Israel two


The land created my Moses after he was unable to determine a way to conquer Egypt and reinstate the Hyksos back into power.


His intent and what he ordered his descendants to do was reshape the middle east into what they had in Egypt..


Conquering and the middle east rebuilding the monotheistic holy sites from Egypt in Jerusalem.

“a town of Canaanites about 20 km north of Jerusalem later named Bethel by the Israelites”

The Luz bone is the “eternal bone”; which after the romans invaded Egypt, they took the old nickname/previous to Memphis name of Memphis and remonikered Rome as the eternal city.

Judges 1:23  

And the house of Ioseph sent to descrie Bethel (now the name of the citie before was Luz).

House fo Ioseph indicating a different location to the city of luz from genesis.


For instance Jerusalem was conquered and rebuilt to reflect the city of Memphis and the temple of Ptah aka the temple of Solomon.