Megalithic construction


All megalithic structures have several things in common

One; they are built by a people who have long since disappeared from the history books.

Two; they are all made individually on the same basic architectural parameters; large blocks, which are stood on a rectangular end, all are large complicated sundials, all have some indication of a NE pointing portion, all mark the winter and summer solstices.

Three; all interconnect with megalithic structures hundreds of feet, miles, or even hundreds of miles apart.

Four; the really special megalithic structures point to or interact with global defining structures. The Khufu causeway is pointing directly at the very top of Everest.

Stonehenge points directly to Cambridge university; than directly through the middle of Taipei.


Backup_of_sacred architecture 2.JPG


Several have the in their architecture a reference to the exact degrees of Orionís belt.