Rome the Eternal City


The time 753 b.c.e.

The place the city of Samhain (Seven) Hills. Each Hill represents a specific biblical story. Sorry did you not know the city of Rome is a recreation of both the Pyramids of Egypt and of course a reprinting in architecture of Genesis?

The Date of the start of the Jewish Calendar is the approximate archaeological date that a Culture from Mecca invaded Upper Egypt (using the same route both the Hyksos would use 1700 years later; circa 3800-2100 b.c.e) conquering and destroying any and everything in their path. The Tabernacle System of Adam built at some unknown point centuries previous was dismantled and moved north courtesy of the Niles. From 3800 b.c.e to 3500 b.c.e, the Children of Israel (to be known circa 2500 b.c.e as Jews) worked to constantly evacuate ahead of the invading army.


For the first 730 years of the history of Rome, it was not called “The Eternal City” it was only called that first after Caesar had the city of Memphis moved from Egypt to Rome. Making up a strong portion of the new Senate Buildings around the Forum.

Then permanently after Caligula had the city of Heliopolis(Jerusalem) moved from Egypt to Rome. Heliopolis became the Vatican, and the ruins of the destroyed Senate is were Memphis is. The city of Carthage, at least part of it was also dismantled and taken to Rome. Where it was reassembled.

This is also what occurred to the city of Troy, Athens, Tyre, etc.

Dismantled and shipped to Rome were they were reassembled.


Rome or its former name “the City of Samhain Hills” was literally a collection of Tabernacle Systems. which arrived and were reassembled by the Julii and other Jewish families, just in time for Jesus to enter Rome and start his ministry.

Unfortunately this four millennia in the planning strategy did not work because, the religion of Christianity was betrayed by more than a few sides.

That betrayal has left a huge mark on all aspects of civilization.

Instead of the Vatican being headed by the descendants of Jesus/Simon Peter, it was headed by the Evil Priest Paul and his begat.

From 320 to present the majority of the leaders of Rome have been without doubt behavior pattern wise followers of the teachings of Paul and in violent opposition of the teachings of Jesus/Simon Peter.







The Rock of Mars


Greco-Roman Paganism

Construction of Rome; from Troy, Carthage, Heliopolis, Memphis, Tyre, Athens, Sparta,



The Cumaean Sybils

Caligula’s Mother (in the years before 33 c.e., Caligula’s mother purchased the lands the Vatican sits on. Well repurchased the lands the senate had confiscated from the Julii family, which had been an issue several times. That land had been passed back and force a few times since 753. where the Vatican sits was the location of the Rock of Mars aka the Vatican Hill. The Vatican sits were a City of Samhain Temple/Tabernacle complex once sat. A Cumaean Sybil temple is close to the only evidence remaining about this 3000 year old <likely much older> Tabernacle of Adam system just outside the Gates of Rome. That Structure sits just to the side of the what used to be called “The Garden of Gethsemane Where Jesus was the night before he was arrested. The second Jesus entered Jerusalem, everything about those events takes place in Rome Proper. Entering, the MoneyChangers, starting his ministry in Jerusalem, his meeting with various Senators who were in favor of the message, as well as the Crucifixion, etc. it all took place in Rome Proper.)

The Crucifixion

The Vatican

Fatimah in Rome

Mohammed and Rome








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