Old Colorado City


This city has an amazing history.

But almost all of its history is entirely fiction based on what the Great Awakening Movement followers wanted to talk about and more impornat what they wanted to erase from existence.


First the City was founded a century before its American Government Accepted Date.

Second this was the original Capital of Texas. Before the plantation owners moved out of the south and into Texas, since up and down the Mississippi was already taken by previous evacuees from the south and the Caribbean. as well as their business partners the Barbary Coast racially militant Muslims.


But when the Plantation owners started to evacuate out of the south thanks to the back lash from Andrew Jackson and his bran new Democratic party (which the most radical would reform into the Confederacy in the years after the Jackson Presidency). The backlash was in part due to the facts surrounding that the “trickle down” theory of economics is impossible to work unless the exact correct conditions are present. Those conditions include slavery, few if any business regulations, no taxes (each plantation owners is responsible for their own army/navy/marines), and of course open trade with any and every one. It is in basic the modern name for the Greece City State model. Which filed on a dozen different occation from 800-200 b.c.e.


When the Plantation System settlers arrived in Texas they were disgusted by the fact that Moses Austin was a Jew, the original old 300 were mostly Jews. The fact that the Capital city of Texas was not in Austin but in a place called Manitou.


They were even more enraged by the facts that the entire situation was operated by a list of facts which from 1850 to present has been entirely erased from all record/mention in anything about Texas.

Texas was founded as a diplomatic compromise between the Mexican Government, the British Royal family in Louisiana, and the Royal French family (the court of Louis XVI; in exile, although the facts are that there was part of the negotiations since the time of Louis XIV).

For the previous several centuries the Libertine and Protestants had been being jailed and then shipped out of France (usually in the middle of the night) to either prisons in New Orleans and or Mexico. But shipping that many people out of a country, at least a couple prison riots were going to occur. Hence the French going prisons which Papillon was a prisoner.

The libertine could keep their Mexico and of course the Mississippi while the British and Royalist French would keep their Louisiana. But knowing this was a middle to late 1700s political deal, everyone knew the facts were that the libertine in New Orleans and the Libertine in Mexico would squeeze the Kingdom of Louisiana till they conquered it too.

But not without help.

But knowing this as a matter of fact the British and French in American started hire settlers and armies to come and keep the Mexico (libertine French) and the Americans from destroying the middle. Enter Moses Austin and later David Crocket.

The British (not English the British) had been operating a trade route through the American river system for the previous several Centuries. Form the northern Rivers, through the Great Lakes, down the Sandusky river, to the Mississippi, up to the Missouri, up the Missouri to its headwaters, over the continental divine to the Colombia, down the Columbia to the Pacific.

That same journey would take 18 months by ship. The British achieved that goal in about 6 weeks. Means the British and the French were making about 5 round trips for every one way trip trop to the orient to buy goods like silk and ship them back to Europe.

The money paid for the armies which kept the Ottoman Empire from conquering all of Europe, it also paid for Versii, and it allowed the building of a huge amount of infrastructure in the Americas as a fallback position since many of the European cultures were falling under the illusions of Protestantism.

Which was designed by Martin Luther as a repackaging of Islam.


When the faithful night occurred and the libertine government in France had a large enough army and support from other protestant cultures in Europe. they started to want to take France and kill the French Royal Court. The musketeers saw this coming for decades and asked the British in Amirian who had already been forced to evacuate from Britain to America if they can join forces in America. the British of course said yes.

So the musketeers collected the treasures, books, etc. and started to ship them over to the new world.

Second just before it became unacceptable to be in France. The musketeers were given the order, set up relay horses, had the royal ships ready to go, and they evacuated with the royal family in toe.

Large muscular men two to four or them picking up a member of the royal family and evacuating; there is only an argument for a short time. The royal family were under varying degrees of protest were evacuated out to the west to first house and then waiting ships. Decoys were sent east to Germany. But the decoys were also not sent till after the royals were safely onboard ship and out of harm’s way.

The decoys were sent east all but waving flags and making as much noise to draw attention to themselves as they could. The aim was to be captured and sent  to prison by the libertine forces.

The libertine would focus so much effort into the glory over the captured royal family they would not notice they captured body doubles and royal stand-ins. Most of which were either sick or were dying.


The French Royal family first docked in Ireland to resupply, reorganize, and wait for the best weather to cross the Ocean. But they were not aiming for the east coast, nor where they aiming for New Orleans. they were aiming for the mouth of the Arkansas River.

But they had also come entirely prepared since in the years since the rise in power, the musketeers had created a steam entire in a ship capable of ocean travel. so instead of waiting for the correct winds. The group of ships were just waiting for the nessessary amount of coal to take them to the Arkansas River, then remodel the ships to be as light and easy to navigate up rivers as possible. UP the Arkansas through that Territory, to Oklahoma, over the Colorado, then branch north using Fountain Creek to Roxon Creek.

Roxon Creek directly to Bancroft Park.


There is less than zero reason to assume with sufficient time and planning that the ships used to evacuate out of France were not steam powered. Also there is also less than zero reason to assume those ships were not reconfigured to be a Type of Magnetic Levitation Ships over water Image result for electro magnetics maglev. So even if it is only a small amount of water, the electro magnetics coil in front to charge the ground with the same charge as the keel of the ship than the speed at which they could navigate up the rivers to Manitou is any speed they can achieve.

Arriving just a little south of east of Manitou; were they would build or had already built a Palace were Bancroft Park now sits. That Palace is mentioned in a dozen places by the earliest Amirian settlers, including Anthony Bott; when he was first Manitou he stayed in the by then converted to a hotel former French Royal Palace for several days. The story about him staying the Dr Gavin’s Cabin is pure mythology. First it was built decades later despite the propaganda of the paint on the front. Second that cabin was within miles of General Palmers sized Castle “The Eagles Nest” aka Glen Eyrie, that was originally a Castle built by the Ogle family of the British culture.

The Original Capital Building of Texas, Kansas, and of course Colorado was the French Royal Palace located around and behind the current open Air Theater. All but the foundation and footers of that Palace have been obliterated from existence.

The time Dr Gavin’s Cabin was moved from close to General Palmer to the State Capital of Denver. Although that cabin was one of the oldest American cabin’s in the Colorado. It has no more significance than just a cabin. All the other propaganda is to hide the stories of the Palace in that immediate area. The Palace was also the original Capital of Texas. But so much hatred, all that built up emotion erased these facts.

What Mr Bott did achieve was to be a key player in the erasure and obliteration of the British and French people and most of the buildings which could not be converted to being built by him or his friends.

In the area in the 1850s, if you were an American you had less rights than a slave. Yes Texas, Kanasa, and Colorado had slaves up to and through the 1870s. Despite the laws against. Several large “undocumented” plantations were in the area, they were only shut down after the army and “abolitionists” started to settle in the area and protest to their political friends in Denver and back east to bring in the army and force an end to the slavery. General Palmer was a Union Man but he turned many a blind eye to what was happening in his City.

General Palmer was given strict and entirely clandestine orders from both the Federal Government and what would be the CIA in several decades to have his own “Undocumented” army and keep the Confederacy in his city at bay. Allow them to operate under the direction of Margaret Davis-Hayes the “Queen of the New Confederacy” but do not allow them to be more than just a token of their former selves. Mr Bott was likely a confederate who was forced to leave Missouri in order to keep performing slavery and other equal crimes against humanity actions. Stealing lands, hurting the citizens in the area, and of course lying about his actions to achieve those goals. Interesting how “religious” people break most of the commandments in order to create their holy land experience lands.

Lying, cheating, stealing, murder, placing (ignorantly) Mohammed (Protestantism which the Great Awakening Movement is strongly part of, as well as the history of the Movement itself) above Jesus and god, refusing to honor they elders (erasing older cultures is also in the definition of honoring they mother and father), coveting what other have in order to take/steal it from them, etc. Breaking most of them.

General Palmer was hurt in a clandestine Operation against Confederate forces. He would later die in another Clandestine operation leading the command from his wheelchair.

All aspects of said were entirely secret and if any records exist, they would be in Langley Virginia. Same with the reports from Sam Clemens. Sam was not a clandestine military leader, he was a spy tasked with reporting on the resurgence of the Confederacy in Whatcome county and if the Confederacy and the LDS Church merged forces.

More than a little interaction between suggests a bit of interactions and merging of powers. Both wanted to continue to exist, both wanted to not only continue to exist but continue to advance their cause.

These events played themselves out in the movie “Paint Your Wagon” with Clint Eastwood and Lee Marvin.

The script was the best and easiest way to tell the truth about the slaughter of Mormons, British, French etc. in Old Colorado City from 1845-1860.

Up to and including Gladiator contests fighters and animals versus Jews, British, French, and Mormons. But since the LDS members were all but entirely either Black or African Sympathizers Young wanted not a single thing to do with them. so they were all subject to slaughter for the Great Awakening and Confederates cultures present pleasure as witnessing Human Sacrifice.

The “Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo” started as this disgusting Gladiator contest. Although the propaganda misses the executions of the humans, concentrating only on the Rodeo skills. The Rodeo skills came after the human sacrifice events proved to be popular.

But until there is a crowd and money from ticket sales, there is no reason to hold a Rodeo.

The original shows were in part Cowboy skills, and human Sacrifice events. Slowly as the population of those who could be legally sacrificed dwindled to an end but the crowds wanted entertainment the human sacrifice became replaced with an almost total emphases on the cowboy skills competition.


So many things about the events in Colorado City from 1790-1880 which occurred and evidence remains regarding them occurring still exist but the same culture which created the propaganda also maintain it close to two centuries later.


Where did Smith (? after) go after the LDS community was obliterated in Old Colorado City is an unknown. But it likely evacuated out of with the British and the French to Whatcom County Washington State. But they would have to evacuate out of their within a few decades as well. Traveling to Northern Ireland.








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