Nabta Playa Nubian

6400 BC and 4900 BC


This site sits just west of due south of the Djoser pyramid causeway.


800 miles south of Cairo and about 100 kilometers west of Abu Simbel

100 miles west of Abu Simbel as the map indicates. Is approximately 830 miles south of Sakkara.

Drawing a line directly from the djoser pyramid 830 miles from the door or djosier through the causeway out the door to the walls around djoser the point intersects approximately 800 miles south of Sakkara and 100 miles west of Abu Simbel. Which is approximately the location of this ancient megalith.




Meaning architecturally and according to the rules of megalithic design, the megalith of djoser and the megalith of Nabta Playa Nubia are connected. Cardinal directions are of primary importance to all megalithic construction.