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The life and connections of Joseph Smith





Joseph Smith and the Ogle Family


Joseph Smith and the History of the Plates 2016 8 16 1211



Adult Intimate Ceremonies



Joseph Smith and the Trojan War


The Ogle Family FreeMasonry and Joseph Smith regarding Cassandra Princess of Troy 2015 6 3 1706


Ogle Family FreeMasonry and Joseph Smith temple of Apollo 2015 6 3 1558


Joseph Smith and the first Capital of Texas; smith had been in negotiations with the Ogle family since day one, had been working with Sam Huston to allow a Mormon settlement in Manitou Texas.

High Treason of Joseph smith



Carthage Illinois


Final meeting

Ordered to leave “right now”


His journey as a new man, new name, new everything. Dropping all association with joseph smith entirely the second he walked out of the camp after saying goodbye to his bother and friends.


Smith versus Young


B.Y. could not stand the teachings of smith, he hated where smith was taking the church. A black lds community, connection with Jews, the “molestation of teenagers for ritual purposes”, and the start of legends/rumors about a special group of lds sent to Germany in the middle 20s to form a think tank or two and research something special. A few dozen other subjects pushed Young to  mental breaking point and he would rather die than to see smith in charge of the church for one more second. Young (a completely devout Puritan/Protestant) saw himself as a reborn Saint Paul. Saving the church from the evil Simon Peter. 


Execution; about 10 days later or less, the ambush and execution of his brother and royal stand in took place.

Ceremonial Execution of Joseph Smith on a Tabernacle of Adam System


Journey after June 22, 1844 (well immediately after dropping everything and leaving right that second or Rocky Mountain, which at the time was the name for Pikes Peak); following the same route the Royal French Court of Louis XVI used circa 1792 to evacuate out of France. Which describes perfectly why the Libertine French seized power in Mexico, put up a figure head, and immediately sent every single solider to Louisiana/Texas to find the French and British Courts in Manitou and obligated them from existence. Which only partially worked. Although it is entirely fair to say that the whole situation could be a bit different. one of the rules was that Smith had to leave his church, his name, and all connections to the past behind when he left the at night. The lord had a different direction for him. A direction which is slightly confusing and more than a bit difficult to comprehend. Since that direction match very closely to the directions the lord gave Jacob when he left Mecca on his way back to Israel. Manitou Armageddon and Joseph Smith, whatever his new name was.

His new name might have been Israel. He could have been chosen to be the new head of the Army of god against the invading armies of the world.

It is very likely 10 to 20 miles down river from Carthage Smith was picked up by the royal guards of the British and French and escorted to Manitou.


The Journey of Joseph Smith in Colorado 2015 11 30 1315



King Louis XVI


Joseph Smith aka Israel


Book of Mormon part 2; smith missionaries in Germany


What did smith do after leaving  Manitou, he traveled to Bellingham WA, then Northern Ireland. After that is an best guess based on the evidence or lack of.


The Ogle Family FreeMasonry and Joseph Smith regarding the Picket Plantation Bellingham Washington 2015 6 3 1711


Joseph Smith Jerusalem 2016 2 21 2116


The Ogle family FreeMasonry and Joseph Smith regarding The Exodus 2015 6 3 1711 out of Manitou to Bellingham Wa.



The Journey of Joseph Smith in Colorado








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