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This Magazine was born out of the Elder Futhark Calendar.

That calendar was developed several millennia before the Romans started to include the those facts into their history.


One reason for this is that the Roman culture was in part directly descended for the same culture which destroyed the Futhark to begin with.

Another lie among the enumerable lies the Roman Empire told. The facts that the city of Rome was not built in a Day, it was conquered and its previous 1500-2500 years of history were erased over the course of the next several centuries.


This in the strongest way matters to the Futhark since the city of Rome’s nick name previous to “The Eternal City” was “The City of Seven Hills”.

Which is absolutely impornat since in one Gaelic language Samhain is pronounced Seven.

The Futhark Calendar was created by following the first Rule of Mathematics.

“Measure too and From Fixed points”

The Earth passes through eight fixed points in its orbit around the sun. Those eight fixed points have 5 special 16 day months, usually the Elder Futhark months are 15 days aka a fortnight.

There are 5 and on leap years a 6th 16 day months.

The month of Halloween/Samhain is one of those special months.

The City of “Seven/Samhain Hills” was named so specifically no less than 1500 years pervious to 753 b.c.e. -2253. What was happening in the world in 2253 b.c.e; that was just before the Hyksos invaded Egypt.

This next part to explain does become a bit complex but the journey will help you understand ho this product will enable you to improve your life on an immediate and constant basis.

The Hyksos from the city of Mecca were aa culture descended from an invasion which took place about 300 years previous circa 2500 b.c.e. the bible labels those people are descended from Esau, the brother of Jacob. Which directly connects at 2200 b.c.e only a few decades before the Hyksos “Shepherd Kings” invaded Egypt and over the course of the next 150 years seized control over all of Egypt. Seizing as many of the Jews living in Egypt as they could and turning them instantly into Slaves to serve as a shield wall army. That Shield Wall Army was literally taken out of Egypt and used to conquer up into the Sinai, around Levant Lands, up into the lands of Canaan, around Canaan into the Anatolia Peninsula, and taking as much of Anatolia as they could.

Ending at the West side of the Aegean. But the West side of the Anatolia Peninsula which is the East side of the Aegean had a problem in the decades before the Hyksos and their Slave Shield wall army arrived. The Thera Volcano was about to erupt, so the culture present in world power force were in the middle of an evacuation from both the Aegean and Anatolia peninsula. As the “Cycladic” culture were retreating the Hyksos became emboldened and arrogant regarding their enemy retreated out of fear for 2000 miles. But when the Cycladic attempted to warm the Hyksos their  invasion was a very bad idea; the Hyksos took the warmings as a coward army coming up with excuses for not wanting to fight.

Warmed the Cycladic culture continued to evacuate, leaving huge million person cities empty as they retreated from the eruption of a super volcano. The Hyksos not understanding what a super volcano could do, moved right in and made thsemleve at home. Their was a city at the base of Thera which the Hyksos in assumption made their new capital of the Aegean. But that city, despite being capable of holding more than a million people was sitting on ground which would soon be atomized. 1530 b.c.e, the core of the island of Thera disappeared when the super volcano erupted.

The Cycladic culture evacuated West to Italy; hence “The city of Samhain/Seven Hills”. later to be conquered by a renamed Hyksos descended culture the Dorian/Romans. The Hykss never forgave the Cycladic for walking them into a trap, of course the Hyksos had not forgiven the cousin Jewish culture for building their holy books using stones and geometry either. The first priting still in existence of Genesis are the Pyramids.

Which is one of the reasons the Hyksos spent their entire time from 2100-800 b.c.e to find any and all evidence regrdign the Pyramids are the book of Adam and destoyring it. Althogh the Hyksos are very likely the descentnants of Esau, the brother of Jacob (the father of the Jews) and the grandson of Abarham. Jacob was chosen to be Kign of Kings, not Esau. Esau was not chosen and his philosophy was rejected by the semitic community.

From 2500 b.c.e to present every single time a new Hyksos descended attempts to seize power, and use their philosophy to control the world, a Jacob line descended has either built something wonderful for all humanity or is sent in to stop the Hyksos descendent from committing crimes against humanity. The patterns from 2500 b.c.e to present are enumerable to caount. but the Elder Futhark is a significant portion of why the Hyksos hate science. The science and mathecaits developed by the Hyksos is the basic number line a +b = c. measuring too and from on the x number line. Adding more number lines when needed.

But a single dimension will never give an idea for the structure of the universe. trying to balance between a Hodge podge collection of single dimension numbers then trying to add layers of equations and slopes in order to balance between each of the single dimensions. which is chaotic at best.

The Futhark math starts as a multidimensional format. each number line is specific to a polarity hierarchal sequence.




 The 15/16 days of the month



June 13-28



June 29 July 13



July  14  28



July  29-Aug.  12



Aug. 13- 27



Aug. 28 -  Sept  11



Sept 12-27



Sep 28 Oct 12



Oct 13 - 27



Oct .28-Nov 12



Nov. 13 - 27



Nov.  28 - Dec. 12



Dec, 13 - 28



Dec. 29- Jan 12 



Jan. 13 - 28



Jan. 29 - Feb  12



Feb  13 - 26



Feb 27-Mar, 13



March 14 - 29



March 30  - April 13 



April 14 - 28



April 29-May 13



May 14 - 28



May 29 - June 12












By TR Welling

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