Fibonacci The extended cycle looks like this with the specific meanings associated alongside.


The Fibonacci sequence is 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 etc.


The sequence itself is a mathematical application regarding tracking a sequence found in most if nto everything.


In Erdology it is the core to understand the larger picture regarding how the more complicated aspects fo the science work.


Each number sequence has its own counts. Those counts follow the same rules as most everything else does associated with this planet.


1, the one count

2; the two count, as in things done in twos, binary is a two

3; the three count, things done with threes. Masculine, balance, feminine. Which is the definition of Yahway.

5; the five count, the references to elements. Also a reference to the four elements and the causeway between aett.

8; the eight count, can be seen within the eight fixed points in our orbit around the sun. but eight takes on a much larger roll in other things.

13; the thirteen count, can be seen in the phases of the moon





1        Fehu

2        Uruz

3 5     Thurasaz

5 8     Ansuz

8 13   Raido

13 21  Kennaz

21 34  Gebo

34 55  Wunjo

55 89 Haggalaz

89 144 Nauthiez


1        Fehu

The first Years lessons are all about how to set the priorities to exist and establish a basic understanding of how to live and work within this body.


2        Uruz

The Second year’s lessons are all about working with the soul’s strength to form the individuals personal within the confines of the current physical form.

3   Thurasaz

The Third year’s lesson is all about balancing the physical body’s response to the world with the confines of the developing personality.  


3- 5   Thurasaz

Over the course of the next 2 years you will need to formulate and come to grips with the lessons you have learned in the first 3 years of life.   You need to shape and working with your own individual personality, balancing that with the outside words influence.


5        Ansuz

During the 5 year of life it is time to combine all the lessons the individual have learned to focus them into one form of understanding.   After the balance of the lessons has begun there is time of setting for into the outer world to discover what lessons the outer world has in store.  

At the 5 year cycle The first tentative steps are needed to be taken to access the outer world’s influences outside the nest.   The soles independent needs are fulfilled step by step on this journey.

After this a large chunk of the basic soles personality is formed and the remaining of physical spiritual balance to life within the confines of the physical body are balanced and set forward.

5 8     Ansuz

The next 3 years are to boldly striding out into the world to discover what it is and who to deal with it.   Interacting with a broader base of people and situations such as social interaction.  Learning the specific cultures rules and guidelines as to what is acceptable and what is not acceptable.   And more important what the individual is interested in and what we are not interested in.

8   Raido

At the 8th year the lessons of working with emotional attachments and feelings are beginning to be explored and worked with.  Before this there are times when this is touched appon by larger lessons but the main focus is around the 8th year.

8 13   Raido

Over the next 5 years the individual has to learn the skills to focus and work with the emotions and feelings one accumulates over time.   This also brings about an intense shaping of the personality within the confines of learning to balance everything else which has been learned with emotions and feelings thrown into the works.   This is established for the individual just in time for puberty to begin its altering the body to catch up.   The lesson of the here are easier for girls since emotions and feelings are all a part of the creation strength of the female.   Boys lag behind simply because there is no training for boys to work with their emotions and feelings.

13  Kennaz

This is where the true person starts to be trained and the final section of the individual’s life is then brought into the lesson.   Over the course of this year not only does the creation energy start to do its thing but the extended cycle of personal understandings begins.

During this process the body is also growing and adapting itself to the specific requirements

That the soul’s journey is preparing itself for.

13 21  Kennaz

From the age of 13 to 21 is when the life path in worked out sorted out or is defined in some way shape or form.   Unfortunately for some individuals there life path has them learning lesson that the society in which they life may not accept that specific path as being within societies rules and guidelines.  ( For these individuals there is a separate section which deals with what to do in that situation.)

Even if it is a person how has no idea of where they are going or how to get there.  This is called a wanderer and life presents different opportunities along their path that is a part of what they need to be going.

21  Gebo

After the creation and personal identification time is done it then becomes to implement what has been learned over the past 21 years.   Start accomplishing the main goals that the soul needs to accomplish, the reason the soul is in this body to begin with.

21 34  Gebo

Set for forth and accomplish.   The next 13 years of your life are crucial to set forth to apply that which you have learned.   Learning that which you know too little about, Reshaping and learning more about what you already know but need to rework anyway.   Set forth to build yourself the  life you have been wanting to build for the past 21 years.

34 Wunjo

This is a transition time.   This is a time for you to look back at what you have learned and grown.   See where you have come and what you have done.   Sit back to find out who you are now as opposed to how you used to be the last time you looked back to take stock of yourself. This is a personal time.   A time for the individual to learn and grow within themselves.  

34 55  Wunjo

Over the course of the next 34 years apply all that you have learned about the world to finish the larger tasks that can be done but take a lot of time for yourself to determine who you truly are.   TO find out not only where you are going but who you are now as opposed to whom you used to be.   Assess yourself so you can reorganize yourself for the next phase of your life

One major thing which will begin to happen on an increasing frequently is you will be approached by the youngers of the path you have walked to advice and council.   Present the information you give to them in a way they can not only understand but can appreciate.    ?Respect is a too way street.

55 89 Haggalaz

This is an intense time of self-examination as well as path identification.  You are an elder of the tribe, remember the lesson you have learned.

55 89 Haggalaz

From 55 to 89 these are personal identification years in this cycle.   You need to be working on accepting all parts of yourself and learning nay remaining lesson you have not accomplished to this point.   ??Furthermore actively teach those that have not had the same experiences you have had.  But approach with the thought in mind who do they want me to present this information so that my experience is not lost to time.


That is the main cusp of cycles