Simon Peter Versus the Evil Priest Paul


By the time Simon Peter arrived in Rome, he had to contend with the Evil pRiest had already gained access to one of the Tabernacle Systems Caesar brought over from Egypt.

So in a very real effect Peter literally entered Rome under fire or whatever weapon is used by the Tabenracle of Adam system which is then used badly to be turned into a Weapon of Mass destruction. The second Peter entered the city Paul wnateed to kill him and he turned a Tower/Tabenracle he had access to through some of his friends who hated the Jews as much as he hated them. Peter was an Esau/Hyksos/Dorina descendants. Esauís descentnats have a soul level hatred against anything to do with Jacob.

The next decades were in basic a Holy War between the forces of Good Papacy Simon Peter and the Evil Priest Paul. A Holy of Holiest Tower/Tabernacle defending itself against everything the Tabenracle Paul had access to could throw at Peter.

The next decades were an entire huge bloodback between the two forces.