Possibly starting with Caine killing Abel

††††††††††† What parent has not begged the divine being they are aligned with to bring back their dead child. Few would be the answer. Consequently when Caine killed Abel it is entirely possible a resurrection of sorts could have taken place.

Possible theory; Lilith Adams first wife might have known said items. Consequently either eve and or Abelís wife could have traveled to Lilith and asked her to perform said ceremony.

Noachite rite

The story and the ceremonoy being passed from one generation to the next; passing into the hands of Noah. When his three boys (now wi



Jaccobs pyramids

Jaccobs ladder


To the Hyksos

To the Dorian's

To Hippocrates

To the Greek's

To Rome

To Constantinople

To Geneva Switzerland

To Northumberland

To English Royalty

To European Royalty

To Collaspe of the Holy Roman Empire

1806 the library is open

Extensive research in Europe from the Roman library

Mary shelley gains access to the library

††††††††††† Thoughts and concepts of resurrection as an actual concept start to flourish in central and eastern europe

Expariments with resurrection