Hovander Estate



The story of this homestead is a very complex one.

First there already existed a very large and thriving community on the land well before the Judson’s arrived. The city of 1000s was falsely lumped into the Lummi Native Peoples, but that is not true.

Architecturally the city was laid out according to the Rule of how Memphis Egypt and Rome circa 10 b.c.e was laid out.


The City was associated with Natives because the English, Canadians, Americans, etc. wanted to insult he British and French present to humiliate and degrade them further.


Which can also partially be seen in the history of the FreeMasons, the Local Lodge is 262 established in the 1890s. When in fact British FreeMasonry was in the area for decades to a century previous.


The Reason the top floors of the Hovander estate were left unfinished for decades is the building used to function as one of the Towers in the Tabernacle of Adam System.


Before the city of Ferndale could be legally recognized by the American Government, the family had to give up its rights to the 1000s of acres of land they owned. They had owned for a while where most of the entire city sits, as well as miles of the surrounding areas. They had a huge farm as well as a Cattle Ranch. Cattle require gigantic amounts of space to roam and graze.


But a huge amount of the City was already built and in existence before the Hovander “homesteaded” 1000s of acres of land. A homestead is usually less than 1000 acres, more like a few hundred. This is closer to estate size.


The House itself is also an oddity of historical facts.

The House was built from remnace of the Log Jam the City was called before it was changed to Ferndale.

But the Log Jam was not just a Log Jam, most of the materials were not logs from the Logging industry courtesy of the armies present and Captain Picket, who did not own land far enough north to have an affect on the Nooksack River. Other than his Military Fort. which is still an abandoned Fort.

THE land Fort Bellingham Sits on was seized from the British Ogle family and legally still belongs to the Ogle family. Seizing is not possession. Once the Military abandoned the acres of land, the Ogles have full and legal right to reclaim their legal lands. Since the ownership is part of International Law. The Paperwork was stored in Switzerland.


What does Fort/Castle Bellingham have even the smallest to do with both Hovander or the city of Ferndale. Ferndale is only a few miles up the river from Fort Bellingham.

The city of Ferndale was founded by the Ogle family as part of their Tabernacle of Adam Structure

A case can be made that most of the land from Fort Bellingham north past Ferndale boarding Lynden in some way still belongs to the Ogle Family.

Now you might ask yourself, Where did this oddball name “Ogle” come from. No documentation of the area states the name Ogle.

That answer is beyond simple.

One of the Castle Bellingham’s in Northumberland (in Gaelic means in short Ogle) is only 18 miles from Castle Ogle, which itself is only 12 miles from New Castle (Jerusalem).

Castle Ogle is where the Roman Empire died. They had spent the previous four centuries losing battles rather badly at Hadrian’s Wall which is only 8 miles south of Ogle Castle.

Hadrian’s Wall runs directly through the middle of New Castle.

This is not the first “New Kingdom” the British Ogles has set up. WWU aka Western Washington University “Old Main” was a Castle before Phoebe Judson changed it to be a University. But instead of teaching the subjects the building used to, the Jewess was only allowed to teach girls to be teachers. WWU campus is also still technically owned by the Ogle family. They called that building and collection of buildings on Campus Jerusalem or in English “New Castle”.

The Library which started “The New School” as it was called for a while in the 1880 was a reflection of New Castle. But the library came directly from the Ogle library.

That library was copied from the family library in both NewCastle Northumberland and Edinberg University. Because over the course of the last two millennia the Ogles owned both of those cities for the majority of that time. Founding both universities.

Actually technically speaking all of Whatcom County was seized by military force from the Ogle family.

Also the fact that Picket Tower was also renamed from its original name Ogle Castle. Pickett Tower was dismantled and shipped to the Confederacy to give Jefferson Davis a Weapon of Mass Destruction. But the tool like the Amber Room was entirely a fake.











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