Sufficient Numbers of Systems


The first thing which comes to mind after understating the Jews were being constantly pushed around to different areas is they built virtually the same exact infrastructure in several locations in the area they relocated too. Most specifically it is easiest to examine the evidence in both the Middle East, Egypt and America where the Jews were pushed after various descendants’ cultures from Esau aka the Hyksos continued to look for the Jews to kill them. The why has been so lost to history it is virtually impossible to recreate, unless you examine the evidence based on removing all assumptions about what the evidence means and focus entirely on the evidence itself. Example when Amenhotep IV aka Akhenaten sent his children out to build their own Kingdoms, he sent his eldest daughter and her eldest son to what would be called Athens, to conquer the city from the Hyksos and reclaim their ancestral city. Akhenaten’s ancestors had founded that city then known as Poseidon but the Hyksos conquered Poseidon and renamed it something. Theseus conquered the city with his mother’s army and renamed it to honor both his mother Athens, and his grandfather Akhenaten. The Hyksos came back renamed Dorian with their commander Agamemnon to reconquer the city from those “Dirty Jews.” Agamemnon’s forces lost so badly they were entirely obliterated minus a few commanders and a handful of troops. The walls of Athens were so strong and the army so well trained, the Dorian/Hyksos were unable to mount any type of sufficient offense to get anywhere close to the walls. But as a sign of good faith Agamemnon’s second daughter Hecuba’s sons did come to the battle to marry her second son Paris to Theseus’s daughter Helen. Thus the beginning of the Trojan War. The Dorians/Hyksos had to get even with the 18th dynasty descendants for a humiliating defeat by both Theseus when they lost and again at Athens when they came back. The Hyksos do not like defeat, so they come back harder and nastier. Each defeat humiliates them more. Why you might ask, because they have to be in control and in charge of the Tabernacle System of Adam. The city of Memphis, Heliopolis, Alexandria, Troy, Athens/Poseidon, Macedonia, the city of Samhain(Seven) Hills, etc. each city possessed at least one Tabernacle of Adam system. Many neighborhoods possessed at least one if not every major family possessed one. It became a commandment for all Esau (which was a directive of Terah before him) to possess said Tabernacle of Adam System and use them “Correctly.” The way Terah wants to use those systems is as a weapon to defeat the armies of god; which is the definition of bad. How they are supposed to be used is a tool to help and assist the earth in functioning better. The rage regarding who controls the Tabernacle of Adam System is in the Bible/Torah old Testament Genesis; the story of the Tower of Babel. Which has been about as badly misunderstood and translated as humanly possible. The Babel reference is both a description of the name as well as a description of the language built into the Weave of Time. The Weave of Time uses the mathematics and numbers of the physical structure of time itself to spell out various letters, words, sentences, etc. The destruction of the Tabernacle of Adam System aka the Tower of Babel is illustrated through Genesis. Terah wanted to destroy the Eridu Ziggurat not because he wanted to destroy the ziggurat. That ziggurat and many others like it were Universities where people would go to learn how to understand what the Weave of Time is and how it worked. Then after many years of study, start to be able to not only understand the Weave of Time but to read what was written in the Weave. Destroying the knowledge centers to learn about the Weave of time destroyed by the university system, and the more important aspects of being able to read the instructions from god. Terah and his philosophical descendants Esau/Hyksos/Dorian/Avaris/Romans/Muslims when they could read the writings written into the language of the Weave of Time became angry because god wrote into the weave that their militant and violent actions were bad. Not only were their actions bad, but their actions were a service to bad portion of the war between god and darkness. In other words, the way Terah and his descendants want to worship the lord is exactly how Lucifer/Satan wants mankind to worship the world. According to both Terah and all his descendants there is but one way to worship the lord, the way that generations leaders’ tyrannical dictator. All other forms of worship are heresy and must be destroyed. 2800 b.c.e to present Terah’s War against both the University System and its associated Weave of Time knowledge has been directly against the will of god. But all that information has been lost because Terah and his descendants like to burn libraries which even might hint at this information being at least mildly correct. So the War between Esau and Jacobs descendants rages on despite no one has any idea about the facts that started the war to begin with. Esau must control the Tabernacle of Adam System, despite the fact that not a single one of Esau’s descendants has any idea what the Tabernacle of Adam System is or why they need to kill every single thing which gets in the way. Their war is not against Homo-Sapien Sapiens; their war is against god. This fact is why all references when those that study this phenomenon destroy as much if not all aspects of it the second they get close to this truth. Esau has to either control the Tabernacle e.g. Great Temple or they have to destroy it. Which explains why every time one of his descendant cultures enters a newly conquered cultures “Great Temple” if they cannot connect with god, they destroy the temple. Always assuming it is the corrupt temple not their own evil which causes them to not be able to connect with god. Which brings up a very interesting note. If they can contact a divine being inside the Kaaba in Mecca, is that divine being god or Lucifer? Killing, destruction, hiding, secrets, etc. are the serial pattern of actions. Which leads to the conclusion that the Divine being living in the third floor of the Kaaba is literally the devil.



What the System used to be and how it worked

As mentioned the cities from 1550-1330 which possessed a working Tabernacle System.

The biblical phrase “God made man in his image.” When you examine the Jewish roots of the Trojans, the connections between Paris’s mother and Akenaten are more than a little striking. Since Hecuba outranked her husband in the linear of Royal line descendants, she would have taken on the pharaoh name. Hence changing from being called Meketaten in Hieroglyphic to being called Hecuba. Ofr course there is little if anything about the Illiads’ version which can be trusted. Homer was by legend the grandson of a third their commander under Agamemnon. He was placed in charge of handling the Jewish Slave Shield Wall commanders. An extremely dishonorable position, but Odysseus and Achilles became friends over time. Giving Mekataten a new name would be par for the course for the Hyksos. Anything and everything to humiliate and degrade the “Dirty Jews.” Although scattered throughout the entire story the Dorian’s told were unacceptable insults which supposedly come out of nowhere. Those insults not only come out of nowhere but are standard anti-Semitism. So the Jews in Dorian history are identified by being insulted and degraded for no apparent reason.

The Marriage of Achilles with the Temple of Apollo (name changed from ATEN to Apollo) Priestess was not what has been depicted in the story. They were actually intended to be mated, both knew going into the war they were going to be with each other, married, and of course produce at least one if not several children. Which their Trojan allies and cousins would then ferret out of the War to first Italy the city of Samhain(Seven) Hills Later to be conquered by descendants of Agamemnon and renamed Rome. When the Dorians younger commanders followed the evacuating Trojans out of the Aegean to Italy. They immediately set up for a long, drawn out conquest. A conquest which would most likely take more than a century. It took from 1330 to 753 b.c.e to achieve. 577 years from around the point of the start of the Trojan War till the gates of the city of Samhain Hills were opened.

The city of Samhain Hills possessed at least a dozen Tabernacle of Adam Systems. Over time each one was either corrupted and used for something else, destroyed, or the building fell apart.

The history of the city of Rome is about 2000 years older than is currently accepted. Also there is an extremely good chance that the city Jesus walked into to enter the “Great Temple” was not in Levant Lands but rather it was in Rome Proper. He attempted to either walk into the Senate Chamber and or walk into the Temple of Memphis which Caesar had moved from Egypt to Rome and reassembled. Strongly pointing to evidence that Caesar converted to his wife’s Religion which was Judaism. His wife was Cleopatra. Although the marriage was in pure and hard secret because if the Roman Senate thought it was true, they would have both been killed on the spot. Hence the Ideas of March 15th. Caesar and Cleopatra did engage in several intimate encounters very consensual on both sides. At least once I Egypt in Alexandria in her ancestors Tabernacle of Adam System which was partially built into a grand library exactly like the Eridu Zirugae. Which brings up the question; was Alexander the Great a Jew.

Hard physical documentation evidence regarding similarities between the Tabernacle of Adam System being a tool which could also be used as a weapon, and the Alexandria Lighthouse which was used at times as a tool to destroy entire fleets of ships miles out to sea.

Additional evidence for this Hypothesis regarding the Tabernacle of Adam System can be found in Miramont Castle built by both Fr Francolon a avanoi Papacy trained priest and Nicola Tesla who wired the castle for electricity. In addition a century previous to 1888 was the Battle of Castle Ogle in Whatcom County. Castle Ogle was destroyed and replaced by Pickets Tower. George Picket hated the British to the depth of his being. He spent his time in Whatcom county erasing all traces of the British and their “Weapon of Mass Destruction” from all documentation and knowledge in the entire area. He also erased as much as he could the very strong likelihood that below the city of Lynden Washington stood to the north of the corner of the Guide Meridian and Market was a recreation of the Louvre Paris.

Whatcom County possessed the same engineering and architectural specifications of London, NewCastle, Paris, Athens, Manitou Springs Colorado (although it was also the original capital of Texas), Rome, Heliopolis, Memphis, Troy, Carthage, etc.

All those cities are just one arm of the ATEN. The ATEN being a disk with arms/feet/limbs extending down. Each army/limb/foot is where a new Tabernacle of Adam System either is or used to be. This is also the name of Jacob, “Holder of the foot.” Jacob was intended from birth to be the King of Kings. His brother chose to ignore this and fought him for the title. He being the stronger physically chose to be in constant war with his brother to win over the Title. Might over right is part of the Philosophy of Terah. Survival of the fittest, if Esau could win the War than he deserved the title of King of Kings. So in his mind, since he was by default stronger than his brother the title was already his. being denied by his family, his brother, and finally by god pushed Esau into a psychotic break  from reality.

With at least four systems, this creates the structure of a double helix of DNA. With more systems more strands can be worked with.

Some evidence for this can be found in the name Joseph Smith used to name his church, the Latter Day Saints. But it does not mean end of the world it means the end of the walking.jpg. the earths direction towards the sun creates a pattern. The start of the day and the end of the day; Latter or end of the day. People of the end of the day. Is named after a concept of the ATEN










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