Kaskaskia was the original Capital of Illinois before it was move to Chicago.

Why the move, because the Americans wanted to avoid with all costs the facts that the area was under British control previous to the Americans taking over.


Kaskaskia was an attempt to recreate the structure of Egypt and Carthage in America since the previous structures were all but entirely obligated.


Kaskaskia in relationship to Carthage is about 140  miles south along the River.

That River is the same River Joseph Smith used to evacuate out of the area in order to achieve better goals later on.

Although the name he used after leaving Carthage was not Joseph Smith, he was given a new name. He might have gone by the Name Israel; like Jacob.  In a very real effect Joseph Smith died that night his body double was murdered. Ironically Kaskaskia was one of the places Smith stopped and spent a few hours interacting with the still present British family (not English but British). The British helped Smith as the Ogles of Tiffin had helped him previous and were still keeping Oliver alive in Tiffin at that exact time. Oliver in Tiffin was that night under extreme threat. Oliver was a hard core loyalist of Smith, he did liked Young intensely.


After leaving Kaskaskia, Smith used the Arkansas River to travel to his 10 year old Established Temple in Old Colorado City. A Temple which would be entirely obliterated within 15 years and almost all records destroyed.

Kaskaskia being a Capital of Illinois and a relationship with the Carthage Capital city in Tunisia is also an interesting one. Currently called Sfax Tunisia is the approximate distance between Carthage  and Kaskaskia Ill from Carthage and Sfax Tunisia. Although considerably edited due to space little Egypt Image result for little egypt map Image result for little egypt map is only a few hundred miles away to the south east. Another interesting is the location of Chicago is in the approximate location of Sicily.


A copy of the Hall of Records was built into this infrastructure





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