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The title originates in the term "pr-aa" which means "great house" and it describes the royal palace

Which is remarkably similar to the title for chief priest in Rome; “The English term derives through Old French pontif from Latin pontifex, a word commonly held to come from the Latin root words pons (bridge) + facere (to do, to make), and so to have the literal meaning of "bridge-builder"” bridge/ladder builder strongly points to the monotheistic and Jacobs line influence and base of the word and phraseology of pharaoh. Jacobs ladder being of extreme importance in the definition of the chief priest of ancient Rome.


Pharaoh’s crown

The word pharaoh itself is a word which is not used to illustrate the actual title of king till the Hyksos invasions. After it is used exclusively till Caeser.

Which means from Narmer till the Hyksos circa 3200-2000 an odd 1200 years the Egyptian kings used some other word. Which means since the  Hyksos are most likely from mecca; which means they are most likely from Esau's line; they are by default monotheistic from Abrahams line.


Which also means the word and title of Pharaoh means something different to monotheists than it does to the pre-Hyksos and post seti circa 1280 b.c.e kingdoms of Egypt.


To monotheist it means ruler of the long house aka tabernacle; which also happens to be the title the Frankish kings used “leader/governor of the long house”.  This is important since the Franks used to use the language Futhark which itself dates directly back to Odin of the AEsier aka Esau. Esau is the line the Hyksos come from. The Rites of Odin/Noachite if the metaphor is applied to Khufu; each portion of the Edda and Odin’s journey point directly to the basic architectural framework of Khufu.



http://www.videovista.net/reviews/sept04/pharaoh3.jpg Narmer palette; King of the long(or tall) house. Sacred Tall House (only missing the reference to the color amber/red; and it would be Northumberland); is very close.



Modern titles with Pharaoh as their base









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