Nikola Tesla


The true life events of the Nikola Tesla are more difficult to understand than can easily be imagined. He was not a man who liked to write down countless notes. He wrote a great deal about his experiments. But after the first few dozen death threats and needing to evacuate out of Europe or risk being killed. This life in America only progressed to become even more difficult and challenging.


It is not every day a scientist and research goes around being literally cheated out of 100s of millions of dollars in the late 1800s early 1900s. If his business partners would not have cheated, stolen, etc his inventions and broken their deals with him. He would have spent the last four decades of his life close to the richest man in the world.


A more amazing journey in life is difficult to find. Especially since several of his greatest inventions won him the rage and bitterness of almost every industrialized county in the western world. He invented a “Death Ray” in around 1895, but refused to use it that way. His Death Ray was designed based on his Wi-Fi technology. He invented Wi-Fi in the late 1880s. perfected it by 1889.

Only eight years later that technology was used to built his “Colorado Springs Project” which working in direct and long standing conjunction with Fr Francolon while Miramont Castle was being constructed and wired for Electricity.

Now there are some like the Fanatically Conservative Born Again Christian who runs the Tesla Museum in Colorado Springs that his death ray and most other hard facts about the man’s life are pure fantasy. That person has a lose grip on reality and is not interested in facts but interested in using the spirit and notoriety of Nikola Tesla as a façade for his Ministry. That man has no respect for Tesla or the inventions he came up with, only to use him  as a Tool to talk about and preach about something Tesla would have hated.

Colorado Springs


Miramont Castle

Miramont Castle was wired for Electricity. But how to generate sufficient amps to power the entire four story castle not including the Cathedral Behind. The Cathedral was itself three stories.

All those rooms, hundreds of lighbulbs. Since the city of Manitou in 1899 could not generate sufficient power to light the 6 street lamps in the middle of the city. Those lights were very dim. Miramont Castle was almost a beacon of light.

Fr Francolon worked directly with Nicola Tesla to both wire and provide sufficient electricity to power the Castles electrical grid. Which angered the religion fanatics in Colorado Springs to the point of mass psychosis.

Both men were violently escorted out of the city. Both men were so hated, the local good Christian community were literally about to kill both of them the same way their ancestors had killed Joseph Smith the founder of the Mormon Church.

Tesla Death Ray

Found in Tesla’s things after he died, was a box labeled “Death Ray” the box had been used circa 45 years previous to 1943 January 7th. Which was about 11 months after the Wannsee Conference started.

Which places that box and its contents built and experimenting on within the timeframe Nicola Tesla was in Colorado Springs. Playing around with Miramont Castle and his Free Energy Tower. Would be a fascinating experiment to explore the fundamentals of the architecture to find out if the floors show any  signs of anything super heavy on them. Actually immediately behind the room to the immediate left of the external staircase. In the Grand Ballroom, the floor does show signs of an inch unevenness which was obviously built in. that unevenness could be a gun mount., directly to the middle and right of this image is the grand Staircase., easily matchable by the design of the Windows. This Staircase has more than a few dozen similarities between itself and the FreeMasonic Winding Staircase which was a direct copy from King Solomon’s Temple Jerusalem. This first set has 16 steps, so does the FC of FreeMasonry. 

Of course Jerusalem: the base word is Jera which is the 12th (Jacobs 12th son was given the Cloak of many Colors) symbol and means Time. Well the flow of time of the Sun.


Wyecroft Tower