Giza project 0-f


(Jewish refers to an umbrella term for all monotheists from Adam forward.)

o  0 outside

o  A porch to the entrance temple

o  B the purification temple

o  C the causeway

o  D the entrance temple; Temple entrance 2 pillars and two kings of this culture.

§  noah temple entrace ab.JPG 

§  South King / Pharaoh

§  North King / Pharaoh

·     How do I know they are leaders/pharaohs and not guards; in Egyptian and Jewish guards stand kings/leaders/pharaohs sit on their thrones. Egyptian pharaohs’ are usually carved huge; bigger than life by 10 to 50 feet . These two are almost life size 1/1 ration. Unless in a tomb most pharaoh’s statues are huge; in tombs they can be 1/1 or very small. Minus a persons or families in home temple/sanctuary; depending on the families budget the pharonic idol might be only a few cm’s tall.

§  Entrance each portion explained

§  Around the area between the temple and the main entrance. Go clockwise or counter clockwise?? No clocks; go according to the rotation of the planet or against the rotation of the planet. b j.JPG; as to which direction the person wants to travel.

§  Up the stairs to the main entrance.


o  4004 would not be the year of creation where Adam was blessed to go from being a man to being a human being. Human beings according to the bible have a soul as opposed to just men who have no soul (according to monotheistic religions of that time. Also according to both current Islam and orthodox Judaism.). This event took place 2000 years before Noah was born. The time line matches closer if Adam is at 6000 b.c.e and Noah was at 4000 <according to other sources it was only 1000 years between Adam and Noah; making the Adam date at 5000 b. c. e. .>. Putting Abraham at 3000 just in time to lead his people into Egypt, secure the reservation lands of Giza, and start working to build the Ziggurats on the aforementioned plateau. Leaving plenty of time for the Jews to assist the Hyksos to quietly invade and slowly take over Egypt. Using a similar stratagem they employed attempting to topple the kingdom of Canaan. Instead of outright genocide just take over the cities, build a large enough power based, put a Hyksos pharaoh on the throne installing the one god removing the polytheism. The help of some 800 give or take several hundred years puts the Hyksos in some degree of power at circa 2100; first mentioned during the 11th dynasty. The events in Egypt at roughly 1476 according to this metaphoric measurement devise are as yet unknown. It is possible the Hittite two culture in the Ionian peninsula the monotheistic have culturally overtaken and have some level of power; which cascade into the formulation of the Greek culture 150 years later with the Dorian (Hittite two) invasions.

o  1 the year the Hyksos were at the height of their power in Egyptians circa 1476. The Hyksos were not driven from power till after the death of Amenhotep IV/Akhenaten 1352-1334; a Monotheistic pharaoh.

o  Setting up the birth of Moses a Hyksos/monotheistic prince who was raised by that generation’s pharaohs daughter. The daughter taking pity on the Hyksos infant prince. Why is this significant; because if the Giza plateau is full of Ziggurats, then the land they are built on had to be owned or a reservation/refugee area to the Jews from the pharaoh. The Jews had to be let out of Egypt for some reason; Moses giving up the title to the Giza plateau is the best logical conclusion as to why the pharaoh let them go; then became angry and sent his army after.

o  1844 is the beginning of western culture technology. Is the year Joseph smith is tortured to death in carthage jail carthage ny.


·     When the architecture becomes complicated the 0-f becomes layered. E becomes split in threes; 0, A, and b with a causeway leading out from the E room to a new sequence.

·     Other examples of the sequence


·     khufu complex name changes.JPG

·     soloman and pyramid.JPG

·     tabernacle a f.JPG

·     Kaaba a f.JPG

·     mecca E F.JPG

·     khufu an kaaba.JPG