TR Welling Museum



This Museum is focused on the Research of T Robert Welling. Featuring the Tabernacle of Adam System, and the language/mathematics which allowed the System to work.

Based on the Italy Lake Nemi Ships; two 100 foot tall towers on the bow, two 100 foot tall towers on the stern. The Lake Nemi Ships, there were two Ships, making 8 buildings. One ship was a few dozen feet longer than the other, with a few support ships to go to and from the shore.

The Lake Nemi Ships were built at almost the exact same time that Simon Peter was formulating his Church after the Crucifixion.


The Primary Model is

Inside the Egyptian Pyramids Causeway Architecture is an Infinity loop.


00 Nativity.jpg

The Red Lines are the Causeways between the 4 structures.


A Nativity Image result for nativity

B Bent Pyramid causeway bisects the Temple Mound Levant Jerusalem.


C Memphis Egypt†† (moved to Rome to Rome) Similar to Carthage in the previous Century. It was dismantled and moved to Rome Proper as well.




Pepi I Pyramid

The Causeway of Pepi (pictured) bisects the Cave of the Nativity. Cave of the Nativity.

E King Solomonís Temple

Image result for King Solomonís Temple

F Infinity Loop of the Pyramids and Levant Lands


The Aten of the Pyramids