History of FreeMasonry



a.      Pictish and Northumberland

b.      Perth Scotland U.K.

                                                              i.      Fighting over Perth more than would be normally calculable

c.       Greek city state model


e.      Roman invade Egypt

                                                              i.      Taking the library back to Rome then burning the building.

f.        FreeMasonry and the Futhark Staircase


h.      Constantinople

                                                              i.      Cannons

1.      Persians and the golden hoard are on their way. The walls of Constantinople have been impenetrable (minus a few innocence) since they were first built; not the city is going to be taken.

2.      Time to move the headquarters of Rome/Byzantium back to the almost deserted Rome.

                                                           ii.      Moving the library back

1.      Copies are sent to

2.      Edinburgh, Collège de Sorbonne, Leipzig, Heidelberg, Madrid, etc.


i.        the library; from Alexandria to Edinburgh

j.        Vatican

k.      Heresy laws

                                                              i.      The podium of most if not all medieval churches; the book itself was hidden behind the podium. So the audience in the church/cathedral would not see the priest was either reading or not.

                                                            ii.      Pens, Paper, letters, numbers, ink was all illegal to know what it looked like.


l.        guild system

1.       Now back

m.   Architectural similarities between holy sites; mecca, Khufu, Giza, Jerusalem.

n.      English Royal family

o.      Scottish rite

                                                              i.      The widows son

                                                            ii.      From x,000 years b.c.e to 1100 the Jews needed a way to consecrate their great temples. So they reached into the rituals of the past finding a way to directly connect with god. So they dusted off the old Noachite Rite and reshaped it into being the head architect of the temple building would play the part of the dead Noah. Just before completing the temple; they would create a mind, body, and heart ritualized death for the great architect. Killing him in a symbolic manner. Then raise him from the grave to ask if this endeavor was acceptable to god, if any portion of the temple needed to be changed, or anything else the great architect wanted to communicate to the temple architect (during a trance in the mockup grave), then the above mentioned hand positions of Noah’s three sons would then be used to raise the temple architect out of the grave, he would then put into place the required changes, then finish the temple, then consecrate the temple.

                                                          iii.      Thus the great temple of Solomon in Israel (two) was built using this framework of temple construction. The widows son went onto build and design further buildings, cities, and temples each time going through the same Noah based ritual as described above.


                                                             v.      Saxony, Hebrew, FreeMasonry, and Scottish Rite

                                                          vi.      Kirkwall scroll

                                                        vii.      Scottish rite connections

                                                     viii.      Saxony Germany

                                                           ix.      Saxony Germany