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Table of contents

Khufu and Hajj



Giza Theory

FreeMasonic Information

Welling Navigation System








The Khufu pyramid is a building which is so surrounded by mystery that is is almost impossible to come up with a coherent theory regarding what the building was in almost any aspect.


No less than four separate cultures claim to have built the building. But the problem is; none of the four of them had the technical capacity to do the work or the engineering.

In the 1500 years since the Vatican started to allow limited mathematics back into its sphere of control; the most modern mathematics cannot recreate one pyramid let alone 2, forget 120. One of which was so large that its footprint can still be seen more than 1000 years after it was dismantled.


One thing regarding the Khufu pyramid; it was not designed for a grave. The Building could never be a grave because it did not have one similarity to a mastiba. Plus with all the added stuff Royal mummies were over six feet long. Khufu built the largest building on earth but made a coffin for himself inches too small? So since no evidence lines up; the obvious answer is the building was not designed to be a grave.

However the building was built by the Jews as the Jews state, the ancient Egyptians state, and several other associated cultures state the Jews built the building.

But let us examine this; if the Jews built the building. Than what if the Jews were in fact not slaves but this is their land? According to the Narmer plate this area between Sakkara and Giza was given to the Monotheists as a refugee/reservation lands to do with as they so chose. As well as a reference on the back to deal with those annoying megaliths (Stonehenge) eye sores from millennia back while they are at it.


So the yet to be called Jews started to slowly remodel the area between Sakkara and Giza from the ancient People of Kaern monuments to Jewish Monuments.

But keeping the old infrastructure of the Kaern Monuments intact.

The Khufu Pyramid is a building which has the following evidence.


If you compare a three story tabernacle with Khufu the two are radically similar. Ramps down, ramps up, and the all important way to get up the top.


Pyramids and Levitation




Part of a tabernacle design; one staircase/ramp down, two staircases/ramp up. This is part of the Northumberland mathematics.





Khufu Library (Queens) Chamber

Khufu Noah Ceremony grand gallery

o   the main entrance



o   Main entrance into the heart; 1, 2, 3.

  11-18, 21-28, 31-38 are a count of every step along the journey. Not accounting for the steps of the causeway or inside the portal temple.

  0 38 the porch before the entrance

         A 1 11 between the first pillars

o   The entrance temple

         B 2 12 the temple itself

         3 13 the wall

         F 4 14 the walking area between the wall and the Ziggurat

         C 5 15 up the stairs

         D 6 16 the entrance angles and pillars

         B 7 17 down the first stairs

  (the A-E continues several times on the way to each chamber)

  7a first point of intersection.

         down to 1; up to 2 and three

         The antechamber

  8 18 the first starts; after the blockage


         Area between

  9 21 second blockage


         Area between

  10 22 third blockage

         11 23 Area between and

  12 24 subterranean chamber aka Cave under the temple mound. Just like the well of souls it is supposed to be unfinished; just like the unformed clay man starts this journey as.

         8 18 also serves another purpose. Polaris shines down that shaft every x years. It represents a single point; on a compass berring.

         Polaris also represents the light of FreeMasonry; the north is where the king sits.

  13 25 back to the intersection; between the pillars

  14 26 the Granit plug

  15 27 passageway between the Granit plug and

  16 28 the first blockage

  17 31

  18 32

  19 33

  20 34

  21 35 the last third passageway between the second chamber and the mastery chamber.

  22 36 junction between the second and third chambers. This is a very important junction.

  23 37 The Well of Souls (Arabic: Bir el- Arweh)

  24 38 the passageway of time; first third

  25 11 the passageway of time; second third

  26 12 the passageway of time; last third

  27 13 the Grand library (formerly queens chamber) dedicated to the mind. Metaphorically for storing mental things like books. With a highly polished ceiling a menorah could cast sufficient light through the entire space effectively.

         The niche might have been a layered and removable bookshelf (each layer an open faced box for storing books ). The area in the room was for study. This could very easily have been a classroom.

  28 14 south compass point

  29 15 north compass point

  30 16 the grand spiritual passage

  31 17 the passage between the grand gallery and the Kings chamber

  32 18





         Veil between

  33 21 master chamber

  34 22 south compass angle

  35 23 north compass angle