returned from his several weeks out into the wilds of Colorado alone, he had an entirely different disposition. He could not care less about his reputation,  or the fact of his creditors were constantly demanding a return of their money. He left with pure hard gold lust in his eyes, he arrived back an entirely changed man.

Each Spanish Expedition which followed charted a similar course, minus the leader and a very small band of his closest traveled alone close to the point they would need to turn east and head to the Mississippi.

Centuries later circa the Lewis and Clarke Expedition 1803, the Spanish were still hard set on finding El Dorado and Cibola. Sending Zebulon Pike through secret negotiations with John Adam’s and the American Government to the still forming Texas. Then the issues surrounding the Trail of Tears ending just before a similar area the Spanish turned east in the previous centuries. Then Joseph Smith not only managed to convince Sam Huston to allow him and his followers to go to Manitou but they had sufficient money. The offer was too good to turn down for Sam Huston. Maybe the Texan’s could use Smith and his people to find out what was hidden behind those Mysterious https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-oRY0U06O9Fo/AAAAAAAAAAI/AAAAAAAAABY/RuzDMZMGv04/s0-c-k-no-ns/photo.jpgVertical Red/Amber Rocks later to be called Garden. Which is as close to the Code of Northumberland as you can get without using Gaelic. Which just behind the Garden of the Gods is Glen eyrie which is Gaelic for “The Eagles Nest”, same name given to Adolf’s mountain top Mansion located in Berchtesgaden. Berch old German for Tree. Tes = all-encompassing e.g. amber e.g. god/divine. Garden. Tree (amber; also a subtle reference to Lynden), Umber/Amber, Garden/Land. Berchtesgaden can be translated as North Umber Land. Too bad it was the headquarters for Evil millennia after it was named.

Smith offered Huston huge amounts of money and thousands of registered English and American citizens to fill out the population rolls. An offer Huston was in zero position to turn down.

But Smith wanted to move his church to the original Capital. Which would have brought massive amounts of really bad publicity to a city he and most other Texans living in the currently accepted boarders of Texas wanted to ignore flat out. That 1000 mile long arm extending Texas up to almost Wyoming was only partially acknowledged as Texas. The first issue was the Mason Dixon Line, which is where most of Texan’s wanted the border to stop. They wanted to be a slave state. They wanted to be part of the confederacy. NO matter how much of the gold revenue they would have to lose from Colorado. Slavery  and the confederacy were more important than gold.

The British and French did count as citizens to a point, but not after that point. An extreme double standard applied. They were citizens and part of the population till the concept of citizen rights became an issue. Then they suddenly found themselves without rights or any acknowledgement period. Slaves were granted more rights. Slaves had to be treated to at least some level of decent, the British and French could be treated in any form the aggressor wanted and it was perfectly legal. Murder, torture, stealing, rape, etc. all entirely fair game.

The next problem came when about the same time Joseph Smith founder of the Latter Day Saints aka the Mormons, was moving his flock to Manitou. He sent several thousand ahead in 1840. Without B.Y. knowing almost anything about it. Smith knew Young was a violently militant man who would stop at nothing to take over Smiths church. Up to and including murdering anyone who questioned his authority. Pikes Peak of Bust did not start out as advertising, but a concept in the 1830s; who else do you think was present in sufficient numbers to have both a sufficient army to defend themselves as well as mine for gold. More than a few of them were Mormons. The British and French were rich so they put their money into the infrastructure of civilization building. Rent and selling tools is a much better way to help a culture thrive then hitting a gold strike. Hungary Miners and settlers require food every few hours. The first Gold Rushes previous to 1849 in Eureka California were in Colorado, specially Pikes Peak. But political corrected to Denver. Although Manitou had and has more gold. Pikes Peak or Bust was in part a Mormon Rally Point http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-4XTX1uITLLQ/TgytrNjcXZI/AAAAAAAAAe8/cozuaw3TrEY/s1600/LD.PikesPeak_173.jpg. The first press announcements were done 1849. Which is one reason the massive rush after in the 1850s. But when the Great Awakening followers arrived an found scores of Mormons in Colorado specifically at the base of Pikes Peak, they worked for the next 15 years to erase every single trace of the existence as humanly possible. The Slaughter/Genocide of those living in Manitou is what caused a huge number of settlers to divert away from the religious fanatics and settle in Denver. It changed from “Pikes Peak or Bust” to “you do not want to go down there, they are Religious Nuts out to kill anyone and everyone who does not follow their Puritanical tenants to the letter. Remember Salem, same thing.” All of said violence unlike at Salem has been erased from history.

Is their documentation evidence of this in Mormon history; absolutely “I am going to Rocky Mountain” which in Zebulon Montgomery Pike named. Rocky Mountain was a term for Pikes Peak, Pike only named the mountain a few years previous. Unlike the cyber age, information usually took decades to dissimilate into the culture. It if ever did. Rocky Mountain would have been the Phrase Joseph Smith would have used having little access to Political issues.

instead of having his followers traveling close to straight to Manitou.

The Red Line approximately the area the LDS had a large temple and a lot of land.

The Blue line would be the Oregon Trail.

The Green line would be the underground Rail Road Smith used to get those in need to Safety in Manitou.

Which was the Capital of Texas from 1806-1855. When it became the Capital of Kansas. All the issues and junk occurring in the area, plus Denver hating the connection with the people of Kansas, Colorado territory formed and for close to a five Bancroft Park was the capital of Colorado. Mormons and a huge amount of Ex-Confederates had settled in the immediate area of Bancroft Park.

Joplin Missouri, Oswego Kansas, and the dozen little towns from Oswego to Garden City were part of this Rail Road. But since they were filled with “Undesirables” as the Third Reich would call them in the next century, they had less than zero rights. No legal paperwork, no single standing, absolutely positivity no recognition at all. Oswego could have been a city with a population exceeding a million and not a single person in the entire area would have legal recognition on the state or federal level.

The Mormons crossing the Oregon Trail was a lethal situation at best. Mormons by 1830 had already began to experience genocide by fellow travelers. Being killed or harassed. The Oregon Trail began in St Louis, south of the New Areas the Mormons had established. So instead of traveling through the Oregon trail and trying to avoid further murder by Oregon Bound travelers. Smith ordered his missionaries to head south along the Mississippi, to the what would be southern Missouri northern Arkansas and cut a path west to Manitou. That way they would travel faster on those rivers, and they could also positively affect the crimes against humanity “Trail of Tears”. It is not stretch of the imagination to assume Harriet Tubman could have run across an LDS missionary and learned how to guild the Underground Railway from them. The LDS underground Railroad in part was founded by Joseph Smith in this teens, he turned the ramshackle getting those oppressed out of the hands of bad men and turned into a realistic machine.

Using missionaries to identify and assist the escape of Jews, Slaves, Natives, etc. in bondage out of persecution and to freedom. The missionaries when needed act as a perfect spy organization. The semi-inhospitable climate but nice rivers between southern Kansas and Oklahoma aka the Arkansas River when it is dry is a great road to walk on, when wet is at times navigable using water craft. Plus no one would be looking in that area. ,  Joseph ordered his followers to head down the Mississippi to the Arkansas/Missouri boarder, then head west. sticking to the area between Kansas and the Indian Territory. Why because he wanted his followers to “rescue” as many of the natives, Jews, etc. as they could on their way to Manitou. which was steps beyond unacceptable to most of the Americans at the time. It also pissed off B.Y. to an insane level. Not only did B.Y. not like Jews, and could hardly stand their presence, but he did not like natives. So the best thing for Smith to do was to operate his freeing those sent to Oklahoma by sending his followers to the area as an underground railroad.

Missionaries might have assisted Harriet Tubman to escape in the first place. She volunteered to continue the work. Not being all that interested in the book of Mormon, but very interested in the underground RailRoad.

June 22, 1844 this is also the Path Joseph Smith took when he existed the Mormon Church upon orders from the lord (his words) to leave right now. He used the Green Path to head to Manitou. Where he had friends and family waiting.

This entire exercise had been planned out through his executive officer Oliver Cowdery in Tiffin, coordinating with the Ogle family in that city. This would not be the first multi-generation plan the Ogles has planned out.

IT would be fascinating to find out if along that route between southern Missouri, northern Arkansas, southern Kansas, northern Oklahoma evidence could be found to prove the underground railroad existed.

Taking them to Manitou at that point it would be Texas.

Years later Harriet Tubman would copy some of his techniques in her RailRoad.


Statistically I can show prove through 100s of Spanish expeditions to try and locate El Dorado Cibola. Not only where it was; Manitou Springs Colorado. But that Cibola not only had a significant amount of gold (Pike Peak or Bust; Cripple Creek, Victor) but an Alexandria Library Lighthouse like Weapon of Mass Destruction! Joseph Smith was not an enemy so he would be welcome. B.Y. on the other hand would not only be considered an enemy but he would have been perceived as a prime target enemy.

Pikes expedition was ordered and paid for by a spy working for the Spanish. General James Wilkinson appointed as governor of Louisiana, was a Spy for Spain; ordered Zeb Pike to first explore the headwaters of the Mississippi, his second expedition was to explore and map the headwaters of the Arkansas River, and its tributaries. Based on the statistics, the Spanish knew approaching Manitou from the South was a death sentence. So he wanted to approach from the north west. Hundreds of Spanish conquistadors had tried to approach Manitou from the south and each repelled from 1492-1806. Three centuries and close to millions of gold lusting Spaniards were driven back by something. Little other than a WMD could have achieved that goal.

http://imgcdn.geocaching.com/cache/3c6446e0-6b20-4ec7-9ca1-80ebb97915d0.jpg?rnd=0.4418691 Pike followed the Arkansas river till somewhere around a Lamar, then headed north. Approaching Pikes Peak from the north east. He could not approach from the south because the WMD would cut him and is men apart. If not physically they would be close to lobotomized, electro magnetics pulse weapons can do more than just hurt the body. More than a few of the Spanish and their friends came back from those expeditions either insane or in different ways mentally incapacitated. Most did not arrive back at all. Electromagnetic machines are really good at messing with neuropathways. Electro magnetics are a versatile tool. the fact that the area was still in 1806 called Louisiana provides huge amounts of evidence regarding where the French Royal family evacuate to in 1791. They skipped the east coast, they skipped Florida (the royals might have spent a few hours in St Augustine Florida, but since it was a southern Stronghold, it is doubtful they would have stayed for longer than a navigation check; maybe food), moved straight past the Mississippi, headed straight to the Rio Grande. Can you imagine Athos Porthos and Aramis making the absolutely ignorant decisions they did in escorting out the Royals heading to Germany. No. NO trained soldier with sufficient education to be called a Musketeer would have created that plan. Unless that plan was a diversion and the real plan was to get the royals out west and send decoy’s east.

Alexandr Dumas wrote about the real life story in fiction form inside his book about those men. He left clues all over in the sub-section about traveling to England. Including making D'Artagnan a musketeer twice. Those clues were intended as a road map to show the French Royal loyalists what became of their royal family. Not all that different than Emperor Augustus releasing the statement that Pharaoh Cleopatra was killed by bringing and asp to her breast in her bed chamber. It was code for she is safe and sound in Northumberland. Duma’s book was code for directions how to find the French Royal family in exile in what would become in a few years Texas.

The Libertine French and the Spanish did not take long to figure out the body doubles were nothing more than fakes and pursuit the family west across the ocean. It would have taken a while to find the Rio Grande. But once found, the Libertine and their standing army up and down the Mississippi would come in force to the Capital of Texas. The Texas Rangers for a time would have been tasked with defending the British, French, and Mormons against the libertine French. Partially because the extremely advanced technology the British and French knew about and were masters of. The steam engine, hydro-electric, electricity, etc. the Texan’s were forced to defend Manitou against people they in essence agreed with. The libertine French, Spanish, Dutch, etc. had more incoming with the Texan’s then the Texan’s had with the British/French/Mormons. So after a particularly bloody encounter, where a large number of rangers and Texan’s army regulars were dead on the field, the Texan’s chose to instead of waiting for the British/French to give more secrets of their technology and especially there WMD, to change sides axis with the enemy and very pro slavery forces and combined attack Manitou. The axis army did not fare well. Do not betray a Divine Tool; the divine being gets angry. The British and French did not need the protection; the protection was to find out the character of the Texas culture itself. IT turns out in 1850, the Texan’s character possessed more than a little bit of hate. Over the course of the next half a century, Texas paid the price for their betrayal in most ways, shapes, and forms.


The Texas Ranger’s would have been forced to protect their investment and citizens in their capital, so some records regarding the battles in Manitou exist but are so heavily edited as to almost make them fiction. Proud and Honorable Texas Ranger’s would have been assigned protect the family’s in Manitou. Although much later, Ranger Bass Reeves (The Lone Ranger; the base of the TV Character) was part of those assigned to guard people in Oklahoma. Bass Reeves was instructed how to perform these tasks by older Rangers who had watched the families in Manitou. They taught him well, he passed those lessons on. The silver is a representation of the Amber of the family name. Bass might have used silver on occasion, but it is a symbolic and poetic license reference to Amber; and the British/Natives the previous generation to Bass were assigned to watch over. Fact, to humiliate and degrade the British and French most European cultures changed the name they used to describe the British/French to Indians. Which at the time meant both Native Americans and descendants from Jews. The “Indian” name is an insulting version of Nile; as in Dirty Jew. Dirty Jew means “from the West/left/unclean/pyramids side of the Nile. Where it floods and the animal poo rots after the floods are over. The Indians living in Manitou were less than nothing and were treated as such, but the natives more than a few were British and French Royals. Depending on how long she lived Marie Antoinette would have been one of them. Depending on how long it took to build, the Palace/Capital in Bancroft Park could have housed the deposed Queen Marie Antoinette and her Children. Till then she probably lived in Glen Eyrie with her cousins the Ogle family. General Palmer decades later seized the house and lands, erasing all traces of the pre-existence of the building. He left that house to his daughters but refused to give them a penny. So they were forced to sell his Mansion to live. The Navigators purchased the house and have operated it as a hotel and religion conference center ever since. The chances that https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/7d/Marie_Antoinette_by_Joseph_Ducreux.jpg she entered this Mahttps://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/00/Glen_Eyrie_castle_in.jpg building are 99%. It was the most secure building within several hundred miles. Her husband the deposed King Louis of France the XVI would have also been present but it is also unknown how long he lived. Likely many years less than she did. Her children born in France minus one would have come to Texas also, but been forced to be labeled Indians. Their children would have been born in either Manitou and or the Pacific North West, depending on when and how vicious the battles were. Took a while to find but that is partially what the Pike second expedition was for. To locate the British and French Royal family and report back, so the Libertine, American, and Spanish governments could go and kill them. Kill them all.

Decades later Smith found out based on his close and personal relationships with the Royal British exiled in America, and created the situations of Missouri to Salt Lake as a cover to evacuate out the last civilians and remaining royals in Manitou to safety in the Pacific North West.

The French had spent most of the 1600 and 1700 becoming experts in electro magnetics research and machines. The French developed the first workable steam engines, which the English stole. But the differential valve was only needed for the English cheap version, the French worked profoundly better. That steam engine powered an electrical generator which then powered the WMD. The French Royal academics which were part of the French and British Royal courts were after two and a half centuries of experimenting with steam power and electro magnetics were more than masters of the technology.

The Spanish wanted that technology beyond measure. So did every other slave culture.

Texas had its western edge successfully guarded against attack from Spain by said “Rail Gun.” Mounted in either the Spa Building or what the Spa building replaced.

Some library caches were left and some of the populations still knew about the WMD in the area, when the Civil War broke out. But the civil War did not break out when Fort Sumter was fired upon. The Civil War was a raging battleground of pro-slavery versus anti-slavery in the early to middle 1840s. It just took a while for the conflicts on the frontier to reach Washington and Virginia to catch on and make a federal case out of it. A strong and substantial based on evidence case can be made for the Civil War included the Trail of Tears. Removing the Natives and Jews from the East the force marching them as far west as possible. First assuming to Oklahoma, some farther to New Mexico, and Colorado. But then again substantial evidence regarding why the Trail of Tears ended in Oklahoma be made regarding, they stopped at the eastern edge of the range of the Rail/Ray Ballistic Gun mountings in Manitou. A few attempted to go farther, but they were stopped by the Gun. electro magnetics have little if anything to do with their effectiveness in regarding Gravity. Gravity is part of Electro magnetics, but electro magnetics is not affected by Gravity. Firing a pulse electro magnetics gun across the planet is entirely applicable if the aiming co-ordinance are correct. Hence General Custer’s self-inflicted electro magnetics lobotomy; tried to use a gun he had no idea how it worked.

When the majority of Texan’s wanted to keep their slaves, but the population of Manitou not only steadfastly refused to have slavery within the reach of their WMD. But refused to give copies of their gun to the rest of Texas, or anyone else for that matter. Texas turned nasty and erased as much of the first capital of Texas’s  history and location as humanly possible.

With the concept of “as long as you work with us, than fine. But the second you turn away with a NO, you will not allow us to perform x action. We will turn our military might and legal documentation against you.” Exact same behaviors as an abusive spouse. As long as the abuser is receiving what they want, when they want it, how they want it, etc. no violence. But the second the abused said “NO.” The fist curls and the violence follows. The evidence the Texan’s have erased all traces of its first capital from all documentation minus the maps which were un-destroyable. But all the legal paperwork regarding whites in the area was reduced to only a handful. When the population was pushing a million. All erased.

Kansas took over the territory of Colorado after Texas refused that portion of its lands. Oklahoma took a bit of land between Kansas and Texas. Which left only the armies present in Manitou and a powerful single arch angle battery gun to defend against all the armies of the world who wanted said technology, and wanted to kill all those who got in the way. When working with this type of tool, best pay attention to the Commandment “Thall shalt not kill”, tis a bad idea to ignore. Invading armies; including the Spanish, Mexicans, Americans, Canadians, Natives, Libertine, etc. came to conquer Manitou the second the Texan’s turned their back on their capital. But from 1806-1855, the scouts had learned sufficient to know where the weakness of the gun were. It could not fire on incent people like Ranger Bass Reeves or the generations older Rangers who were assigned to protect it. They like Indiana Jones in the Movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark” could stand in the middle of the event and not be harmed. The problem came when those that were “Holier than Thow” attempted to stand in the Event Horizon and the nasty/negative aspects of their existence was heavily damaged. IT became the fault of the tool not the fault of the person. The concept became “I walk in the path of the Lord, and not even the Lord can tell me different.” Part of the Legend of Lone Ranger Reeves, he was able to be hit by the weapon, all his other Rangers were killed, he being pure of heart came out without a scratch and without a electro magnetics lobotomized brain. The previous generations faced the same problem, only those pure of heart and intent could or would be able to face the weapon with no effects.

From 1830-1880 something of profound note needs to be acknowledged occurring in both France and Germany. A wave of violently militant extremist anti-Semitic fervor was washing over the area through those decades. More than a little of that washing was also occurring in America. Some radical anti-Semitic people were choosing to return to Europe and have the freedom to seek out and harm any Jew they could find rather than to continue living in America with its restrictive laws. They did not want to go out to the frontier because they might get hurt, but they wanted to find Jews in the large cities and harm them. Most Anti-Semitic people are true cowards, they want to cause harm but do not want to take any damage themselves. So they want to harass and be violent but have the law allowed them to be violent, but have laws that prevent Jews from being violent back. which more than a few laws in central and eastern Europe in the 1800s did just that. Allowed the Jews to be punished but prevented them from having any rights to protect themselves. For a while in the 1880, a white person could perform vile and disgusting things against a Jew at high noon in the middle of the city’s main square and it was not only not illegal it almost became an accepted practice. In America from 1850-1880 became more restrictive regarding Human Rights the more the truly despicable moved out of American and back to Europe. Hence the Publicans, organizations, political parties, and of course think tanks which eventually became the Thule Society.

Wonderful advancements in technology alongside truly despicable people and cultures.

But something of absolute importance has to be remembered, modern technology at the time of 1806 Mary Shelley the writer of Frankenstein, all that technology in her Doctors laboratory had existed for at least five decades if not a full century. The steam engine was being worked on in Spain and France in the late 1500s early 1600s. Steam Engine to an electrical generator is one very small step. It does not take a giant intellect to connect Static Electricity; shuffling your socks across a carpet then touch someone, (a children’s game, most three year olds have experimented with it.) connect a cloth around the rotating shaft of the Steam engine output. An attacked easily controllable cloth, connect the two cloths e.g. socks and a carpet result will produce electricity quickly.  The French and Germans did not have a problem putting huge amounts of time and resources into electro magnetics research. Sufficient electricity could be used as a weapon, but also could be used for other more practical Civilization purposes. Western France, England, and of course American would not embrace the technology for another nine entire decades after Benjamin Franklyn’s work in the late 1700s. Tesla built the Niagara Power station in 1886, and only because Broadway wanted to have electrical lights for its theater. Franklyn to Edison you can put the entire Kitty Hawk through the moon shot to the first SR-71 Blackhawk in that time period. Electric Lights were wanted in the major cities, but it did not catch on for a bit. From the first flight at Kitty Hawk to landing a man on the moon was 1903-1969.  On the moon took 66 years, probes circled and came back in 63. Technology needs scholars and of course money, if the investors and or the government is not interested the innovation stopes dead in its tracks. E.g electric lights in London. But Paris and Germany were mostly all for it. The French Royal family put huge amounts of resources into electro magnetics research; did so over the course of two centuries. 66 Years from the first flight to “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” stated by Neil Armstrong from the surface of the moon. But 66 years with a World War only 21 years before, with two major loosing Wars after. One which the nation was still fighting in Vietnam. If Rudolf Hess and Wernher von Braun did not hate Adolf so much, the Apollo program would have been launched in 1938, out of Berlin. But Adolf wanted explosives, not space exploration, so he forced the V1 and V2. Instead of working on manned space flight. Neither worked that well; by pure hard intention. That would be 30 years from first flight to manned space fight. But War and arrogance got in the way. Two centuries of “how much money do you science guys need, what research facilities do you need. Here are several blank checks, when you run out let me know, I have more blank checks for you.” America seized the German “Rail Gun” after World War II ended, and have not been able to find sufficient funding for it for seven decades. Only small experimentations, nothing real or large scale. Seven decades of no political support and little funding. The French, British, and Germans spent two centuries giving every penny they could find to the electro magnetics research. That static alone is sufficient evidence to point to the possibilities if what a Wi-Fi/Railgun/Ray Gun can do with properly funded and supported. No bucks, not Buck Rogers. Plenty of funding and governmental support, Americans should have moon colonies by now. But the political will does not exist for it. Two centuries of funding and support, the amount academics can do in two centuries with unlimited funding. First flight at Kitty Hawk to the first Rocket in Germany was 30 years. The American people were not interested in flight till the start of World War I, then they wanted Curtis Jenny’s. 1903-1916, 13 years of almost no interest at all. The Army turned down several offers for Wright Planes, but then World War I comes around and the Army suddenly has money and wants to buy hundreds. The Germans and French purchased dozens of them and used them in combat. After they proved their worth in combat the American Government and Military suddenly became interested. One day “go away” the very next day “how many can we buy, now quickly can you get them to us”. That is not blanch Checks that is I could not be made to care less till I want it. Then I want it now. I do not care how much you charge me today for something I could have picked up for little yesterday. The Red Baron bought is own, used it extremely effectively till the technology passed him and he did not upgrade his plane. What worked for years, was outdated, and obsolete. Three years the Red Baron’s Plane went from Cutting Edge Technology to so obsolete as to be more harm than good. Two centuries of electro magnetics research, all manner of interesting stuff can be made in two centuries.

The attackers including the Texan’s wanted that technology, but had spent decades trying to negotiate with the owners. The enemies Several key objectives, the technology to build their own WMD, kill every single British and French they could find, destroy all traces of the technology so their enemies could not obtain said to be used against them.

Buffalo Bill Cody knew the area well and knew about the WMD. He knew the area well since he had been in Denver a dozen times as a pony express rider in his early teens. He might have ventured south of Denver to scout and find out information the Union desperately needed about both the Mormons in the area as well as whatever remained of the WMD in Manitou.

At the same time Cody was taking scouting trips into the area, major battles raged in the area. Most of the evidence of the people were erased by cremation up the 21st street smelter; which was in operation no later than the 1840s. The gold where Old Colorado City, Manitou and the Broadmoor now sits was tons of gold. At that same time the Capital of Kansas located in Bancroft Park was semi acknowledged, but still hidden. Previous to being the Capital city of Kansas it was the Capital of Texas. Capital of three and arguably four areas, but almost all of said was lost/destroyed by the English and Americans from 1802-1870. After the Libertine forces captured the Mississippi the Capital moved to Manitou, the Capital of Louisiana was Manitou. Then Texas, then Kansas, then Colorado. The largest population areas in Kansas possessed nowhere close to the population of Manitou. Then finally Colorado city is fully acknowledged to be the first Capital city of Colorado. But the Great Awakening movement followers Led by General William Palmer wanted to move the Capital in Bancroft Parka two miles down the creek to his bran new but terribly small Colorado Springs. Bancroft park the back portion where the Ampatheater is was where the Capital Building was. Dr Gavin’s Cabin is pure mythology, it was never more than just a cabin, that Dr. Gavin only used for a short time till his large house was completed. But one thing about religious fanatics, they usually never let the truth get in the way of their theological beliefs. Which was obliterated because it was a captured Palace similar to Louvre. But they forgot one key detail, Denver in the previous years went from being a small tent city of a few dozen gold miners on the Platte River to Thousands of people and an organized Down Town. The violence and disgusting behavior from the Great Awakening followers in Manitou Colorado Springs forced a huge amount of people to seek their fortunes elsewhere. They traveled North to Denver to avoid being a victim of the Religious nuts and the Ex-Confederates still batting for theological supremacy. Hundreds of thousands aiming at Pikes Peak started to be turned north to Denver because of the crimes against humanity violence. Although it is impossible for the current residence of Colorado Springs to admit the founders were NAZI level violent against any enemy. On the surface Quakerism is very peaceful, but start to ask them questions and violence comes to the surface very quickly. In the middle of the Night Legal paperwork was filed with the Federal Government while General Palmer and his friends were trying to move the capital out of Bancroft Park to the center of Colorado Springs. But even though it was only 2 miles, Colorado City and Colorado Springs were two entirely different legal locations. General Palmer spent the previous years fighting very hard to ensure the two were absolutely legally two entirely separate entities. Manitou and Colorado City populations disgusted him to the depth of his soul. So when he tried to move the Capital, all the violence he had been directly part of worked against him. He was the commanding General of a Clandestine Army assigned to suppress the ex-Confederates as well as his private army to destroy any theology in the area not his own. When the State and Federal Government found out about the “move” and the extreme violence occurring it was decided that Denver was a much better choice to be the new Capital. Plus of the fact that the majority of the population of the area of Old Colorado City were Ex-Confederates who were ordered to live in the area after they recovered from their battle wounds. Active battles were occurring between Union forces and Confederates in Colorado and the west side of the Great Lakes, one commander General Custer. One of the reasons General Palmer built railroad lines from Mexico to Canada, to ferry military supplies into the battles and the wounded to hospitals built up and down the front range.. Hospitals too large to accommodate the yet to be identified TB sufferers. The huge stone cut hospitals of a Block large were build first, then it was discovered by chance from ex-confederates about the improved health in the dry high altitudes of the front range. Colorado College https://www.youniversitytv.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/Colorado-College.jpg down town Colorado Springs used to be a major Hospital, then it became a TB Sanitarium, then it was abandoned for a while, then it was converted to a College in 1874. All those actions done in just 8 years after the Civil War. That is a huge amount of Cut stone and the building was used for four separate things in those 8 years from 1865-1874. That discovery would not occur for another decade. For a time Old Colorado City was an internment camp to deal with both the old enemy the Royal British, French, and of course the Mormons. Then the new enemy of the Confederates. No one wanted to acknowledge the vast numbers of Mormons in Manitou. The Federal Government was extremely concerned of a Confederate uprising and seizing of the State Capital. Or worse and extremely likely occurrence, since some ex-confederates were already attempting to seek elected office. To have an elected office or two in the State Capital. Elect sufficient numbers and an instant repeat of 1855 would occur, with Confederates pushing to reform the Confederacy in Colorado. SO the Capital was moved; and most of this information was erased from Existence.

It would not be till the late 1850s that most of the Mormons were either moved out or erased from the area. Hence the Buffalo Bill Cody scouting trips south of Denver. All that activity previous and post the Civil War the American Govern wanted daily updates. Since the Confederates in Colorado/Kansas/not too long previous Texas capital of Manitou could have bypassed the whole Virginia thing and Make Colorado their capital of the Confederacy. That was entirely unacceptable in every single way possible. In Virginia with Jefferson Davis was an issue, but a military deal able one. Way out in Colorado/Kansas/former Texas with a huge population of Mormons and the most hated British and French Royals around conquering the Confederacy would become close to impossible. They would have their own unique and embattle weary population to receive rest and relaxation in the Hot Springs of the area. One of the things which destroyed the confederacy is the proximity of the Battles to the Homes. A few years of being able to hear Battle’s occurring within earshot is an extremely disturbing thing for a population.

Buffalo Bill he was forced to work in his early teens for the pony express, which means as a youth he had first-hand experience with all those things occurring which formed the base of his adult personality. The Horrors of not only the Wars, but the genocide taking place in Colorado he was ordered to scout, witness, and report back as if he was literally a spy allowed him as an adult to create his “Wild West Show” to recreate only the most happy and joyous things he could remember about the old west. He was strongly assisted in his fictionalized retelling of the Old West because few if anyone wanted to remember what really happened. Casting some of the native tribes as blood thirsty savages was acceptable; but telling about witnessing Mormons being slaughtered by great awakening followers, the Wars against the British and French in Manitou, the radically advanced Frankenstein Technology, etc. was best forgotten and a mythology regarding the events created. He was one of the primary people who created the “Mythos of the Old West”, along with dine store writers. Easing the “unacceptable stuff” and overemphasizing the romantic stuff. Gun fighters, struggling against the elements, dispatching desperadoes, etc.

If he encountered the Weapon, being pure of heart and of pure intent soul it could have corrected any impurities in his eyes and given him 20/10 vision for most of the rest of his days. He was known as a sharp shooter only outdone by Annie Oakley; about 14 years his junior. The closer he got to Manitou the more he risked his life with a weapon no one but a few understood. Which would be the top of his list to not remember any of the details of. Let alone how to capture the tool. General George Custer 20 years later tried with a copy of said WMD in the upper Mississippi river area, but he electro magnetics lobotomized himself through electrical shock.

But the British and French not only knew about the WMD, but they left instructions or those that followed to learn themselves.

Decades later Fl Francolon and with the help of Nicola Tesla not only found the library cache, but put the information to good use. Rebuilding said “Ray Gun” in Miramont Castle. Electricity has no problem flowing through solid matter. Just because there is a hill directly infront of the Gun battery  does not mean the ray could not travel through said rock to achieve a goal  .

Evidence of by the this gun was built decades ago destroyed or dismantled and moved somewhere else. Although there are interesting legend in Bellingham Washington State of some type of WMD Alexandrian Lighthouse operating up the hill from the Lighthouse Mission. A few dozen feet up the hill from where the Pickett House now sits, the Pickett House sits on Bancroft Road.  Miramont Castle to the Spa Building is a quarter Mile, the Spa Building sits over four separate creeks http://www.cottonwoodpass.net/images/manitou-spa-building7.jpg which merge in that immediate area, and a dozen natural soda springs directly under the Spa building. The Spa building is literally all but close to the definition of the Garden of Eden, which brings some very interesting Great Awakening Philosophy regarding the Resurrection process. The tunnel between the Cliff House and the Spa Building. During the heavy part of Winter, the rich Cliff House guests did not want to walk out into the freezing and on occation sub-zero temperatures. to walk the couple hundred feet from the Cliff house to the Spa Building. so a Tunnel was created which was both warm and easy to walk through, connecting the Cliff House to the Spa Buildign. The residence would come to Manitou for “The Cure” which was assumed to come from baithing in the soda springs water, and other turn of the 1880s medcal devices. The area of the front range has been drawing Tuberculosis (TB)suffers for the previous decades. The Rich some of whom were religious fanatics would not stand the British/French/Mormons or natives disturbing their “Relaxation Spa Retreat”, ordering the military to “Get rid of them”. In more than a few ways, General Palmer worked for both the Rich who came to the Spa to see the cure “The Fountain of Youth”   https://www.cardcow.com/images/set151/card00337_fr.jpg http://spabuildingrental.com/images/building/gallery/rotunda_8537.jpg, the Rotunda just inside the Spa Building entrance http://www.homesofmanitousprings.com/wp-content/themes/realestate_3/img_resize/timthumb.php?src=http://www.homesofmanitousprings.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/980_65.jpg&w=945&zc=1. Was thought for decades to be somehow connected to the Garden of Eden. But if they would have built the building correctly, According to the rules of the Tabernacle of Adam System; there is a chance some healing would have occurred which cannot be explained by science. But the people involved from the Spanish, to the Texans, to the few years Manitou was the Capital of Kanas, to Colorado you cannot kill/murder/destroy someone else and their culture and still ask for divine healing. “THall shalt not kill” gets in the way of “lord can you cure me of my ills”, paying General Palmer to conduct clandestine bloody and genocidal Wars against the enemies of the Quakers and Great Awakening followers while seeking a cure for their diseases is the definition of bad form. One of the reasons the Texan’s gave up on Manitou was the Divine butt kicking they received from Manitou from 1806-1854. NO matter how hard the Texans’ tried, their “Crimes Against Humanity” in both slavery and genociding the Jews, active participation and assistance in the “Trail of Tears” prevented them from being able to seek health from the yet to be build Spa building, but the structures in place before that building was built were healing. But the Texans for the most part only experienced http://www.escapeallthesethings.com/images/ArkFromDutchBible.jpg bad outcomes https://media.giphy.com/media/IvcwXzJ1HiTTi/giphy-facebook_s.jpg http://enegrenbrewing.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/fermentor-renaming-gone-wrong.jpg. Son’s of the Confederacy did strongly assist in the formation of the Thule society which created the NAZI political party, show in the above graphic. The Great Awakening Religious movement were for the most part a few steps below hard core evil, a lot of Texan’s in the first decades were nothing short of the evil of the heart of the NAZI party. The Texan’s assisted in the genocide of the Jews through the “Trail of Tears”, Oklahoma was designed to be one huge “Death Camp.” where the natives present would slowly starve to death. And the Texan’s could travel north and watch the natives starve to death. Which is almost exactly the same situation as what Moses set up for the Jews in Levant Lands, forced the Jews into a small confined areas, gave them nothing, and allowed anyone to come and battle them.

Over the centuries in Levant Lands, the Jews became good at combat and were a challenge to most armies. Hence being left mostly alone from 1100-900 for them to rebuild their Great Temple in David’s City. He named Jerusalem to honor the original Jerusalem in Heliopolis. Language change from Greek (Heli Opolis) to Hebrew Jerusalem. Hieroglyphs “Sacred City of the Sun/ATEN.” But the Texan’s could to build Jerusalem; they hated Jews too badly and needed slaves too badly to consider waling in the light of goodness, evil is so much better and more profitable.


Decades later jumping forward from 1870 to 1889, Miramont Castle was designed and built partially by Fr Francolon with significant assistance from Nicola Tesla. Based on the research to recreate the original Jerusalem where the British and French attempted to in the same places. It would be interesting if the business people paid for the building before the Spa building Manitou by confiscating all of Tesla’s work selling it off and used the profits to build the first Spa Building 1880 https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/8d/2d/b7/8d2db7f935904264d8d5c24e01a5f863.jpg.


The picture is taken from the third story above the Grand Staircase . TO the right was a Porch which was entirely open from a small ledge to the roof; no railing. Although the construction of this Castle took place more than half a century after Texas removed the 1000 mile long army which extended through this specific piece of land, the core ideas were still present in the foundation of Texas. Not to mention the Koch family obsession and acquisition of the Amber Room from the NAZI’s following its capture in the first days of Operation Barbarossa. Texas and this building have significant parts to play on both side of a half century of a electro magnetics WMD. This Castle was placed in land which used to be not more than a few miles away from the first Capital of Texas, Kansas, and Colorado. Proven is Colorado, but it Colorado city was large enough to be the Capital for Colorado, the day before it would have been large enough for the Capital of Kansas.

 similar to the http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/starwars/images/5/50/Superlaser2.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20111104205236. Miramont Replaced a previous firing position. Several directed their energy to the Cliff House, which then like the Hippocampus directed its collected energy to the Spa building/Brain, which would then fire its collected energy at a selected Target. The current spa building, the Cliff House, and of course Miramont Castle have all been remodeled sufficient times to have the Electro magnetics machinery removed and sold off for profit.


In this specific room are only two windows, with a cut away framed to both the room to the right a porch   and left  the window to the far right is the grand staircase window to the far left. . To the right of the Grand Staircase, the Porch  which pointed at several hills  

. The Rail Gun hypothesis would have been moved to protrude out that "porch" . Then fire through the hills in front, or bounce its signal through a relay machine located on the hill to another machine or the Cliff House which would then direct its energy to the Spa Building which would then direct farther along to its target.

The Porch possessed at least two doors if not three from the house. which would account for a very large battery to be moved onto the porch and back into the area behind the walkway. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_u_d6tcNlRqo/TJanpDwhYaI/AAAAAAAACeo/sIAb4mERGYk/s1600/100_0479.JPG Almto all of Miramont Caslte’s walls are covered by Plaster,but the wall seperating the Porch from the rest of the Castle. Makes one think about why, if so much is covered. Why are specific areas uncovered by plaster. Are those areas specifically vulnerable to shock, and or some type of interferance. The ceiling of where te Electro magnetics ray/rail gun battery would have been is a ceiling competley covered in Metal, floors with Cotton Batting, Even the first foor to the second floor walls and ceiling not a  dozen feet infront of the picture below is covered in Metal. Three floors of metal,

 Directly to the Right in these two pictures are the basement for the Cathedral above and behind. But the basement was not an enclosed basement. https://media-cdn.tripadvisor.com/media/photo-s/02/24/d6/cb/miramont-castle-grand.jpg Looking towards the Grand gallery from the other end of the Ball Room. Although not designed to be a Ball Room, but that is the assumption based on Victorian custom. Fr Francolon designed the Grand Staircase to take you directly into the basement of his Cathedral. Directly behind the Grand Staircase landing was the basement entrance to the Cathedral, but the basement was not an unfinished after thought. The basement was fully finished, with tall ceilings, with more than sufficient electricity to run not only the entire several stories of the Cathedral but fully light the basement as well. Shortly after both Fr. Francolon and Nicola Tesla were violently forced to leave Colorado and warned to never return under penalty of immediate execution. some of the possessions of both men were carted off and sold at auction to cover “imaginary debts” both men had acquired during their 18 months in the city. IT is amazing the number of bill collectors who came a knocking the second the men were forced out of town on a rail. Their possessions were sold off to the highest bidder, including all of Tecla’s electrical generating devices. Soon after someone was playing around with Tesla’s Wi/Fi generating machines and caused an electrical fire in the cathedral turned into a hospital. But the city of Manitou did not have firefighting equipment or pumps to battle the fire. The Hospital was allowed to burn to the ground, taking any and all secrets with it. Up to and including anything which remained of the “ray/rail gun”, the rail gun would have been of course taken out before the fire as “accidently started.” But few who knew anything about the situation believes the fire was not started intentionally. To steal the technology and hide the evidence of the theft; three and a half decades later the thieves still wanted to find out how to make their stolen technology work. Fifteen years later, and a few years after Tesla was found dead. The Koch family were directly involved with stealing the Prussian Amber Room, which they most likely shipped to Texas in a U-Boat.

The porch was walled in decades later.

Further evidence, all the floors were given several inches of cotton matting cushioning. The floors were fixed to the floor joists with inches of cotton between. The floors not only do not squeak, but are a perfect shock absorber for a large gun battery. Several of the ceilings are covered in several MMs of gold and silver leaf. Which conducts electricity to a very high degree. Very close to the design of the German/Prussian/Russian Amber Room

. The Russian Amber room https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/9d/Bernsteinzimmer01.jpg was the primary objective of Operation Barbarossa the invasion of Russian by the Third Reich. Soon after the operation failed and the Amber room disappeared, Adolf chose to evacuate out of danger and let his henchmen take the fall. His henchmen were all too happy to put one of his dumber body doubles into his place and continue controlling the war; their incompetence is marked by their complete failure to achieve any objectives including keeping themselves alive for three years.  Incredibly ironically the person in charge of both the panzer division which secured the Cathedral where the Amber Room was rebuild after it was given to Russia from Prussia, and in charge of shipping it back to Berlin was a cousin of the Koch family. As in the same Koch family in charge of Buchenwald death camp. When the third Reich found out the Commander of Buchenwald Concentration/Death camp Karl Koch’s family had stolen the Amber Room from Russia and shipped it to his close cousins in America; specifically Texas. He was executed for it. The charges were “stealing gold and other state treasures.” The official story is, he was caught stealing gold from the Jews and instead of handing it over to the third Reich he pocked the money. The Occam's razor explanation is he was executed for his participation of the Amber Room theft. The Third Reich believed that the Room had divine powers, and would be a key to being able to use there WMD to destroy the allies with. What they do not know is, the Prussian Amber Room is a Fake, which is why it was given to the Russians as a gift.

The direct connections between Colorado Springs which is only a few miles south east of Manitou, the Confederacy, and the rise of the Third Reich are absolutely confirmed. But till the end of 1860 only Manitou and the State Capital of Colorado City existed. The lynch Pin are the number of Confederate Officers who following the wrong bad Albert Pike path of slavery is good, left America and traveled to France and Germany. Where they set up various think tanks inside FreeMasonic Lodges in France and Germany/Austria. Those think tanks were eventually removed from the FreeMasonic System for being clandestine and in part evil. But they thrived on their own as independent think tanks despite being outlawed very few years. Reforming with a new name. Eventually becoming the Thule Society; which founded a Political Party to protect itself from being outlawed. That first party was NDSAP, which was outlawed after an attempted Coup d'état, the second became the NAZI party. 10 years alter the NAZI party outlawed the Thule Society. But the Thule Society reformed (again) as the “Four Year Plan.” The four being the four rivers of creation and the four trees/buildings of the Weave of Life, which stem from the Fountain of Life. Which the Spa building is built directly on top of a specific fountain. Margret Davis Hayes (Feb. 25, 1855 - Jul. 18, 1909) the Daughter of Jefferson Davis herself worked to direct the rise of the new Confederacy form Colorado Springs and assisted very clandestinely in the development of the think tanks which would eventually name change to Thule Society. Albert Pike and Hayes worked to their last dying breath to resurrect the Confederacy. Hayes died just 9 years before the refunding of the think thank which took on the name Thule circa 1918. The previous think tank  "Order of Teutons" founded in 1911.

They pretended to be affiliated with the “Order of Brothers of the German House of Saint Mary in Jerusalem” Founded 1190. Only 130 years after the battle of Hastings and 120 years after the start of the first crusade. Taking on a name similar to Teutonic sounded more authentic then the previous think tank associations of FreeMasons. Another think tank  'Walvater Teutonic Order of the Holy Grail”

Previous think tanks based on Occult with an odd mixture of FreeMasonic lore

List Society

High Armanen Order


The Hammer, a journal founded by Theodor Fritsch in 1902.

“The Hammer” is a takeoff name from the Malleus Maleficarum “The Witches Hammer”, unlike education in Western Europe and America. Eastern Europe have a different philosophy of education. They did not see the Witch Burnings as just country folk performing country herbology. They perceive with huge amounts of evidence that the Witch they want to find and destroy is Fatimah and her descendants. Fatimah was the daughter of a British Princess/Warrior and Mohammed the founder of Islam. The story of Fatimah is long and complex, but sufficient to say, Fatimah took after her father in religious violently militant behavior regarding anyone who did not belief in the Koran or Mecca was the home of god need to be tortured till they either convert or Islam or die as the pawn of Satan they are.

But fighting Muslims became confused with fighting all Semitic people, which then became only about fighting Jews. when the real enemy is not the descendants of Jacob but the descendants of Esau.

Emil Theodor Fritsche 1852-1933; not to be confused with his son and member of the SA.

Fritsche’s publication among many other hate pamphlets, helped to keep the interest in radical militant anti-Semitism alive and thriving through the dozens of different think tanks and organizations which formed and were outlawed from 1850-1923. The core aim was the purity of the Aryan (Iran) genetics, a return to the violently militant Teutonic Knights reaction to the enemies of the pure peoples authority being questioned. All things in life are the fault of the Jews, remove them from existence and the world will return to paradise of heaven. Considering the Slave Trade, is only using different words to describe the same basic ideas the Confederacy used to justify their actions. The Confederacy killed their fair share of Jews; millions more than the NAZI had time to. The Confederacy was in power from 1600-1980. Just as any Civil Rights worker in the deep south in the 1970s, Lynching’s were still occurring in some areas.

Back to the Capital of Colorado 1865, Colorado Springs was just a large field with streams running through it circa 1868. But 1000s of ex-confederates lived in Colorado Springs from 1850- present. Decades later they name changed to Sons of the Confederacy. Not to mention strong vibrant chapters of the KKK in both Lynden and Colorado Springs which were strong from 1865-1930. Many of the sons of the KKK would go onto join other more religious ordinated groups in both Lynden and Colorado Springs such as Focus on the Family. Which has been sued for discrimination on several occasions.

Margret Davis-Hayes and her family settled in Colorado Springs because her husband contracted T.B. She worked for decades to rebuild the confederacy in both Colorado Springs and Lynden Washington state. Margret was considered the Queen of what was left of the confederacy; which is one reason General Palmer’s wife was nicknamed Queen. To hide the references to the rise again of the Confederacy from later generations. Samuel Clemens tracked her motions and watched what he did, as well as a dozen other spy’s. General William Jackson Palmer founded Colorado Springs 1871 (although those were just the incorporation papers, the city square was laid down in the Civil War. General Palmer sent work crews to start laying down traces north and south along the front range in the earliest days of the Civil War. The Battle for the Western Frontier between the Union and the Conference started well before 1861 and the firing on fort Sumter and lasted decades longer than is currently assumed. One of those battlefields was Manitou Springs Colorado. Add in the concepts of the strange electro magnetics technology and the plot of James Camron’s Terminator is not all that far off. The Battle for the Future of the Third Reich was not fought in Germany 1945 but fought in Colorado Springs in 1880.) and set himself the task of destroying any and all traces of the existence of any pre-existing civilization in the area and rebuilding with post 1865 construction techniques. Destroying history to make a new reality, is the core of the concept of to destroy John Conner before he can be born so that the Resistance against the Machines will have no leader and be crushed by Skynet. But several large buildings including the original Antlers Hotel were build using recycled building materials from the British and French Royal Palaces and Castles. A huge amount of down town buildings within a few blocks of the original down town are literally made of recycles building materials from the original Capital in Bancroft and other Castles in the immediate area. Too much work done in just 15 years short years, immediately after a huge War. Usually even with machine that volume of stone takes decades to process, hand done more than a century. The volume of cut and shaped stones in Colorado Springs is the equivalent to Norte Dame Paris. General Palmer did the same thing that Colonel Patterson did in Lynden at basically the same time. Erased the British and French presence in the areas to make way for a new country.

If the third Reich based on a huge amount of help from their confederate cousins as well as the books on electro magnetics from the French Royal library, could have created their own “Rail Guns.” the Evidence for said would be the code word clearance regarding Operation Navarone. Which the guns were changed from Rail Guns stolen from Tesla to Ballistic Guns for the sake of storytelling. A strong tradition in the field of spy’s and of course secret weapons. Let the truth out through fiction, and those that figure it out, all the better.

The amount of electricity needed to fire it requires several power plants operating at greater than 100% to generate sufficient electricity to project a projectile more than a short distance. What was left of Tesla’s Rail Gun that he could not dismantle in time was confiscated and sold to the ex-confederates, who then sold it to the Thule society. Germany had sufficient electricity to fire the gun. But they had no idea how to make it work. it was shipped to Germany to a University and worked on for the next several decades. Where they managed to get Tesla’s version of the British/French/Alexandrian Lighthouse WMD working is an unknown, but what is known is a British Naval officer wrote a book about mysterious Guns on the Island of Naverone which were part of a clandestine operation to find and destroy those guns before the invasion of that part of the Aegean. Since both the French (Parisian) and the British are descendants of the Aegean culture which is where Alexanders Lighthouse WMD technology was first developed. The British are direct descendants (not the English mind you, the British) of the Trojans. As well as the Parissi are one of other daughters of Akenaten captured by the Romans but given the city of Parissi to do with as they wilt.

Hard physical evidence; the Cycladic culture which is what the Minoans’ called themselves. Had several huge cities, but no walls. With several extremely aggressive armies with navies around. If Knossos and a hundred other cities in the Aegean did not need walls from 2100-1300 b.c.e, after that date the residence started to build walls. Was the city of Troy projected by impenetrable walls, or rather a WMD similar to the Alexandrian Lighthouse. Archaeology shows that the Dorians stayed well outside the reach of the capital city, destroying every small city around the core till they reach Troy itself. Those other cities their temples generated power, than the WMD of Troy was untouchable. but every time a city was destroyed, the power levels would drop. Over a decades the only real thing to do was to dismantle the Weapon and ship it out to Italy. Either genocide the Dorian Army or dismantle the tool and keep it out of the reach of the Dorians. Would explain both why the walls of troy are not that large, and would also explain Jerico. An electro-magnetic weapon was used to destroy the ungodly people inside.

When the obvious facts are eliminated, the only logical conclusion are illogical facts.

German agents were seen harassing Nicola Tesla in his New York Hotel room in the years before he died. They wanted him to teach them the secrets of his ray gun. Found in his possessions after he was found dead was a shoe box with the label “ray gun”, the box contained a simple electro magnetics devise. Obviously not the “Firing Pin” that was either stolen by the NAZI or he hid it somewhere else.







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