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Scientific Criticism is fight club

Basic scientific criticism and the rules of the fictional fight club are not different almost at all.


The question is not can you take a basic pounding. can you take a basic scientific pounding, heal up, come back for more, be thoroughly beaten to a pulp, heal up, come back, repeat.

Till you and your ideas are worthy of combat and winning.


Metaphorically speaking the two operate with exactly the same structure.

A young idea person comes in wanting their ideas to be cherished and allowed to nurture. Instead they get verbal fists till you and your ideas go away.

A few dozen rounds and you are hard enough to take a full verbal pounding and stand toe to toe. Being able to verbally fight back.


Just like fight club, the rules and regulations of how to operate within fight club are the same. No one talks about the structure of fight club. Those that understand understand; and outsiders are just that, outsiders. Unless someone can stand up to a good hard fist/word on fist/word fight/argument they are not welcome in the ranks of science.



It is a good system if you understand the parameters in which the system was created. The Greek city-state model; which the Socratic method came out of this same verbal combat philosophy.


It points to the Asian you will never truly know anyone or anything until you fight it/them.


The system of academic fight club fails when the idea is too large and complicated to be done by just one person.

Or a set of measuring points key to the current academic fight club arguments is invalid.


Do not replace it, add the boundaries of honorable combat. Only a black knight would use his full resources of skill in one on one combat in a defenseless opponent. Of course knight brings up the very point; knights used a code of chivalry which is almost completely lacking in most academics, math, and science. Of course part of the reason the chivalric code was removed from academics are the heresy laws and the class suppression system. Replace the good aspects of chivalry; and you have a good working basic scientific criticism format.


I cannot say just how many times I have presented ideas to scientists and they spent the entire time ridiculing me without once stopping to listen or read the evidence. Making themselves look great and winning an easy battle; without caring to follow the basic rules of science. Again easy but dishonorable victory.