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Mary of Nazareth


Blue eyed, blond hair, pale skin, tall, this would be a reflection of much of the art and common accounts for the first few hundred years after the events in question Many depictions and said have this woman being a blue eyed blond with pale skin, tall, etc. which in the middle east would stick out in an extreme way. Most pass these said rumors off as pure fiction; some type of western culture misunderstanding of said in a post anti-Semitic schema. But there is plenty of evidence suggesting that in fact mary and joseph both could have easily been of the fair complexion. Since they were both royals from Jacobs line; they could have easily been part of the group who travel to Scotland with the (if the story is true; DNA strongly suggests it is) Amenhotep IVís daughter. Traveling back after Davidís (a direct descendant of Jacob; Joseph was a direct descendant of Davidís) line retook the throne. Many of the ancient pharaohs had red hair.


Maryís first name could be a family name regarding her high standing Royal Rank. If her family did come back from Northumberland after King David was in charge after deposing the Esau line descendant Moses, and Mosesís line who took over after Moses as not allowed into Levant/Hebron lands.

This could make her first name either a descendant of, related to, or a reflection of her royal status regarding Meritaten Amenhotep ivs daughter. Who became first daughter, then great queen wife, then full Pharaoh herself, having to give up the throne when her possible son or step brother came of age.

Not being satisfied with going from pharaoh to anything less; she is by rumor said to have traveled to Northumberland to establisher her own kingdom there.

Her first name was Mari; change the I to a Y; you have Merytaten, Mery taten, the aten was the name of a pre-Narmer monotheistic god. Vowels are only a guess based on ancient dead languages which did not record the sounds of vowels. The t between mery and aten could mean many things; including a direction of vertical. Which would place Meritaten in the category of a name which means Northumberland. Mary is Aramaic means holder of the sacred.



Knowing that her son was a king of kings meant that mary had to be a high ranked royal of at least one if not more lines descended directly from Jacobs children.

Being a Jew; means that one of the family lines would be a descendant of the fourth son. Maryís mother and father are said to have been Anne and Joachim.

Being a Royal Mary would have been related to at least eight Jewish Royal families. Her son would have been at least four generations royal descended on just his motherís side. Equal or better on his fathers. Making her son the first male child of at least 12 major Jewish Royal families; directly connected to both the families which went to Scotland.

Her husband would have also been a direct descendant of at least one if not more from Jacobs line.

Being a Jew; means that one of the family lines would be a descendant of the fourth son.


Mary being a blue eyed, blond haired woman. How would this be a realistic and or accurate concept being a person born in the middle east to middle eastern parents. The answer is look back to the Amenhotep IV by legend sending his daughter Meritaten to first Spain and then Scotland (secondary name sake; alba being on of Meritaten royal names, Scotia being the name of an Esau Queen Princess set to Ireland circa 1600 bce); from which can be partially proven since Amenhotep IVs son Tut. Tut by DNA is a direct descendant of those in the UK and northwest Europe. The genetics of said have been strikingly known for being tall, blue, blond/red, fair, etc.

After being sent to northern UK to set up a new empire; with a large contingent of followers; circa 1320 b.c.e. After the exodus Moses Esauís line would have been in charge. Not an acceptable political or schema thing to come back to.

Consequently it was not till after Davidís line took over would those living in northern UK to trickle back; in drips and dribbles.

From 1500-900 b.c.e would be more than enough time infuse the blond/red, blue, fair, tall, etc. of the Northern Europeans/UK into the Hyksos/Jacobs line lost 13th tribe.

Allowing Joseph, Mary, and Mary Magdalene all to have the Nordic features in their DNA.

Of X location (Nazareth, Iscariot, Magdalene, etc.) almost always has been a sign a ruler of x location. Meaning Royal blood.

Which would also point to the mansion on the hill(the hill of Bethlehem; the hill would have had a megalith before the megalith was incorporated into a Jewish temple. The safest place would be in a cave below the temple. No sufficient room anywhere else to birth a royal descendant.) ; the only room, plus the most protected from attack place to have a baby would be in the cave,_cave_of_birth.jpg(the center of the pic is both the cave under the now destroyed mansion; where by legend provided by St Helena Jesus Christ was born Silver star marking birth_place_of_jesus) under the house. The only room would be the only protected and fortified room would be in the cave. Which happens to match the cave/carved out sub-terrainian chamber under the Khufu pyramid behavior pattern/ceremonial pattern; indicating Emmanuelle was born as an EA the son of a Carpenter/Mason. Which according to Jacobís line (which if my theory is accurate) which built Khufu to Honor Noah, the Noachite Rite, resurrection, and Jacob from which Emmanuel means (son in a direct male {possibly also female line} from Jacob). Normally where the only treasure the romans would allow, Animals/livestock, to live. Which also matches the ceremony and placement of the cave under the temple dome Solomonís temple Jerusalem; 8.5 km to the NNW

In brief; in Judaism and islam, life came from a cave in the garden. So at very special and sacred locations thedesign included a natural or made cave. At Khufu, Solomonís temple, bethelham, and Mecca each has a similar designed cave.

Life under an occupation force means you as a citizen under occupation have almost no rights at all. Anyone who wanted to go harass you could do so without legal repercussion. Picking off the livestock from the Jewish families would be a way to harass and make a little bit of extra money on the side; since the Jewish owners were forbidden from harming a Civis Romanus.


Mary gave birth in a cave onto of a major and predominant hill in Bethlehem; Davidís city. The hill would have had a Jewish temple built either around an ancient megalith or the megalith would have been replaced and the stones remodeled into the mansion which Josephís family owned or were related to the owners.

The cave being of extreme significance to the concept of at the time Jewish ceremonies of the ancient times. For them ancient times would have been 1500-3000 years before. Also another connection to resurrection from the Noachite rite; where Noahís body was buried in a cave. Abraham was also buried in the Cave of the Patriarchs or the Cave of Machpelah.


Mount of olives; the ossuary had an olive on it, indicating holy. Mount of Olives would be the Olives specific for arc ceremonies.