The story of Spartacus is about 95% Roman Propaganda. Said propaganda is impossible to take seriously.

The Gross details are great, captured from the Thracian Amy. Was some type of Field Commander. Refused to bow to Roman Rule, was attempted to be executed in the Arena but won against several opponents. Was sold into slavery as a Gladiator.

Trained as a Gladiator, worked his way around Rome performing in both private home exhibition matches and in Arenas around Capua.


Then after a given amount of time created a Gladiator revolt which killed the Ludus and the entire Roman staff supporting the Gladiator School.


Continued to conquer Roman Estates till they reached Vesuvius, where the story becomes pure mythological illusion.

Yes a Large Slave Army was created, Yes they won several impressive victories against low skilled legions. Immediately before a serious battle hardened legion was dispatched and sent to hunt the Slave Army down; the Slave Army broken it pieces and in part scattered.

A core group stayed together but not being true Gladiators making up the majority of their ranks, they had no chance against real top end Roman Soldiers.

The Roman’s Claimed that Spartacus was one of the men Crucified when the core of the Slave army were defeated and captured. They were all crucified to the last person along the apian way.

The Romans sent their slaves to volunteer, which Spartacus saw coming a millennia earlier. The Romans did the same thing with the Spartan Revolt that they did with the Trojan Horse. Filled the horse sculpture with Jewish slaves had them open the gates. Same thing 1320 b.c.e to 71 b.c.e. same behavior pattern. Entirely predictable. But those Spy Slaves were isolated and separated, they were the ones which the Romans later found and crucified. Have to show a sign of strength and total domination over the slaves of Rome; sending several thousand worthless slaves to Spartacus for them to be an impediment, then when the real army arrived they would assist in the capture and execution of the Thracian Army. Feeding a few dozen is relatively easy. Feeding 10,000 is a major deal. 10,000 slaves who have little if any training require finding tons of food a day by scavenging and feeding them. A few months and that is a huge impediment. All with various legions looking for you to kill you. 10,000 unskilled people take about six months to train in a hard labor job. Basic life skills become difficult when resources are divided that thin. which was the Roman Plan. Starve the Revolution. Fill their ranks with useless and untrained people, many were too sick to do anything but die slowly. What the Romans did not count on are the facts regarding the Thracian plan had already accommodated for the influx of the dead weight. The core of the Thracian Army were more than capable of achieving the goals needed, but still not pose too large a threat to the Romans. After Caesar was needed to be the next Emperor, with Cleopatra by his side. Their children being the next Emperors.

The Plan worked to a point. 



While the Thracian and Egyptian Armies snuck away to prepare for the arrival and support of Cleopatra. Cleopatra was about 3 when the Spartacus Slave revolt occurred.


So the Thracians would have known she was alive and that she was most likely the one going to be old enough to seduce Julius Caesar. He was 31 during the Revolt, Julius Caesar was living just east of Thrace. He went their to achieve various political goals, but ended up spending so much time that he was accused of having an affair with the King of Bithynia a man by the name of Nicomedes. A charge he denied to the day he died. But something did happen in Bithynia (a form of the word; Britain.) he had spent time training to be in the priesthood of Jupiter. But that opportunity was lost when he became entirely unable to fulfil the duties being both in the army and a politician. But that does not mean he gave up priestly ambitions. In fact the only thing it means is that he simply changed his religion or at least started to in the Bithynia. When it became clear at the end of this life that he had converted to being a Jew, and his Pharaoh Bride was born and raised a Jew. That was more than the Senate could take and they immediately assassinated him for the worst crime imaginable. Converting to Judaism. He was a Practicing Jew from 70 b.c.e to his last breath in a Jewish Temple. Which based on all the behavior patterns associated, would have been at least kind of the point. He knew he was about to be stabbed to death, so he chose the location. With the help of Spartacus’s children (not unlike the Masada) commanding the Thracian Amy in Rome, Caesar sacrificed himself inside the Tabernacle of Adam knowing full well what he was doing. Cleopatra evacuated out of Rome, as did most of her children minus of course her eldest. Who had been captured not long after birth by Octavian/Augustus and raised as his own under the name Tiberius, which is Roman slang insult for dirty Jew. If anything befell Augustus, Tiberius would be immediately assassinated.


What is fiction is Spartacus was among them, many of them claimed to be Spartacus, but he had already evacuated with one of the smaller groups before the top end Legion arrived. The Crixus Group were in part captured, but only about half were captured and executed. The rest blended into the forest and the Roman presses refused to acknowledge they were still alive.


Spartacus’s learning curve would have had to be close to vertical in only a few months if the Roman Propaganda is true. Which all evidence points to the Propaganda being lies, the Romans rarely told the truth about political matters if it in any way embarrassed the Empire itself.

What is more likely is that General Spartacus was intentionally captured by the Romans, along with a huge amount of his warriors. They survived their executions in the arena, having trained how to do so. Then learned as much as they could regarding the structure of Roman Society from the perspective of a slave/Gladiator. Romans liked taking there conquered foes as slaves, they liked it even more then the resistance was little if any.

The Plan was simple, have a huge amount of the population put up a simple showing of force, give up, have most of the population be placed in Slavery, where they would live in the prominent houses of the romans, and work themselves to either death or pay the romans for their freedom. One day the Thracian slaves timid, loyal, and obedient slaves turned instantly into highly trained and skilled warriors. Instantly conquering dozens if not hundreds of estates and mansions. Massive amounts of gold and food stuffs were at the ready. The unskilled were kept as a rag tag group of ex-slaves and were taught how to hunt and fight for survival. But the main group were living in the former Estates they captured. The Thracian soldiers and fully trained Thracian Gladiators were more than a match for even the best legions. For the most part, the Thracians living in their new Estates were left alone, too embarrassing for the Romans to admit that level of humiliation. After the bulk of the Spy/Slaver army e.g. Dorian Horse was destroyed, those living in the Estates were granted rights as citizens of Rome. The Romans did not see Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, or the events of the next century coming. But the Thracians not only knew about the coming events, the Spartan Slave Revolt was part of the preparation for the Event of the Nativity. The Naivety is part of the ATEN, the ATEN is built into Israel. The Wise Men from the East knew it was going to be one of the end points to the ATEN of Israel. The Cave of the Nativity the Causeway of the Pepi I pyramid bisect the very center of that Cave.


Then at an appropriate time, sprang into action seizing control over Central Rome.

Some of the Slaves in their ranks were not part of the plan, were in effect Roman Spies and were separated and the Romans executed them. The Romans Executed them as both sides independently planned. The Thracian invasion achieved the goal it was intended to. Setting the ground work and large trained army in place in Central Rome to accommodate the 18 year old Cousin Cleopatra. What Rome was going to do was entirely obvious, from the second Agamemnon lost in his first attempt at the newly renamed Athens. To Cleopatra, 1300 years of behavior Patterns were about as obvious to understand as if they were almost all pre-written. The enemies of Rome knew exactly what behavior patterns the Romans were going to follow. They had seen this behavior before; when the Romans were still called Hyksos and ruled the world from Avaris Egypt. The Avaris would stop at literally nothing to see their enemies destroyed and control the whole of the Mediterranean, then control as much territory around the Mediterranean as humanly possible.

This was not only predictable, but this is the serial actions the Hyksos do. Every time they start to perform the same “Arab Spring” Actions the results are the same.

From Terah conquering Eridu, through Esau, the culture Esau created the Hyksos, to the Avaris, then the Dorians, then the Persians, Ottomans, Islam, etc. same exact patterns of behavior from 2600 b.c.e to present.


When the Avaris were going to rise up and seize control over Egypt again, the culture made a Plan. A plan which would play out over the course of several millennia. Including Cleopatra and NewCastle Northumberland.

Shortly after Cleopatra’s supposed suicide, which has zero basis in fact. The entire Roman Army was put on alert, those legions who could be temporary duty relocated were to Northumberland. Where they proceeded to lose and badly for the next 400 years. Northumberland is also the location Joseph of Arimathea a few decades alter also went after the Crucifixion. Spartacus played a major and significant role in the situation. His commanding officer ancestor Hannibal of Carthage did not withdraw from the Gates of Rome because he had to, he withdrew because the Romans needed to be in that exact place at that exact time in order to allow for them to gain sufficient strength to come conquer Thracian Lands in a few decades. Capturing their top General and several thousand of his best men. Who allowed themselves to be captured, pretending to be low ranking infantry when captured. Those in command were the low ranking infantry, the romans simply executed on the battle field because that is what they do.

Infiltrating into Roman Society, the Thracian Army was more than strong enough to gather and conquer Central Romans (minus Rome itself) and be a nasty throne in the side of Rome for a while. Then just like pervious, they disband and allow the Romans and Dorians to assume they turned coward and ran away.

The romans then perform the same exact actions as 1000 times previous, they consolidate power, rebuild the army, and attack where the threat last came from. Then capture some of the middle ranked officers, some of the infantry to make gladiator sport of, kill the commanders, an enslave the leaders.

But after the victory over the perceived threat, they always stay in and rest on their accomplishments. Decades of “we are the greatest”.

Do not attack the enemy when they are strong, attack them after they have victory over their conquered foe party and are passed out from drinking too much. Years to decades of partying, that is when to attack, when they are at their most vulnerable. When they feel like they are lords of all they perceive.

Enter Cleopatra and her seduction of Julius Caesar, and his convergence to Judaism.

His execution for high crimes (conversion to Judaism), and the entire Mythology regarding Caesar thus began. The Romans presses ran overtime producing as much literature and stories about the greatness of Caesar before his last breath on the Senate floor. Which used to be a Tabernacle of Adam System.


All the negatives about Caesar have been erased and all the positives including fiction have been made real. Questioning the authority of said for the first couple centuries after his assassination was literally a capital crime in Rome.


Depending on several factors including when Spartacus died of old age, he either died in his estate in Rome. Or he died in a Castle in Northumberland.









TR Welling