Is the Capital City or Noah’s Flag Ship in a collection of cities. All of which are built to be in a network of Electro-Magnetic Wave detectors/broadcasters; or in modern terms Radio Telescopes.


The word and concept of Jerusalem means a sacred city; well the sacred city of the Ogle family. Sorry but Linguistics are linguistics, what things translate too are what things translate to.

Add to that the definition of the person (vertical/north), red (umber/amber), earth (land, defined area, castle, opolis) in Indo European is Adam. Adam means Red Earth, a person red earth. Two separate references to north, umber, land in the names of both Adam and Jerusalem.

Which in Hieroglyphics translates to Heliopolis.

You will find a huge amount of references and cross references to the Yr Hen Ogle dd code in most aspects of monotheism. It is actually not all that different than the fictional “bad wolf” Steven Mophet included in his Rose Tyler “Dr Who” story line. However Bad Wolf is fiction, the Ogle family code is the opposite.  

Jerusalem = North/Vertical, Umber, Land = Heliopolis. Heliopolis was moved from Egypt to North West of Rome Proper by Emperor Caligula just before the Crucifixion, it is now called the Vatican. When Jesus entered Jerusalem, there is every likelihood, he was transported to Rome on the Ship Carrying with city of Heliopolis/Jerusalem. Which means he brought the capital city of the Jews to Rome. Docking it to the marsh to the west of the Valley due west of the Vatican Hill, aka the Rock of Mars, aka Mount Zion.

A sky filled with stars

Description automatically generated


The Name Adam means; Red/Amber/Umber, Earth/Land/Defined area.

Which is 2 words needed for the code of the Ogle family.

The third being Vertical which is in part a vertical human/or partially divine blessed being.

The First “Blessed Man” covers the North/Vertical part.

In the name Adam, you have North(standing)/Vertical, Umber/Red/Amber, Land/Earth/defined area.


Adam and Eve were cast out of Heaven after some issue between god and how they were working with the tabernacle system.

The Tabernacle System is what was at the center of the Garden.

The story has been made infinitely simple by misogynistic cultures.

All blame does to Eve, for eating the apple.

However since their was not one tree but 4, and each tree was inside a Kaaba for protection and assistance; this an infrastructure of buildings. Not just a single tree with a snake in it.


The Snake is a bit on the complex side.

The Snake is not actually a snake.

The Snake is the shape the earth makes as it rotates on its daily axis making a 24 hour day . Now there are 365.4 days in the earths orbit around the sun . Each day is like a rib segment, Image result for snake ribshence the St Patrick removing the “Snakes” from Ireland. He was not talking about reptiles who do not live in such cold climates; cold blooded do not do well where it is close 10 months of the year. He was talking about killing the people who still knew and worked with the ancient Snake mathematics of Adam.

St Patrick was a diehard devotee of the Evil Priest Paul, and hated the teachings of Simon Peter. As did most of the popes about 3 after Simon Peter

The Rib Sequences are the days, and 365.4 rib sequences make an entire year. Each Ring eg Rib segment is a day, 365.4 days are a Image result for corkscrewa single rotation around the sunImage result for corkscrew. As the Snake wraps itself around the “Tree of Life” which is the orbit around the sun.

The snake metaphor is also part of Nordic Mythology, the Snake Jörmungandr. Jörmungandr is a giant snake which grew so large it encircles the earth; during Ragnarök the Thunder god Thor Kills Jörmungandr with three blows to the head of the snake.

But the blood of Jörmungandr is acid, and Thor is killed by drawing in the blood of the snake. A lot of that story infiltrated into the Jewish mysticism which filter into the book “Revelations”.

You can see direct evidence of the snake in astronomy. The whole, tunnel, shaft, mine, wake the planet makes as it passes through the solar wind. In the wake of the Solar Wind, the earth leaves a whole through it.

That whole can be detected and part of its patterns read. That recording of the earths Electro-Magnetic waves imprint on the wake of the solar wind; that can be understood to be Heaven and or Hell depending on how you look at it.

That Electro-Magnetic Wave “recording” the planet leaves in the wake of the solar wind, explains in huge detail why from Adam to present huge emphasis has been put to building what has become understood in modern parlance as Radio Telescopes.

The modern Radio Telescopes are courtesy of the work done by the Thule Society which American took on said research and put said technical specifications forward into the VLA west of Socorro New Mexico, Arecibo, etc. around the world. Hedy Lamarr was specifically good at developing said technology. However most if not all of her work was so classified it is still secret decades after her death. But a brilliant, female, eastern European, did a nude scene at 19, Jew in the 1930s was unacceptable. In the 21st century 80 years later her contributions to world technology are still not all that acceptable. No need to look further than the 2016 American Presidential Election for hard evidence of a Brilliant Female being treated in a similar fashion by the same government which disavowed Lamarr in the 1930s.

In effect the snake is the Electro-Magnetic waves the earth gives off and imprints on the wave of the Solar Wind Image result for the wake of a boat. As the earth  passes through the Sun’s Solar Wind; Image result for solar wind the earth makes an impression, a wake inside the wind.

The Shape of said Wake/Impression appears to be in the form of a snake.


Adam Built several dozen “Tabernacles” which were close to exact copies of his Tabernacle in the Garden of Eden.

Said Tabernacle System is 4 Kaaba each containing a Tree, with a fountain and 4 rivers separating the 4 Kaaba.

The fountain divides into 4 rivers, Gihon, Pishon, Tigris, Euphrates.


The location of the “Garden” based on the work of Archaeologist David Rahl, was centered somewhere around Tabriz Iran. A more radically violent; anti-free speech government is difficult to find on the planet. Well that is only partially true, if you want to be violent in the name of Allah to praise Mohammed “than you can say anything you want” as long as you are a man. However if your words are in any way, shape, or form negative about Allah, and or the Prophet Mohammed. Do not plan on living long.


The archaeology surrounding the city of Tabriz suggests that the area has been inhabited since the stone age, or at the time of Adam.

However 1000 years after Adam and “The Bad People” chose to “seize” power and demand the stories of Adam be edited to suit the way they perceived life.

Positions like changing steward to pro-slavery

Removing females are equal to males, and making females both sub servant to males a well as 100% responsible for original sin.

Over the millennia the descendants of Esau continue to edit the stories to put Esau and his descendants including Moses in the best light, and the Jews in the worst light. Editing the stories to make almost every female either very bad, or flat out evil.

Building a dozen or more copies of his Tabernacle at the center of the Garden of Eden points to more happening than just building a collection of Temples to make ones self feel better.

Plus, we can only guess where those temples were located based on much later in history attacks on them and there destructions.

However, what if he made 100s of temples.

A string of them along the west side of the Nile, and a few dozen in the middle east, a couple as the base of Carthage.

Could they have been some type of a collection of Radio Telescopes. A collection of them separately doing their tasks, but collectively reading more than any one given collection could.

Example in the movie “Contact” with Jodie Foster, which is based on the novel by Karl Sagan.

To record the message required linking to a couple dozen different Radio Telescopes around the globe. Did Adam in some way create dozens of Radio Telescopes in order to in some way maintain “Radio Communication” in some Electro-Magnetic wave format between himself and god?heaven?


So the obvious question becomes; is their any direct physical documentation evidence that points to some type of a World Wide Radio Telescope Network of Machines/Electro-Magnetic Wave detector/broadcast stations.

The answer is (on the extreme side of Unfortunately) yes there is. In a huge fresco painting at Hierakonopolis.

There is a painting on the walls in a long ago buried and ignored, lost to history building. That collection of Paintings is literally a Map of the Globe, painting circa 4000 bce.


It is also a direct reference to the Noah’s Ark Fleet.

Noah did not have just one Ship. He had a fleet of them.

The descendants of Esau hated the idea so much, it was on the top of the list to edit out.

in short because the ships were more than ships; they were some type of Electro-Magnetic wave field detector.

The Modern Equivalent to Noah’s Fleet are the Lodges of FreeMasonry.

The Grand Lodge is the “Flag Ship” and the other lodges in the area are support vessels.

 Ancient Greece Map


The Site in Hierakonpolis was found at the end of the 1800s, but most of the paintings have been either heavily damaged and or have deteriorated.





Hierakonopolis northumberland

Hierakonopolis Tabernacle System 2018 3 9 2105

Hierakonopolis Map 2018 2 10 0449



While studying a copy of an ancient Egyptian panorama, known as the Hierakonpolis Tomb 100 mural, my partner Leon Flying Eagle and I, discovered that this ancient artwork is actually the world’s first map of the entire world. Remarkably, this map was charted by predynastic Egyptians over 5,000 years ago.

Only fragments of the original mural remain, but fortunately detailed scientific studies of the tomb and art were conducted from 1890 to 1910, and studies of this important site continue to this day. The mural we were studying was drawn by F.W. Green of Cambridge, and published by the British School of Egyptian Archeology, in 1902. 

The overwhelming similarities between the Tomb 100 mural and the outlines of a world map quickly became obvious to us. Adjusting the darker background color of the Tomb 100 mural to blue emphasized the contrast between the land and the sea. The continents, oceans, inland seas, and even large lakes, mud flats, and straits were easy to identify.

We began calling the mural the Tribes of the Earth World Map because we noted the various civilizations marked on the map, which we propose are represented by the boats.  

This fascinating, and now controversial, ancient artwork revolutionizes ancient world history and sheds new light on the adventurous spirit and sailing ability of  ancient Egyptian mariners, which charted the farthest boundaries of Mother-Gaia, and successfully recorded the great streams of Oceanus over 5,000 years ago.

Ancient Geography and Sea Levels were accurately recorded 5 kya.

Ancient Greece Map

The Tomb 100 map shows an amazingly accurate knowledge of the geography and bathymetry of the ancient world. The Mediterranean Sea is shown much shallower than it is today, which is consistent with the modern theory of global sea level rise. The map shows mud flats, with shallows and channels, in the Mediterranean Sea.

Perhaps, the map was created with the help of older records which were scribed by the Atlanteans, before the great Atlantis flood, in 9,600 BC.

People, animals and early symbols of familiar Egyptian icons are depicted.

Ancient Egyptian Map of  Lion King

The Lion-King of North Africa

The human figures, boats, animals and structures of the mural, are early pictographs that will develop into well known images, later in dynastic Egypt. The depiction of a mighty hero or king, holding two lions by the throat, is the first known depiction of this famous symbol, which became a common symbol in Mesopotamia, six-hundred years later.

Located next to the Lion-King, there is a depiction of a circle with five stags surrounding it. The animal-wheel has been interpreted as a calendar, showing 5 seasons to the year, depicted by the five stags. Perhaps the calendar was used as a symbol for their culture, for example, as the Mayan calendar is often used today, as a symbol of the Mayan civilization.

The five stags may also represent a unification of five different tribes. Perhaps the circle marked a city, gathering place, or a great bazaar, where the tribes came together, five times a year to trade their produce, animal skins, and other products.

A high-prowed boat is the symbol of Egypt

Ancient Map of Egypt

Ancient Map of Egypt and the Red Sea

Prominently located, near the center of the mural is a high-prowed dark-boat, which stands out in contrast to the five white boats surrounding it. The high-prowed dark-boat is the symbol of Egypt. Egypt has a central location and the most outstanding boat. Perhaps the dark-boat is actually symbolic of the Nile River, and honors the gods that preserve the flow of its life-giving waters.

The five white boats represent other major nations of the world, at that time.

Evidence of ancient horses in the Americas

Ancient Egyptian Map of Horses

Ancient Map of North and South America

The familiar contours of North and South America are unmistakable. The date of Tomb 100 map in circa 3,300 BC is just before the beginning of the Mayan Calendar in 3,114 BC. The mystery of the similarities in art and architecture between the early meso-Americans and Egyptians is solved by the revolutionary new timetable of early contact established by this map.

It is surprising to see horses in South America, because horses are thought to have become extinct in both North and South America, about 10,000 BC, and were absent until reintroduced by the Spanish conquests. Whether or not these images are actually horses has been debated. Most folks see horses, especially when comparing the nearby image of what looks, very much, like a donkey on a rope. Some have speculated that they are llamas.

A procession of boats sails across millennia of time, transporting a mysterious cargo of ancient knowledge;

Long ages of time before Ulysses, Odysseus, and the Argonauts, an ancient pre-Egyptian mariner

launch an epic voyage; circumnavigating the world ... over 5,000 years ago.


Image result for Hierakonpolis50C02E8C

Here is a structuralist art analysis to test the universal standard of subconscious expression, named mindprint, against the Hierakonpolis tomb 100 mural painting.

Egyptian art analysis using the mindprint structure, reveals three adjacent expressions of the standard, universal, roughly oval sequence of typological characters, with tHier eyes on an axial grid; each with a tri-polar centre; oriented relative to the age of the cultural framework. From Mindprint, p220-221. Compare to a Naqada pot rollout on p126, and to Cyril Coetzee's T'Kama Adamastor, which also has a triple imprint. Artists are not aware of the structure or 'grammar' or visual expression.Structuralist art analysis using the mindprint model, reveals three adjacent expressions of the standard, universal, roughly oval sequence of typological characters, with their eyes on an axial grid; each with a tri-polar centre; oriented relative to the age of the cultural framework. From Mindprint, p220-221. Compare to a Naqada pot rollout on p126, and to Cyril Coetzee’s T’Kama Adamastor, which also has a triple imprint. Artists are not aware of the structure or ‘grammar’ or visual expression.

Three chapters in an Exodus

Type 13 Heart or Leo and its opposite, 5b Priest or Aquarius, as lions, link this triple imprint (Egyptian Nekhen mural, Hierakonpolis tomb 100. Cairo Museum. Type labels and axial grid by Edmond Furter).
Shared galactic equators also link the three spheres in a semi-symmetrical chain. Imprints ‘geared’ near one of the galactic poles, allow this kind of interlink (see the Palenque Lid in Mindprint, also reproduced elsewhere on this web page, or on
In the left sphere, type 8 Healer or Scorpius, and its decans Ophiuchus and Serpens cauda (Snake holder and Snake tail), are expressed as a lion tamer, or feat of strength (a feature of type 8/9 Healer or Scorpius in 31% of artworks worldwide). The churn group icon sometimes appears at one of the three other galactic corners (see the Gebel al Arak knife analysis in Mindprint).
10 Teacher or Libra as an antelope has a rearing neck, more typical of its opposite at 3 Queen Aries. Thpe 10 is under an antelope carousel,
figuring a wheel of fortune emblem, labelled a heraldic group in archaeology.
3 Queen or Aries as a palm branch and boathouse, lending its features to its opposite at 10.
11 Womb or Virgo as a slaughter victim’s womb (see slaughter scenes in Mindprint at theme 12 Leo).
Polar features tag the inspiration as Age Taurus, incidental with archaeological dating after about BC 3500. The work is usually younger than the Age indicator.
In the central sphere, type 7g Galactic Centre is a boathouse palm, although boathouse shrines are more often expressed at type 15 Maker or Gemini, as here in the left sphere; and at its opposite type 7 Child or Sagittarius. These types all flank galactic features, indicating that boat shrines are a type of churn group.
In the right sphere, 7g Galactic Centre is again a boathouse, analogous to the Galactic Centre bulge.
Astronomical co-incidences are due to archetypal inspiration. Coherent sets of archetypes resemble one another, and appear to derive from one another; however each derive independently from inspired expression of the structure of perception and nature.

Here are some details of the three sectors of the mural;

Egyptian art analysis, testing the universal mindprint structure in a predynastic mural at Hierakonpolis, tomb 100 or Nekhen mural. From Mindprint p220.Egyptian art analysis, testing the universal mindprint structure in a predynastic mural at Hierakonpolis, tomb 100 or Nekhen mural. From Mindprint p220.Egypitian art analysis; demonstrating the universal subconscious mindprint structure of expression, in the Hierakonpolis tomb 100 mural, right half. From Mindprint p221.Egypitian art analysis; demonstrating the universal subconscious mindprint structure of expression, in the Hierakonpolis timb 100 mural, right half. From Mindprint p221.

Ancient Egyptian Map of HorsesAncient Egyptian Map of Horses

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Links to archeological research and theories regarding Hierakonpolis and the painted Tomb 100 mural:

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Hierakonpolis Tomb 100 (painted mural), presented by Francesco Raffaele.
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Nekhen, Greek Hierakonpolis, by Marie Parsons




Caine and Able

When Caine killed Able, it was over who was going to control the VLA of the Tabernacle of Adam Systems.

The argument was over what god wanted each brother to do. Able was given the job of being with the system, Caine was given the task of maintaining the temple itself.

Caine did not like the idea of maintaining the temple, he wanted to work with the temple. He wanted to work in the temple and work with the the weaving machine.

God did not want Caine to mess with the weaving machine, he wanted Able to work with the weaving machine.

So Caine killed Able in order to gain access to the weaving machine and adjust things on earth he way they wanted them to be.

Which was directly against what god wanted.

He was punished for it.

However when Adam found out, he was beside himself with grief.


As the Legend goes, Adam traveled back to the “Entrance” to the Garden of Eden and proceeded to offer himself in trade for his murdered son.

Like 70ish % of all parents of children would do. “Take me, Me instead of my child”.


After a considerable amount of time likely on his knees begging. It is unknown if his actions allowed Able to come back to life.

What is biblically documented is the Enoch appears shortly after and in effect takes over the job god had assigned to Able.

So one basic scientific method question becomes. which is in part formed by the fact that the Pyramids themselves were built either intentionally or unintentionally as Electro-Magnetic Wave detector/broadcasters; or in other words a Two Way Radio Telescope, not unlike the VLA west of Socorro New Mexico.

Based on several pieces of evidence left after by the “old Kingdom” after they evacuated out of Egypt. They rebuilt their key architecture where they went next.

Everywhere the “old Kingdom” traveled to; the symbol of the old kingdom is the same as the symbol the family of the Scorpion King’s used. A Very tall (vertical)(Amber) Flower, with 7 Petals. This symbol is found all over the place in association with the Pyramid construction.

The Symbol has the code; North Umber Land. Everywhere the “Old Kingdom” evacuated to, they used this same code to identify themselves. From Egypt, to the Middle east, the Aegean, Italy, France, Germany, Britain, Iceland, the east coast of America, Ohio, New Orleans, St Louis, Colorado, St Francisco, Whatcom County WA State.

Did each of those locations leave some type of evidence of a Radio Telescope. In a couple cases, more than sufficient evidence. Rome was built mostly of Marble which is overwhelmingly quartz, compresses quartz literally gives off electricity. Compresses quartz is like a telegraph machine, any interruption in the flow of electricity is a signal which can be read and translated into any given language, provided the base mathematics and translation keys are applied correctly.

The translation keys require the use of the Elder Futhark and Younger Futhark to begin the decryption process.

The Pyramids of Egypt are one of those “key architectural” structures they built, and rebuild, and rebuilt in at least 12 locations.

So did Adam know where the location of the “Entrance” to travel back to Heaven was. Or did he “build” a radio telescope to send and receive messages from the Heavens.

This idea evidence can be found 1000 years later after the death of Noah with his three sons arguing over who would be in charge of the family.


The story of Noah.

The story of Noah begins with a couple paragraphs regarding the Nephilim.

The Nephilim and the journey of Noah’s Ark are the same subject. Because they are in the same chapter together. Remember the editing process, a lot of times it was the Jews who were under threats and very real violence to edit the stories to fit the arrogance, ego, and megalomania of the descendants of Esau. Esau’s people did not know how to write well, but they used there muscles perfectly. So they could use brute force to “get what hey wanted”.

Evidence of said brute force is all over the bible. Most specifically the new testament which was more than half if not 3/4 written by The evil Priest Paul.

Which is a very long story all on its own.


The slightly less edited version of Noah’s Journey is,

Noah built a fleet of ships which moved both Noah’s family, the Nephilim, and the Nephilim library out of x location to Mount Ararat.

From Mount Ararat they were able to course fix on the temple of IWNW.

Where they traveled to next.

Where they docked the ark and the fleet next to that Temple and began to grow the civilization of Egypt.

The Fleet is in evidence all over, the problem is, the fleet also points to other types of evidence which generates (by following the evidence) that Noah’s Fleet of Ark’s were in addition to being some type of naval travel, were also some type of Two Way Radio.


The name IWNW is Indo-European, and it in effect stands for “The Capital City of Pillars”.

The Pillars are of course the Three Primary Polls which hold up a Kaaba.

Egypt has been invaded many times over the course of the last 6000 years.

It was invaded circa 3800 bce about 200 years after Noah landed next to IWNW and began to build civilization.

A culture from the future Mecca invaded across the Red Sea and proceeded to make life difficult from 3800-3200 bce. Invading to the south, and working their way north over the course of the next more than half a millennia.

This unknown culture first invaded and conquered Hierakonopolis and Thebes close to the southern border of Egypt circa 3800 bce.

They slowly generation after generation worked their way north to conquer the city of Luz at 3500 bce. From Luz to Heliopolis only took a bit less than two centuries.

They arrived at IWNW, and of course conquered it.

They changed the name of IWNW to something else.

Which was purposely lost to history.

The next name the place would take on would not be invented till 800 bce with the invention of Linear C aka Proto-Greek.

From 3500-800 bce the name of the city of IWNW has been intentionally erased from history.

Could that be because the name was too close to that of Jerusalem, or another translation of the name Castle Ogle.


After Noah Died, his sons came to his body after his had become mostly bone. A process which takes about 6 months.

They used various hand grips in an attempt to pull theri fathers body and essence out of the grave in order to by chance have him still be a conduit between himself and god.

A conduit, or in other words a Two Way Radio; between humans and the divine.






Egypt has been invaded about a dozen times.

A huge amount of the  times it was invaded, the invader was about as anti-Semitic the Adolf Hitler and his overlord command and control people the Prussian Empire. He was only a puppet, but a more than willing puppet.

His actions flat out determined the killing of the Jews and anyone else who got in the way.

However he was given permission to perform said actions under orders from the Prussian Empire.

There are actually 3 Jerusalem’s, of official name recognition.

However there are more Jerusalem’s in different languages.


The Number of different Jerusalem’s match with the number of times the Ogle family have been forced to evacuate because descendants of Esau and his culture the Hyksos sought out the descendants of Jacob in order to genocide them, erase them from history, and seize control over what they had created.

This includes the Julii family who worked to an extreme amount to formulate the Crucifixion. They spent in reality 200 years directly, and the previous 100 years in pre-production creating all the needed details for the crucifixion. That would be the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ; which that event took place in Rome Propper. The Roman Senate used the name Philistines from just after the Trojan War circa 1300 bce till about 150 ce, when they were forced to give up the title to allow for the rewriting of history to not be the main antagonists to the life and times of Jesus.

The Trial Took place in the middle of the Forum, the exact to the inch location where the enumerable other Trials took place with the captured Enemies of the State. Every single Enemy of the Roman State was brought to the Square outside of the primary Senate chamber and executed. Although that is only semi-correct. That one chamber is one of a dozen chambers the Senate used, but that one is the most famous.

Years previous the Julii family had brought the Egyptian City of Heliopolis to just outside of Rome Proper in order to create what would become the Catholic Church.

The second the city of Heliopolis arrived, is the second Rome became Rome/Jerusalem.




A list in order of the western world’s Sacred City Capitals. A Sacred city can be defined in two ways. First which city contained the/or a copy of the sacred library; two what city obtained the seat of power the other nations wanted. In modern terminology; which city was the for that age superpower.

The library which contained the information which pertains to the information relating to the arc of the covenant. Just because Esau’s line did not like the fact that Jacob’s line was given sacred information previous; does not mean said information was not given. It only means said information was removed/edited out by Esau’s line descendants. Which Esau’s line schema has a long history from day one of editing out what they have not liked; including the ultimate editing process of throwing the plates at the golden calf in a fit of rage in the middle of the exodus. If that act of rage is not editing something out of existence; I do not know a better definition.



It seams that each time a new Jerusalem is founded and the center of knowledge, wisdom, light, etc. is established the same old behavior patterns start between Esau’s versus Jacobs descendants again. The problem is; each time Esau’s descendants win small victories, Jacobs line founds a new Jerusalem. Each time Esau’s line looses, not because of a lack of military power, but because something else intervenes and causes Esau’s line to fail. Some might see the mathematics below as a 6000 year behavior pattern of Esau’s line (which includes Mohammed and Islam) is not supposed to be rulers but a military army commanded by Jacobs line. If each time the mathematics works exactly the same; without exception, it is time to stop expecting a different result.


Jera; timing and the cycles of life

Salem; shem, the third son of Noah. Who was able to raise (possibly resurrect) his father from the grave to find divine guidance regarding the direction the descendants of Noah should take.

Jesus Christ is identified as a priest forever in the order of Melchizedek. The temple from which the priest on high does his work thought is the great temple at Salem. Salem being a temple built and maintained by the brethren; which temple/Salem becomes the question.


The word Trojan literally translates to the word Jew.

Trojan means; descendants of the Foot Holder, Descendants of the person whom holds the foot. Jacob literally means; the foot holder. Incorrectly assumed to mean Jacob held his brothers food, e.g. twins. that is a fallacy edited into content by Esau line descendants. Jacob actually means "he whom holds onto the limb/foot/hand/extension of the ATEN"


Saint Nicolaus Aka Santaclause is a takeoff of the name Santa is old high German for saint, and of course just take off the nic and go with clause and you make Santa Clause out of Saint Nic.

You “ask Santa” for x for Yule.

Santa comes to you, using some type of add “Sleigh” “Ship” technology which can carry all the presents for the children of the world and travel the whole world in a single night.

Additional odd type of evidence regarding this “Tabernacle of Adam; Two Way Radio Telescope”



Kensington Stone

this stone has a topographical map of the Puget sound on it. not labled in English. 

however it is a detailed map of the sound, including whatcom county. 


Baum used this as the base of his "Wizard of OZ" story. 


Coming and going from OZ, not only a two way radio, but a two way "transportion device"

















Enter Kirkwall scroll when Esau’s line conquered this city; the main temple was redesigned to reflect Adams temple designs rather than the Ziggurat of the Canaanite design.


Alexander when conquering this city took this library out and sent this library to Alexandria. A huge displacement; but he figured the volume of this library was best placed in his city in a much better fortified country. Tyre and the surrounding powers were nowhere near as strong a military force as they once were. Plus alexander knew the Romans were just itching to walk in his footsteps and conquer everything.

They would not have the power for a few hundred more years, but they were already itching for more territory.



Circa 3800 b.c.e


Ancient Greece Map


A high-prowed boat is the symbol of Egypt

Ancient Map of Egypt

The Boat Noah’s arc; the name of Egypt, relationship with Noah’s boat/arc.

Referenced by Thomas Paine; Druid are Egyptain, my theory the Druid are Hyksos both Jacob and Esau line descended.

Based on Red and Blonde hair from Royal mummies; it is possible the pre-4000 b.c.e UK came to Egypt. Possibly due to glaciers .


Egypt being defined as “the people of the Temple of Ptah”  built by pharaoh mem aka (I theorize) Abraham. The pyrmids of Giza were built by his grandson Jacob to honor him, Adam, and Noah. Reflected in the high-prowed boat which on the map represents or is a symbol for Egypt.


Ancient Egyptian Map of Horses

Ancient Egyptian Map of Horses which the area of the gulf of Mexico matches

Considering the sea levels were between 100 and 500 feet below current; the coast lines are similar.



Eridu, Iraq





Abu Ruwaysh

Baydaf, Al Ayat, Giza, Egypt




Memphis, Egypt


Perth, Scotland







The number of times this city was attacked, sacked, and rebuilt. This suggests this city was of absolute key significance.

Also indicating this city was also of the most key of importance regarding the esau Hyksos and the Jacob descended Hyksos.


It is said Helen who the fight was about was a blond, blue eyed, tall, pale skinned rare beauty.


The number of times this city was attacked and traded back and forth the behavior patterns strongly point to this could have been another in a long string of esau versus Jacob fighting over control over Jerusalem. Just  a different Jerusalem


The city of 7 Hills aka Samhain




Alexandria, Egypt


Samhain (Rome)


Northumberland, UK


Nag hammadi

Gnostic bible

Constantinople (Istanbul)


Leipzig, Germany




Northumberland, UK


London (Helena)




New York




New York















Bactria (Balkh)






Causeway 17

One way to find said capital is to look for its location within the framework of the ancient megalithic measurement infrastructure.

1,000’s of the ancient megaliths were torn down and churches erected in their place. But it is easy to measure the center of the old circle/megalith because the designers placed the church/cathedral naïve directly over the center of where the megalithic structures center used to be.

Catholic doctrine points to a need to prevent darkness from spilling out; so they would find and cover the believed previous religions nasty place with a holy shrine.


Evidence of megaliths construction in America

Draw a line from Boston, through Manhattan, down through Philly, to DC

Ironically each of those cities have been a capital city of the pre and post-revolutionary war.

Pre-Boston was a capital of the first 1500’s-1600’s settlers in America.


Philly, New York, and finally DC have contained the post-revolutionary capital of America.

Boston, Manhattan, Philadelphia, DC (capital building)



Heaven and Hell regarding Time Travel





are hills to some degree hollow? not usually, minus mines and caves. So to answer your question, do you understand the basics of Sonar? compress quartz releases electricity. Any type of compression will do. The harder the compression the more electricity is released. As we know based on a million or more instructions, the ceremonies in Egypt consisted of "Spoken Words" and actions. Speaking release compression waves, those compression waves when amplified with say 1000 tons of quartz will magnify from just a voice or a collection of voices through the 1000 tons of quartz surrounding the person or group. Think of a music concert, with the speakers turned up and surrounding the performers.