Sherman’s March to the Sea


There is an issue regarding the structure of Sherman’s March to the Sea. A very buried under Top Secret information which only needs to be examined through the lens of culture to understand what actually happened.

First Columbus Sails the Ocean Blue in 1492.

Despite the propaganda of the last millennia plus, Columbus was not the first to ask the Vatican permission to sail the ocean blue. For the previous several centuries the Vatican rejected petition after petition to explore the Ocean Blue. All either rejected or the petitioners were executed for questioning the authority of the Vatican itself.

The more rich and backed by an army the less likely chance of being executed, but poor or just an explorer, execution.

Colobus had the backing of the very powerful Spanish Royal family and their battle hardened army which had just defeated the Ottoman’s in the Iberian Peninsula after an 800 year claiming of Iberia.

The Spanish Army was too strong for the Vatican Army.

So the Vatican army agreed, but under very strict circumstances.

Among them, that colobus go with soldiers and priests of the Vatican’s choosing not the Spanish soldiers.

Second that any order a priest gave would be followed absolutely, without question at all. The only answer form the entire crew would be “Yes father.”

Third the Vatican received the majority of gold found and that at least a few native heathens would be brought back as converts to the Christian Cause to be trained in the Vatican, and returned on a future voyage to convert their culture.

All were non-negotiable.

What has been written out of history is the Vatican had to get itself back power, in the beginning to middle of the 1400s as the Ottoman’s lost more and more power in Iberia they threated the Vatican with invasion if the Vatican did not allow Europe to return to the American Continent.

The powerful still possessed the libraries from the Indo-European cultures who had a global trade route. But the Vatican was so afraid of losing its power it forbad all public Knowledge of the American continent. Kill every scholar they could find, and of course


third daughter from a third or fourth wife

the numbers are only about ranking in the family

the youngest eligible daughter is given as a gift

in business deals



but when two gifts have children with different masters, one girl one boy. they will not find a European as a mate. so they are mated together. grandfather has lots of money. so purchasing a plantation for the grands is part of the deal


hundreds of deals over centuries

thousands of kids

and generations of them

they were given a strip of lands to do with as they so choose.


Sherman’s march to the sea


was designed to locate and destroy the plantations of the descendants of the Gifts.

Destroy all traces of Islam and radical militant Islamic in the Americans.


their money, power, populations, and of course there kangaroo laws


From 1600-1864 they tried to raise up an few times and seize power.

It was assumed they would attempt again with the confederacy broken and the union trying to rebuild


But 1865 the Union did not have the forces, money, or will to fight a second war against superior forces.

Which also broke the financial back of the confederacy, most of the money the confederacy possessed to fight come from their business partners in the Barbary Coast.





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