Ogle Family FreeMasonry and Mohammedís Daughter Fatimah



By legend this womanís granddaughter from one of her sons who stayed in Mecca after mom and grandfather left mecca, the granddaughter was said to take over her grandmother in appearance. Not resembling anyone of the rest of her family. She was bright blue eyed, light almost pale skin, very very tall over 5í5Ē possibly pushing 6í(; the rest of her family were around 5í if not shorter.), and yellow hair. Which is why for her grandmother Abu Bakr assumed she was either a Nephilim or came about based on some very bad behavior Mohammed did with Fatimahís her mother in the Kaaba. To many of the genetically dark appearance, light complexed cultures seem to the dark cultures to be literally some other kind of creature. Possibly some type of nasty or possibly evil creature. Fear and ignorance take over and the light appearing cultures to the dark cultures appear to be literally the epitome of being light bearers aka descendants of Lucifer. The dark cultures have been at active and continuous war with the light appearing cultures since before writing, based on the assumptions the light cultures are offspring from evil.

In truth what Fatimah appeared in both behavior pattern and appearance was the Nordic Valkyrie. A group of angels whose job it is to take warriors whom died bravely in battle and carry them off to heaven. Those cowards and said to be carried to dark and nasty places.

Esauís Descended Culture

The first and foremost thing to remember at all times when dealing with Esau and his descendants, they lie, cheat, steal, create facades, etc. in order to get away with what they want. To take what they want without the consequences of punishment when they are caught doing bad.

The easiest thing in the world for them to do is to take on the name of something or someone else. Like calling themselves witches, when at the same time in the same place those that followed the ancient peaceful and nice philosophy of nature witches were in the same area at the same time. But they were vastly different. Fatimahís followers most of their actions were evil, while nature based philosophy their actions are for the most part not only good but pure of heart.

Mohammedís philosophy

Mohamed was born during a very difficult time in the world. The Vatican seized power in Europe and was less than zero interest in allowing any type of information it did not entirely control. The Popes were entirely about making sure the entire population of Europe and anywhere else the military could literally reach were forced to treat the pope as the literally pharaoh of the world a living god and all humankind to be minions to the Popes wishes.

Of course the popeís were mostly from the philosophy of Esau and his begat Paul, not from the philosophy of Jacob and his begat Jesus, and Jesusís begat Simon Peter.

Mohammed was born and interacted with the world from a point of view regarding the Jews were the definition of evil and Esauís line where the definition of the chosen people of the divine. Despite the facts the opposite is correct. But for those living within the framework of Esauís cultural descendants their books tell avery different and violenthistory about all that the Jews did which was bad and the that seeking revenge against the Jews was not only a good thing but the righteous path.

That Jacob had stolen what rightfully belonged to Esau and it was up to Esauís descendants to seek out any stronghold Jacobsís line builds and destroy them before they can rise up and be a direct threat to the Esauís line. Every time Jacobsís descendants built a new base, they are a hard target threat to Esauís line and need to be sought out for genocide. Genocide them before they can turn their evil weapons against Esauís descendants and kill every last member.

Taking the war to Jacobs descendants constantly comes with rewards from heaven. The divine constantly allows the Righteous victory in battle, war after war, Esauís line wins mostly hands down. Most of the time the Jews simply run away, leaving junk and Temples hardly worthy of anything behind them. Allowing Esauís line to constantly joke and poke fun at the Jew for building such nasty and shotty buildings. Their temples would not survive a strong storm let alone a full invasion. Forgetting that the Jews have seen thisevery generation for the length and breadth of the translatable written word so it becomes not only easy but predictable when Esauís line will come to kill them, remove the valuables, and build facades of nothing in their place. To give Esauís line something to destroy while the true tools are libraries are safely evacuated with the populations.

Fatimahís daughter

It is extremely possible Fatimahís daughter the blue eyed, blond haired, pale skin, etc. daughter was the product of Fatimah Mohammed mating in the Kaaba. In ancient ceremonies, especially Pharaonic ceremonies post the Hyksos dynasties for the Father to take liberties during ceremonies with their daughter to produce x outcome. What that outcome is, has been mostly lost to history and the incalculable number of books Esauís line have literally burned to prevent information they do not like from being distributed.

But sex with his daughter is not only not out of the question, it is extremely likely. Did that union produce a child, that is an unknown but searchable within the framework of a DNA search regarding direct descendants of both.

Of course if a corps in the catacombs can be found which matched the year Mohamed died and the DNA of his descendants. This theory can be proven. But cooperation with all the cultures involved would be close to if not entirely impossible. Proving that the body of Mohamed has been in Rome, under either the coliseum and or under the St Peters basilica is a very difficult subject to say the absolute. Least the Muslims could want to force politically the Vatican to become a mosque.

Fatimahís Journey from Mecca to her death

Starting in mecca evacuating out of mecca

To Egypt; where she would have been given the crown and mantle of being pharaoh after her father was pronounced dead. Her father would then be mummified. A fate she would also have. The second her father in the years before had sent his army to conquer Egypt, he became pharaoh. The next pharaoh, since he was a direct descendant of the 17th dynasty. He obtained all the rights and privileges nessessary to be pharaoh. Which means the small amount of those whom were still scholars of the very old ways would perform those specific rites on him.

Upon the death of Fatimah like alexander, the body would be found, transported to Egypt and mummified. So somewhere in one of only a handful of places the bodies of Mohammed, Alexander, and Fatimah are mummified somewhere. Or they were sold to the tourists as souvenirs in the 1700s. many of where ended up in Europe were burned as a novelty.

Fatimah and Medusa

During the different wars in the Aegean between descendants of Jacob and Esau Athens or the old name Poseidon seemed to literally be the target of each cultures need to conquer and control. For some reason Athens seemed to be the place the two fought over the most. Esauís line constantly sending in new armies to lay siege to the city and if possible capture it.

Between 1600 and 1300 the ownership of the city changed hands twice. From the people whom called it Poseidon the Hyksos owned the city for a while, then the Ionians reclaimed the city. The Ionians owned and controlled the city for the most part till the Roman Empire claimed the entire Aegean.

605 Ė 650 c.e. The only surviving child of Mohammed. Born at the same time her father found and started to preach the teachings and philosophy of Esau. The origins of Fatimahísí mother being a Viking captured while taking a shipment of library books from Constantinople back to Northumberland is based on the evidence almost a guarantee. Esau the enemy of Jacob.

The events surrounding this personís life are so shrouded in mystery it becomes difficult to understand exactly what happened.

Sufficient to say, her background from beginning to end id not only not good but just shy of about as bad as could be without truly being what western culture would consider to be evil.

No matter if the legends, stories, etc. are true.

The only thing which is entirely clear is the facts she was present at the start of her fathers renewed ancient Esau philosophy.

Fatimah and Athena

A central theme of the medusa story before Athens (ATEN) grew angry and resentful was Poseidon taking sexual liberties with her in Athenaís Temple. The significant problem is, Athena is literally the mother of Theseus (Daughter of iv the second to last pharaoh of the 18th dynasty sister/mother to King Tut. DNA shows Meritaten was Tutís mother, but it also demonstrates what the documentation talks about regarding iv sent his daughters out to form their own kingdoms. If before sending his daughters out to their own kingdoms he produced at least one child with each of his daughters. That would make Hector the one supposedly <but not realistically, there would be literally no possible way any of the army would allow the commanding general of the entire Trojan Army outside the gates to face the best warrior in the Aegean alone. His body guard would have gone out to face Achilles; both Achilles and Hectors body guard knew what had to be done because Agamemnon needed to Kill hector in order to have any hope of breaching the defenses. But the plan was to ensure that Achilles followed the order of his slave master but at the same time disguise the fact that it was the body guard not the actual Hector. Hector would lose his standing for a bit, but since everyone knew that the Trojan War was lost, it was not a matter of if the enemy was going to back off but when the enemy would breach. An army does not spent 10 years in siege only to go home empty. They had also been working furiously in the Tabernacles of Adam which had been captured. The female named tabernacles the few and far between female clergy would be allowed to enter and determine if the room and tools could be used. For the male, imamís would be used to try and turn them on. In 10 years all efforts to try and turn them on were beyond unsuccessful. Infect on occation some of the ceremonies backfired on the participants leading to injuries and deaths.

What the Esau/Hyksos/Avaris/Dorians did not know was that the structures which were movable were dismantled and moved to Alba Longa more than 10 years before. Hastily constructed facades or theatrical sets were built to look correct but were in fact nothing more than window dressing to make them appear to be real working tabernacles but in truth they were nothing more a backdrop for a theater production.

Fatimah had access to some of the Persian culture records of these events and worked to understand what the female rituals and ceremonies were that her ancestors of 2000 years knew and attempted to make the tabernacles she had access to in Mecca (namely the Kaaba) and in Egypt work. All efforts were literally fruitless.

Dark Medusa

Just like in the middle ages when one of the popes whom obviously was from a Paul philosophical background literally merged the identities in the scripters a whore whom came to Jesusís side and asked for help with a few paragraphs later a different woman (very likely those paragraphs took place on literally a different day) Mary Madeleine interacted with Jesus. That part of the gospels was obviously changed and changed in a huge way.

There is extreme president for literally the enemy of a story(the people whom wrote the story or the characters involved) to change it to reflect their own warped, twisted, disgusting, inhuman, crimes against humanity (merge two separate characters in a story you do not like in your holiest books is a behavior precedent, if changing your holy books <which you brag are word for word originals from the hand of god> to follow your own twisted and in most cases despicable actions. there is nothing present to prevent you from performing worse actions when the mood strikes. The first action indicates strongly your willingness to change the rules from your god to fit your specific delusional perspective. God is wrong I need to correct his word, makes you more powerful than god and in that case all bets on civil behavior patterns are removed.), etc. perspective on what will fit better for their communities then the truth of what the story was when they found it.

More than a few stories were changed radically before they were translated into that cultures specific language. For instance the story of Medusa was first written in an as yet unknown languages, the original documentation has been long since destroyed by conquering cultures whom only wish to not only see the destruction of their enemy but their stories altered to hide what the conqueror does not like and the emphases (sometimes including adding characters the conqueror will like, entire plot devices which have nothing at all to do with the original story will be added because the leaders want that plot device in. Turning a good character to a bad character because the conqueror does not like some aspect of the good character is a common behavior pattern.) and or the way the story is told. For instance if a story is about goodness, morality, peace, harmony, nature, etc. a conquest culture which only perceived said topics as weakness will want to story rewritten to emphases the strongest and battle skills of those characters. Turning a story about peace and friendship literally into a war story were the main characters instead of falling in love and living happily ever after, turns the story into a conquest of the strong man taking the virtue of a maiden. Because the conqueror does not see the virtue in a different way to live a life other than through conquest, strength, etc. The virtues spoken by the character Conan in the books and movie ďCrush your enemies. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentations of their women.Ē sick and disgusting to some cultures the speech by Conan but still the way that culture perceives life. A couple of the conquest cultures start to edit stories and nice good stories become tails of crushing all before the greatness of the home culture.

The original story changed a few times from the actual start of the story through a couple language changes and conquest cultures edits, all that is left of the original is a mixed bag of strangeness which needs to be decrypted based on what changes each culture added to fit their own unique perspective.

Thus is the case of the stories which Mohammed allowed Fatimah to access. Not only did Fatimah experience these stories based on her upbringing but after her guards evacuated her out of the Middle East to first Egypt then Carthage, then Europe, Abu Bakr worked very long and hard to change every word of her story from good to she was the worst possible thing which could have happened to Islam period. Stories from a very un-Vatican perspective, those stories became odd and twisted instead of through western academics storytelling and cultures norms, they were taken by the Persians and changed according to very different sets of rules or acceptable order.

In the Persian and other misogynistic cultures women are allowed to be strong leaders but they must first face the wrath of their culture. But if a woman can figure out ways around the general rules any man around her catching her being strong can kill her without facing punishment, if she can survive said executions than she has earned the right to be strong and dominant over her betters. The Esau line cultures whom hate strong women respect a person whom can withstand the worst a culture can throw at them and still come up with a ďis that all you goĒ attitude. That is respected. Which is why Fatimah was so highly respected, she was literally able with stand the hardest and harshest of Misogynistic influence and still be strong at the end of the battle.

But her role model could very easily have been the story of medusa. Medusa whom was strong enough even after death to be the savior or both Athens and eventually of Rome itself. But over time the stories of medusa from the Persian perspective literally altered several different conquests of Athens into just one person.

The city of Poseidon itself possessed literally an incredibly strong and educated clergy class whom possessed knowledge far beyond that of the masses at the time. Allowing both males and females to rise in the clergy ranks. But the limitations became obviously within the framework of the Hyksos conquerors, when the Hyksos seized the city the clergy were exiled far away (very likely in Thracian lands) and their stories changed to reflect the rules of acceptable order the Hyksos (descendants of Esau) presented as a culture. The Hyksos here trained from 2500-1900 b.c.e to seek out first Jews and second anyone whom disagreed with them and to hurt them till they either converted to being like a Hyksos or died. Either convert or die was just fine with the Hyksos. Genociding an entire culture is not against the rules of that culture. In fact the more bodies sacrificed to the glory of their deity the better standing in heaven their leaders/militant commanders felt they earned. The higher the body count the better. Although their deity of the Hyksos and all their descended cultures is not god but ďThe shiny oneĒ, selling your soul to what your culture considers to be the worst creature in the universe so that creature will go and kill your brother before he can be Crowned King of Kings of the Tabernacle of Adam System in Jerusalem Israel Egypt is not a good thing. But the selling your soul ceremony is what Esau did to send the fallen to kill Jacob. Jacob won the battle, Esau several millennia later found the documents and recreate selling your soul ceremony thanks to his ďSlave Wife and Fatimahís MotherĒ and reacted that Ceremony naming it Hajj.

The female clergy from the city of Poseidon would have literally been rather extremely educated within the framework of the ancient megalithic infrastructure, language, mathematics, science, engineering, etc. the replacement clergy for the Hyksos did possess some females. Those females would over the course from 1600-1330 b.c.e picked up a thing or two regarding the previous cultures extremes in knowledge and information.

Those stories from the clergy of both Poseidon (later to be renamed Athens) and the Hyksos would be the origins of the story of Medusa. Several strong females in 300 years would come up and present their clergy skills as well as their needs regarding expressing said theological desires.

But when according to the legends and mythologies Theseus and his mother recaptured the city renaming the city to honor his mother and her family. The Dark Medusa clergy from the Hyksos culture were deposed and exiled themselves (bad in all ways to kill the clergy of any faith, let alone clergy whom have some type of supernatural power.). Be interesting if the location for the banishment/exile was to the same Thracian lands. But that is extremely in doubt, they would have been shipped to the closest Hyksos city and handed over.


Light Medusa

If the combination of various legends, word translations, etc. and the statistics are correct the character in the very badly edited and distorted by extremely misogynistic cultures were not only real but female Rabbiís.

Some Rabbiís possess literally special qualities which allow them to do unexplainable with science actions. Although science can easily explain those actions and events but the academic field hate with a passion well behind measure anything which might come close to addressing theology. A personís magnetosphere, the brain produces electricity that electricity cascades down the nervous system surrounded by water (an extremely strong conductor of electricity), into a bad of mostly water, etc. that by default is an independently operating magnetosphere.

Said magnetosphere has its own ability to connect with other magnetospheres which will produce different types of electro-magnetic interference. When those things occur, they are called by a wide variety of religions and theologies something to do with the religion. But they are a simply electro-magnetic interaction. No different than someone taking a http://www.larkinweb.co.uk/miscellany/2012/tubes_and_pylons_at_dusk.jpgfluorescent tube near a power station or power lines. The area is so charged with electro-magnetics the engineering of the tube itself will by default begin to stimulate the gas in the tube and cause the gas to emit light.

Same exact principle when applied directly between humans can and will have the same effect.

But the differences are, some humans can and will literally have more and less substances in which to interact. Some humans are naturally drawn to having a higher amount of in this case the metaphor would be gas to emit light when exited, although the gas in a florescent tube is a metaphor more than a few humans have been born with spiritual gifts. Those gifts can and will react to those around them.

The Cycladic culture were most likely some form of Jewish. But their ceremonies, rules of order, regulations, rituals, etc. would be radically different than the Tyrannical Moses version of several hundred years later. The customs, rituals, ceremonies, etc. of the post exodus were entirely created by and with violent force applied to the Jewish slaves under the authority of the Hyksos/Avaris Moses. He striped the Jews of all but everything and forced them to adopt his specific format of Hebrews/Judaism knowing full well that if he did that. The entire history of the Jews from Adam to himself would be rewritten in his hand. From Adam to 1330 b.c.e would be compressed to a single book, while his accomplishments would be spread out and detailed over the course of five books. His 80 years on earth compared with the 4000 years from the time of Adam to his time needed only the smallest of actions/interactions.

The rabbiís in charge of Poseidon and then Athens would have been from the pre-exodus form of Judaism. Which makes what they could do incredible to say the absolute least.


The deity of Athens is the goddess of Athena. The problem in the translations are the facts surrounding the Dorian culture which wrote the majority of the history of the Aegean then forced their collective opinion onto the world of Academia literally took a great deal of really good information and twisted that information well beyond the point of truth. Elements of truth can still be found but they are surrounded by mountains of really bad political spin.

First is that if Athena was in all hard reality Meritaten; whom was a pharaoh in her own rite. Than the name Athena could be one of her five Pharaonic names.

Second the pharaohs of Egypt were considered to be divine being themselves. Which accounts for the patriot leaders of each city with its own ďdeityĒ could be and likely is based on linguistics simply an extension of the Egyptian each pharaoh is its own deity. Now apply the pharaoh to the city and the deity of the city would be the pharaoh the city was dedicated to. Which causes all kinds of intense problems when the same word pagan/polytheism means in this case about a dozen different topics.



Her father was attempting to literally resurrect the ancient philosophy of Esau. Since Esau was about as anti-Jacobís line as is possible to be anti-Jacobs line. He could not have been anti-Semitic since he not only was sematic but till his brother was elected to be the next King of Kings he wanted to be the next king of kings. But was prevented from being the next king of kings. Mostly because he did not have the correct temperament for the job.

His temperament was both violent and cruel. So he had literally no choice when it came to the application of how he could go about being king of kings. Unless his people would allow his violent and sadistic tyranny. Which is the opposite of what his people wanted.

For some odd reason Mohammed not only wanted to emulate Esau he literally repeated the invasion of mecca by Esau to follow in his footsteps. The results of that repeat was he literally had to go into the Kaaba and either literally or figuratively sell his metaphoric soul to the devil. As Esau did to get even with god for denying him the position of king of kings.

Fatimah the only surviving daughter of Mohammed she was born either at the time of the recreation of Islam or shortly before.

Abu Bakr

There is a hard reason Fatimah was hated to the base of her being by Abu Bakr.It can easily be understood that if Mohammed had an extremely bad ritual in the Kaaba, she could have been the result. Making her a Nephilim. If she was a Nephilim, or the followers of Abu Bakr thought or believed she was a Nephilim, than this would give the line of descendants stemming from Abu Bakr to present every reason in the world to want to seek her and her descendants out and kill them all.

Plus of the facts that the witch burning times in Europe correspond to Fatimah escaping from the assassination attempt by Bakr and travelling up to first northern Africa. Possibly performing and repeating some ritual inside the Khufu pyramid.

Assassination of Mohammed

The assassination of Mohammed was a very difficult situation. Statistically the events have been entirely hidden and written out of history.

Islam since it was first thought up with Esau (very likely earlier well before Terah) the philosophy has always strived for legitimacy. Legitimacy within the framework of how members perceive both themselves and other theologies, then the added pressure of the illegitimacy other theologies perceive Islam. It has almost always been relegated to the lowest class of religions. Most whom are not connected literally understand the base framework of the religion as a cult. Why a cult because the supreme leaders word is not to be questions period. There is no separation between church and state. Elected leaders in the Middle East are more akin to being what the west would be consider a press secretary and or secretary of state. Allowing the illusion of power but not actually having any power whatsoever. The directions, dictations, etc. literally come from the one grand high imam and everyone is expected to literally follow the letter for letter edicts or face punishment. Which is very close to the definition of a cult. If the leaders allow no questioning of their authority and in some cases literally execute any dissention in their ranks. In hard line Islamic cultures several teenage girls are executed every year for the simply infraction of not following the extreme hard line laws of their host nation. In Iran and similar places teenagers (specifically girls) being arrested for simple being teenagers is common, it occurred literally almost every month. Depending on how many infractions in how much time teenage rebellion is met with execution. A spirited female in that culture is worse than being a christin, the only outcome is either escaping the totalitarian regime or execution.

The assassination of Mohammed was literally conducted with the express in movement of Abu Bakr. He wanted to be the supreme leader so badly he would and did stop at literally nothing to replace Mohammed as the leader. Which is partially good and partially really bad.

There is some evidence that Abu Bakr forced through manipulation etc. to take poison in order to prove once and for all he was literally a prophet, he was given divine gifts. If those divine gifts were truly and sincerely from the divine, poison would have less than zero impact.

When Mohammed knew he was poisoned and that the slow acting poison was having a mortal effect, he sent for his daughter. This portion of the story has been written in the Dune series as ďthe passing of the water of lifeĒ where person A drinks poison but using divine powers passes the poison to person B, who then dies from it. Mohammed attempted to do that with Abu Bakr, he failed.

When Fatimah arrived, he exchanged pleasantries, told her he was going to die. But he then ordered her too literally as soon as she left his side too casually and with as little notice as possible evacuate that very minute. Leave everything behind and get out of Saudi Arabia. He had already sent others loyal to him to collect her things. But she was to leave that minute.

As soon has she was a reasonable distance, to get on a horse and ride as quickly as the horse could take her in leaving the area. He most likely already sent runners at staging intervals with fresh horses. She could be on a boat headed to Egypt within a few hours. Once in Egypt set up the necessaries in order to literally collect the body of Mohammed and work to resurrect him in the tabernacles of Adam in Egypt. Mohammed had already tried in the Kaaba, the ritual not only did not work his condition worsened.

It is possible that last time he sent for his daughter he had tried to conducted the resurrection/pass within ritual in the Kaaba himself. Which would have enraged Abu Bakr well beyond the point he was currently at, which was psychopathically homicidal. After Abu Bakr would stop at literally nothing to find and entirely obliterate Fatimah and all associated with her. He would chase her into the darkest bowls of hell just to make sure she was destroyed. The second it was determined that Mohammed was about to die, Abu wanted to literally kill every single person whom followed the teachings of Mohammed. They would all follow his philosophy and edicts or he would happily kill every last person whom questioned his authority. Which included Mohammed.

Attempted assassination of Fatimah

Fatimah the second she left her fatherís side was a marked for immediate execution by either Abu Bakr personally or one of his extremely loyal and in most cases radical followers. A group of people whom would with pure happiness in their hearts kill themselves and anyone else they are told to by the supreme religious leader (cult).

The second Fatimah left her fatherís side, she had to evacuate out of Mecca, out of Saudi Arabia and out of the reach of Abu Bakr. He considered it his highest religious calling to seek out and personally kill her. Since he was old, he had to send one of his sons and or one of his personal guards to kill her. Killing her he though was literally on the one and only possible way in which to save the religion and build a better one without the directives of Mohammed and his not following the rules of this perspective religion. Women had less rights than a slave, they had literally possessed no rights whatsoever. Minus a few necessities, women need not talk at all for any reason. Minus raising the children and telling their husbands exactly what the husband needed to hear in order to literally praise their husband for being a perfect descendant of Adam.

Mohammed had in a very realistic translation of more than of few of his talks, the delusion and it could be labeled paranoid delusion he was literally the reincarnation of two people. He was literally Esau reincarnated; but Esau thought himself the reincarnation of Adam.

Fatimah Evacuation

Most likely Fatimah traveled from Mecca instead of north and across the Sinai she traveled south following in basic a similar route out of mecca to where she could have crossed over into upper Egypt. Then directly west to the Nile civilizations.

Once on the Nile she could have easily traversed north to Giza.

Fatimah in Egypt

Fatimah literally left almost immediately after her father ordered her to go to Egypt. He was not dead yet, the poison was a very slow acting very likely excruciating experience.

Fatimahís very likely sent in to prepare for any save the life of her father ceremony. Which pyramid was chosen is an unknown but Mohammed knew as a matter of the most hard fact of his material that Israel was in Egypt. That Adam himself worked very hard to resurrect Abel after he was murdered by Caine. And that with the translations of the word and city of IWNW, Egypt was the location chosen.

(Could the tabernacle used by Noah be the same tabernacle Adam used to resurrect Abel, could that Tabernacle move/float. Would be interesting if that tabernacle could not only float but travel back and forth from IWNW aka Heliopolis <translated from Greek into Hebrew as Jerusalem> to Troy back a couple times. That could be the reason Esauís line always seeks out that specific building and its current location to obtain the power to resurrection. But the problem is, unless you know how to use the tool, the tool will not work. Esauís line has never had the ability to use the tool correctly.)

There is an extremely good chance the ceremony started as a direct result of the actions Fatimah did in Egypt which cascaded into Abu Bakr preventing any such behavior to continue. The threat to his position of power of Mohammed came back was beyond absolutely; it would literally be a hard fact that Mohammed would take the throne back from Abu Bakr and his descendant on the throne and lead all Islam with his philosophy destroying outright Abu Bakrís philosophy. The negatives would be beyond measure.

So part of reason to militate the females is to ensure that energy could not be used to direct at the body of Mohammed in Rome and bring him back to life that way. But destroy a few dozen libraries and kill any last person whom might literally know of the origins, removes the knowledge period regarding the origin of this disgusting custom. No aspect of the origin is acceptable to know anything about since Abu Bakr forbid anyone from knowing Fatimah did not successfully evacuate from mecca.

Fatimah and the Ceremony

The really bad portions, aspects, and situations revolving around the concept of Islam has been form day one and will continue is the facts that Islam and its predecessor philosophies from Esauhave always been a low class low respectively religion. Mostly because they themselves do not feel they are the greatest message. Most of the followers of Islam feel inferior, so they react violently whenever their philosophy or anything Mohammed talked about is questioned in any way.

But to obtain the ultimate legitimacy is if Mohammed could have literally been declared dead, been paraded around as dead and was literally resurrected from the dead being brought back to life literally.

The problem is, he himself did not have any of the training or the knowhow in order to achieve that goal. Second problem is the very ancient ceremony which Adam himself used to resurrect Abel from the grave could only be done inside a properly consecrated Tabernacle.

Esauís line for the most part owned and possessed almost total and complete control over the Kaaba in mecca for the previous several thousand years from 2500 b.c.e to 630 c.e but were never able to make the machine of the Kaaba work. So they needed to travel to another Tabernacle of Adam to make that one work to resurrect Mohammed after being poisoned by Abu Bakr. The problem is the Muslims and Persians before are all Hyksos cultures. The Hyksos knew that Levant was never more than a reservation/refugee camp to store Jews till it was time to collect taxes or worst go kill them at will. So traveling to the Levant temple of king Solomon was an absolute and total in all ways waste of time. That tabernacle was not supposed to work correctly, it was merely a storehouse for the ark till the Jews could actually return to the real Israel in Egypt.

But so many were so violently against that idea that it has been systematically removed from history in order to meaning the support of those cultures whom truly in to the depth of their being hate the Jews. To those whom think the only good Jew is a dead Jew after they a have worked a few years of back breaking labor as a slave.

Whatever the ceremony was, it would have been based literally on the worst aspects of what Esauís twisted serial homicidal mind could come up with. Animal sacrifice, human sacrifice, very likely infant sacrifice, lots of odd and unusual interactions. Not to mention the facts that all proper Islamic girls in their culture need to be mutilated. So that mutilation would also be part of the ceremony to resurrect Mohammed to make him truly a proven beyond doubt prophet and allow the entire world to worship him as the living god the fanatical militant Islamic followers think it was.

But in addition the need for some kind and type of extremely disgusting erotic ceremony in the vane hope that sacrifice and erotic behavior would or could resurrect him from the grave. Very likely Fatimah perfumed some type of said activity with the corpse of her dead father. All in the insane hope of resurrecting him one or more of the tabernacles of Adam. Beyond unacceptable behavior. But behaviors the entire culture has repeated in various forms from the inception of Esauís philosophy to present.

Fatimah travels to Khufu

What ceremony she performed in that Place is an unknown. But she has more than free access to it. She might have even known based on material that later Islamic leaders found and destroyed. Those documents did not match their person perspective regarding Islam so they had to be literally destroyed.

Inside Khufu

Whatever the ceremony was, it would be a repeat of the ceremony in almost all likelihoods that done in the Kaaba. But it too failed.

Inside The Bent



The very ancient concepts of Lilith the first wife of Adam and his equal is difficult to bring up as a topic since her story has been changed so much by cultures whom simply hated women minus barefoot and pregnant. A dozen cultures literally work very hard to edit the translations of her story from their specific point of view is a very bad thing to find the truth in what actually happened. Lilith her story and information has literally taken more of a mythical legend standpoint without being accurate to the original.

The story of Lilith scattered in Germany e.g. the brothers Grimm fairy tales could be traced directly to the horrific and inhuman behavior patterns associated with the spread of what Fatimah herself cobbled together from libraries her father allowed her to have access too.

Part of the statistics of this subject Fatimah could have found documentation or some type of history which could have led her to find the Dark Medusa rituals. The Powerful Dark Medusa Ritual.


Upper Egypt

The deity of Upper Egypt is a caern bird or vulcher. That vulcher would literally be part and parcel with the concept of Lilith. But so does Wedjet can be associated with Eve being a snake.


Traveling to the site of the ancient temples the Islamic libraries confiscated in battles, would have pointed out the exact location where the Temple/Tabernacle of Adam used to be. She would have not only gone there, but preached her fatherís word on that spot. Continue to spread the word and spread her venison of the word.

North to Rome

Having failed to resurrect her father in Egypt (very possible, no evidence but that is not a surprise) she traveled with her entourage, his body, and books collected along the way in order find a way to bring him back to life. If Mohammed could walk around again like Jesus, than the entire issue regarding his being divine would not be questioned. His entire philosophy would spread around the globe. So taking a fake body to the fake Jerusalem in Levant aka Israel was simply to throw off Abu Bakr. So when he found the body and attempted to stop the ceremony, if he spent even one second looking at the body he would know the body was not of Mohammed. If he looked or not when he finally caught up is an unknown. What is known is that the second literally the second he found out Fatimah had evacuated he formed as much of his army together and went on the war path, to find and destroy her and everything she stood for. But Fatimah had very long head start. Weeks if not months ahead of him.

After leaving Egypt, the only smart thing to do was to travel as quickly as possible to Carthage, then catch some type of ship to Rome. Then try again in Rome.

But once in Rome, the body would not be Abel to be taken out. The final resting place of Mohammed is almost statically guaranteed to be literally under the catacomb of Rome, as close to the center of St Peters basilica as his daughter and his closest most trusted companions could get him. Then attempt to evacuate from Rome. Islam in those centuries was literally a kill on site in the Papal State.

Back to Carthage








Cliffs of Dover



She traveled west to Gibraltar, then north to Britain.

After losing various conflicts traveled east to Europe. Where she met little if any resistance.

In fact more than of her of her followers in Europe both male and female could be the reason for the church to follow her and seek out her followers and kill them. Not only was she spreading a very bad philosophy but spreading the hatred and violence which accompanies said violence.

The Pictish


Creating an Axis of Evil in Britain

Forces under the command of Fatimah attacking without mercy the Northumberland family circa 630 c.e. The attacks finally stop circa 630 b.c.e when the ďPictish RevoltĒ is defeated and the armies involved on the axis side are all but entirely obliterated.

Fatimah escapes back to Normandy

Upon learning

Fatimah moves south east to Italy*

Upon learning the details about the Tabernacle System, which in NewCastle Northumberland was not only working but the family who controlled said Tabernacle System in New Castle was still in command of it. Fatimah learned enough about it to a proficient point.

While in Rome, Fatimah left her father in ht roman Catacombs, the second she knew how to make the system work she knew by default she needed to travel back to Rome. Pick up the not more than 10 years dead fathers remains, and take him to Lake Nemi were Caligulaís working Tabernacle System was still in existence. Still a working System, and above all was semi-easily accessible.

She left Britain, albeit with most of the entire Ogle army directly behind her. She left with her army and make a bee line to Rome. The journey took between months and a year.

Arriving in Rome, she had to move quickly and with special operations secrecy. The Romans wanted to kill her on site, for the actions she did placing her fatherís body in the catacombs and preaching about her fatherís religion in Rome Proper.

Upon arriving in Rome, she found the body.

Took it under the cloak of darkness to Nemi, where the towers of the Ships were still intact.

In Nemi, Fatimah performed the rituals and ceremonies designed to bringher father back to life. Those rituals failed miserably. They failed to hard, they cost her. She had to take her fatherís remains back to the catacombs, and quickly evacuate out of Rome before she was caught and executed. Even if she had her entire army at full strength she was not stronger than the Vaticanís army and the British army. The British army was stronger by far than the Vatican and her own army. She had no chance.

Traveling north out of Italy, over the alps to Germany and then east to Vienna. Towards Constantinople, hoping the System in Constantinople would work.

Fatimah travels farther east

From the West to the East, as an old woman whom has faced more than a little bit of difficulty in her life, the years and the ravages of her really bad actions cascade on their face. Old nasty, ugly, disfigured, battle wounds, and rough from living hard from her teens to her 60s. Entering Northern France and Germany an old 60 year old hag whom was once almost the example of beauty in her culture, now ravaged by both time and a lifetime of evil actions. The beautify would have not only faded but she would need to vail in order to not repel her audience.

Fatimah in Germany

Fatimah finally being able to evacuate from British hands in Britain and Normandy. Fatimah continued east to Germany.

In Germany she not only preached the word of her fatherís philosophy but her own. Her own started to change from being the philosophy of northern African and Spain, but the deep seated and well formulated ideas spread in those areas. 20 years of war with the British in Britain reshaped the philosophy toward both the supernatural but also the mystical.

Preaching if her followers would open their soul up to accept gods teacher aka Jesus (Trojan horse the prophet Mohammed) Christ. Then she could perform the necessary ceremonies and resurrect Jesus from the dead. He was in heaven (Luz/Memphis) and would come back to earth when the conditions were correct.

What is left out of that message are the facts that Adam in his tabernacle worked to resurrect the murdered (Mohammed was murdered by Abu Bakr to prove he was truly a prophet. When he died this was all the proof Abu Bakr needed to seize control over the religion and culture) Abel. The ceremony was performed within the framework of the Tabernacle of Adam in the city of IWNW. Although after the 2100 Hyksos invasion very likely the initially change to the story occurred when a Hyksos previous culture circa 3500 b.c.e invaded and altered the story to suit their own cultureís needs. So they change the name from Abel to Osiris and from IWNW to Thebes. They had a power base in Thebes, and the Hyksos have never been a culture too interested in truth. They are a culture with core of their being interest in suppressing any information which would or could tell them information they do not like.

All in all nothing good about it.

The crazy nasty witch hunts in Europe could have started out as an extension of the Vaticanís finding out that Fatimah was in Europe and sent the army to find and erase her. But corruption when dealing with mass murder will always take hold and not just the initial target become killed but everyone the powerful want to erase from being a threat to their power.

If this theory holds water than the same city that Martin Luther wrote his complains on would be a city were Fatimah would have literally had to travel through in order to avoid the armies wanting to kill her and make her way to Vienna. In Vienna she could make her way to the Aegean to locate and attempt to use the shield of Athena.

Vienna Austria

In Vienna Fatimah could have set down a very long standing and solid church from which to preach her thoughts from.

Interesting that centuries later the enemies of Fatimah specifically laid a hard siege into Austria.

The Aegean

The aim in the Aegean was to find and work with either the city of Athens library to find or learn from scholars about the ancient Athenian shield and or any other special tools should use to resurrect her father.

The previous Jacob line prophets were resurrected, Jonas and Jesus there were claims both were resurrected. But the Johan might be more of a he was in a Djed e.g. fish and the Osiris ceremony was used on home.

Hagia Sophia

The Byzantium Empire was more than willing and open to scholars. Even in circa 660 c.e, gender did not matter to Constantine or his empire. Intelligence and something to say noteworthy were the only real qualifications. Unless you have something of substance, do not bother coming around. But if you have something to say, worthwhile, please enter freely and of your own will (quote from Bran Stocker. Which is interesting Since Prince Vlad III of Wallachia was a cousin of the Blood Countess Elbeth Bathelray.). At the time the full and complete Tabernacle of Adam inside Hagia Sophia was still up and operating, including the Amber room on the third floor of the Kaaba inside the grand center.

From Constantinople it is unknown were Fatimah would have traveled to, or where along her rough she died. But what is as absolute fact, there would be less than zero chance she actually was killed days after her father was.

After leaving Hagia Sophia

Fatimah or whatever her pharaonic name was, could have entered Egypt as its next pharaoh.

Fatimah and Athena

The really bad thing about this theory is the ideas presented have more than a small chance of being correct. Fatimah there is little to no chance she stayed in mecca only to be killed by Abu Bakr. There is almost a 100% chance that her father would have known what was coming his poisoning by Abu Bakr and he sent out previsions and a plan to make sure she could arrive at key destinations well outside the reach of Abu Bakr. He had been wanting to kill her since shortly after he become involved with the situation.

Whether he wanted to kill her because he wanted to marry her but something prevented it, or be had the extreme in hard line Esau nature regarding a womanís role. Or worse he perceived her as literally the core of evil and needed to sacrifice her to god in order to correct the errors Mohammed made in translating the ceremonies and philosophy of Esau into modern times. Modern for that time under the military influence of the Byzantium Empire. The Muslim cultures were not happy with that empire but tolerated it, mostly because of their rather extreme army and defenses which were many times more impenetrable than the Trojan walls.

The interesting thing is, the Byzantium Empire was merely a name change from the Trojans. Same family founded both cultures. And both families were Jewish.

Having a large and expansive Byzantium empire controlling the Aegean some of his influence stretching over to Vienna did allow Fatimah to avoid being killed on her entry into the Aegean. Despite the fact that if the Islamic empire had its way no Jew would take another breath. But that is not the case the other way around. The Jews have little problem with the Eau line descendants; in basic leave us alone and everything will be just fine. Be violent and we will match, but we have no interred in killing you. Only responding to those whom kill us.

Leaving behind the armies which wanted her dead; the by that time very not entirely young woman could have entered the Aegean to look for and


The ATEN is the deity from which both the Pyramid Causewayís have built in, as well as iv aligned himself with and to.

He named all of his children the name ATEN.


Even through most of her life is shrouded in mystery. The problem comes up is that Meritaten lived in Egypt for her youth, in the Aegean in her late teens early 20s to set up her son in his own kingdom, and the middle to end of her life in Northumberland.

There is linguistically an extremely to the max chance that her son very likely the product her a string right between herself and her father produced a strong and healthy boy child when she was about 13 to 14. By the time she was in her middle 20s her son would in his teens and ready for his own family. They stated very early in those days. Too much to do and only five to seven decades to achieve the goals. So best to have children early and often.

Her sonís marriage at least one of his marriages produced a daughter. That daughter would have been married off to the second son of meritatenís next sister meketaten. Meketaten was married to the King Priam of Troy. He divorced his first wife to marry her named changed both because she would have the rank of pharaoh in troy as well as changing from hieroglyphics to whatever other languages the Trojans used. Whatever the common language was Hecuba would be her name in that language.

If Meritaten son was Theseus. Than the whole percales, medusa, immortal head, snake (wejdget hair aka symbol of Eve; since the Trojans were Jews and Meritatení father was the only and only documented and academically accepted monotheistic pharaoh in Egypt. Saying he was a Jew would be an extremely good bet. The Jews built the pyramids, consequently the Jews not only built the pyramids but built the ATEN using a couple hundred billion tons of rock into the causeways. 50 of more miles north and south the ATEN is built into each of the pyramids Causeway. The walled walkway between the labeled entrance temple to the mislabeled funerary temple.), monotheistic, immortal head, turn to stone, megaliths (measuring and reading the patterns of shadows can and will work as a predictable device, tell your life story in the stones of a megalith, conquerors would prefer to edit read your lifeís story down to) ďturn you to stoneĒ, with a very strong emphases on the war between Jacobís descendants and Esauís. The conditioning Esau put his people through was more than most cultures could stand and come out the other side sane. So he descendant cultures have more than a little bit of paranoid delusion as part of their learned perspective.

Consequent Fatimah convinced her father was a prophet would do anything everything he wanted in order to ensure that she help him achieve any and every goal. Including but not limited to coming back to earth alive from heaven.

But the problem before the Dark ages changed the definition (courtesy of the Evil priest Paul < all the apostles called him that in the dead sea scrolls> and his need to have the Christian church have the philosophy of Esau and not Jacob. Little bits of Jacobs line Jesus of Nazareth were allowed in, but the heavy iron fist of Paulís begat influenced the formulation of the Vatican with violence and murder. Anyone whom got in their way or spoke about teachings they did not like were executed.

Recently a document was found in South American a supposed lost gospel. That lost gospel is not actually a lost document it was written by several authors which were so strongly aligned with the theology of Paul their handiwork was declared against the church very quickly. The movie ďStigmataĒ tells the tale well. The rage and flat out violence associated with the teachings of Paul, which are directly from the teachings of the Hyksos, which are directly and most likely first hand teachings of Esau are all about the inner self not the house of the lord. But the inner self.

Which could be here Fatimah learned about the concept that her fatherís soul could be placed into the souls of his followers and those whom had less than no idea they were or are actually following the teachings of Esau thought first Moses, then Paul, then Mohammed and finally through Fatimah. Which their teachings were altered and edited for content (Trojan horse, make the weapon look like it is something warm and inviting to sneak past the defenses to cause as much harm as possible) to make Esauís message look like it was from Jacobs line.

If you cannot beat them normally, lie, cheat, steal, deviate, etc. to get past the defenses in order to force the enemy to do your bidding. Protestantism is just about literally a hand built took designed to ensure no one has even the slightest idea they are actually worshipping Esau and his philosophy. They are actually trained to hate and fear Jacobís line. Jacobís line are the ones given the title of King of Kings.

Fatimah given all this information would have used these details to force her philosophy down the souls of all. But the problem is, the Shield of Athena should be the shield of Meritaten. A Jew from the 18th dynasty. Even though Athena was not buried in the Aegean does not mean she had not left various items in either Athens or Northumberland. Part of the war that Fatimah could have easily fought in Britain would have been to find the weapons cache or the stuff that Meritaten left in Northumberland (only her body would have been shipped back to Egypt for mummification, not her stuff. Her stuff would have had to stay in Northumberland. In a Mastiba in Northumberland. The 19th dynasty a mummy could be brought in and buried with little fanfare but the mummy put with relatives and ancestors in a tome. But not her worldly treasures. Those would have to stay in Northumberland.). be really interesting if the cache Meritaten left in Northumberland contained the shield and head (whatever that item would be, an actual skull, a mummified skull < loose wrappings on a mummy can appear to be very similar to snakes> or some type of tool, etc.) of medusa. Be even more interesting if Fatima would perceive that shield as the tool needed to reviver/resurrect her father.

She could have left the battle immediately upon achieving the tools and weapons needed in Northumberland. Then evacuated, leaving her troops and axis of Pictish in Northumberland to lose and lose the Pictish revolt badly. But Fatimah was a woman on a mission; nothing was going to get in the way of her completing the task of gathering anything in the Aegean she might need to take the assembled tools he carried with her for the previous decades to return to Rome a conquering hero and resurrect her father.

The tools she assumed would act like an ark of the covenant and lay waste to any and all enemies whom stood between her fatherís body and her. Somewhere between Vienna and the Aegean she most likely died of old age and because she had been literally at war with someone or other since she was a teenager. Someone was almost always threatening her life.

But going to gather up Jewish tools to find a way to resurrect her father, that is a to the base of the problem desecration of the resurrection ceremony. Even though Esauís line has been taking, killing, murdering, torturing, etc. every crime against humanity and in human behavior which can be thought of they have done against both the world and Jacobsís line. The tools of Adam no matter if Adam existed or not. The buildings from present can be traced back through time to before the current translated languages came into existence. There is a great deal about the application of energy and electro-magnetic which has to be taken into account when performing a ceremony.

Esauís line in all things they do violently object to the world of Quantum physics and reflect out of hand the rules and regulations which govern the application of atoms. Each atom is made of particles which push push, pull pull, and are neutral with each other. To bring into any structured dynamic the wrong and in the case of Esau violently wrong stuff into a situation is metaphorically like a civilizing walking into an Operating Room with a patientís heart open on the table and dumping a bucket of filth directly into the open surgical field. There is literally no possible way that is acceptable and will all but defiantly lead directly to the patient dying of an infection. That is what it is like to bring and Esau line person whom thinks based on their cultural training that electro-magnetic are not real and washing ones hands is a useless waste of time into a Jacob cultural ceremony.

Washing the doctors hands was an issue with medical accusation faced a decade before the civil war. During the civil war the medical field finally accepted to rise not wash their hands after the surgery. So the doctor himself would not be infected by the bodyís filth and foulness after treating wounds. Some doctors would go about their day after 20 surgeries and not wash their hands once. Cook, shake hands with friends, etc. carry along with their day with hands only dried off from surgery. All manner of filth still on their hands, spreading disease with every new person they came in contact with. But the college of surgeons like their Esau line foundation of western academics strong hand in forcing their will refused to acknowledge even after microscopes prove beyond a doubt the need to wash both the hands and the surgical field. More than 100 years later the practice was still not adopted industry wide. Not till midway through World War II did the governments override the arrogant and egotistical college of surgeons and start to order washing both. The number of infections dropped so fast and the recovery time increased. Many wounded soldiers were able to return to the battlefield within a year, when before most if not all of them would have died. Fatimah was chasing this dream of using ancient technology the Jews had worked with directly in order to literally try and resurrect her father from the grave. Just as Noahís sons tried to do with his body months after his death.

That paying attention to the old science of electro-magnetic might be one of the strongest reasons why Abu Bakr wanted her dead. He was of the hard line Esau line followers whom thought that the only education needed was to literally read the holy books. The holier you were the more god would not curse you with a disease. Those cursed with a disease in his and his kinds opinion did something against god and should be punished.

Ancient Technology

When Fatimah was alive the only thing the Vatican feared and hated more than its power being questioned was electro-magnetic research and associated devices from the ancient world being reintroduced. The Vatican had spent a vast amount of its time seeking and destroying any resemblance to the old world to ensure its grip on power and the only thing the citizens under its tyrannical control needed was literally the bible. Information nothing can be farther from the truth. The evidence of ancient technology producing things which modern science has less than no idea about are beyond plentiful.


Marry Shelley did not invent the ideas in her book Frankenstein, she was friends with a scholar Lord Byron whom had access to the holy Roman library. Which contained books which literally went back to the first libraries assembled, using languages no one had any idea what they were let alone how to translate them.

Amongst the books in the collection were literally detailed diagrams, schematics, and blue prints for electrical devices. The ancients knew beyond a doubt that the body operated based on electrical impulses from the brain. Those same impulses were generated by the brain. So they worked very hard at uncovering and working with the brain itself and electrical.

As the Holy Roman Empire collapsed from 1500 to 1806 the scholarly restrictions were slowly but steadily reduced to the point where the ancient electrical technology books became available. For the previous several hundred years key scientists in Germany started to research and work directly with electrical devices. Including but not limited to experiments to reanimate dead tissue.

Reanimate Dead Tissue

Talk about a subject at the center in the search Fatimah needed to reanimate her dead father. Proving both his divinity and his power over death. At the time proving he could rise from the grave using blue light would have all but forced the entire world to convert to his philosophy. More than a little evidence towards this idea cascade into the witch burning times. A time when ironically both the Vatican and the Islamic armies were on the same page; seek out anything which questions the official version of the story. Once found kill the people whom know anything about it, cart back to Rome what they found, then destroy anything connected. The Vatican unlike Islam wants to keep a cop of the material for its records. Islam has less than zero interest in keeping any of the material. The assumption on the side of Islam is, if it is not from either Mohamed or Abu Bakr it does not need to exist. Those two were the definition of holy to that culture, so if it is not entirely supporting of the hard line Abu Bakr took in the formulation of Islam in the decades after Mohammed died than it did not need to exist.

Witch burning times

The witch burning times could be at least in part from the Catholic Church responding to descendants of Fatimah traveling and spreading her philosophy of nothing good in Europe. Following her path with the inquisition. To root out her teachings and kill them all.

But since her teachings are on the heavy side of really bad, this is actually a good thing.

Child sacrifice, open murder, etc. nothing good about it.

Note there is a different between the followers of Islam and the followers of nature based philosophies. A real witch is not a bad thing, a follower of Fatimah would not only be bad, but in need of immediate execution. Killing anyone whom stood in the way, possible attempting to do evil with children to regain a youthful appearance.

The problem is as the decades and centuries draw past, the powerful and nasty turned a possible hunt for Fatimah into a hunt all whom oppose the church war. Not just seeking out and killing Fatimahís descendants but kill anyone whom might think of something the church does not like.

Jacob and the Fallen

Immediately before Jacob was crowned King of Kings name changed to Pharaoh Israel he visited his brother. That visit enraged his brother Esau so much that he brother in effect summoned a demon.

The story is Jacob attempting to travel from Mecca back to Egypt (Israel) encountered an Angel on the banks between the countries, on the East side.

Interesting. Traveling from the West Egypt to the east. Upon arriving in the East encountered extreme resistance and several attempts were made on his life. Both from his brother and an angel.

Upon defeat Jacob was granted King of Kings. Which sent his brother Esau is a homicidal rage he never got past. He never forgave or was able to overcome the rage regarding being denied what he felt was properly his. He was denied on at least three if not four entire separate times.

Even though technically speaking Esau is written out of the bible at this point, does not mean he did nothing from his brother being crowned king of kings to Jacobís funeral. He did a lot of actions.

But those actions are part of what and how Esau, Mohammed, and Fatimah are connected.

Fatimah and Eve

It is possible although extremely unlikely that Fatimah was attempting to recreate ceremonies from Eve. It is more likely she was attempting to recreate or was accused of recreating ceremonies literally from Lilith. Which accounts for the Lullaby, which a cleaned up version of Lilith.

Fatimah attempting to not only recreate some type of infrastructure from Lilith would account for her followers in Europe during the dark ages doing all manner of truly unhuman behavior for the betterment of her fatherís philosophy.

Fatimah and Lilith

But unlike actually having a solid and understandable application from good solid sources as to what Lilith did and what her ceremonies actually were. It appears that Fatimah once in Africa and Europe turned the vilest and disgusting aspects of the legends of Lilith.

It is possible in her grief/mourning process from her traumatic experiences. That she literally went crazy and took out her craziness on all around her.






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