Rudolph Hess


By all accounts a scum of the first order.

Radically anti-Semitic


The life of Rudolf Hess is vastly more complex than is currently understood.

Hess close to single handedly his actions led to the Space Race, by massively overfunding the Third Reich Rocket Program.

But at the same time assisted directly into the third Reich losing both air supremacy and the war itself by cutting the budget for the ME 262 Fighter Jet.


Without Hess the Third Reich would have had 2000 ME 262s as late as 1938; making the Battle of Britain planes flying at 330 mph the Spitfire was a good aircraft. But the ME 262 traveling at 541, 210 mph faster, would have absolutely decimated the allied air cover. Destroying almost all the fighters and bombers sent up against the third Reich.


Flying rings around the British planes Hessís channeling money away from the ME and toward rockets, allowed the third Reich to loose and loose badly.


The story of Rudolf Hess is in the extreme of interesting. Especially since he was forced to surrender to Jews in Northumberland, his body double surrendered to the English. The body double was a corporal whom was a close to true body double. He was killed in prison to make sure he kept his secrets decades later.


The Real Hess spent the rest of his life in Jail but a very different black site jail.