Paul was a Hyksos descended Greek born Civis Romanus. Which means he was a citizen of the Roman empire. Which is why he was executed in Rome by sword. Quick, clean, easy executions were reserved for Roman citizens. If you were not a Roman citizen you could be subject to being tortured and executed in any number of long and beastly ways.



Paul despite popular legend never saw firsthand any of the events regarding the man known as Jesus Christ; he had a dream/vision/(psychologically speaking a psychotic break similar to that of John Lennon’s killer; meaning he thought of himself as Jesus Christ in some way)  that Jesus Christ came to him and taught him about his message.


Paul went immediately to James Jesus Christ’s brother and told him about this vision. That the church was going in the wrong direction, he Paul armed with Jesus’s message could “right the ship” putting the church and the message back on course.


According to the written James and the other apostles had with the Impostor “evil priest” Paul (as they called him), found in the dead sea scrolls; the vision of the church which James and the other apostles knew and understood and that of Paul was radically different.


Since the main church al agreed regarding what the message and vision was and Paul was the odd man out; I would side with the writings of James and the other disciples regarding what the truth is.


However since Paul was a roman citizen; they had rights and abilities which the others not only did not have but for them those behaviors and activities were crimes. Paul was free to set up as many8 different churches as he saw fit, free to preach the word as he saw fit. free to teach whoever he felt like teaching.


James is my legend said to have sent over time two apostles/disciplines to join Paul’s roman church; mostly to keep an eye out. Decades later a third joined..

Not only after the Paul’s church which would eventually be called the Vatican/Holy Roman Catholic Church would eventually go to war with James, his descendants, and the church James and the other apostles set up in the middle east and NE Africa.