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http://www.ancientworlds.net/aworlds_media/ibase_1/00/12/27/00122740_000.jpg  http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/8e/Pylone_du_temple_de_Ptah_de_Memphis_1.jpg From the Greek Wikipedia images http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/86/Hypostyle_de_Ptah_elevation.jpg

Temple of Ptah, Memphis, Egypt



“Memphite Theology,” Ptah created humans through the power of his heart (image of god; gen 1;27) and speech (breathe; gen 2;7); the concept, having been shaped in the heart (Image)of the creator,.

Which shows significant evidence the pre-Pharaonic (and possibly old kingdom) could have been  monotheistic in base, adding additional possible evidence Israel is in Egypt between Sakkara and Giza. Additional evidence presents Pharaoh Menes of Mencaure connection could be one of Abraham’s names. Making the Giza pyramids not a collection of graves; but a collection of monuments dedicated to the greatest of Monotheistic culture Leaders. Those leaders being Khafre = Adam, Khufu = Noah, Mancaure = Abraham. Nice piece of evidence is each Pharaoh name had the same metaphoric meaning as what each man did. Additional linguistics; Pharaoh is a Hyksos name/title. Hyksos means “shepherd kings” which strongly points to Esau line descendants.


This is a temple which first needed to have a secure city; Pharaoh Memes first built or had ordered protective dykes built around the city of Luz (later to honor Memes; they renamed the city Memphis. This is important because Jacob built is ladder NE of Luz aka Memphis). During the flooding; the city would become a virtual island. Which would be a nice representation of both the monotheistic ancestor Noah and his flood, but also to for the rainy months a serious obstacle for attackers to overcome.


Second thing pharaoh Memes did was to lay the foundation stones for the temple of Ptah. Ptah being self-created creator god who was placed into the Egyptian pantheon centuries later. The similarities between how Ptah made the first human and how it is depicted in the bible are close enough to gain attention.


The temple of Ptah in Memphis was by biblical reference; the grand temple god ordered Abraham to build. Which would disqualify the temple of Solomon/Zerubbabel from being the great temple referred to in revelations.


When Moses’s (a Esau descended through the Hyksos) descendants arrived in the middle east; they needed to recreate the temples and infrastructure they left in Egypt. An anceint city was conquered and renamed Jerusalem; which means eternal/sacred city (Luz; Jacob was NW of the city of Luz at the light place where he chose to start to build his ladder).


Thanks to Moses’s editing/lying the fact that Luz is Memphis, erased the fact that Israel is in Egypt.  








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