The worst possible thing the world in science are the spectrum of pseudo scientists.


Basic scientific criticism; is great in its place. But its place is when the part a and party b are equally matched.


The spectrum goes from the pretend psychologists who pretend to be psychologists but in truth are only interested in addition to be told about all the emotional stories the patients and others have. Aka behaviorists. Several I have known get off emotionally on the stories they manipulate others to tell them


Psychics/mediums; clearly a case of where something is real on both sides. Fake and real but with no proper measuring device or tests, the entire issue is fought with inconsistencies.



3 year old scientists. I want it all and I want it now. I am desperate to destroy the idea. I want to destroy the idea before it is beyond notes. I love killing scientific ideas, why it does not matter what each 3 year olds motivations are. But these guys never take on anyone other than the pre-bachelors, because they know they will loose the academic battles. Luring young thinkers out just to destroy the thinker; destroyed the idea is only an added benefit.



This category is a 3 year old because the swoop into young ideas and hammer ideas before they can get started. They do not make careers out of waiting till the idea is fully formed then destroyed the idea. They hammer well before the researcher has their dissertation in order.

Better to beat a child on the academic battlefield then to wait till that child is a grown warrior. Grown academic warriors are capable of hitting back.


Mental battle


Conan professional academic v small child

Conan professional academic  v child

Conan professional academic  v boy

Conan professional academic  v 12year old

Conan professional academic  v 15

Conan professional academic  v 18

Conan professional academic  v 22 bachelors

Conan professional academic  v 25 masters

Conan professional academic  v 27 PhD

Conan professional academic  v 29 medical doc

Conan professional academic  v professional academic


Wait till the idea has matured and trained; then hit it with everything you can. Till it is an equal match. It is ungentlemanly to take on such insufficient opponents. How many good ideas are destroyed long before they can take on Conan.


Good hard criticism does remove a lot of bad ideas, but it also destroyed good ideas from that too week the fight.





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