The most classic concept of Medusa is of a member of the Clergy of Athena whom was forced to have sex with Poseidon inside the Temple of Athena. Athena grew so enraged by this betrayal that she turned Medusa into a snake like creature called the Gorgon and punished Poseidon in a variety of ways.

Lets strat with some basics, the city of Athens was not called that yet. It would not be called that till after Theseus recaptured the city from his ancient nancestors who had founded the city 1000s of years previous. The name Athens is a direct linear likely B derivative of the ‘s means it is directly a person, place, thing. Athen, to convert through several languages places the H after the T as an addition to hide the original name ATEN. The ATEN is of course a solid and considerable part and portion of both the pre-Egyptian Dynasites single deity. A single deity of Egypt which was in existence centuries if not more previous o tht e3800 bce invasion from Mecca. It can be easily defined that descendants from the same culture which invaded Egypt from Mecca at 3800 did so again at 2100that time they were called Hyksos. They would have dozens and dozens of names over the millennia.

Same culture had conquered the previous rulers of the city of Poseidon, which is what Athens was called prievous to 1340 bce. That date is an approximate since that date also places when Meritatan and her son Theseus left Egypt to found their own new Kingdoms to avoid ht egenocide needed in order to keep the Avaris from performing a coupe detant and taking over Egypt. Which they did the second they thought King Tut was weak enough to try and be the commanding general of his forces. His mother, and older sisters were out of the country creating new kingdoms for the family to evacuated to. He was left behind, paritlay because he was the only son of Amehotep iv aka Akaenaten and Nephertiti, he was also a cripple who was incapable of leading an army into battle. But it would at least give young king tut a battlefield death which si at least mildtly heroic. He would not live long, his body did not work well enough to give him a long life, his feet were clubbed. Standing on a chariot was a lethal idea for him. He would have to e literlay tied to the chariot in order to ride it successfully, and that is just as bad of an idea. It would be a guess as to which did more damage to him, the bouncing in the chariot or the fall at 35 mph.

The fall ripped his patella off. Causing an infection which took 10 days to kill him.

His oldest sisters strong and domiant son Theseus recaptured the city and of course renamed the city to honor his mom, who thanks to grandfather Amenhotep iv aka Akanaten was given the name ATEN in your name. However the details of this situation are difficult. Since the details point to the Trojan War started when Theseus as a young man in whatever the Hyksos/Dorians called Poseidon/Athens between being called Poseidn and then his renaming the city after the deity ATEN. He was sent to the Palace at Knosis to become a tribute to the MInotur. A half bull half human hybride animal.

Theseus went to the Palace at Knossos as tribute to be put into the labrynth at the Palace and was prepared to be eaten by the Half Bull Half man thing which lived in it. A thing which demanded to eat only human flesh.

Theseus reportedly killed it, and used a ball of string in order to find his way out. With the severed head of the minotaur as proof of his Heroism.

Theseus and army returned to the city to recapture it. After the recapture the city was renamed ATEN’S, then the H was added after the T in later language translateionns.

At some point in the earlier past, the sea god poseidn became angry about the rulers of his name sake city Poseidon chaign the name to something else. He sent a sea monster “the gorgon” to crush the city.

Periclease was sent or volunteered to go, find medusa, cut her heat off, bring it back, and use her head to turn the Gorgon into Stone.

Which was interestingly depected in the movie “Clash of the Titans” starting Harry Hamlin in the 1960s.

A weapon of mass destruction at the Palace at Knossos, Medusa was both a weapon of mass destruction and an expert in mathematics, the Lighthouse at Alexandria was a WMD, the Ptolomaic family and the 18th dynasty are/were directly connected.



Medusa ended up with her lower body that of a snake, a human female torso, and an oddly shaped head. One legend has hear head being  a crown/headdress of Bull horns. Those snakes since Athena was so insanely jealous of Medusa’s beauty that anyone whom medusa looked at would instantly turn to stone.




It was not a box but a Jar.

A similar Jar to that which Noah used to build the Ark/Tabernacle of Adam with, and or find and recommission.

The Jar was a reference to the stone circle megaliths used by ancients. The science behind those megaliths is to this day still well beyond what modern science can understand.

Communication through masks

The Greek culture had the most difficult time when it came to the application of masks. When the different cultures were forced to merge after the Dorian dark ages and the Dorians could not maintain a large enough army or military prowes to maintain power. The cultures merged. That merge forced the theater to develop what became known and respected as the concept of Greek Theater.

The Greeks could only accept their entertainment and actors to perform their lines behind given masks. Those masks . The mouths were large enough for the actors to literally be able to fill a theater with their voice. But the audience needed to see specific types of characters. The actors were simply repeating a type of identity; the audience needed to see the mask to follow the story line.  but this is a combination of elements regarding mixing cultures which for the most part did not get along. The Dorians being descendants from the Hyksos and Esau before that were entirely not a good culture for the Greek civilization. They did not want to be included and fought the inclusion process the entire way. Not till after Thermopolis did the Dorian culture start to cooperate. The Dorians were sure they would simply be included into the Persian culture and stand alongside their Persian cousins to recapture the Aegean and make the Aegean their area again. The Persians had no interest in combining their culture with the Dorians. Distant cousins or not, the Dorians would fall the same as all the other enemies of Persia. But the combining was literally only partially and always looking for a better deal or to rise up and recapture the Aegean for their own power base and rule again. Which happened under the rule of the Romans.

The Greek theater is an example of these concepts. The cultures involved always looking to express themselves in their own unique way without having to defend their way to anyone. 

Defending becomes a strong motivator for self-interest, self-identification, and eventually identity disorder.

The story of Medusa being included into the basic story framework of Greek Theater. Medusa being involved with the Greek theater is where her story starts to both change radically and combine several stories literally into just one.

The pre-Hyksos conquest of the city is one Medusa, that story has been almost removed from the elements of the theater. Minus the portions of Poseidon, Athena (Meritaten), the conquest of the city by the Hyksos, and the reconquers of the city by Pericles.

Three separate take overs of the same city, in effect culture A and C are the same culture separated out by more than a few centuries. Culture B being both the culture which Mohamed and Fatimah are connected cascade into Fatimah being drawn to those stories, wanting to gain access to the shield of Athena (Meritaten) and follow in her father’s footsteps. Regarding Mohammed worked his entire life to find and rebuild the culture and religion of Esau (not the origin of the Islamic Faith but one of the first documented persons to carry out the faith. Terah would be another but vastly less documented. The documentation also only exists within the framework of the bible and other equally questionable sources). Although in truth the whole situation behind the application and development behind Esau’s conquest and seizing control over the city of Mecca itself is literally where Mohammed recreated the Hajj from. Including but not limited to the mass genocide of everyone in the city whom did not move away too quickly. Soldiers were sent out to gather those whom ran to stone them to death in front of the pillars of Adam also.

Medusa part of the Hyksos pre-exodus had female clergy. Those female clergy is what and where both the character of medusa springs into the history books and mythology from and what Fatimah worked on to create a faith and culture from which to combat Abu Bakr after her father died/poisoned. The female clergy/imam of the Hyksos her name was not medusa, that would be the name of the pre-conquest by the Hyksos female clergy. The Hyksos clergy for some reason they had a female clergy/imam within their culture which Fatimah wanted to find and recreate. But to arrive in the Aegean, she had to literally go the very long way around.

Through the exploits of Medusa, with the much later but still relevant Blood Countess (her enemies were strongly allied with the militant Islamic armies of the area, than to the Catholic Church. Elizabeth herself picked up some of the folk tales and information which Fatimah collected has she travelled from Germany and Vienna down to the Aegean. But through Fatimah and the Blood Countess, a reasonable with a Greek theatrical decryption tool in place it is possible to separate out the three women to determine what each role was as well as what the application process towards what the ancient knowledge each possessed.

See Fatimah had two goals, both of which are presented in the story “Clash of the Titans”, those two stories are literally part of Greek mythology. Fatimah wanted to rebuild the ceremonies of Medusa to combat the execute on site order from Abu Bakr. He and the Vatican agreed to hunt her down and kill her and all her followers, which cascaded into the burning times outside of Italy. To make sure all evidence of what Fatimah did would literally be erased and lost forever.

Why loose the informant Fatimah worked for decades to gather, simply answer. She was looking for information regarding the ancient science of the megaliths. Which for Fatimah’s sake she wanted to use to resurrect her father from the grave. Buried deep inside Greek theater.





Poseidon to Athens










Trojan War

There is an extremely good chance that either previous to the battle of Trojan, Agamemnon and his not yet up to the size of army they took to the Trojan War. Agamemnon attacked to recapture the city of Athens or was pushed out of Athens by the conquering Ionians with their leader Theseus. Theseus fought them off.

Why would Agamemnon at the battle of Athens have anything at all to do with the Trojan War. Because something in history sticks out as being not correct. The sequence of events which take place before the Trojan War talk directly about Medusa. But the Jews whom are directly connected to both the Battle of Athens and Troy have female Clergy in Hebrew (which was not invented yet) the word is Rabbi. There are very learned and powerful Rabbi previous to the Exodus. One can say that before the Exodus which took place at roughly the same time as the Trojan War. Extremely likely part of the Trojan War is the exodus. Moses his writings and such can absolutely not be trusted. His work comes with a death penalty if questioned.) .

Medusa and Fatimah

Even though there is no real way Medusa and Fatimah are connected. It is very likely Medusa could have been the inspiration for what Fatimah did. Which is what caused Abu Bakr to literally need to seek her out and destroy her.



I find Greek stories fascinating. Millennia after the events so much has blurred it is hard to put into proper context.

Medusa most everything built in societal constructs regarding this character are either incorrect or are poetic license retold by the conquering cultures. The Parthenon did not exist at the time, the temple of Athena was at the center of the old city, and the Parthenon is also not a temple but a kind of bank or shrine to the greater glory of the City itself. It is dedicated to Athena, mostly because the patron god of the city was at that (when the Parthenon was constructed) point Athena. That specific city has changed names at least twice along with patron deities. Founded by ? but the first written account god of record is Poseidon. But Linear A has not been translated yet, so the records only go back to about half way into the translations of Linear B

See the city itself was called Poseidon for about 2500 years before the Greeks came to the Aegean. Before the Dorian’s ruled circa 1100-800; the Mycenaean civilization rules from around 1600 to 1100. So the medusa story could be almost completely different than we understand it.

Medusa could be a word meaning priestess, or the queen of the city, a commanding general, etc. Ok look for proof/clues/cooperation within either the story and or the history of the city. Why would Poseidon defile his sister’s temple? Unless it was his temple, Since Poseidon was the ruling god of the city before. Why was her anger not on Poseidon and on this woman? Why then was this woman transmorphed into a gorgon and the Cracken (the Cracken being a major sea creature “Poseidon’s territory”) be a major player in the story? Although the Cracken is the adopted son of Poseidon he is relayed to hurricanes. But there is another story about the cracken which is similar to this. The cracken was angered by the city of Rome and devastated it. In around 753 b.c.e the Greek boys Romulus and Remus did create a revolution conquest of the city, taking it over from the previous rulers. The cracken it seems played a role in both conquests.

Cleopatra and Medusa

Medusa by legend was morphed poetic license into a gorgon, a part human part snake creature. Interesting how Cleopatra was executed and not exiled like Medusa was. Perhaps the stories of Medusa still being strong and powerful centuries later were a warning to Augustus that tell the story she committed suicide rather than exiled. Her followers could simply go and reclaim her, form a new army with Caesars actuals son as its head and not only threaten his power but take over the entire Roman Empire.

Ruling Rome not from Rome but from Northumberland.

But since Newcastle translates to Jerusalem; and Cleopatra was a Jew, this does create some very interesting connections regarding the reasons why those said items occurred.


The legend of Medusa was mostly simple. Medusa (which part of this legend found its way into the basic story of Beowulf; courtesy of the cultures which left the Aegean after 1200 b.c.e and traveled up into Germany/Scandinavia. The stories are so similar not to have a strong similarity or the same origin, changed based the story telling techniques of the different cultures involved) was a priestess of Athena. Poseidon had some type of an issue and traveled to Athens. At Athens he went into the Temple of Athena and had sexual relations with the priestess Medusa. Once Athena found out; she punished both Poseidon and Medusa.

Obviously Athena punished Medusa more stringently they she could punish Poseidon.

Medusa was known for her beauty which enraged Athena and caused her jealously to flair into mythical proportions.

Medusa was morphed into a half human half snake. Exiled forever away from Athens into the northern portion of the Aegean. And for extra punishment her beauty was used as a weapon; anyone who dared look upon Medusa’s face would be turned to stone.

Sometime later Perseus (later this basic story telling framework was turned into the basics of the spy James Bond by Ian Fleming) attempting to save Athens form the sea (Poseidon) creature the * traveled to Medusa’s exile location, fought her, cut her head off (using the back of his bronze shield of a mirror to locate her, not unlike the effects of a vampires gaze will be lost on a person if they use a mirror on a vampire. The effects flipped), took the immortal head back to Athens, used the immortal head to turn the creature attacking Athens to stone, thus saving the day.


This is all well and good but the primary issue is; that is all political spin regarding at least three separate invasions/conquests of Athens by several different cultures.

First the current city of Athens was actually previous to 1300 b.c.e called Poseidon. The city was Poseidon for at least 1000 before the name was changed to Athens by a conqueror.

Second the city dates back previous to 600 b.c.e more than 2500 years. Some evidence regarding the city have some types of settlements in the area of Athens dating back more than 5000 years before the common era or the 0 year in the Julian/Gregorian calendars.

Third the elements were changed and shaped by the facts regarding there are more than one type of enemy when a conqueror is on the horizon. The conqueror wants to take the city they are aiming at, but do not necessarily want to destroy the inhabitance. That city could merely be a link in the chain of other later actions. E.g. nothing person we just need this city to achieve a larger goal. Then there is the person battles, the battles which occur because the conqueror hates the inhabits of a city and need to kill everything in that city which breaths. The reward is not the gold, slaves, strategic location, etc. the reward is knowing everyone in the city is dead. The city of Athens was conquered at 1300 b.c.e by unknown cultural forces. Not long after the city was reconquered by forces from the Hyksos/Dorian culture. The Dorians hated with a passion both the culture which had invaded circa1300 and the culture which was conquered at 1300 b.c.e. Both were hated beyond measure. So after the city fell to the Dorians all the stories of the city were rewritten using the cultural perspective of the Hyksos/Dorians. What does the story of the conquest of Athens have anything at all to do in any aspect with the city of Bellingham Washington State. The violence and conquest center conquest from the half a dozen or more armies in the area from 1800-1890 tell a very similar tail. The French, Indians, Indians/British, Americans, Confederates, Russians, Canadians, etc. were all in the area from Vancouver BC to Seattle fighting for control and supremacy. Just because the later Dorian stories were from their personal perspective does not mean for a second those conquests not only did not occur but most of the information regarding what occurred between in the wars of 1500, 1300, 1100, 800 did not change and shape true to reflect the perspective of each of the dominant cultures. Linear A and Linear B were both erased from being translated because later cultures wanted to make sure their stories were the ones being talked about and the previous versions were erased. The best and most efficient way to make sure information is erased is to change the language to something else and kill all who keep using or teaching the old language. So even if bits of the old stories are found no one can read them. Same thing occurred when Sumerian and Akkadian Hittite, Phoenician, etc. laws were passed to make sure the next generation would be entirely ignorant of those languages so ancient knowledge would die just like the people who knew the ancient stories were killed outright.

Fourth just because a story has been changed so much that is almost does not reflect the original truth does not mean by any stretch the original stories elements are not still present. To decrypt the changes simply requires a mathematical model take the key elements of the story itself, then take the culture which changed the elements of the story to fit their militant perspective, then separate out the elements which what they could have been changed from and into regarding how the culture or cultures would perceive the cultures they hated elements. For instance we know that the Hyksos hated the Jews on a mythical level. Every single time the Hyksos and their descendants encounter the Jews they attempt to recreate a holocaust. The success of that generations holocaust vary, some full out genocide others merely long standing prejudice. But hatred is present from 2100 b.c.e to present.  In addition just because the Germans did not get away with their holocaust did not mean and does not mean previous conquests did not do the same thing and were not stopped in their genocidal activities.

Five it is possible use the above elements to decrypt the stores. By separating out the actions of each culture involved in the sequence they were involved, then determine which element was changed in what sequence, by whom those elements were changed, adding that each story has specific frameworks which are present in their stories. Medusa and the snake theme.


Poseidon to Athens

Athens, the capital city of Greece. Athens, take the h off after the t. Now since it is a name and possessive take the‘s (‘not included in post Linear B languages). You arrive at Aten; the Egyptian god Amenhotep IV or AhenATEN named all his children and sent each one off to create new kingdoms.

Poseidon and Medusa

During the Battle when Poseidon was conquered and name changed to the name of the Mother of the commanding general. In the Battle the head priestess for the temple and very likely a co ruler of the city Medusa was banished along with her followers. She had the ability to turn anyone who looked her in the eye to stone.

Before the Dorians could conquer Athens

Before the Dorians could conquer Athens the city was possibly conquered but more likely the Mycenaean’s simply accepted the new rulers of Pericles and his Mother Aten. His mother Aten was after a very crude much later translation of

As soon as the city was under a descendant of the Egyptian 18th dynasty e.g. the daughter from Amenhotep IV aka Akhenaten. He sent his children out to create new kingdoms of their own; leaving his youngest son Tut and his oldest Daughter Meritaten in charge of Egypt to get the last of their people and items out of Egypt before the Avaris rose up to seize power over Egypt. Ending the 18th and starting the 19th which Seti and Ramses. Which ironically at virtually the same time the 18th was being deposed and the 19th was seizing power the exodus was occurring; add more irony the Mycenaean city of Poseidon was captured and name changed to Athena to honor both his Mother Aten and most likely  his Grandfather Akhenaten.


Dorians conquer Athens

When the Dorians conquered Athens, they put their own spin on the tales and the founding of the city. Which conqueror turned Medusa into a monster is unknown, but the behavior patterns are closer to that of what the Hyksos/Dorians did previous and post, than to what the descendants of a possible Akhenaten could have done.

Medusa and Megaliths

The Legend of Medusa was she would turn you to stone, e.g. pillar e.g. megalithic component. For a conquering army (either Athens or the later Dorians) destroying the power of the previous is part of the conquest. The Futhark is the language, mathematics, and science which was used to create Stonehenge aka a Ring of Pillars.

If this legend is even close to accurate, than turning someone to stone is just part of the entire situation regarding the ancient secrets which the Dorians worked very hard to erase.

As the story goes, “medusa could turn you to stone simply by looking at her”. She has hair a snakes.

What if this idea has merit and she could not turn you to stone literally, but write your life’s story from first breath to last breath. That to an uneducated and Luddite culture like the Esau/Hyksos/Dorian’s little is more frightening than that possibility.

Perseus cut her head off, which was immoral. Took her head to the attacking Athens Kraken and turned him to stone. What is that entire adventure was Perseus traveled to the area the library was still being maintained which Medusa was one of the last libraries’ guardians of the library. Forced to leave Poseidon when the Dorians invaded. Of course the Dorians would not have wanted to blame all those really horrific actions on themselves. They would blame the Mycenaean’s.

Medusa and Lilith

Feathered serpent? Interesting symbolically Lilith; I wonder if Thoth is hieroglyphic for Lilith

Medusa and Bellingham/Ferndale

Although the log jam would have occurred naturally, the fact that some logs stuck up could have been used by the British Empire to create a settlement and a sacred center from the center of the log jam out. Reminiscent of the city of Memphis which if the translation of the legend of Medusa is correct than Medusa and the megalithic cultures were one in the same. Medusa being schooled in and an expert in understanding the language, mathematics, and science of the megaliths themselves.

Choosing the Woodhenge of that log jam connecting the pieces of that log jam directly to the pieces of Memphis, Eve (snakes), and the Tabernacle at the center of the Garden of Eden. There is not one tree at the center of the garden but four. The four trees were used to build and or some type of cascade effect from the center of the garden of Eden to have the entire universe and its flows of time be not only present but also be carefully woven. The amount of details and information which was edited out of Genesis is beyond profound.

Adam and IWNW

Side Note; by legend the name of the first temple of stone Adam built on earth was “The Sacred City/Temple of Pillars” or in pre-Hieroglyphic IWNW. Which was conquered circa 3500 b.c.e the remaining ancient temples destroyed and a new city built in its place. The new city was called Heliopolis aka Jerusalem in Egypt.


The story of Medusa fits into the founding of the city of Bellingham is a profoundly difficult sociological framework to work with. Not difficult by any stretch of academic credibility but how does a fictional character fit into the narrative of a city which was founded millennia later on a different continent on the other side of the northern hemisphere. The answer is extremely easy.

The story of medusa if you break it down into its most basic elements and change the names from Linear B back to hieroglyphics; you get a story which is radically similar to the concept and story of Isis, Osiris, and their son Horus.

Isis = Medusa = Eve

Osiris = Poseidon

Horus = Adam or a resurrected Able, yes the son whom was murdered by his brother. Who went on to become the first Pharaoh after his father “Adam”.

Medusa transformed into a snake; Isis/Medusa being Eve has a snake as a symbol. Which is the same as the symbol for Lower Egypt the deity Wed Jet; which has long been considered a name change forerunner of Isis.

The Definition of Deity is not the modern definition of the word.

Deity is closer to the definition of “electro magnetics sphere” and or “Magnetosphere”.

Wedjet is only a few small accents of sound away from being pronounced “Wunjo” which is the Futhark work for Magnetosphere, Joy, etc.

Lower Egypt is also the area which contains the city of Heliopolis aka Jerusalem. Former to 3500 b.c.e was called IWNW which translates as “The Sacred city of Pillars”. Which is by legend the location and very likely the temple Adam built which was designed to be a reflection of what he could remember regarding the center of the Garden of Eden.

The city of Bellingham specifically the city of Ferndale being a close enough in geography and geology to the Nooksack compared with the Nile. The city of Ferndale being connected geographically with the Jam; which was close to the metaphor regarding the original rebuilt city of Memphis. Which was by legend built by Abraham as a physical e.g. stone copy of the temple of Heliopolis which by his religion Adam built himself.

In many ways at least the most basic outlines and the most basic layout of Ferndale could have been how the city of Ferndale was thought of and conceived. Since little if any of the original is left; replaced by modern construction and modern square layout patterns (courtesy of firs the English and then the Americans; who hated all things to do with the Semitic cultures and most specifically Jews. Remember that fascism was just as strong fi not stronger in American than it was in Germany.).

Medusa being transformed into a Gorgon, her son being transformed into an equally hideous creature, when Perseus attacked and killed Medusa. Her son seized revenge; which caused giant Scorpions to attack Perseus’s and his group.

Which is a story telling metaphor for the Scorpion King. Which the hidden inside Greek Culture Jews became experts in hiding their culture inside the conquerors cultural infrastructure. Which connects the story of the Scorpion King aka Narmer, with Medusa/Isis/Eve, with her cursed son or sons (resurrected and or Caine), the city Adam built aka Jerusalem, with Memphis, which connects Memphis and Heliopolis directly together.

Bellingham Washington

One of the best reasons for the vast amounts of covering up, secrets, lies, desception, etc was their was only one group in America in the 1700s and 1800s were Western Culture descended from Esau hated more than Jews. That Group was literally women, up till around 1920 with the Sufferjet movement the role of women was literally close to that of radical ilsmaic women. Killign your wife in America was nto considered illegal, it was only kind of considered illegal. If it was your wife or daughter, sister, etc it was not only not considered illegal but it was considered an internal family issue. That family would work it out, the authorities would have little to say in the matter. Killing a non blood relative you were not personally incharge of was a different matter. Killing a sister or a cousin under the charge of an older male relative was illegal, but that male relative would be the one responsible for disciplining you. This was an unwritten rule of polite society. But after 1776, the ideas started to spread that maybe militant islam’s (including Protestantism which was desgined by Martin Luther to be Islam Light; repackaging Islam to make it more acceptable for European cultures.) treatment of others was nto something to emulate and accept. The American cultures battle over said ideas fo women’s rights has been raging ever since. Those drawn to Protestantism need to suppress the rights of everyone but themselves, while good people (religious affiliation not required) pull away from said restrictions to allow themselves to literally work to secure true freedom for all.

Bellingham Washington previous to at least Pickett was Castle Bellingham and Castle Ogle (WWU “Old Main”) btween the two sat Pickett Tower. Previous to Pickett’s arrival the Tower was not a Tower but a Tabernacle. That Tabernacle was literally





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