Tachyon People


The insane Fascists and their more than paranoid delusional thinking about the Aryan Race has a very small microscopic measure of truth to it.

This has not a single even small thing to do with the whole “White People” paranoid schizophrenia delusions of grandeur concept. That has zero basis in reality.


It does on the other hand have a very strong amount to do with an internal Hypothesis which was part of the Thule Society’s search from their previous think tanks.

The Thule Society itself was birthed out of a couple dozen both European based and American with violently strong militant Islamic influenced based Garden of Eden Planation System Tabernacle of Adam System.

The sons of the confederacy set up the situation which eventually became the Thule Society.

But the sons of the confederacy along with the same concepts which were brought to use not from the Confederacy but by the ottoman empires repeated invasions were looking for both the structure of the Systems in Europe as well as those specific individuals capable of operating the system and not be lobotomized.


But when most of your cut lure and your parent cultures are solidly and complete based on hatred the good details of those that are capable of operating the system becomes peptic license into an evil concept “The Aryan Race” which is not actually a truth thing.

The Aryan Race is mythology.

What is truth are those individuals who have “the special touch” which allows them to work with the System and not be EST Lobotomized.


In truth the screening process the third Reich employed was to find those individuals which might b part of the Tachyon People DNA and use them to experiment on the Systems the Third Reich had already captured and had partially reassembled in Germany.

Which is the purpose of a sequence of OSS operations in Europe which included the fictional accounts of “the Guns of the Navarre”, “The Dirty Dozen”, “the Great Escape”, etc.


The Germans used the Camp system the same way from 1923 to 1946; to select out those members of the population who might have the Tachyon Genetics.










TR Welling